My dear children,

For the Grace that God has granted Me and in the name of the Love of My Son, with joy I come to this house in order to bless it through the Holy Spirit of God.

After the important mission to Africa, one of My seven sorrows has been relieved, because as a Mother I find hearts like yours, willing to serve Me in charity and good.

In this way, I find armies truly formed by the Heart of Christ.  I would like to see more armies of light like yours, attentive to the request from Heaven and open to answer before any major need.

It was in this way that one of My seven deep sorrows was spiritually relieved through the immediate action of your donation to the Plan of My Son.  From Kibeho I sheltered each one of the missionaries and I took them to the Universe of My Heart so that they could feel the faith of My Immaculate Spirit.

It was through the sacred mission to Africa that new doors opened themselves to the spiritual redemption for the conversion of the souls of the world.  I was through this mission that internal paths opened themselves to start new missions, those that will take you to other distant nations of Africa.

For this, My children, may your internal fire never extinguish in spite of the adversity that many will face in the upcoming times.  May My burning fire be your praying fire of devotion and faith, in this way you will always win, you will lose nothing and you will always receive everything you need because in obedience to the Heart of Christ you will be answering to the Will of God.

On this holy day in which your Mother meets with Her children in the house of the immediate and selfless donation, I wish to consecrate the feminine missionary house with the imposition of My hands over you, giving it the name of House of Mary, Rose of Peace, so that together with Saint Joseph, your steps will always be guided in love and unity.

Today I came to thank you and bless you.  It deeply pleased Me that you have prepared the house to receive Me.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Universal Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The door of the great mission of peace is being closed.  Your missionary brothers and sisters are heading to the south of Africa in order to return to one of My Marian Centers of the world, where they will live a few days of recovery and of repositioning, meditating profoundly on all that has occurred in Rwanda, Uganda, and in the Congo.

In this way, children, your Lady of Kibeho returns to the Universe in order to enter into contemplation and prayer, with the objective of silently continuing to work for the peace in humanity.

At this time, the Angels of God deposit and deliver in the celestial altars all of the experiences and services of love realized during the mission.  The attributes of this missionary experience in Africa were poured as Graces in the hearts of all of the innocent.

For this, children, may this day be of celebration and joy.  Your Holy Mother of Peace is already gestating within Her Most Pure Womb a new principle of redemption and of mercy through an upcoming mission of peace in Africa.

Now that all of My children in the world were participants in this important mission and that during these last days they did everything in a more conscious way, it is important to your Celestial Father that you may have learned how to materialize My designs.

Thus, your Immaculate Eternal Heart, My one, is preparing Itself to descend in Brazil again and impart blessings to all of the hearts that may open themselves to receive them.

Like in Fatima, I announce to you the revelation of secrets.  In order to get to know them and live them your souls must be prepared through service and peace.  This will permit that your Lady of Heaven may reveal some things to you.

Children, time is setting new opportunities and Graces for all.  I ask you to know how to seize that which the Universe is giving to you.  The time of Justice is coming for humanity and you must give testimony of your apostolate and service to God.  In this way all will be fulfilled as it is written.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who reunites you in this cenacle of love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

 Beloved children,

Today My Luminous Heart descends in Glory and Love over the souls that are thirsty of God.  Through the mission of peace, the doors of evil and perdition were closed during three weeks of mission and of prayer done by all My groups of prayer.

I wish, dear children, that you keep in mind the necessity of continuing working through the spirit of prayer, because in the Divine Word is found the exit and the path to the salvation of the souls.

Today I traverse the streets of the Congo and see the faces of forgetfulness, loneliness and sorrow.  The eyes of My children reflect the absence of paternity and dignity.  For this, children, may each moment of service be a true and profound expression of love, may your hands and fatherly hugs be able to ease the burden of denial of all the children of the Congo.  Through your charity, the Mercy of My Son promises to act until the last moments of your presence in the Congo.

Now My Heart indicates you to offer the prayer for the reparation of all the innocent souls, those who wait in solitude for a major help.

Your Lady of Kibeho opens the arms to receive and protect the childhood of all of the Congo.  For this, may your spirit of fraternity express the healing and the grace of receiving the Light of The Kingdom of God.

In these last days of mission for the inner planetary peace, your Heavenly Mother pours the codes of rehabilitation and mercy.

My children, the time has come to help all My children of the Congo to abandon the eternal captivity.  And that will begin to happen when you allow the doors to the Kingdom of Peace to be open.

An important mission is coming to an end; a cycle is being fulfilled in the life and in the existence of all My children of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

The seed of peace has been sown in the hearts impoverished of spirit.  The mission will become part of the memory of Heaven.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you under the Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace


Beloved of Mine,

The victorious and transmuting mission of peace in Africa is coming to an end. How many souls have been worthy of the Mercy of My Son! How many inner sorrows and sufferings have been alleviated by the power of charity! How much love has been conveyed and poured out through the hands of service of My missionaries of peace! How much your Heavenly Mother has been able to do in this time, and through this sacred mission!

Children, you could not even imagine how many souls were able to again find the path of rehabilitation and spiritual healing. How many benefited from so many days of prayer in the cenacle that was gestated in the three African nations and mainly in the heart of all of the missionaries.

Children, how much I have to thank you all for helping to fulfill My designs in this time and thus, My dears, how much I was able to show you, through each nation, the need that is never quenched or met by this humanity. How much your Holy Mother of Kibeho was able to do, how many Graces were poured over forgotten and subjected hearts. How many smiles and how much fraternal love were able to blossom from your inner beings and how much all of this was able to do in this time of chaos.

If humanity lived this formula of peace and charity, evil would no longer exist, and many souls could find again the path that they have lost. Beloved children, how much there is still to do in this world, in each continent, in each nation and peoples of this planet. How many doors of liberation and of forgiveness were opened during three continuous weeks; but this is still not enough, children, because there is great need for help and for mercy.

Now look, missionaries of Mine, how much there is to be done in the Congo and in this world. How much My children of the Congo need all the maternity and paternity of good hearts.

The last key that I will give you, missionaries of Mine, is the key of filiation with God that each small heart of the Congo must recover; this will be your last mission in Africa before leaving for Brazil.

May the Congo and all those hearts be able to reconnect with God, with the Celestial Father.

I thank all My children for having materialized My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Your Mother of Kibeho is already working in the whole of the Congo through the missionaries of peace. For such a just and honorable cause, the Celestial Father is granting extraordinary Graces, which will then be deposited in the heart of all of My children of the Congo.

With joy and also in prayer, your Heavenly Mother is entering the spaces of sorrow and poverty so that, through the victorious prayer of all, the souls most lost may find the path back to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

In this time when humanity faces the acute crises of the end of times, you will find relief mainly through prayer, through faith, and through absolute trust in God.

The Congo is a land wounded by destruction, by mining takeovers, and outrages to the kingdoms of nature, the ones that always pay the price for the bad decisions made by humankind. As humanity does not see the destruction of Creation as something serious, Mother Nature herself is groaning so that at least a space may exist for relief and reparation. Thus, children, volcanoes explode and the nations move through earthquakes and catastrophes.

And where is the spirit of love of humanity?

For this reason, children, the Universe is causing Its Law to descend and there will not be anyone in this entire world who will not receive the effect of what they generated for years.

Children, live in My Grace and trust in it; it is a fountain of wonders and of miracles for souls.

In this era I need your cooperation and humanitarian help so that even with so few servers, dedicated and available, the Plan and the Planet may be saved. My Grace is not known; It is invincible and divine for all of those who search for It with heart and with love.

Keep on praying for My missionaries of peace; the time shortens and the emergency grows in the whole of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you and unites you to love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Through Supreme Grace, the Mercy of God descends and is shed upon the impurities of this world so that at least a few souls may awaken to the path of consecration and redemption.

Therefore, children, My maternal voice speaks to you so that you recognize that much prayer is needed, everywhere in this world, for those who do nothing and constantly forget My Son.

At this time, when the third stage of the mission in the Congo begins, your Heavenly Mother wants to make you aware of the serious injustices that will lead this nation to lose its inner peace.

You, My missionaries, who have now learned to walk through peace and the prayer of the heart, offer your Heavenly Father the opportunity for closed hearts to discover the Source of salvation and redemption: My beloved Son.

Therefore, My dear ones, in these days in which you will come to know a parallel reality, the one experienced in Ruanda and Uganda, your charitable task must have the main motive of entering the spirit and the heart of each slave soul of My beloved Congo.

Your constancy in wanting to listen and feel the suffering of others with your hearts will make you discover the different spiritual abysses where My souls from Congo were submerged, due to a lack of awareness and love among creatures.

The path to follow in these days is large and at the same time profound and unknown.

You, my missionaries, will stand before a culture subdued by disbelief and by the constant error of withdrawing the best benefits and wealth from a spiritually impoverished people. From there, children, the causes of slavery and forced work are born and appear, which lead to needing to the redoubling of physical efforts in order to survive and to not perish.

Therefore, dear missionaries and prayer beings of Mine, there you have a task of prayer, and worthy are the reasons for doing something for your brothers and sisters in Congo, asking the Creator that this endless captivity may end.

Your Most Holy Mother of Kibeho arrives in Congo to share a spring of Graces with all souls dying of thirst.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you and calls you to pray for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,
The missionaries of Peace already find themselves at the doors of the Congo in order to begin the last part of a mission that was enriched by love and service, and especially by the fraternal experience of Peace.

While My Son extends His hands over Africa in order to give His last blessing before His awaited return, your Lady of Kibeho finds Herself entering into the unknown world of the Congo, so that by means of an act of piety and mercy all the debts might be balanced.

Children, your sacred prayers of the heart will be the ones that will allow your Heavenly Mother to move the constant disturbance of Her adversary away from the souls.  For this, children, under the spirit of your offer to the life of prayer, peace will again approach the hearts of all My children of the Congo and thus a new history of light will be written.

The lack of peace in the Congo and the slavery are an unpayable debt because for over five hundred years the same injustice has been repeating itself.   However, My children of the Congo and missionaries of Mine, the strength of the love of your Most Holy and Supreme Mother will banish the creeping kingdom of the serpent, and the Angels of God will fill the souls with the Mercy of My Son.

For this, dear children, your task in the Congo will be, above all, to make return the Holy Spirit of Peace so that at least the ones who have been mostly harmed by the heavy and arduous work might find the hope that they so much look for.

Africa is the unpaid debt of all of humanity.  For this, the Sacred Hearts arrive once again to Kibeho in order to establish the innocence and the inner purity that have been lost.

While you, children, accompany the realities of My beloved Africa by means of My daily instructions, I could also tell you about what happens with your brothers and sisters of Asia, Oceania and Europe, different realities that are born from the same evil.

But the Mercy of God and His Justice shall win.  For this, in these times of preparation for the Apocalypse, I invite My children to the perseverance, to the faith and to the love of the heart, because only these three things will relieve the whole world, when they are truly lived.

Dear children of Goiania, in the hope that you may receive Me again, today I tell you: I will return to your people and to your city.  Continue praying, and pray for My Plans in Brazil and in the world to be fulfilled by means of the instruments that My Son has chosen, thus everything will be possible in spite of the difficult times that the world is living.  Children, I have listened to your offer, do not become disappointed, I have not abandoned you, you are in My lap of light.  Your prayer has allowed My Work to be accomplished in Brazil, even though I am in another city today.  I thank you for your fidelity and fraternal love.

I thank you for concretizing My plans of Peace.

Who blesses you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Today My Mantle of protection and shelter extends itself as light in this sacred place of Adoration to My Son.

Today, I gather you in this cenacle, so you carry on praying with Me for this mission of peace in Africa; which has had, in the last few days, inner repercussions in the life and in the existence of the sinful souls.

But on this day, I am calling you to withdraw, to the inner silence and prayer, as a path to achieve peace in difficult times.

Your Lord Jesus, the King of Mercy, has again found His place of faith and devotion in the heart of Africa. For this reason, these days, the task of support and sustenance has made some of My Children dispose their inner instruments to help the flow of the important mission in other planes of consciousness, where neither the mind nor the intellect can reach, and only prayer is able to construct and transform.

New sheep, new redeemed and rehabilitated souls were incorporated in the scriptures of the books of Adonai to start walking, from now on, towards the service of God and His Divine Plan. For this larger salvation of African souls to happen, it was necessary, My children, that the Universe of Divine Light gave the instruments of the Universal Mother all these inner deeds that needed much prayer, transmutation and compassion. 

And all this was achieved, dear children, because the Will of Adonai so determined, and his Lady of Kibeho was able to placate the Justice of the angels of the Creator.

The most difficult debts were liberated and forgiven, little by little. The unfair and serious actions were reconverted by means of the spirit of prayer and mercy of everyone.

Peace reached spaces where it had never existed and the trapped souls, and most of them condemned, found the breath of a new divine breeze. The mission continues and My missionaries prepare themselves to enter in one of the nations most in need of spiritual aid and prayer. 

In the Congo you will find the reasons and the causes that have led, for example, to the destruction of the Kingdoms of Nature and the lack of consciousness of what is being done. 

Beloved children, the Congo is a reality barely known, where the need, poverty and spiritual blindness generate a lack of consciousness and meaning in manifested life. In the Congo, there will be much to be forgiven and to do, so as to recover at least a drop of Mercy.

My children already walk towards the last stretch of the intense and profound mission; thus, carry on praying for them, so that the work may come true.

But today I ask you, children, to also pray for the visionaries, so My Plan of Peace in the world may be concretized. These are already the last moments in which your Lady of Heaven directs Her words to the world before the Armageddon that is coming. 

My greetings of peace to all my children of Goiania for having responded promptly and with diligence to My call. I thank you for your understanding and true love. 

I thank you for helping to concretize My plans.

Who congregates you in the sacred cenacle of the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

During the service that is taking place in Africa, Uganda is the nation that is most in need of prayer, of adoration, and of conversion. For this reason, during these days in which My missionary of peace children are working in the heart of Africa, I ask to all of the groups of prayer to dedicate a moment of meditation for peace in Africa and mainly for souls that are forgotten.

By means of this offer of yours, My children, your Mother of Kibeho will be able to receive the permission to give spiritual help to a certain number of souls that in this life pay the price for errors made during whole years.

Your Universal Morning Star, your Most Holy Mother, has traveled through the regions of Kampala and the surrounding towns to pour Her Graces over the hearts that, for a long time, have been crying out for redemption and liberation.

You, My children of America and of the world, know that Uganda is condemned all the time for the disease and for all that the actions produced by men who claim to be wiser than God. These ungrateful actions paralyze the spiritual evolution of the whole of humanity. Adherence to modernities, to pleasures, and uncontrolled indulgences causes the loss and disappearance of the path of spirituality. And they are few, beloved children, who really work day and night, and even struggle with themselves, in order to remain within the Law of God and His Universe of Love.

Dear ones, these are the times of the Apocalypse; for this reason, pray with Me, live prayer as part of the path of salvation and redemption, and do not deceive yourselves any longer. God hopes that, through your little sacrifices and daily prayers, the world may reach the Grace of final liberation.

For this, missionaries of Mine, you must travel to remote and forgotten places as is Africa, in order to awaken in your own peoples a minimum of interest in helping others and to look for a moment at what is happening around them.

My children, Uganda is the nation most marked by the degeneration of the life of souls. Rwanda is the nation marked by pride and conquest, and the Congo has been the nation that has never found peace; and all of you, as humanity, are part of this painful reality. You will no longer be able to say that this is only experienced by other brothers and sisters, you will no longer be able to be blind to a reality that is spilling over.

My children, humanity of Mine, awaken! before the beast comes out of its abyss to wipe out the last stars. I am calling out to your consciousness because the times are urgent.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who summons you to love through service,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear and beloved ones,

My adversary takes many souls to sin and perdition, seeking each day to hypnotize  the minds more and to poison the sleepwalking hearts. On the other hand, My Immaculate Heart achieves the victory of the Kingdom of God in the most simple and prayerful souls.

All this reveals to God the Father a possibility of continuing to pour His Graces on the planet, which would otherwise be destroyed by now. 

But your Celestial Mother is determined not to leave any heart behind. This is why, My children, every time that you face the battle of the end of times, you should know that thousands of souls are being helped to find the way of the spirit and encouraged to abandon the life of illusion for a life of conversion. 

For this reason, My adversary will no longer make the souls suffer that he formerly chained and tortured, subjugating not only the soul but the whole life. This will no longer occur in the hearts of My beloved Africa, because the Lady of Kibeho is calling and summoning the last armies that will collaborate and support during the three cycles of darkness, before the Lady withdraws into the desert for the world to experience the final judgement.

Children, it will not be necessary that you wait for the signs that will announce the end of times; look now how your planet agonizes and asks for mercy and compassion. Nature and time are speaking. The lesser Kingdoms have been suffering for a long time. The whole world and its spiritual consciousness can bear no more. 

In these times, My Heart is training you in the way of purification, of transmutation and of the surrender of your own life to the Creator God. I would like, children, that there were no transmuting souls and that the eternal suffering would be liberated by other means; but truly I say to you that since the beginning of this world it has never been different. That is why My Son incarnated in Power and in Spirit, so that the world would find another opportunity. 

Beloved children, the times will mark a new cycle and you need to be prepared for this; you will always count on My maternal help. 

In  Uganda, a door to the redemption of the souls is now opened and it will favor many more souls, but especially those that were most ungrateful to God. The hour of surrender will come to all of them. 

Therefore, My adversary is determined to make My soldiers suffer, but who is with Me will not perish, because a good mother never abandons Her children.

I am your star. I am your shield. I am the Lady of Peace and the Queen of all the hearts that I have conquered. 

With My feet I tread on the snake and evil will be liberated some day. 

I thank you for accompanying My call!

Who restores you in the essence of the Universal Love, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

As Mother of Africa and of the whole world, I pray for you and especially for those who do not live in My Son and decide to become involved with the life of the world, forgetting to seek the life of the spirit.

Thus, missionary children, your presence in Uganda will mark a before and an after for the life of the souls whom, with Christic love, you will serve and love as you have never loved before. Because behind all misery is to be found the most sacred brilliance your Celestial Father deposited in each heart, which My adversary has taken upon itself to put out and erase.

But My Immaculate Heart will again have Its victory over the world and today, especially in the heart of Africa, the Mother and Lady of the Divine Word will give Her spiritual and inner blessing from Kibeho to all African souls.

A few days ago, My children, you were in My house of Kibeho, not only to pray, worship, celebrate, share and love the pain, offering it to God in the name of His Son; but also, you came to know what a simple mistake and misunderstanding can cause in an entire nation, leading to a complete disappearance of terrestrial life.

I hope, children, that your hearts are ready to penetrate the inner reality of Uganda, which is subject to the deterioration caused by the disease and the famine that many of My youngest and most innocent children face.

In Uganda, My missionaries, I will have need of your fatherhood and motherhood on behalf of all the Ugandan orphans who are lonely of heart, without receiving the slightest drop of love.

Thus, children, in Rwanda I placed you in immediate service, for the deep healing of all errors. Now, in Uganda, I will lead you into recognizing the hidden face of a humanity wiped out by disease, decay and extreme poverty.

In this way, My maternal Heart will work by your side to guide you properly and to increasingly lead you into restorative prayer for all of My children who suffer; but your own eyes will see the incredible, what nobody wants to see, so as not to feel shame or contempt.

Your Heavenly Mother with Her angelic hosts will have you come to know the terrestrial hell manifested in matter and translated into the disease and the errors to which the littlest ones are subjected.

This is why I took each one of you to Kibeho, so that through My Divine Verb, your souls could be prepared by the Light of My maternal gifts and, strengthened at My side, you are able to continue serving for peace.

In your mission in just three African nations, you will see the sin, the sickness and the error of humanity manifested for hundreds of years. For that, prayer will unite you with My Heart, so that one day souls may be free of so much pain.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you all in the compelling force of My maternal Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Children,

Your siblings, the missionaries of peace, are already on the way to Uganda, a nation marked by internal diseases, which have led to the illness of the body.

In Uganda there is the consciousness of the extreme poverty and the lack of basic resources to survive and persist in life.  But God, children, knows and is aware about all these things and for this, from the beginning He has sent missionaries from different parts of the world to relieve the sorrow that is unknown to many.

By means of this humanitarian mission, My Beloved Son has allowed Me to arrive to Uganda, a place where I have never gone down, but today, in the name of the Divine Mercy, I descend to work and heal through your serving hands.

There are huge realities, different from yours in this humanity, but a great part of it suffers in silence because no one wants to hear the truth.  For this I descend upon Uganda as the Mother of the Relief of Suffering to liberate the sick and injured bodies and, as I am the Mother of all, I lovely bring a Grace of liberation for the souls that hope so much to enter the Kingdom of God.

On this day of arrival to the consciousness of Uganda, everyone will discover and know a deep part of the human misery and the abandonment of the simplest souls.

For this reason your Mother of the Divine Word appeared in Kibeho to carry to of the whole Africa an opportunity to reverse all causes and all of the evils.

On these days on which you will get to know the inner Uganda, prepare your hearts to get to know sufferings that are very similar to those that your Master had on the Cross.  Because the things that happen in this world today are part of the reflection of indignation and of the transgressive conquest.

I teach you to walk in love and at the same time to recognize that without love we get nowhere.  Therefore, dear children, this mission exists so that you may no longer be the same and, from then on, may convert yourselves into soldiers of Christ.

Uganda is a nation marked by the most unpleasant and unknown to many.  I send you in mission of peace to help these souls to rediscover mercy and forgiveness.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

I Lovingly prepare you with love to discover the unimaginable,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Through your visit to the Shrine of Kibeho, new inner shrines have been elevated in honor to the God of Love.  This action was able to be realized in the essence of all of the souls that for so long waited for redemption as a result of the prayers of all of My children, and mainly, through the presence of the spirit of fraternity between the cultures of the Americas and of Africa.

In this way, beloved children, the Universe demonstrates to you, through this mission of peace, that there are neither differences nor barriers between the souls that are united to the great Spirit of God.

For this, children, I went to Kibeho not only to avoid the genocide, but also to remind your civilization that, from the beginning of this world, all of you have been a single race, filled with the Love of God, despite the grave injustices, and full of His Divine Mercy, notwithstanding its constant mistakes.

In Kibeho the Lady of the Divine Word descended in order to awaken redemption, and also to remind in that time that despite the difficult situations, cycles of peace for the world would come.

Now that you, missionaries of Mine, will leave Kibeho filled with the love of your Heavenly Mother, and internally touched by the devotion of the people of Rwanda, I say to you to go ahead, without seeking results, but rather delivering more each day, moments of shared service.

In this way, My children, I will be able to work through the detachment of your hearts and together you will learn that unity is the truth that constructs the bridges towards the infinite.

Your Most Holy Mother prepares Herself now to arrive to the people of Uganda.  Souls of this region keep the history of abandonment and of absolute oblivion of the brothers and sisters that there exist.  For this reason My Son has sent new missionaries from different parts of the world so that, by means of love and of service, the bases of hope and of trust that many Ugandan children lost may again be built.

If the world became conscious for an instant of how other brothers and sisters are, the Universe would have already poured Its Mercy, but soldiers of light who are willing to provide relief to the eternal suffering are necessary.

I thank you for answering to My call for peace!

Who prepares you to keep serving from the soul and the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The Shrine of the Mother of Kibeho will welcome you with joy and bliss because the missionaries of peace will be receiving the sacred gifts of the divine word in their hearts.

On this day, the cultures of America and of Africa will unite for an instant and the fusion of the races will be manifested by means of the essence of the Love of God.  In this important moment, in which charity and service are unified, the Lady of Kibeho brings between Her hands the ultimate Graces, those that will help many imprisoned souls. 

Remember, children of Mine, that Rwanda, Uganda and Congo were nations marked by suffering, by indignation and by conquest, something that to the present days continues to happen in other levels of consciousness.

But the barbarities of the times must be suppressed by the Law of Justice and prior to this taking place, your Heavenly Mother accompanies you through the paths of abnegation and trust so that in this way some situations may be reverted in time.

For this, from Heaven, your Lady of the Word materializes the works that are part of the Will of the Creator, and from there, all of My children are placed in states of opportunity and of Grace so that all evils may be reverted.

Kibeho was the place chosen by your Lord so that, from this most simple place in the world, in the heart of Rwanda, the voice of the Mother of the Divine Word would be pronounced so that humanity would place in its consciousness that which should never happen again.

For this reason, when your Most Holy Mother sends you in a mission to Africa, it is because Grace exists so that the marks of yesterday may be erased by the prayers and by the charity of today.  In this way, children of Mine, the three African nations will receive an extraordinary state of Grace and, chiefly, the souls will be assisted in order to rethink and correct their paths.

Africa is the continent of subjugation and of injustice, and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary, and of Saint Joseph have proposed to assist in alleviating the burden that overwhelms it due to the lack of faith and of surrender to God.

Also at this time, your visit to the Sanctuary of Kibeho will awaken an inner unification between the cultures, that is, the marks of the genocide will be erased by the simple act of fraternizing and of instituting the Spirit of Christ in the wounded hearts once again.  This is the work of Grace and of Mercy.

Now, having been guided toward the Sanctuary, offer to your Mother the most holy sacrament of communion in thanks to all of your brothers and sisters, for having arrived to Africa in a spirit of mission, and for how much will be spiritually healed by the praying collaboration of all of the groups of prayer.

In this way, children, at each step that is taken as you answer to the divine call, doors of light that were closed are opened and the souls that are the ones that need assistance and piety the most receive the liberation that they long for.  This is also the work of the Love of God.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who protects inside the Sanctuary of Kibeho,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Word


Dear children,

It is the repentance from the heart that will take you to the healing and to the redemption of your own aspects, those that are part of the earthly life.

My main call in Kibeho was to make humanity rethink through the recognition of its sins and the conscious repentance; this was not possible in Rwanda because pride and the considering the culture of that place as their own, led the whole nation to a bloody destiny.

I went to Kibeho trying to avoid this serious tragedy, which is already history, but still has not been healed in the heart of My Rwandese children.  They did not live love, they forgot about it and only headed to defend the culture and the realization of their personal works.  Here is the great failure of this humanity, to carry forward its own ideas and modern principles and afterwards, end up in the abysses, leading millions of souls to desperation and sorrow.

For this, children, in Kibeho, the Lady of the Word, tried to make us understand that in the existence of the One and Only God, all should obey the Divine Will so that chaos would not reign and the spirit of peace would be manifested.  But in those moments it was quite the opposite and the humanity of that place preferred to turn a deaf ear to the urgent call that was coming directly from the Queen of Heaven. 

Today, My children, I teach you to get to know the devious and confusing paths that our humanity traverses, and how the pride and the lack of internal humility before the Will of God, modifies the destiny and the spiritual futurity of a whole nation.

Even though the revelations transmitted in Kibeho were very clear and precise, only a small group accompanied in fidelity the call to conversion, to prayer and to repentance.   In this era, in which serious actions by humanity continues to occur, and the life of a brother is taken away by the own hands of another brother, the world goes off and loses its innocence without giving rise to receive a greater help.

For this My Son sends Me to be among you, so that you may start living consciously the time of your purification and so that all the self summed by the Merciful Universe of God may prepare themselves to face the end of a time.

The constancy and the absolute faithfulness of the people of Rwanda could have avoided the bloody tragedy.  Now, even though very few truly listen to the call of God, your Heavenly Mother invites you for the last time to live the faithfulness before the Higher Plan, which calls you to realize all that is possible in what seems impossible. 

The spirit of prayer and forgiveness will be the matrix keys so that in the end of times, the Plan of the Highest may manifest.   For this I come from the Universe to help you, to redeem you and to place you active in the immediate service for peace.

Who will encourage themselves to follow the Queen of Heaven?

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who bless you and unifies you in the Heart of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

Today I donate and give to you My Immaculate Heart so that the major reason for your lives may be to reach the conversion, which you have only started, a conversion that will lead you to the purification of your life and soul.

This same message I delivered in Kibeho, because of the same promptness that, such as today, the conversion required in that time.  In Rwanda, I called all to live the repentance, to not practice a proud prayer, so that, by getting detached from all evil, peace could reign.  But this message of repentance was not enough and thus few listened internally to what the Mother of Heaven wanted to teach you.

Time passed and the hour predicted by Me arrived to Rwanda and no one was regretful and free from faults.  Pride and denial led to the human loss of control and to the exerting of a frightening and fearful power.  Entire families and innocent people were the main preys for My adversary.

And where is your regret?  The brutal actions led to catastrophic results and the spiritual life of My children was decimated by your own and unbridled so-called culture.

Later on, the mistake poisoned the hearts of those who did not listen to My message, and shortly after I descended upon Kibeho, everything remained in the memory of just a few.  After this great error, humanity became aware of the importance of the words of the Mother of Heaven and everyone recognized that without prayer and repentance one cannot go anywhere or reach any safe destiny.

The Lady of the Divine Word brought to you the warning for you to prepare and reconcile yourselves, for you to ask for forgiveness, to confess and to commune with Christ, as a source of absolution.  With the faith of very few, was lifted up again, the spirit of devotion, the one that led to faith and to the trust in the call of Heaven and in the announcements that the Lady of Kibeho made for everyone.

Now, with your presence in Rwanda, you will discover the different needs of all the levels of consciousness.  Everything must be restored, from the sick body to the spirit.  For this, children, your exercise of charity and surrender will have to deepen to the point of becoming ready to help in any emergency.  My Heart will guide you and will give you the necessary inner strength for you to answer to any need.  Stay focused and you will see very closely the path that I will be indicating to you.

The truth about Rwanda has just been revealed to you, and for this your Celeste Mother specially returns to Kibeho, so that you may unite yourselves to the spirit of devotion, of forgiveness and of love that is professed to the Sacred Heart of your Lord and of your Lady.

In the streets of Kigali, you will see what the time has left imprinted as fact and as history.  The Angels of God are waiting to be able to fulfill the service of liberation and redemption that was entrusted to them.  And this will happen because of your union with these angels, which I send to your support and help with My maternal love.

Dear children, I walk in the streets of Kigali in order to save the imprisoned souls.  For the hour of Redemption and Mercy has arrived to Rwanda.

I thank you, My children, for accompanying Me in this mission!

My Maternal Love is with each one of My missionaries.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As your Mother of Mercy, today I follow this day of great celebration and atonement of all faults that oppress and condition the spiritual life of the souls of the world.

For this, children, peregrinating through Rwanda, you accompany Me on a path full of sorrow and internal incomprehension.

Your hands were called to serve on the land of the indignation and of the suffering caused by the plans of My adversary, who led thousands of souls to take an attitude of destruction and massacre.

But My Grace, that is blessed and merciful, shows you a different path, an opportunity of taking the lost souls and their families through the path of forgiveness and peace.

Your feet step on the land of despair, that which remained engraved in the essence of innocent hearts and of all those who could not save themselves and that will be removed from the eternal sea of sorrow by My hands of piety and mercy.

This nation, marked by injustice and by the lack of love, already rises on the horizon through the devotion and the faith that all the good souls proclaim to our Lady of Kibeho.

Your Celeste Mother performed wonders and dictated warnings to all at that time.  My adversary took charge to distract them and to prevent the souls to pay attention to My messages.

And thus see now, children, the result of all that happened.

For this, the missionaries of peace are sent by My Immaculate Heart to extract the records of sorrow and massacre through love, hope and, mostly as sacrifice and surrender, they will offer to the Celestial Father, abnegation and effort, work and service as an opportunity of receiving Grace, Forgiveness and the Absolution of all mistakes committed.

Thousands of souls perished the result of the incomprehension and of the division among cultures even when the Mother of the Divine Word prophesied the importance of no division and of looking for the Source of Peace through the Holy Rosary.

In the same way as all of humanity, they first checked the veracity of what the Mother of Word said on that time, to then repent themselves and act in faith.  But that did not happen.  The own impulsive and excessive action led an entire nation to self-destruction in all the levels of consciousness.

You, missionaries of Mine, today visit Rwanda in order to know the consequences of a blind and deaf humanity, but you also arrive to Rwanda, as many other servers of Mine in the world, to settle and balance a secular process that still has not had an end.

For this, open your eyes and work in faith so that Rwanda may receive the gift of the definite healing and many souls may be worthy, on this day, of receiving the Mercy of My Son.

Remember that through your exercises of charity you will be opening the Source of Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who makes you get to know a reality unknown for many,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace  


My Children,

The mission in Africa has recently begun.  For this your spirit of unity and love must be stronger than your differences.   Soon you will enter the nation of Rwanda, highly beaten by error and death, events that happened 10 years after I tried to avoid a continental massacre.

For this, My children, you were called to consciously collaborate on the liberation and forgiveness of the suffering caused to the Rwandans during these last years.  Through the missionary heart of all who serve the Plan of the Redeemer, your Celestial Mother introduces Herself in the African continent for the second time and, through the missionaries of Peace, My Heart will be able to reach all of them.

My missionary children, on this nation will not only see the material result of everything that has been gestated by My adversary, but they will also find on the faces of their brothers and sisters, the sings of the degeneration of the culture and of fraternity.

But the victory of My Immaculate Heart will be possible through the loving and selfless help of all.  For this, the prayer of the heart of all the consecrated missionaries will be the entrance door to the Kingdom of God.

Your Most Holy Mother is already descending over the nation of Rwanda in order to impart again the spirit of peace and of spiritual restoration of the consciousnesses.

My children, it will be important that all be very united in soul and in heart, as it will also be important that your ideas and differences do not prevail among the groups that are congregated to serve through the spirit of mercy.

Beloved children, do not open the doors to My adversary.  He will try to make your ground shake, but remember that the fortress of My Heart will always help you in any perdition.

Follow the steps that I ask you.  You will soon visit the sanctuary of Kibeho where the faith of all of My children of Rwanda expresses a sincere restoration of society and human dignity.

While My plan in Africa, especially in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, starts to be projected on the hearts of the servers, I ask you to search for the essence of unification.  This will protect you from your own selves and you will avoid to get lost on superficial matters.

My missionary children already enter into the first cycle of purification through the transmuting service, but My hands will support them.

I thank you for answering to My call for peace.

Who takes you to the heart of Rwanda,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

From Heaven, I bring you the Most Holy Body of My Son, so that you may always remember to adore it in all moments of life.

As your Mother and Mother of the World, today I announce to you a main call to  immediate prayer for the good and innocent souls who unjustly work in the slavery of the refugee camps and in the gold mines, which are mostly found within the African continent.

Therefore, today I stand before you as the Mother and Lady of the Divine Word, the same Aspect that I manifested in Rwanda to prevent a great social and material catastrophe. In spite of my announcements, the majority of My poor souls did not listen to me and now, again, I come to you, My dear children, so that you may also become conscious of the changes that will come.

Today, I deeply wish that you, who respond to My call, can respond with your prayers, under the intercession of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for all souls that are found in these camps of suffering and in the mines of pain and indignation.

I want to help, through My blessed Mercy, those who suffer day and night in sickness. The world suffers for the actions that are unjustly committed among brothers and sisters of the same race, created by the God of Love.

My Son, through My prayers, has allowed Me to arrive in consciousness and omnipresence to the underworlds of suffering, which are a reality and exist on the whole surface of the Earth.

I want to banish the injustice which many experience without an exit and without relief. I want to pour out My relief and My hope through your sincere and true offerings.

I find within many of your hearts the potential to serve and love in this time of chaos.

My Consciousness promises deep and spiritual liberations through the means of your mediating prayer, thus I can intercede and assist as Mother of all Christians and non-Christians, for all those in need of the Mercy of God in this time.

My children, the group of souls, who live in the refugee camps and work in the gold mines scattered across various locations of Africa and the world, are the miserable result of the condition that evil sowed in humanity.

I am the Light of Heaven, that comes in honor of God, to untie the knots that oppress the path of souls and of holiness.

I come to establish the Love of God and inner serenity in all those who suffer unjustly.

If humanity does not change this very serious attitude of slavery and death in time, many will suffer the price of what others have done and, as a consequence, in large regions, the world could lose peace.

So that this may not happen, I come to ask you urgently for the devotion to My Immaculate Heart, thus you will prevent the world from losing peace and the Grace of God.

I will not tire of working for you. My Immaculate Spirit is unwavering and powerful. It has the maternal power of transforming the untransformable, of raising from the ground what has fallen and is lost, of loving what no one could ever love.

I love your beings, beyond the miseries that make you succumb to the world of today. My angels fully serve God the Father to help the guardian angels of many of My children, who remain imprisoned by the ties of temptation and desire.

I once again come to tread, with My feet, upon the impure head of evil and to resurrect in spirit the souls who, in this life, die losing the Love and Mercy of God.

So that I may help Africa and thus fulfill My Designs of salvation, I wish that, on this 13th of August 2014, hearts willing to serve me, may venerate the Sacred Face of the Lady of Kibeho, the Mother of the Divine Word. In this way, I can intercede through the state of Grace which many experience.

I thank you for paying attention to this important call!

The planetary need is deeper every day in this world and in humanity.

Who loves you, blesses and heals you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Kibeho

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