Sunday, April 12 of 2015

Daily messages

As your Mother of Mercy, today I follow this day of great celebration and atonement of all faults that oppress and condition the spiritual life of the souls of the world.

For this, children, peregrinating through Rwanda, you accompany Me on a path full of sorrow and internal incomprehension.

Your hands were called to serve on the land of the indignation and of the suffering caused by the plans of My adversary, who led thousands of souls to take an attitude of destruction and massacre.

But My Grace, that is blessed and merciful, shows you a different path, an opportunity of taking the lost souls and their families through the path of forgiveness and peace.

Your feet step on the land of despair, that which remained engraved in the essence of innocent hearts and of all those who could not save themselves and that will be removed from the eternal sea of sorrow by My hands of piety and mercy.

This nation, marked by injustice and by the lack of love, already rises on the horizon through the devotion and the faith that all the good souls proclaim to our Lady of Kibeho.

Your Celeste Mother performed wonders and dictated warnings to all at that time.  My adversary took charge to distract them and to prevent the souls to pay attention to My messages.

And thus see now, children, the result of all that happened.

For this, the missionaries of peace are sent by My Immaculate Heart to extract the records of sorrow and massacre through love, hope and, mostly as sacrifice and surrender, they will offer to the Celestial Father, abnegation and effort, work and service as an opportunity of receiving Grace, Forgiveness and the Absolution of all mistakes committed.

Thousands of souls perished the result of the incomprehension and of the division among cultures even when the Mother of the Divine Word prophesied the importance of no division and of looking for the Source of Peace through the Holy Rosary.

In the same way as all of humanity, they first checked the veracity of what the Mother of Word said on that time, to then repent themselves and act in faith.  But that did not happen.  The own impulsive and excessive action led an entire nation to self-destruction in all the levels of consciousness.

You, missionaries of Mine, today visit Rwanda in order to know the consequences of a blind and deaf humanity, but you also arrive to Rwanda, as many other servers of Mine in the world, to settle and balance a secular process that still has not had an end.

For this, open your eyes and work in faith so that Rwanda may receive the gift of the definite healing and many souls may be worthy, on this day, of receiving the Mercy of My Son.

Remember that through your exercises of charity you will be opening the Source of Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who makes you get to know a reality unknown for many,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace