Thursday, July 4 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I meet you all again in the garden of My Heart, and open to you the most infinite doors of My Consciousness so that all may gather and unite to Me, not only for yourselves, but also for the whole world.

I open to you the doors of the garden of My Heart so that all may have rest within My Being and find, through My Spirit, the unfathomable but simple Presence of God. In the same way, the Eternal Father becomes present at this moment, through His Son, to sustain the experience that each one of His Children is living, as well as the painful experience that the rest of humanity is living.

But where is the response to God’s sustenance for each one of the creatures, which He expressed and represented in this world?

The response lies in His Love, and is something that I will not tire of saying, because He died for you on the Cross through His Son, not only to redeem all the sins of the world, but also to attract to Himself all souls, mainly those who most need His Mercy.

This is why I Am here once again. There is no other explanation and there is no other answer, but the revelation of the abundance of God’s Love for souls, mainly those who most need at this crucial hour of the planet.

I come here to elevate your spirits to God, so that all may be closer to His Kingdom, although you are incarnated in this world and in this material life. Because the Presence of God is unfathomable, secret and anonymous, especially in the hearts that receive it through the living testimony of the Sacraments, one of the most important legacies that I left to you.

The science that exists in the Sacraments is something still inexplicable to the human mind. For this reason, the one who lives it must keep in mind that they will still not completely know the unfathomable Grace that they receive through each Sacrament. And the life of My Sacraments, as well as the Holy Communion, exists to sacralize as many souls as possible.

This is what God expects in the Kingdom of the Heavens, because the world, in this hour, urgently needs it. God needs to see souls sacralized through the science and miracles of the Sacraments. Thus, they will be living temples on Earth, although they may carry their own crosses, although they may go, in this end time, through the cycle of the so-called purification.

However, I do not want anyone to become a victim of themselves, but I deeply desire, through My Merciful Heart, that you may be true victims of My Love.

And being victims of My Love means surrendering to Me completely, without anything in return. It is following the footprints that I gradually leave on your paths. It is fulfilling and concretizing My Will, just as it is written in the Heavens for each one of your essences and the essence of each one of your brothers and sisters and your loved ones.

In simple words, in this material life that you still must live and go through, I invite you to live sanctity in spirit and soul, in body and consciousness, just as your Master and Lord lived it so simply, through His profound dialogs with God, at the most important moments of His prayers.

I do not come to ask you for what is impossible; rather, I come to ask you, as I have asked you many times, for what is possible and what is part of your honesty.

Just as the Son of God many times bowed down before the Eternal Father, as He did in the Garden of Gethsemane, just as the angels and archangels do; just as the holy shepherds of Fatima and so many blessed ones and saints throughout the times did, in the same way you must prostrate on the ground for this world and this humanity, just as your Master and Lord did during His forty days in the desert of Judea, to defeat evil and all temptation, through the strength and power of the Love which surpasses and transcends all dimensions and planes, which vivifies and renews all consciousnesses, from their origins to what is most unknown in their existences.

The power of the Love of God continues to be unknown to the world. But the only thing that I need is for you to be in Me, as I told you yesterday, so that I may be in the world through you and thus, the Lord of Closeness may be closer to all, to those who suffer the most, to the poorest among the poor.

I come to remind you of the treasures that I once gave you, the virtues that I once granted to you, the gifts that I once entrusted to you for these times, so that each one of you may give life in abundance, just as the Lord gives His Life in each Eucharist, in the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine.

It is in this way that is possible to erect in souls the Sacred Temple of the Adoration of God, and thus souls may become liberated from their own ties and sufferings, when they trust and surrender their lives into the Hands of God.

I not only come here to speak to you and share My Word with you, I come here with you and for you, as well as for all your brothers and sisters in the whole world, as the Lord of Closeness, to withdraw in this sacred place of God where the angels dwell and help the souls that need the most, those who come here to seek the spiritual fountain to quench their own thirst, just as your Master was thirsty on the Cross and instead of drinking water drank vinegar, the bitterest drink before His last expiration.

And all this was lived so that today you could be here, so that your brothers and sisters of the whole world might listen to My Message, so that you may feel the inexplicable joy and the inexhaustible bliss that I hope you can live for being part of the inner preparation of the Return of Christ.

I repeat again what I once did in this world, just as it was on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, when I called My companions, the apostles, and also when the holy women were with Me at each step of the Calvary. Thus, I invite you to renew your vows, the innermost and most anonymous vows of each one of you for Christ, so that you may sustain with Me this crucial time of the planet, which continues to darken without seeing the Light.

Therefore, I come as the Light of the world, I come as the Light in the darkness, to dispel the obscurity of all disturbed hearts. But My Light will overcome with the power of Love, through all those who follow Me in obedience and fidelity.

Behold the Lord of Closeness, the Lord of the Light, the Lord of Peace.

Receive once again this Peace, which I grant to you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.