Monday, May 8 of 2017

Daily messages

Behold, from Heaven will come, as shinning as a new Sun, a star of hope. It will shine within those that open to receive Its Light and It will illumine the eyes of those who were blind, so that they may be removed from their own darkness and can contemplate the Truth that they were never able to see.

Behold, from Heaven will come a Woman Clothed with the Sun, One Who, sustained by divine silence, once occultly lived the mysteries of the Passion of Her Son, the Son of God. She will come because the passion of the planet has already begun, and the Woman Clothed with the Sun will hold Her Children in Her arms, She will protect and shelter them, just as She did with Her Son, from the Calvary to the Cross.

Behold the Woman that, with eyes of compassion, renews Her little ones after each fall. This is the One that will not be able to avoid the suffering of Her children if humanity does not open to Her Peace, but will have the cross be light and meritorious for those who say “yes” to Her.

Behold the One that, despite not being understood by humankind, keeps coming to the world to guide them. Here, children, is the Mother of Truth proclaimed by God and not by humankind; a Living and indivisible part of the Heart of the Father.

Behold, today I am here, opening the doors of My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Peace and of Purity for the planet, where My reign extends beyond Heaven; where the angels find a dwelling place and a refuge beyond Paradise; where souls receive new opportunities of redemption.

Children, here is Your Celestial Mother, to consecrate you and bless you, to wash you in the waters of divine knowledge, and so that in this way, you may awaken to the Truth that will emerge in front of your eyes, so that you may receive it with joy and gratitude, and let yourselves be transformed by it.

This Truth, My children, will not only be transmitted by the word, with the senses, or with the heart. The Truth will emerge from Heaven and from Earth, and all that was hidden from the eyes of humankind will be revealed. The ones who knew and were indifferent will repent; the ones who felt it and waited for it will be exalted; the ones who knew it and with diligence prepared for its arrival will be grateful and will rest in the revelation of its light; the ones who did not believe and denied the Truth will be fearful and will try to escape, not knowing where to go.

Behold, today I am here, before the eyes of your hearts, as the proclaimer of Universal Truth. For I have announced it and warned you so that you may prepare your hearts. Just receive My grace and be consequent with Me. Let devotion become faithfulness and fortitude; convert into an unbreakable faith, that transcends the human strength and will, and enter into Celestial Power and Purposes.

Behold, today I am here, renewing humanity, as I renew one of My favorite souls on Earth. My hands reach out to her, as to all that say “yes” to My Plan of Love, which is the Plan of God. And today I take advantage of this opportunity of coming to the world to begin opening the doors of the new time and of the liberation of souls; and so I do, children, because a soul surrendered and resigned to Divine Will said “yes” to Me.

If all of you said the same to Me or a greater “yes”, My Heart would come to the world to renew you every day and the Truth would not just emerge in front of the eyes of humankind when Justice and the Law of God no longer allowed it to be hidden. Truth could be a permanent reality in the life of humankind, and not only the angels would live in My Kingdom, but all of you, all of My children.

Today I open the doors of Lis, My Kingdom of Love and of Peace on Earth, so that the Purity that is so lacking in the world may give you the grace of living the Peace and the Will of God.

Today, beloved children, I take you by the hand to My Kingdom on Earth, which balances and repairs – as much as it is allowed – the indifference and ignorance of the souls that so wound the Heart of God.

Behold I am here today as a Radiant Sun, Mirror of the Heart of Christ, to reflect His Mercy for you, and to bless and renew not only this daughter of Mine, who opened the doors to Me to transmit the Truth to you, but all those who listen to Me from the four corners of the world and who open the doors of their hearts and of their homes to Me, so that I may reign.

I Am the Queen of your lives and with the Love of My Heart I thank you for being before Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary