Monday, December 19 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

Today My sacred spouse Saint Joseph places upon the chest of each one of you a lily of light and chastity, with the goal that you humbly hold it in your essences as the sacred energy of the Instructor, so that your consciousnesses may transform into the redeeming model that Christ expects from each soul.

Because of this, children, with the strength of faith, your Heavenly Mother pleads with the Eternal Father that His children from humanity convert into what the divine Purpose established for this planet and for this humanity.

Saint Joseph as a human heart learned to love truth, the truth of being able to see his own difficulties and of transcending them, one by one, under the inner impulse of love.

It is for this reason that in this hour Saint Joseph comes into your lives so that you may open to the knowledge of humility, so that you know Him as the Father of humility that offers Himself to work directly with the human condition.

In this cycle, Saint Joseph comes to the world as a Divine Messenger to remove hearts from ignorance and hypnotism, from all that leads the human being into being miserable in spirit and in matter.

Saint Joseph, as Guardian of hearts and protector of all souls, is eternally willing to help in knowing and in transcending the human condition that, being immature and imperfect, hinders the evolution of consciousnesses or a deep awakening.

Dear children, it is thus that, in this time, Saint Joseph offers himself to humanity to teach it to overcome its difficulties, so that souls may trust in the Grace of the Father and in His Infinite Mercy.

Saint Joseph as a server and missionary tries in this cycle to withdraw consciousnesses from themselves so that they may embrace the cross and the victory of service; because of this, His Chaste Heart that is prodigious and humble can always inspire you to do what is correct, true and authentic, without entering into arrogance or human pride.

Just as Saint Joseph entrusts souls to My Immaculate Heart, today I entrust you all to the Chaste Heart so that you may learn to love the Divine Will of not being anything or of wanting anything for yourselves.

Your Heavenly Mother does not come here today to Mount Shasta to see your deepest miseries, but rather your Mother of Love comes to remind you every day of your essential purity.

Attaining this purity, the human condition will no longer have first place in the world and at last the soul will rule planetary life and the Plan will be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who is united to the responsible and to the simple,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace