In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the Celestial Church comes to your encounter, just adore and be thankful for the Divine Presence.

Today the Heavens open and unite with Earth, embracing all hearts that cry out for Mercy and Pity for all beings.

Today the Celestial Church comes to your encounter, a Church that does not have a religion, that did not begin in this world and does not end in it; a Church that is called this so that you could comprehend that it is a sacred and divine place, the Temple where the Heart of God dwells for all of His children.

This Celestial Church manifests itself every time that you adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus, each time you contemplate It in Eucharist, each time you contemplate It in silence, each time you allow yourselves to love as He loves, when you leave your minds behind, your judgments and your human smallness to enter in the divine greatness. 

The Celestial Church reveals to all beings what they truly are, revels your essences to the great Love of God that dwells within each one of you. It is inside this Church where I aspire for you to be today. I come, once again, to take you beyond all fears, incomprehension and human segregations. I come to elevate you beyond all tests, miseries and difficulties that you go through in these times. Because this, children, was what I learned to do in this world. 

I come to put your hearts into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because I do not come to the world to bring you to Me. It is not my example that you must imitate but it is the example of My Son, His Love and His surrender. I only followed His steps, and I have come to teach you to do the same.

The time of definition has come for each one of your hearts and, in order to live this, you must elevate your consciousness so that you not get involved with the difficulties of the planet but yet you may be in the Truth and in the Heart of God. 

When Christ took each of His Steps with the Cross, His Consciousness remained in the Celestial Church, and there He adored the Creator, even though they insulted Him, even though He received wounds upon His Body. 

Even though human sadness flooded His Consciousness, His Heart remained in the Celestial Church. His Eyes contemplated the hearts of humanity, but His Spirit would go beyond the miseries. He forgave their ignorance and loved them to the extreme. 

This is what you are called to live today: remain in the Celestial Church, even though the world is agitated, even though nature is agitated and this planet becomes imbalanced, even if the minds of humans live a madness not yet experienced and their actions have no explanation. 

Do not allow, children, that your consciousness become outraged in hatred or evil, but with the heart in the Celestial Church, may you know how to notice the obscurity that influences humans and forgive, love to the extreme, as your Lord did, because it is only this Divine Love that can balance these situations upon the planet. 

Just as the tests will be unknown, an unknown Love also dwells within you, but you must have your hearts within truth, not in human limitations. Do not look to the neighbor with your own eyes, but with the Eyes of God, the God that dwells within you and Who still waits, patiently, since the beginning of Creation, to manifest Himself within His children.

For you to be in the Celestial Church, you must love it, truly love it, love God, love His Plan for all creatures, for all His children, regardless of your path, regardless of your lives, regardless of the way you live them, the way you comprehend them. It is only the love in your hearts that will unite all religions. 

Until the Return of My Son to the world, there will be evil on Earth, but you need to prepare His return through Love. 

When we say that all religions will be united, we say that because the love in the heart of the children of God will make them unite, despite the differences. And there will always be the ignorant, the blind of heart, that will doubt the Presence of God, because these will have to see to believe. And they will see. 

But in all religions, in all the beliefs and in the hearts of those who claim to be atheists, love will pulsate, love will make them go beyond their differences, beyond human comprehension, a love that will overflow from the beings and will not allow them to remain in ignorance, criticism and judgments.

Many have already started to feel this love within themselves, but they are oppressed by the chaos around them, by evil that fears this Divine Love and tries to keep it silent. But today, I tell you, my children, although the Sacred Hearts are in silence, the love within man will speak louder, to the whole planet, about the divine Truth, and souls will hear it, hearts will surrender and those who must awaken, will awaken. 

For this reason, do not fear, but love. 

Stay in the Celestial Church through this love, give testimony to the world that God does not only speak through you, He lives in you, He lives in this place and in all sacred places consecrated by Him to be manifestations of His Kingdom. And even if your mouths become silenced, your eyes will speak; and even if your eyes close, your presence will speak.

Just as My Son said that if the souls stopped acclaiming Him and adoring Him, the stones would, today I also tell you that God lives within you, and He will always speak, and He will even speak through silence because He lives in the air that you breathe.

May those who clamor for peace be united; may those who express the Love of Christ love one another, those who aspire to follow His example and who only wish that the Celestial Kingdom be manifested in the world.

For an instant, feel the Presence of God, of His Celestial Church, His Temple of adoration. Feel that you are before the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the one which pulsates, alive in Love, for each one of you. May being before His Presence heal, reconcile and forgive you. 

Feel, children, how this Sacred Heart wants to pulsate within you. He came down from the Cross, revived by Love, and this same Love aspires to enter into each creature of this Earth. Just say yes to Him.

Pray for one another just as I pray for you. Pray for all religions and for those who do not have a religion; pray for the perfect Thought of God for every creature; pray so that His Gifts may be expressed within all beings and so they may not want to destroy one another, but love one another.

When you notice a mistake, pray so that the truth may manifest, and when you are wrong, be thankful for those who pray for you and allow yourself to open your eyes to find the truth once again. 

Do not fear making a mistake; fear remaining in the error, for fear of living love. 

It is not God who separates you from the truth, children. It is each one of you who separates yourselves from it when you fear the unknown, when you fear surrender, when you do not recognize love and fear that it may enter into you and transform you completely. 

Therefore, My prayer for you today is for you to repent and surrender yourselves. Do not be ashamed of correcting your paths, do not be ashamed of madly loving, of knowing the truth and giving it space to manifest itself within you. Thus, surrendered in the Celestial Church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus may finally pulsate within each one of His companions. 

Today I unite to the prayers of all the priests throughout the world, all religions, for all the souls summoned by God to bring Heaven to Earth, for all those whose calling is to manifest for the souls their communion with Christ so that He may enter into all beings.

Thus, I ask you to bring here the altar so that it can be consecrated, and upon it, all the elements may be transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ, so today the Celestial Church may not only be before you, but also within you. Make this offering for all priests in the world, those who are mistaken, and those who fight not to fall into temptation. May they renew their vows today, be forgiven and reconcile themselves with God. Amen.

Today, children, may you clamor for all priests of the world and ask the Celestial Father for the Grace of His Divine Church to manifest in all Tabernacles of the world, and where a priest raises the bread and the wine, there his spirit reconciles with God and finds His Truth, once more. Amen. 

I will accompany you. 

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

We experience, at this moment, once again, the sorrowful Passion of Our Lord and, as Saint Joseph requested of us, through our souls, we are going to enter into the Celestial Church, along with all the angels of the universe, to give testimony of this legacy of love and so that our inner offer, in this day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may be accepted and received by our Creator.

When Jesus was gathered with His apostles, He took the bread, raised it, and gave graces to the Father for this sacrifice that He would live for each one of us, so that this bread could be transubstantiated into His glorified Body. Then, He broke it and gave it to the apostles saying: "Take and eat of it, because this is My Body, that will be delivered by humankind for the forgiveness of sins".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


Afterward, Our Lord took the Chalice. Raised it to God and offered His Blood to humanity, and this Chalice was blessed as a testimony of the Love of the Son of God for each one of the souls of Earth. This was how He gave it to His apostles, saying: "Take and drink of it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the New Covenant, that will be shed by your Redeemer for the remission of sins. Do it in remembrance of Me". 

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


In unity with the Holy Trinity, we contemplate and adore the Body and Blood of Christ, and we seal this Sacrament and this offer through the prayer that Our Lord taught us.

(The Lord´s Prayer).

We announce the Peace of Christ on the whole Earth, in unity to the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that all the Rays of His Sacred Heart could be shed upon this planet and in humanity. Amen.

I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed. 

May all souls feel, in this moment, the spiritual communion with Christ. Receive, from His Hands, His Body and His Blood, and let His Sacred Heart pulsate within you.

Thus, children, I bless you, strengthen you and I thank you for remaining in God, despite all the difficulties of these times. 

Remember that, despite these tests being unknown, an unknown love also dwells within you, and it can help you overcome all things and renew the Creation of God. For this I bless and thank you.

In the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Marathon of Divine Mercy

There is nothing more precious to God than your life, because God knows what the existence and the presence of your being means at this planetary moment, in which evil and chaos put everything at risk. For that reason, God deeply knows the reason for your life and the purpose of your existence.

In spite of adversity wanting to submerge the Earth and all its humanity in illusion, what exists beyond your life and is called essence, is what is most important to God, what will always be present throughout times and eras; even though one day you will no longer live here, but rather in the dwelling places of My Father, where you will learn to love more deeply everything that He has given you from the beginning.

Humanity is immersed in that adversity and chaos because it fails to recognize God within itself; even though God is within each being, many souls do not recognize or feel Him, until the extreme and difficult times come, in which God will show Himself with all His Might and strength so that hearts may be redeemed.

For that reason, I am here not only for you who are present, but also for your brothers and sisters who are in adversity and are swept away by those currents of illusion that the surface of this planet experiences.

I am taking you to meet My Heart where Divine Essence exists, where your essences may be renewed and may receive from on high what comes from the greater Source that nourishes all consciousnesses, that brings sublime vibrations so that hearts may be reborn in God and may receive from Him all the Gifts and all the Graces that will allow you to endure the end of times. Because, companions, you will see extraordinary things, things that will happen overnight and many will not understand what will be happening. Thus, you have to strengthen your essence through the nourishment of spiritual prayer, as well as through the service that you can offer those who need it the most.

If God wants Me to be with you, just as with those who are in adversity and who will one day strongly awaken, nothing will be able to prevent it, because above all things is the love of God that grants hearts His Divine Grace, that brings the important moment of redemption to each one of your lives.

The doorways of the Universe, which are infinite and unknown, close the uncertain doors of the planet, where many souls are submerged and experience the terror and the sorrow of these times.

Thus, the work of Mercy grants salvation to all hearts and essences. Through this meeting of prayer, many souls were benefited and in some moment of their lives, when the time comes, they will find the truth and will not be able to go back. They will have to recognize it and accept it because it will be a Divine Power that will show Itself to those who live in the greatest world illusion, and there will be no doubt that it is the presence of God, through His infinite manifestation in this universal reality, that will present Itself before each one of His children to give them the chance for repentance and for redemption.

For that reason, today not only you are benefited, but also millions of souls who are not here, who have lost a sense of their reality and a full discernment of what is or is not right. Thus, today the work is in the inner worlds, which My adversary cannot reach, nor enter. Thus, it moves agitatedly because it is losing part of its kingdom, the kingdom of illusion which it believes it has above all consciousnesses of the Earth. 

Just as I defeated it on the Cross seven times, today I will defeat it again seven times, until its heart feels oppressed and drowned by the powerful Light of My Love, until all its structures and powers fall, as will fall its governments and leaders and there will be no stone left upon stone.

As that moment is approaching, the essences of God must be awakened and strengthened, in intimate contact with the Universal Father. Because when everything happens and appears, you will know what to do and how to proceed; you will not be submerged in the world ignorance, rather, you will help your brothers and sisters, those you never expected you would help or assist, so that they may be rescued and saved by the Law of My divine and unfathomable Mercy.

And through you, if you offer to be with Me, with my own Hands I will remove those who are immersed in the illusion and hypnotized by the modernity of these times, adverse tools that only lead to global indifference. I will come to take souls out of that illusion just as I come today to remove you from world illusion.

Your essences will prevail above all evil, you will be in contact with your inner Christs, you will have the tools you need at the appropriate time to be able to proceed and work in My Name. But those tools will not be material, but internal. Tools and instruments that the Holy Spirit will provide for you so as to be able to separate souls from evil and from adversity. Thus, on this afternoon, I come to cause inner essences to prevail, because it is there where the Plan will be carried out.

In order to not spiritually expose you, companions, to everything that I am removing at this moment and which is part of My universal task, to exorcize the greatest evil of the world, I will raise you up in this moment to My Spiritual Church, as well as all the souls also immersed in the world illusion, so that by raising your vibrations and hearts, you may receive the impulses not only of My Divine Mercy, but also the Glory and Grace of the altars of God.

To give honor to this important moment, in which the most lost essences of the world are withdrawn from the most unknown abysses of humanity by the hands of My archangels and angels, we will listen at this moment to the instrumental of the Pater Noster, so that the doors of the Celestial Church may open and souls may be submerged in the Ocean of My Love, where Light will always triumph. Amen.

While you are waiting, make your inner offering. Do not miss the opportunity that God may hear you in this moment and receive your prayers and supplications as part of this celebration in the Celestial Church.

Make your inner offering at this moment, while the doors of My Church, with the power of His Light, defeat the hells of Earth.

We stand up to begin this celebration.

In the presence of our greater Governor, Jesus Christ, responding to His request and petition, under the Light of the sacred city of Guatavita that gives an impulse to hearts for redemption, we will begin the blessing and the consecration of these souls that offer to help, serve, and collaborate with the most needy, with those who have nothing and who need in this moment instruments of love.

We listen to the Pater Noster.

To consummate this consecration, we are going to recite a very simple prayer, offering ourselves to the Celestial Father so that He may always guide us and lead us, not only through His Love, but through His Will.

These brothers and sisters who today are being consecrated as auxiliary missionaries, are preparing to take new steps, offering their souls to God through His divine Son so that He may always lead them from His Hand towards the fulfillment of the Plan.

Prayer: Celestial Father (repeated twice).

My priestly Heart, in the name of all the priests of the Earth, blesses you and consecrates you through My Mercy. 

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.

Song: Pater Noster.

At this moment we are going to do the same practice that the brothers and sisters did previously, of praying a prayer to the Celestial Father so that He may not only lead us through Love, in this service for those who are most in need, but that He also guide us through His Will.

Let us pray together.

Prayer: Celestial Father (repeated twice).

Let My priestly Heart also bless you today, so that you may always be within My Grace and an eternal giving of self.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am going to invite the sisters to remain there, so that we may celebrate Communion.

Those who can, kneel for this consecration.

On a day so like this one, I gathered the apostles together in the Holy Cenacle because I knew the time would come for them to represent Me on Earth as My apostles and soldiers, throughout the ages and the generations.

Today I not only invite you, companions, to re-live this Sacrament which is the expression of a mystery of a very great Love that humanity has not yet understood, but that many have approached this mystery of Love through the bread and the wine. For that reason, today I invite you to enter into the scene of the Last Supper.

For that, our Master is asking for the instrumental of "Thus spoke the Master." 

Before the doors of His Celestial Church, we symbolically bow down, through our souls, so as to receive the impulses, the codes of Light of this consecration.

After having washed the hands and the feet of My apostles, I gathered them around a simple table to celebrate and institute the greatest legacy of love for humanity.

I took the bread, lifted it up, and gave thanks to the Father for the sacrifice that I would live, and the Holy Spirit of God changed the bread into My precious and glorified Body, and then I handed it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body which will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins".

We praise you Lord and we bless You (repeated three times). Amen.

Then I took the Chalice and raising it up to God in complete trust and love for the sacrifice I would live, He sent all His hosts of Light, the angels, so that they could transubstantiate the wine into My precious Blood. I then handed it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and drink, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new covenant that will be shed by your Redeemer for the remission of faults. Do this always in remembrance of Me".

We praise you Lord and we bless You (repeated three times). Amen.

And in union with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, let us recite the prayer that Christ taught us: Our Father.

My joy is to be able to be in these difficult times and bring souls to God, so that they may find again the meaning of being here and of having come to fulfill an important mission for all of humanity. For that reason, on this afternoon, I thank you, I bless you, and I give you My Peace, so that My Peace may be carried to more difficult places on Earth where the Light cannot yet enter.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We give each other the greeting of peace.

We may stand.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If more souls hear the Call of God, this world will not need to know suffering.

Today I come here, children, to relieve the suffering of hearts, although they do not know it.

I come to relieve the Suffering of God for the indifference of souls, for the numbness of beings.

When I look at the world, My Heart is filled with compassion and pity, because I know the Divine Project, that first Thought that God emanated to create human beings, mirrors of His Consciousness, similar to Him in essence and in heart.

That Thought has remained hidden within each one of you and within each being on this Earth. The perfection of God has remained hidden behind all human miseries, and few are the souls that can express themselves according to the Will of their Creator.

Today I come here not only to reveal truths to you; I come to raise to the Heavens the souls that suffer and the sins of this world, in order to relieve the planet and give it a little peace.

Although you are so few, this was enough for the Love of God to descend upon this world and begin to build, in this nation, an opportunity for redemption.

The greater the abyss, the greater is the Love that God sends to Earth. That is why we are here, in this place, in this city, in this nation. Because where the beings who need it the most are, there is the Love of God, no matter how indifferent they are to Him and how often they do not believe that this Love exists.

Many times, hearts suffer because of ignorance, because of not knowing that the Love of the Father is available for all beings.

Therefore, tonight, I only ask you to open your hearts not only in the name of this nation, but also in the name of all of humanity, so that a greater Grace may descend to Earth and, by the offering of a few, the Mercy of the Father may expand throughout this world.

The Mysteries of God are infinite and even more so is His Love. Never forget when He was on Earth, in the Body and Soul of His Son. Do not forget that it was with a few that He transformed the history of this planet and all of His Creation.

The cycles repeat so that beings may receive a new opportunity. The Creator aspires to announce His Presence to the world, a Presence which is not limited to one religion, one people, one nation.

The Presence of God is in everything, children: in the air you breathe, in nature, in the hearts of your brothers and sisters; in everything is the gaze of your Creator Father; in everything is His Heart, waiting for the awakening of love in the hearts of men and women.

I come here to free souls from the suffering they bring from their nations to this place: their brothers and sisters who emigrate, so many who become lost in the seas and so many who arrive here in search of hope.

Through my Presence in this place, I come to give a special Grace to each one of these nations that suffer and cannot express themselves as God thought, due to wars, darkness, the lack of love in the hearts of beings.

Today my Light penetrates the oceans and reaches the nations of Africa, of the Middle-East, through the hearts that, although they do not know that I am here, need help and cry out to God thinking that they do not find a response. The presence of the Divine Messengers here is the answer of God to the prayer of so many hearts who have cried out for Mercy.

That is why I have come to this city to respond to the silent prayer of many of My children who believe that God does not listen to them. The Mysteries of God are infinite. Sometimes you think that He does not listen to you, that He does not answer your prayers, but many times, children, His grace comes into your lives in a way that you cannot perceive, just as today it comes into the lives of so many of your brothers and sisters, although they do not know it.

I wish that hearts could know Divine Grace, so as to know that there is still hope for life in this world, which is not only survival, but an experience of love, similar to the Love of God in His Son.

I wish that beings could know that suffering can be transformed when they understand the cross of these times as an opportunity to renew their Creator's Love.

Do not be afraid to announce the Divine Presence to the world. Not only through words, but also through the example of your hearts. It is the testimony of your lives that will cause beings to lose their fear and believe in the Presence of God through this work, which He Himself is building.

When you raise your consciousnesses to the true purpose of human existence and know that you are here for a Higher Purpose, to manifest a Divine Plan, then, children, it will not matter to you the criticism of men, religions, different cultures and the very love in your hearts will allow all of this to come together in that Greater Purpose. 

God aspires to build in this nation, as in the whole of Europe, a seed of unity among different peoples and cultures, among different religions. 

Here, where beings live the fear of losing power, a false power, where religions are afraid to cease to exist and do not realize, children, that this very fear is what is making them disappear, allow yourselves to enter into communion with your brothers and sisters, so that peace may be established, so that hearts may sincerely repent of their sins.

It will not be with many that the Creator will transform this world. It will be with a few,  who are sincere of heart, that He will begin to transform life on Earth, who, in their silence and prayer, will unite peoples and nations from the spiritual levels to the material levels of life on Earth.

Begin each one of you by loving and respecting your neighbor, even when you are judged or criticized for your way of loving. Love as Christ taught you, living His Gospel, beyond taking it as a sacred book or leaving it in your homes and calling yourselves Christians.

Be more than Christians, be Christs of the new time, imitators of the footsteps of your Lord, so that, in this way, your souls may be a path for Him to return to this world.

Let each one of you, children, be the living chalices upon which He will pour out His Blood to institute a new genetics, His Genetics, on this planet.

As I speak to you, the Presence of God expands upon the Earth and reaches the hearts that need it the most.

While you listen to Me, let your prayers be true, have faith that you are before God, that Heaven opens before your hearts, that the Eyes of the Father are upon Earth, and that, with the slightest opening of your hearts, His Mercy descends upon this planet.

Cry out for peace for the nations that are at war.

Cry out for mercy for those who say they live in the Name of the Lord and dirty His Name with their sins.

Cry out for forgiveness for those who live in hatred and indifference.

Cry out for healing for those who, because of the injustice they have lived, have forgotten the love that is in their hearts.

Cry out for a Grace so that, in the heart of Africa, love may emerge again and this Earth may be a seed of the new life.

Cry out for the Middle-East so that the Blood of Christ shed there may emerge from the earth and heal the hearts, making this land sacred again.

Cry out for this nation, for Italy, so that it may be the cradle of a true religiosity, where hearts will respect and love their neighbor, the different religions and the truth that is in the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

Let the darkness in this hour give way to the Divine Light and may you cry out for peace.

With these words, I teach you to pray with your heart, because the world needs it. Wait with love for your Celestial Mother, announce Her Presence more strongly and louder, so that more souls may have the opportunity to stand before Her and receive a Grace.

Before saying goodbye to you, may the priests come here, so that, by the Grace that God has granted them, they may bring down His transubstantiation, to transform the elements of the altar into the Body and Blood of Christ, in Remembrance of Him, as He has asked you, and that this communion, children, this Eucharist consecrated before the Father may pierce your bodies, your consciousnesses, and come as a Greater Grace to this world.

For this, I bless you.

We may stand or kneel for the consecration of the Eucharist.

Priest - And at this moment we remember when our Lord, at that time, together with His disciples, raised the bread, gave thanks, because the day of His Sacrifice had come. God blessed it and He said to all the essences of the world: take and eat from it, because this is My Body, the Body that will be given for all of you, for the forgiveness of your faults.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Then our Lord took the Holy Chalice, gave thanks, the Father blessed It, and He said, "This is My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant between souls and God; blood that will be shed for all of you for the total liberation from your faults and for Eternal Life. Do this in Remembrance of Me until I return.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Here is the Lamb of God, His Body and His Blood.

Let us pray the Our Father. 

Now, once in Italian.

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

With the consecration of the Eucharist, the Grace of God descends into the hearts of men and women, and my task here today is fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for being here in the name of this nation and this humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Take the Peace of the Lord to one another as He has taught you, silently giving one another the greeting of peace. Thank you.


Apparition of Saint Joseph in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Today I am not alone here, I am with the whole Brotherhood. I call Brotherhood those beings, those consciousnesses who, in spite of not having the need to be in this world, continue here to serve humanity.  Their eyes are not visible to the human eyes, because they do not belong to this world, but they are here for a higher apprenticeship, of humility, of surrender and of service.

I call Brotherhood those brothers of yours who, in the invisible worlds, sacred places unknown to humanity because of its ignorance and indifference, there, children, they serve tirelessly, where the Kingdoms of Nature protect them, where the greatness of the mountains keeps a still superior greatness, that makes itself small and humble, for being unknown to humanity. In spite of all the insults committed by humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature persist in a service that is also unconditional and, together with their Greater Brother and Sisters, help this world and sustain it so that this Project does not get lost, so that hope in the Heart of God does not disappear.

I know that many will ask what I am talking about.

I come to reveal a mystery, to speak to the ears that want to listen to me, because, in this way, I bring meaning to your lives, beyond your material existence, beyond this constant fight for survival in the world.

You are, children, in a sacred place, but sacred has been hidden in the human heart, because they did not want to see it. The resemblance to God hid itself within your hearts to give way to what you have made grow century after century and that, in truth, does not resemble what you really are. If the human being is similar to God, have you never asked where this similarity is? Could God have sent the human being to the world to do what he does, to live as he lives, between wars and conflicts, amidst ignorance, pride, vanity? Could this, children, be the resemblance to God or is there something within you that you do not know, that you do not seek and that, often, you do not believe exists?

I come with those who represent the truth, for it to be reflected in your hearts and place you before a new cycle. In these times, not only chaos will be visible to the human heart, not only evil will be able to freely act upon Earth. Light will also shine, truth will also emerge within the human beings, within the Earth, from the invisible worlds, from superior realities, and this is what I bring you today, because, although it may seem otherwise, although you do not know it, this place which I come to is a sacred place. These mountains that surround you keep the mysteries that you do not know and that today I came to make known to you.

Because there you must find your fortitude. When nothing upon Earth makes sense and the Plan of God seems to have failed, just as in the Cross it seemed to many that the Son of God had failed, it will be in these mountains that you will find relief and, in what lives in them you will find your fortitude and your protection.

When this world shakes with an unknown tremor, never seen before, it will be in these mountains that you will find the fortitude not to fall, not to tremble and not to lower your arms before the redeemer arrives in this world. Because He will come. Yes, He will come.

But it will be when humanity has given all, when your heart discovers the hidden potential that exists within you, when inertia gives place to service, to transformation and to unconditional love. When you, children, discover the potency that exists within you and the spiritual immaturity disappears, it is then that the Son of God will return.

Before this, everything will happen and you must not fear. These moments with the Divine Messengers prepare and strengthen you. Hold on firmly to each impulse we give you, place it deep in your heart and make it flourish, transform it into seeds, so that the others who are not here and will not be in Our Presence may receive them.

The Graces we bring from Heaven are to be multiplied every day by each one of your hands, by your hearts, by your words and by your thoughts.

Today God brings forth, from the interior of these mountains, His mirrors of peace that are not only in the lakes, in the oceans, in the rivers, but are also in the mountains and in the hearts of the human beings; they are in the universe, as well as on Earth, attracting peace and redemption for those who want to receive them.

Through My Words, that enter into your consciousnesses, I bring the redemption that comes from the Heart of God to the human heart.

This way, I place you before a great service for the whole planet, even though you are here, in this very small place.

How many souls are passing on these streets and do not see me? How many families, how many hearts in need of peace are not feeling the peace of the mirrors of the cosmos, of the sacred mountains, that are opened and revealed today, but the eyes do not want to see?

With this, children, I want you to go out on these streets and let your witness be a light in the world. May your examples draw the eyes, awaken the hearts to the supreme truth that I bring you today.

The words that comes out of your mouth can be heard by many ears, but the true examples of your actions transform the hearts of this world. Therefore, I ask you to speak, to announce, but most of all to be the Divine Message.

Today the chain of the Andes shines in gratitude, because the mineral kingdom, can see Me. And so they are renewed in tireless service for sustenance and rescue of the human hearts. Just like the Kingdoms of Nature are renewed, children, also you today must renew yourselves to know that I called you here, in the Name of God, for you to become instruments of the Divine, and not of your own lives anymore.

Within these mountains, as with so many other ones, there is a mystery, a world so real as this one that you see, touch, feel. There the souls unite to God and their hearts can reach out when they pray, when they work in silence for the peace of this world. Today their doors are opened for the light to radiate to your essences and bring you new codes, for you to take new steps and, this way, help in the consecration not only of Argentina, but of this world.

We are in a definitive time and your souls already know it, otherwise they would not be here and would not listen to these Words. As much as many doubt and many do not believe, your souls do know it, because they have not ceased to listen to Me.

God expects a definitive change from you, because Argentina needs it and so does this world. If you want to build here a new reality, as similar to the one I present you in the invisible worlds, you must work tirelessly and, even if your eyes do not find any result in this life, you should never stop. The results of your actions are not for you, but for the universe.

All the stars you see in the sky, when it grows dark, wait for the redemption of the world, and it is for them and for that Supreme Heart, that lives beyond all things, that you will experience your transformation and will transform, with you, this world. It is by the renewal of the Heart of God and of the whole universal evolution that you are on this Earth. Perceive how small all the difficulties of the human heart are, all the aspirations, all the desires. All these, children, must disappear.

When you are possessed by selfishness and cannot experience fraternity, look at the starry sky, let your heart go beyond the stars and find not only your brothers and sisters of the Cosmos, but the Heart of God, that waits for you to take this step.

It is in the simple things that greatness is built. It is in the invisible that what will become visible in the New Humanity is built. It is with faith that arrogance and human ignorance are defeated.

It is not phenomena that will build redemption in this world, because this convinces the mind, but does not transform the heart. So many phenomena were already manifested on Earth, and humanity remains the same. This is the time of faith and that is why we are here, that our voice echoes through a human voice and your eyes cannot see us, unless you look at us with the heart.

Awaken the faith within you and your brothers and sisters and all that I tell you will be understandable. All the mysteries will be revealed and you will find peace, even if this world lives in chaos. That is what I am here for today, that is why I tell you this.

Re-consecrate your hearts today because you need to do it every day, even more in the Presence of God and your Bigger Brothers and Sisters. Remember that there is a superior plan to be fulfilled and that it starts within each one of you. The New Human Being is born from the transformation of your lives, therefore, do not fear to be broken within and die so that something new can be born.

This morning, I thank you for your presence and, before so many mysteries, I deliver you a truth: the Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ. This is the greatest mystery revealed in the Creation, when God merges, in an always new alliance, always eternal, with the hearts of the human beings, so that this little piece of bread and this wine reveal to you your similarity with God.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: can the group from Mendoza come here?

I call you because I want to thank you and place this sacred mountain, that shelters you, within your hearts, for you to take the definitive step and become soldiers of this time. And, beyond this world, may your redemption announce to the cosmos the greatness of the human project and the triumph of the Heart of God, through the Redemption and the Mercy of Christ for all souls, today and always.

By the power that My Son granted Me, I consecrate these elements, as He consecrated them one day, sharing the bread and the wine with His companions, saying: "Take, eat and drink it, because this is My Body and My Blood that shall be given for you."

Christ surrenders to humanity every day, in all the Tabernacles on Earth, in all the Eucharists. This is the symbol of the Renewal of God and must be the symbol of His permanent renewal for a superior plan that is manifested in the Heart of Christ.

Let us pray together Our Father in Aramaic, as He taught us, so that this sacred prayer does not only transform these elements, but transforms your hearts, transmutes and redeems this place and makes you able to be consecrated, a possible cradle of the New Humanity.

Abvún debachmaia
Netcádech chmor
Teitê malcutar
Nerruei tseviánar aicána
Debachmaia af ba-ár há
Ravlán larma dessuncanan iarmana
Uachpoclan raubéin uartarréin
Aicána daf renan chuórren olrraiaben
Uela tarlan letnessiuma
Ela patsan min bichá
Metual delarre malcutá
Uarraila uatechpurta
Lar-lam almin

With these words, I thank you, bless you and ask that you not only seek to enter into the heart of the Aconcagua, but let the heart of the Aconcagua enter into you and remain there, for you to be part of this Brotherhood that I bring you today, eternally.

I bless you with the Power of God, for My humility and simplicity, that united My heart to the Heart of the Father as a symbol of what is possible for every human heart, to experience this unity with the Creator, and placing upon you the Gifts of the Spirit of God and the presence of the Hierarchy, for you to be consequent with all you receive at this time and to be worthy of being called companions of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Once more, I thank you and ask that while I rise, leaving the Peace and Mercy of God upon the Earth, sing and let your souls express themselves, for them to command your lives. Cry out for peace and let it be extended beyond Argentina, may it penetrate these cameras, these technologies and reach the four corners of the world, beyond the eyes that see us and the hearts that feel us.

Everybody cry out for peace!

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today the Kingdom of Lys expands beyond the forests, expands beyond the lakes, reaching the seas, the oceans, the rivers. Today the Kingdom of Lys shows its purity through the Kingdom of the Waters, so that in this way, it can help the Kingdoms that dwell there, that they may find peace and redemption with the assistance of humanity. Today the Kingdom of Lys extends itself here to cry out for help, so that its peace may touch the hearts of humankind, that they may recognize higher life, the truth that dwells in their hearts and calls them to communion with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

As a Sacred Family, today We reveal that the Sacred Hearts also dwell in Lys, and there find the fortitude to travel this world, to help those most in need, without ever losing hope that the Plan of God be accomplished.

Today the Kingdom of Lys stretches to the seas and the oceans so the mirrors of light, which reflect the Power of God, with the light of the sun that comes from the universe, are able to transmute and free this planet, especially this part of the world, so that it may receive a little more peace and have time to awaken, before the Justice of God descends.

Today, beside the Greater Mirror of Love of the universes, your Most Holy Mother calls you to awaken the mirror of your hearts, united with the Kingdom of Lys, to radiate to the world the love that it so needs.

In the waters of the seas, contemplate the purity that many have lost from within their being. Allow the Greater Mirror of the Heart of Mary to awaken the mirrors of your hearts, so the Kingdom of Lys may be able to also stretch through your souls, may be able to find in each of you an instrument to carry peace to the world.

Today you face the seas that are in such need of help and that, at the same time, sustain the planet. The human heart must be like that: in spite of all the help it needs, may it be able to surpass itself  through the love for God so as to sustain this planet, in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Kingdom of Lys stretches here to show you how grand the mercy of the Heart of God is for the human heart. And in this way, may you be inspired to transform your lives in likeness to the gifting of the Kingdoms of Nature, in likeness to the gifting of the Kingdom of Lys and of all the beings of light that dwell there and that untiringly serve humanity.

With simple words, I seek to awaken you to a higher reality, because hearts are asleep and, even though they express devotion, they have not expressed their true commitment to God yet.

The Divine Messengers travel through Europe in this time to awaken those hearts that committed to the Plan of God in the beginning, that committed to the Kingdom of Lys for this moment, when the Earth was most in need. The hour has come, children, to carry out that true commitment, somewhat setting aside the practical needs of your lives, those small inner problems that stop you from living love, because urgent matters are waiting for you, planetary situations that depend on the 'yes' of humanity, depend on the adherence of the human heart so the Law of Mercy may act.

Thus, today I come to meet with you, together with the Kingdom of Lys, so that in this way, you may recognize a spiritual service that you must awaken and fulfill in this time. I will not ask you for anything extraordinary because the Kingdom of Lys is the expression of simplicity, of humility, and of purity.

I will only ask you to enter the doorway that I open for you today, leaving behind all mental conceptions, all human ideas that you have cultivated until today, so that, entering this Kingdom, you may recognize the truth that you distanced yourselves from so long ago.

Why is it so difficult to live in fraternity and unity with each other? Why is it so difficult, children, for hearts to provide a need to a fellow being before their own? Will it be unachievable for your hearts to love and serve? Will it be unachievable to sit before an ocean and give thanks for its existence, contemplating its sacrifice and uniting with it so it may feel a relief, encouragement, support? Will it be impossible, unachievable, to come before a brother or sister to whom you owe a debt, and ask for forgiveness?

Will it be extraordinary, impossible, to listen to those that need to be heard? Pray with those that are in need of the Presence of God? Express your own faith to the world, without fearing human judgment? Those are simple things that make the difference in the history of humanity.

Expand the Kingdom of Lys, disseminating peace, humility, and unity with all the Kingdoms. Expand the Kingdom of Lys by being a little more fraternal, a little more human, that human being God thought of, the one in which He places His hope and from which He never desists, because He knows that truth, even though it hides from your eyes.

Let the Kingdom of Lys touch your hearts and your spirits, freeing you from evil, freeing you from illusion, so you are able to accomplish that purpose that God has had for you since the beginning.

Imagine a little mirror of light that ignites before your beings, before your hearts. Some of them need to be cleaned, purified and freed so they may become instruments of God. Feel the light that comes from the Celestial Kingdom and also from the Kingdom of Lys, and let that light purify your beings, renew you, and give you the impulse to be real servers of God, rather than of yourselves.

For an instant, yield to the unknown so it may act in your lives, and pray with Me for the Kingdom of the Waters, so that Lys may find a space in the essence of those Kingdom and is able to express itself.

Purity of the Kingdom of Lys, stretch out over the seas; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, light up the mirror of our hearts; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, make us pure and simple for the redemption of the planet; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, stretch out over the Kingdom of the seas; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, awaken the mirrors of our hearts; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, make us pure for the redemption of this planet.

Feel the Presence of Adonai, that today contemplates the world, and with His Holy Spirit, waits to descend over humankind and over the Kingdoms. Contemplate the Mercy of Adonai, contemplate His infinite Light, more brilliant than a sun or one thousand suns. Let this intense brilliance, that comes from the Kingdom of God, cleanse and purify the mirrors of your hearts, and through them, let it radiate to the world and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

With your heart united with the Heart of the Sacred Family, let us pray to God:

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,
redemption, redemption, redemption
for this planet. (x4)

Now you will pray for all the Kingdoms and will ask for redemption for the Kingdoms of Nature:

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,
redemption, redemption, redemption
for the Kingdoms of Nature. (x7)

Purify your lives and bring them peace through prayer. In this simple way, you will enter the Kingdom of Lys and will heal that which seems impossible to you. Today, children, I only want to make your lives simple mirrors of the Heart of God, extensions of the Kingdom of Lys for the world, for this is how your servers should be.

Perhaps you prefer what you experience in your lives over the Kingdom of Lys? Will you prefer the ignorance of humankind to living in the Wisdom and the Love of God? You must ask yourselves these things every day so that you move forward in spiritual life, and spiritual life will not be a theory to you, a book in the cupboard of your homes, but rather an experience, a living experience that uplifts humanity and allows it to return to the Kingdom of God.

In the Presence of the Holy Virgin, Who loves you and untiringly blesses you, in the Presence of the little Child Jesus, that today transmits His purity, His goodness to you, we will consecrate the elements that are the symbol of the Greater Grace and the infinite Mercy that comes from the Heart of God; may the Divine Humility of the Creator, that multiplies in the bread and the wine, enter into your hearts and invite you to experience this virtue that opens the doors of Heaven to you.

May all of humanity and also the Kingdoms of Nature spiritually commune of this great miracle of multiplication of God, and that united with Him, within Him, may you be inspired and guided to one day again live unity with the Father. Let us pray then, united with God, for the conversion of the elements, for the redemption of the planet.

Our Father (in Aramaic and in Portuguese).

Commune of the living Presence of the Heart of God and continue in peace, ready to unite with the sacred Kingdom of Lys, by the merciful Presence of God among humankind and among the Kingdoms of Nature.

We bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace.

I thank you!


At this moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on this same day, May 19, 2017.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: We just wanted to add that it is very special to see all the Sacred Family, when possible, gathered together on the 19th of the month, because in some way, the divine codes that They bring us enter into our consciousnesses and also renew this spirit of fraternity and of brotherhood in all of us, making it possible through our efforts, as Saint Joseph says, for us to one day achieve the goal of being a true spiritual family.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazõn de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Be still, dear children, be still. 

I am present, doing a work with the world and your hearts are participants in it. An essential work for Peace and for the victory of the Kingdom of God in humanity. 

I am so grateful, dear children, for this offering at the foot of My Altar. Offering of My children, of My most little children, for in My eyes, dear children, you are the littlest in the deepest essence of My Heart.

Today, I come as the Queen of Peace, as the Lady of the Universe, as the first Spokesperson of the cosmos for the planet. 

Today, I want to tell you, dear children, that God has heard your offerings, the sincere offer of prayer for peace. And today, Jesus has come with Me, in the splendor of His Mercy, to bring you good news: that hope is not lost in the world.

This rejoices Our Hearts and the Heart of God, in the deep spiritual plenitude of knowing that there are souls who correspond to the Plans of the Most High. 

Thus, through the ages and centuries, I have come to bring you My Peace and to announce My pleas to you; for I, dear children, am lovingly a part of you and you are a part of Me.

Jesus gave Me to you at the foot of the Cross. And you, have you given yourselves to Me? I know that many have already done so. 

Although redemption continues in these times, I invite you, My children, not to tire of being bearers of My Universal Peace; for that deep and true spirit, which comes from My Immaculate Heart, comes to the rescue of the world in these times. And you, My beloved children, in the perfect plenitude of My Heart, will be able to be transmitters of that Peace to the world.

The pain has not yet ended and the war continues between hearts; but, in this part of South America, the seeds of Light, which your Blessed Mother sowed some years ago, are blooming.

Dear children, offer these fruits to the Most High God, they are fruits of Grace, Love and Unity. Participate, My children, in this Spiritual Communion with Christ present, who pours His Rays of Mercy upon you and especially upon those who suffer most from the lack of peace and love.

May your actions, dear children, be acts of love and compassion. For the love you have for Me, beloved children, may your thoughts and feelings no longer be destructive. May your true feeling be the deep feeling of My Son, may your thought be the Pure Thought of God. 

I bring you a unique possibility: may you be My peacemakers, the peacemakers of Christ Jesus. Thus, through the universe and the stars, your Heavenly Mother and Her Most Holy Son came here to make this spiritual request, not only to those who are present at this moment, but also to those who listen to My Heart and to the Heart of My Beloved Son.

Today, I open My Mantle before you; I show you My Immaculate Heart, relieved at last by the love of My dear children, but I still have many sorrows for the world. 

I would like you, beloved children, not only to be columns of My Peace, but also to be spokespersons of the Peace of the Lord, so that many beloved lost children may also find the essence and the spirit of My Peace.

Today, I am not alone here, I am with the Holy Presences of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Today, the celestial choirs are gathered in this oratory of Love merging with the Spiritual Plane of God to establish this infinite communication with the essential mirrors of your hearts. Thus, the Gates of Heaven open in difficult and chaotic times. But know, dear children, that the Divine Word of your prayers brings the gentleness for these times and the peace that many need in this era.

Today, I am here, dear children, again radiating the love of Lys-Fatima to you, because the original purity is possible in your lives. 

No longer look at your mistakes or your problems, look at your hearts which are full in My Heart of Light. In the sacred Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; before the Heavens that hear you, your voices will sing: "Lys, Maria, Lys".

Raise your candles for the innocent souls, so that the original purity may be established again in the essences that most need the Mercy of God. I hear you.

Song: "Lys, Maria, Lys".


Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

I want you to understand, dear children, that all the Words that I delivered to you in recent times, especially in the last days, may have seemed hard to many hearts, but they had the purpose of awakening your souls to find you today in the plenitude of My Spirit. Because you will be able to understand, through all that I have shown you, that the only way out is the one that leads you in the direction of My Immaculate Heart.

Today, you experience and know the power of your prayers, when they are absolutely united to My Immaculate Heart. Do you understand now, My beloved ones, a little of this love that exists within each one of you?

Today, I bring the Kingdom of Lys to this world, not only to this place, but especially to those places on the planet where the adversary is trying to make the purity of the hearts of My little children disappear. 

The source of the purity of Lys is endless and, whenever you cry out for this purity in My Name, the Spring of Divine Energy will be poured over those essences that need it most, that are being extinguished by pain and suffering.

Tonight, I want you to know the brightness of the mirrors of your hearts, for I am igniting the Mirrors of Lys, those that today are projected within each soul that hears My call.

Dear children, I want this day to be marked in your lives and that this, which you felt at this moment when you cried out together with My Heart, only grows and promotes the transformation of your lives.

Everything you live must have as its basis what you felt in your heart at this moment, because what I made you feel is what you truly are: divine essences, which merge in God through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Today, here, in omnipresence and divinity, I want to leave you this blessing so that you may carry it to all of humanity; so that, through the example of your lives, you may make known the potential of the human heart.

Today, I leave you My Love in the depths of your beings so that you may seek it whenever you need it and whenever you find on your paths someone in need of this Full Love.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Opening the doors of your hearts, My children, the solutions come and the truth is manifested in the Sacred Presence of God who gathers you and summons you to love more and more each day.

My feet will continue to wander not only in the conflicts of the world, but also in the nations that need the Light of My Immaculate Heart.

Therefore, on this blessed night, in which the angels of Heaven congregate, I invite you, dear children, to go on pilgrimage with Me to Colombia and Venezuela; nations that must be pacified with all the prayers of My beloved children. There remains this call to each one of you so that your hearts may accompany Me in this spiritual mission.

But also, I have come here tonight, together with My Son Jesus, so that the Sacred Hearts, in the name of the Greater Good, consecrate these new children who will raise their aspirations to My maternal Heart so that I may feel and know them as a true feeling of always seeking union with the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, My children, children who will consecrate yourselves today, stand before My Presence and I will come to bless you.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now, those of you who are able, kneel.


Prayer: Hail Mary (Portuguese).


Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

My very dear children, just as in Kibeho, when I appeared to the young people to give Africa the spirit of the Piety of God; today, I come to give you My Maternal Piety, that which helps your little hearts and which opens the doors to those who walk behind Me.

Today, your steps are directed towards My paths of Light. Today, your souls resume their commitment to My Universal Heart. Today, your spirits merge in God Most High, so that His Mercy may be established in the hearts and peace may reign in these times.

My very dear children, today I place each one of you close to My breast, close to My Immaculate Heart, so that you may feel the fullness of My Light and My Truth.

Today, I gather you within My sacred Mantle so that you may be spirits of prayer, precious instruments of God; Children of Mary who spread the Voice of the Heavenly Mother, who spread the principle of powerful prayer that I have been teaching you, throughout the ages, through the intercession of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, for the Archangel Gabriel announced himself before My Presence.

Today, this Sacred Creator Father brings you the spirit of Piety, Reconciliation, Peace, Mercy and Love.

Today, your debts are erased so that you may be born in My Spirit, in My arms, as Jesus was; and thus, these blessings may reach your families. Do not lose, dear children, the impulse I give you today. Your spirits will rejoice in the joy of My maternal Heart, just as Elizabeth and the holy women rejoiced in the Holy Spirit of God.

By the divine authority of the Grace and Mercy of God, in the name of the peace of the entire celestial universe, I consecrate you in the hope of a great transformation.

Under the Light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may your hearts rejoice, for you are in the Kingdom of the Mother of God. Sing, Children of Mary, from the depths of your hearts.

I thank you, beloved children, for responding to My call; for today, My Immaculate Heart had its triumph in the world.

Peace, shalom


Come and retreat into My Heart when fear knocks at your door. There is no safer port than My Mantle, and under it, you will be safe from all evil.

Come into My maternal arms when your feet no longer have the strength for walking. As a good Mother, I will carry you in My celestial lap to meet the Creator, just as I did with the Child Jesus in the Temple.

Count on the science of My Kingdom and the understanding of My Consciousness when your small mind cannot encompass the mysteries of Heaven.

Count on the voice of your heart and on the certainty of your spirit to trust in My Presence.

Count on the power of prayer and the action of fasting so that your steps are long and easy, accompanying the steps of My Son.

Every day count on the Words of Jesus because He reads the true need of your soul in your heart and leads you with sweet words to the Celestial Kingdom.

Count on the greatness of My Presence so that everything else becomes small.

Count on the Eternity in the universe so as to perceive that everything on Earth is transitory.

Hold on tight to the Love of My Heart to dissolve your fears.

Do not be overwhelmed by any darkness, for the Light that is before you today is so great.

I am the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother. In My celestial womb, I gestated each soul of this Earth; you are all My blessed children, whom I come today to lead again to My Kingdom.

Come, My son, come, My daughter, it is now time to return to your Celestial Home and discover the great essence of the universe in your small heart.

Do not fear meeting the unknown, do not fear to be different today than you were yesterday.

I come to bring you the new, which in truth, is what is most ancient that sleeps in the universe, but which the eyes and the hearts of My children refused to see for so long.

Walk today toward My immense Heart and leave your small heart in My arms; trust in My motherhood, for I will know to guide you.

If My Presence is unknown to your heart, and your mind does not trust My Voice, simply open to the Truth, and for a small instant, let My Spirit enter your life; enter into prayer and I will show you what is most sacred in the world. An unknown Peace will permeate your spirit, and in that instant, your small soul will glorify the Lord. Hold in your memory this feeling of change, this is My greatest miracle, a miracle of love.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, your Divine Mother and Queen of Peace

Special Messages
Message for the Vigil of Prayer, received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, transmitted by the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

It is time to ask with the heart for the help of the Lord in your lives. It is time to cry out for forgiveness and for the conversion of the world. It is time to unite to the Divine and the Sacred to maintain the thread that unites Heaven to Earth.

My Son Jesus once said to you: "Ask and it shall be given to you." And so it is, up to the current times. The Lord expects that the hearts of His children cry out with fervor for the salvation of the world.

If your hearts, for themselves, do not approach God, nor can God, for Himself, approach you. In the Laws of Heaven, dear children, it is necessary to ask to be given, it is necessary that your call for it to come, it is necessary to open the door for it to enter.

Therefore, I ask you today to open your eyes and hearts to perceive if you are really crying out for the Presence of God in your lives.

Perceive with the heart if you call the Name of the Lord daily and ask Him to approach and to guide your little hearts. If you open to delve deeper into this understanding of yourselves, feel if your hearts, through action, feelings, thoughts, aspirations and intentions of the heart, are opening the doors for the Lord to enter, in Consciousness, into your lives.

My Immaculate Heart, for many centuries, dictated to the world holy words of reconciliation with God, so that souls could find the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, dear children, it is the moment for your eyes to turn to the Heights, for your hearts to allow yourself to discover the new, out of love for this unknown Universe of God. 

My last call comes to renew the knowledge of the world, it comes to awaken the divine life in all those who are tired of walking in circles in the path of Evolution.

My Heart comes to embrace the old world, so that under My Mantle it is transformed into the new and reborn world. But, My Beloveds, for many it is not simple to give up one's own knowledge to open oneself to the endless Mystery of God.

Therefore, those who are encouraged to respond to this celestial call must do so without fear and without delay, in order to give impulse to all human consciousness in this new step towards the infinite Heart of God.

Walk with faith, My little ones, without fear of making mistakes or suffering, because mistakes are ways of discovering humility and experiencing new learnings in the heart, and suffering will come, according to the Will of God, for those who must to render service by living it.

Simply open yourselves on this day so that a new impulse of transformation enters into the world. While you pray, ask for the help of God and for His Presence in the life of all beings. Do not forget that when the Voice of God sounds in the hearts, it will be necessary to respond with promptness and faith, for you and for the world.

I thank you, little ones, for being in prayer with Me on this day and in all the days of your lives.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Peace for all the hearts.

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