Sunday, May 21 of 2017

Daily messages

The breath of the Divine Spirit

Dear children,

May on this day the breath of the Spirit be in all of you in order that, in these times, the Gifts and the Graces that humanity have lost can return to the world.

With this I ardently wish that, on this day, My children recover what they lost by the action of the material and superficial life.

Today, your Heavenly Mother offers to everyone the breath of the Spirit of God so that, in this time, the planetary consciousness and the human race be restored and thus, regain the codes of the divine essence.

Your Majesty and Lady comes to Europe for the souls that live arrested under the condition of the material life; souls that not even draw near to the unconditionality of the spirit.

Activating the great Mirror of Her humble Heart, Your Heavenly Mother irradiates, for this part of humanity, the codes of light and of redemption that will make, in these times, that the race reintegrate to its consciousness what, some day, will make it dignified and worthy of the Kingdom of God.

At this time, humanity of surface must have consciousness of the need of changing its lifestyle, seeking the common and fraternal good among their fellow human beings and among nations.

In this way, not only Portugal but also all Europe will come out of this regional indifference and can achieve, through faith and Grace, a state of greater purity and of solidarity with the neighbor.

If Europe, or at least a part of the its nations, could live what I ask them, with all the supplication of My Heart, the Father will grant, by the intercession of His Lady, the profound Grace of a greater awakening and more time of peace, so needed for the inner worlds, which still are not prepared to experience their own purification.

I have come on this day to bring to Europe the breath of the Spirit of God, so that the consciousness of the Europeans enter, definitely, into a degree of greater charity, service and unconditionality for all the planetary need.

This will prepare the conditions so that the Messengers of God get to Africa next time and so that, through love and Grace, the wounds that Europe had left in the continent and in the African people may be mercifully healed by the balsam of healing that the Angels of the Father could pour out upon My children of Africa.

I hope, always hope, that every prayerful heart and every servant soul accompanies their Heavenly Mother in this sacred mission.

From this moment, and before time, I thank all who will collaborate to provide My so desired and divine visit to Africa.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace