The End of Some Experiences

As I have told you once, companions, My time among you is ending and when this time comes, everything will be unleashed.

Today, I want to announce to you that not only the time and the cycle of the end of the daily impulses is coming, but also coming is the end of many Christic experiences that some of Mine, the closest ones, have lived in these last six years and that, for various reasons, have lost the spiritual experience with Me and only remained with the remembrance of what they once lived with Me.

With this, I want to explain to you and clearly warn you that the choice, made by some who were with Me, upon My path, and that no longer are, has led them to lose the great Christic experience of their entire life, as they were prisoners of illusion and of a supposed invulnerability to harassment.

In truth, they let themselves be defeated, they yielded and lost inner forces, because they let themselves be taken by their weaknesses.

This is the time of the end of experiences, and souls that become without the Christic experience lose the state of Grace that, due to  Mercy and Pity, they had once received.

In truth, the seriousness of some extreme choices of some souls is not in the action, but rather in the absolute loss of common sense and reality, and the spiritual meaning of life.

For this reason, and when these situations happen, the Spiritual Hierarchy can no longer intervene or rescue, because those most miserable souls that received everything from the Universe, and ridiculed and offended the spiritual treasures of the Hierarchy, begin to be within the planetary chaos and the common denominator of the inert suffering of humanity.

It is to absolutely lose the possibility of being in communion with their own spirit, because the spirit of this being that disconnects from the Christic path loses the experience, which is outraged and stolen by My adversary, in the art of his astuteness and deception.

Do you understand, companions?

To be with the Spiritual Hierarchy and live in the environment where the Hierarchy is, as for example, the Light-Communities are, does not mean to do, fulfill or carry out one’s own will.

It is obeying for love and, in the strict and loving obedience, to be able to deepen into the trust, in the Guidance that comes from the Heights and, in this way, keep walking in transformation.

I want all of you to understand that to be with the Hierarchy is not to be with a friend, a family member or a coordinator of a task.

It is to correspond and respond to a command that comes from the spiritual plane, which is what later reflects in the mental plane and finally in the material plane.

In all this movement of integration with the Hierarchy, there are no choices or tastes, opinions or personal ideas.

It is to join a superior divine and cosmic stream, which has once contacted them, and thus it is to fulfill a Supreme Will.

In clear words: to be and follow the Hierarchy is to be nothing.

This avoids entering the chaos of these times, in the unnecessary loss of profound spiritual experiences, which, once stolen by the adversary, remain deactivated from the nucleus of the essence.

May the process of personal purification not be the center of your attention. May the center of attention be the giving of self and the love for what is divine and cosmic, because in this way you will not lose the last impulses that are descending from the Universe, and will thus be the example of transformation and of true redemption.

The Spiritual Hierarchy unfolds within a hostile field of permanent battle, where the war of all against all has begun.

But you should apply the intelligence of the third ray and not let yourselves be dragged by your own processes or traumas, but rather you should feel impelled and ascended by the last Words of the Universal Hierarchy.

The three days of darkness will come and the islands of Salvation must be ready and prepared for the massive movement that it will have to attend to, as an unprecedented humanitarian emergency that, overnight, will present itself to be attended and alleviated.

All the preparation and training that you experience will help you to live up to the events.

On one hand, the Hierarchy invites everyone to keep collaborating in the manifestation and the order of life in the Communities.

But also, the Spiritual Hierarchy invites the consciousness that, at this moment, do not measure up to the needs of the Plan, to be able to relocate to other places outside the Communities, so that certain processes of purification do not keep blocking the concretion of a purpose that, I have told you, is divine.

The Hierarchy feels in Its Heart the effort and love for all, but there is no longer time, and you must choose your true transformation or your departure.

The Plan has run important risks and, at this moment, the unity of the Divine Hierarchy and the assistance of some servers of the surface sustains the accomplishment of a goal that has been undervalued.

It is time for everyone to be sincere with the Hierarchy; to no longer deceive yourselves and to not give Them so much work, just as the rest of humanity does.

We are navigating into the sea, in the only ship of the Brotherhood, which is living the storm and the shipwreck so that the greatest number of indifferent consciousnesses can be saved, no mattter what. 

Today I come with Words of pain and silence to tell you all this, because it is a responsibility and maturity of everyone, to give the best to God, for all that God has given you and keeps giving to you after these last twelve years of apparitions.

As you know, the cycle will end, and this does not mean that everything ends, and that after this you will nourish upon unsafe or non-spiritual sources to be able to feel your lacks supplied.

It means to assume this planet with maturity, the redemption of all the human race and, in selfless service, prepare the bases for the return of Christ.

There are times when the need for change and purification of consciousnesse will place you before a universe of responsibilities.

Many of those who are not present today still believe they have left inmortal, and believe they are free from the Law, because they did not accept being helped, corrected and straightened, like the poor tree that was twisted.

Now there is no time to retrogress, it is time to advance, to give this testimony that I have asked you for so much, and whose meaning many have not understood.

The Hearts of your Lord and of your Heavenly Mother often feels alone, abandoned by the selfishness, by the offenses and trifles that are frequently committed, losing consciousness, sense, discernment.

Enough with all this!

Because it is time to grow and not to complain. It is time to thank every day for what many do not have, but to truly thank.

When you have read many times all that which I have told you, you will truly demonstrate some change to Me. While this does not happen, everything will continue at the same point.

In Rwanda, we warned about the genocide, and no one believed in it. Today we warn about the urgency for many changes, so that afterwards your repentance may not be too late.

These are moments to mature. But also to make room or to set oneself aside, to not block what others, with so much effort, do want to concretize, according to what the Hierarchy asks.

The moment has come for listening clearly and for not becoming closed, because if you become closed to Instruction, you will become an easy prey to My enemy.

May the fire of My Words give you an impulse and place you upon another step of the Plan, so that the real humanitarian emergencies, which are many, can be attended.

I thank you for having the bravery and love to listen to the truth!

Who blesses you and waits for your true change,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


If the Amazon region is totally devastated, as it has been happening throughout the recent years, and if the government continues forcing its ideas and projects upon Creation, the Brazilian people will witness events that will reach beyond the communication media and the newspapers.

Nothing can stop the trial and justice that the head, who was chosen to govern this country, will face, because no creature on the surface of Earth will be able to modify or deter the powerful action of the Universal Laws and, above all, the Universal Law of nature itself. This punishment can only be stopped with prayers from the loyal devotees of My Sacred Heart.

When I asked you to pray for the reconsecration of Brazil, it was so that at this moment you might be strengthened before all the unimaginable, which will show up overnight.

I want you to understand, companions, that never should anyone dare to challenge the Law, as many men and women do, because their lives will not only be unhappy, but sooner or later they will be converted into a disgrace, impossible to be hidden from anybody.

In the same way, I have come to ask you to pray for the reconsecration of Argentina, for the Argentines to be protected.

If within Brazil the harmful projects against life and against nature are not deterred, you will see not only fire, but also a lot of innocent blood flow, like rivers, and this will be similar to what happened in Kibeho, Rwanda.

If at this same moment the Brazilian government does not stop and listen, although it does not believe in the divine existence, many will cry more than hundreds of raindrops that fall from the sky.

I come to avoid a national and social catastrophe. Therefore, take My Message to the world, because if you do not do what I am asking you, South America will experience the consequences, a drought as it has never experienced one before.

There will not be a new flood, but rather rain will fall from great and unknown stars that will end a part of humanity.

I call you to be conscious.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 


Today My Face is full of tears, because I know that My children have not understood the meaning of what My Son said to you yesterday.

For this reason, My crying is in silence and in prayer, so that hearts may open and find the sense of what My Son truly announced.

His words are not transitory. His announcements are not temporary. My children, when My Son speaks, God is speaking directly to each human heart.

The realization of the Work of the Return of Christ is the responsibility of humanity, because it is humanity that is in need of divine intervention.

And as My children did not understand the meaning of the Presence of Christ on Earth, it is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother is crying, knowing that without divine intervention, it is not possible to support the planet, and even less, humanity.

All of those who do nothing will remember this message next time, because the Law will set them in the place where they should have always been.

They are in the same state as Rwanda was when, having heard and participated in the Presence of the Mother of God, years later lamented their most grave tragedy.

Children, reflect, asking for inner light in the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The door of the great mission of peace is being closed.  Your missionary brothers and sisters are heading to the south of Africa in order to return to one of My Marian Centers of the world, where they will live a few days of recovery and of repositioning, meditating profoundly on all that has occurred in Rwanda, Uganda, and in the Congo.

In this way, children, your Lady of Kibeho returns to the Universe in order to enter into contemplation and prayer, with the objective of silently continuing to work for the peace in humanity.

At this time, the Angels of God deposit and deliver in the celestial altars all of the experiences and services of love realized during the mission.  The attributes of this missionary experience in Africa were poured as Graces in the hearts of all of the innocent.

For this, children, may this day be of celebration and joy.  Your Holy Mother of Peace is already gestating within Her Most Pure Womb a new principle of redemption and of mercy through an upcoming mission of peace in Africa.

Now that all of My children in the world were participants in this important mission and that during these last days they did everything in a more conscious way, it is important to your Celestial Father that you may have learned how to materialize My designs.

Thus, your Immaculate Eternal Heart, My one, is preparing Itself to descend in Brazil again and impart blessings to all of the hearts that may open themselves to receive them.

Like in Fatima, I announce to you the revelation of secrets.  In order to get to know them and live them your souls must be prepared through service and peace.  This will permit that your Lady of Heaven may reveal some things to you.

Children, time is setting new opportunities and Graces for all.  I ask you to know how to seize that which the Universe is giving to you.  The time of Justice is coming for humanity and you must give testimony of your apostolate and service to God.  In this way all will be fulfilled as it is written.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who reunites you in this cenacle of love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

 Beloved children,

Today My Luminous Heart descends in Glory and Love over the souls that are thirsty of God.  Through the mission of peace, the doors of evil and perdition were closed during three weeks of mission and of prayer done by all My groups of prayer.

I wish, dear children, that you keep in mind the necessity of continuing working through the spirit of prayer, because in the Divine Word is found the exit and the path to the salvation of the souls.

Today I traverse the streets of the Congo and see the faces of forgetfulness, loneliness and sorrow.  The eyes of My children reflect the absence of paternity and dignity.  For this, children, may each moment of service be a true and profound expression of love, may your hands and fatherly hugs be able to ease the burden of denial of all the children of the Congo.  Through your charity, the Mercy of My Son promises to act until the last moments of your presence in the Congo.

Now My Heart indicates you to offer the prayer for the reparation of all the innocent souls, those who wait in solitude for a major help.

Your Lady of Kibeho opens the arms to receive and protect the childhood of all of the Congo.  For this, may your spirit of fraternity express the healing and the grace of receiving the Light of The Kingdom of God.

In these last days of mission for the inner planetary peace, your Heavenly Mother pours the codes of rehabilitation and mercy.

My children, the time has come to help all My children of the Congo to abandon the eternal captivity.  And that will begin to happen when you allow the doors to the Kingdom of Peace to be open.

An important mission is coming to an end; a cycle is being fulfilled in the life and in the existence of all My children of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

The seed of peace has been sown in the hearts impoverished of spirit.  The mission will become part of the memory of Heaven.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you under the Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Through Supreme Grace, the Mercy of God descends and is shed upon the impurities of this world so that at least a few souls may awaken to the path of consecration and redemption.

Therefore, children, My maternal voice speaks to you so that you recognize that much prayer is needed, everywhere in this world, for those who do nothing and constantly forget My Son.

At this time, when the third stage of the mission in the Congo begins, your Heavenly Mother wants to make you aware of the serious injustices that will lead this nation to lose its inner peace.

You, My missionaries, who have now learned to walk through peace and the prayer of the heart, offer your Heavenly Father the opportunity for closed hearts to discover the Source of salvation and redemption: My beloved Son.

Therefore, My dear ones, in these days in which you will come to know a parallel reality, the one experienced in Ruanda and Uganda, your charitable task must have the main motive of entering the spirit and the heart of each slave soul of My beloved Congo.

Your constancy in wanting to listen and feel the suffering of others with your hearts will make you discover the different spiritual abysses where My souls from Congo were submerged, due to a lack of awareness and love among creatures.

The path to follow in these days is large and at the same time profound and unknown.

You, my missionaries, will stand before a culture subdued by disbelief and by the constant error of withdrawing the best benefits and wealth from a spiritually impoverished people. From there, children, the causes of slavery and forced work are born and appear, which lead to needing to the redoubling of physical efforts in order to survive and to not perish.

Therefore, dear missionaries and prayer beings of Mine, there you have a task of prayer, and worthy are the reasons for doing something for your brothers and sisters in Congo, asking the Creator that this endless captivity may end.

Your Most Holy Mother of Kibeho arrives in Congo to share a spring of Graces with all souls dying of thirst.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you and calls you to pray for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

Through your visit to the Shrine of Kibeho, new inner shrines have been elevated in honor to the God of Love.  This action was able to be realized in the essence of all of the souls that for so long waited for redemption as a result of the prayers of all of My children, and mainly, through the presence of the spirit of fraternity between the cultures of the Americas and of Africa.

In this way, beloved children, the Universe demonstrates to you, through this mission of peace, that there are neither differences nor barriers between the souls that are united to the great Spirit of God.

For this, children, I went to Kibeho not only to avoid the genocide, but also to remind your civilization that, from the beginning of this world, all of you have been a single race, filled with the Love of God, despite the grave injustices, and full of His Divine Mercy, notwithstanding its constant mistakes.

In Kibeho the Lady of the Divine Word descended in order to awaken redemption, and also to remind in that time that despite the difficult situations, cycles of peace for the world would come.

Now that you, missionaries of Mine, will leave Kibeho filled with the love of your Heavenly Mother, and internally touched by the devotion of the people of Rwanda, I say to you to go ahead, without seeking results, but rather delivering more each day, moments of shared service.

In this way, My children, I will be able to work through the detachment of your hearts and together you will learn that unity is the truth that constructs the bridges towards the infinite.

Your Most Holy Mother prepares Herself now to arrive to the people of Uganda.  Souls of this region keep the history of abandonment and of absolute oblivion of the brothers and sisters that there exist.  For this reason My Son has sent new missionaries from different parts of the world so that, by means of love and of service, the bases of hope and of trust that many Ugandan children lost may again be built.

If the world became conscious for an instant of how other brothers and sisters are, the Universe would have already poured Its Mercy, but soldiers of light who are willing to provide relief to the eternal suffering are necessary.

I thank you for answering to My call for peace!

Who prepares you to keep serving from the soul and the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

It is the repentance from the heart that will take you to the healing and to the redemption of your own aspects, those that are part of the earthly life.

My main call in Kibeho was to make humanity rethink through the recognition of its sins and the conscious repentance; this was not possible in Rwanda because pride and the considering the culture of that place as their own, led the whole nation to a bloody destiny.

I went to Kibeho trying to avoid this serious tragedy, which is already history, but still has not been healed in the heart of My Rwandese children.  They did not live love, they forgot about it and only headed to defend the culture and the realization of their personal works.  Here is the great failure of this humanity, to carry forward its own ideas and modern principles and afterwards, end up in the abysses, leading millions of souls to desperation and sorrow.

For this, children, in Kibeho, the Lady of the Word, tried to make us understand that in the existence of the One and Only God, all should obey the Divine Will so that chaos would not reign and the spirit of peace would be manifested.  But in those moments it was quite the opposite and the humanity of that place preferred to turn a deaf ear to the urgent call that was coming directly from the Queen of Heaven. 

Today, My children, I teach you to get to know the devious and confusing paths that our humanity traverses, and how the pride and the lack of internal humility before the Will of God, modifies the destiny and the spiritual futurity of a whole nation.

Even though the revelations transmitted in Kibeho were very clear and precise, only a small group accompanied in fidelity the call to conversion, to prayer and to repentance.   In this era, in which serious actions by humanity continues to occur, and the life of a brother is taken away by the own hands of another brother, the world goes off and loses its innocence without giving rise to receive a greater help.

For this My Son sends Me to be among you, so that you may start living consciously the time of your purification and so that all the self summed by the Merciful Universe of God may prepare themselves to face the end of a time.

The constancy and the absolute faithfulness of the people of Rwanda could have avoided the bloody tragedy.  Now, even though very few truly listen to the call of God, your Heavenly Mother invites you for the last time to live the faithfulness before the Higher Plan, which calls you to realize all that is possible in what seems impossible. 

The spirit of prayer and forgiveness will be the matrix keys so that in the end of times, the Plan of the Highest may manifest.   For this I come from the Universe to help you, to redeem you and to place you active in the immediate service for peace.

Who will encourage themselves to follow the Queen of Heaven?

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who bless you and unifies you in the Heart of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In the heart of Africa the nation of Rwanda is being much assisted by the Graces that My missionary children are generating by means of service and of transmutation.  In the present humanity there are few conscious souls that offer themselves, such as My Son did, to suffer for love and for the redemption of others.

On this day My missionaries of peace enter a new school of knowledge and of maturity of the task, deepening in the spirit of service for peace and for the good of humanity.

Children, Rwanda lives a time of peace that was generated by the prayers and the petitions of all those who lived the consequences of a cultural and social decision.  After the Mother of the Divine Word was in Kibeho, the humanity of this region suffered what it did not want to hear, that which could have been prevented.

Humanity is characterized by living in a well-marked foolishness and deafness, which lead it to close the inner heart, and to not understand the things that come from Heaven.

In Kibeho the Lady of the Word managed to recover a certain group of souls that needed an assistance that would motivate them to live a path of redemption.    Later emerged the spirit of prayer, and of the restoration of all that happened, and notwithstanding that the message of Kibeho did not reach greater repercussions during the time of the great mistake, there were souls that were able to maintain their fidelity to the call from Heaven, and that protected them spiritually from any inner deterioration despite of what took place later on.

The message of Kibeho is based on immediate repentance, something that the Mother of God exemplified through Rwanda, which headed to an unsafe destiny.  In this way, humanity could understand that the act of true and sincere repentance is capable of balancing a certain degree of spiritual debts that compromise the profound awakening of a soul.

For this, children, remember and relive My message of Kibeho, because My Word was not only pronounced for that critical moment, but rather, it remained present in everyone, so that the same errors would not be committed again.

In Rwanda, a great wound is healing after many years, and this begins to occur through the missions of peace.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who entrusts you to God the Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace  


Dear Children,

Today I donate and give to you My Immaculate Heart so that the major reason for your lives may be to reach the conversion, which you have only started, a conversion that will lead you to the purification of your life and soul.

This same message I delivered in Kibeho, because of the same promptness that, such as today, the conversion required in that time.  In Rwanda, I called all to live the repentance, to not practice a proud prayer, so that, by getting detached from all evil, peace could reign.  But this message of repentance was not enough and thus few listened internally to what the Mother of Heaven wanted to teach you.

Time passed and the hour predicted by Me arrived to Rwanda and no one was regretful and free from faults.  Pride and denial led to the human loss of control and to the exerting of a frightening and fearful power.  Entire families and innocent people were the main preys for My adversary.

And where is your regret?  The brutal actions led to catastrophic results and the spiritual life of My children was decimated by your own and unbridled so-called culture.

Later on, the mistake poisoned the hearts of those who did not listen to My message, and shortly after I descended upon Kibeho, everything remained in the memory of just a few.  After this great error, humanity became aware of the importance of the words of the Mother of Heaven and everyone recognized that without prayer and repentance one cannot go anywhere or reach any safe destiny.

The Lady of the Divine Word brought to you the warning for you to prepare and reconcile yourselves, for you to ask for forgiveness, to confess and to commune with Christ, as a source of absolution.  With the faith of very few, was lifted up again, the spirit of devotion, the one that led to faith and to the trust in the call of Heaven and in the announcements that the Lady of Kibeho made for everyone.

Now, with your presence in Rwanda, you will discover the different needs of all the levels of consciousness.  Everything must be restored, from the sick body to the spirit.  For this, children, your exercise of charity and surrender will have to deepen to the point of becoming ready to help in any emergency.  My Heart will guide you and will give you the necessary inner strength for you to answer to any need.  Stay focused and you will see very closely the path that I will be indicating to you.

The truth about Rwanda has just been revealed to you, and for this your Celeste Mother specially returns to Kibeho, so that you may unite yourselves to the spirit of devotion, of forgiveness and of love that is professed to the Sacred Heart of your Lord and of your Lady.

In the streets of Kigali, you will see what the time has left imprinted as fact and as history.  The Angels of God are waiting to be able to fulfill the service of liberation and redemption that was entrusted to them.  And this will happen because of your union with these angels, which I send to your support and help with My maternal love.

Dear children, I walk in the streets of Kigali in order to save the imprisoned souls.  For the hour of Redemption and Mercy has arrived to Rwanda.

I thank you, My children, for accompanying Me in this mission!

My Maternal Love is with each one of My missionaries.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As your Mother of Mercy, today I follow this day of great celebration and atonement of all faults that oppress and condition the spiritual life of the souls of the world.

For this, children, peregrinating through Rwanda, you accompany Me on a path full of sorrow and internal incomprehension.

Your hands were called to serve on the land of the indignation and of the suffering caused by the plans of My adversary, who led thousands of souls to take an attitude of destruction and massacre.

But My Grace, that is blessed and merciful, shows you a different path, an opportunity of taking the lost souls and their families through the path of forgiveness and peace.

Your feet step on the land of despair, that which remained engraved in the essence of innocent hearts and of all those who could not save themselves and that will be removed from the eternal sea of sorrow by My hands of piety and mercy.

This nation, marked by injustice and by the lack of love, already rises on the horizon through the devotion and the faith that all the good souls proclaim to our Lady of Kibeho.

Your Celeste Mother performed wonders and dictated warnings to all at that time.  My adversary took charge to distract them and to prevent the souls to pay attention to My messages.

And thus see now, children, the result of all that happened.

For this, the missionaries of peace are sent by My Immaculate Heart to extract the records of sorrow and massacre through love, hope and, mostly as sacrifice and surrender, they will offer to the Celestial Father, abnegation and effort, work and service as an opportunity of receiving Grace, Forgiveness and the Absolution of all mistakes committed.

Thousands of souls perished the result of the incomprehension and of the division among cultures even when the Mother of the Divine Word prophesied the importance of no division and of looking for the Source of Peace through the Holy Rosary.

In the same way as all of humanity, they first checked the veracity of what the Mother of Word said on that time, to then repent themselves and act in faith.  But that did not happen.  The own impulsive and excessive action led an entire nation to self-destruction in all the levels of consciousness.

You, missionaries of Mine, today visit Rwanda in order to know the consequences of a blind and deaf humanity, but you also arrive to Rwanda, as many other servers of Mine in the world, to settle and balance a secular process that still has not had an end.

For this, open your eyes and work in faith so that Rwanda may receive the gift of the definite healing and many souls may be worthy, on this day, of receiving the Mercy of My Son.

Remember that through your exercises of charity you will be opening the Source of Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who makes you get to know a reality unknown for many,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace  


My Children,

The mission in Africa has recently begun.  For this your spirit of unity and love must be stronger than your differences.   Soon you will enter the nation of Rwanda, highly beaten by error and death, events that happened 10 years after I tried to avoid a continental massacre.

For this, My children, you were called to consciously collaborate on the liberation and forgiveness of the suffering caused to the Rwandans during these last years.  Through the missionary heart of all who serve the Plan of the Redeemer, your Celestial Mother introduces Herself in the African continent for the second time and, through the missionaries of Peace, My Heart will be able to reach all of them.

My missionary children, on this nation will not only see the material result of everything that has been gestated by My adversary, but they will also find on the faces of their brothers and sisters, the sings of the degeneration of the culture and of fraternity.

But the victory of My Immaculate Heart will be possible through the loving and selfless help of all.  For this, the prayer of the heart of all the consecrated missionaries will be the entrance door to the Kingdom of God.

Your Most Holy Mother is already descending over the nation of Rwanda in order to impart again the spirit of peace and of spiritual restoration of the consciousnesses.

My children, it will be important that all be very united in soul and in heart, as it will also be important that your ideas and differences do not prevail among the groups that are congregated to serve through the spirit of mercy.

Beloved children, do not open the doors to My adversary.  He will try to make your ground shake, but remember that the fortress of My Heart will always help you in any perdition.

Follow the steps that I ask you.  You will soon visit the sanctuary of Kibeho where the faith of all of My children of Rwanda expresses a sincere restoration of society and human dignity.

While My plan in Africa, especially in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, starts to be projected on the hearts of the servers, I ask you to search for the essence of unification.  This will protect you from your own selves and you will avoid to get lost on superficial matters.

My missionary children already enter into the first cycle of purification through the transmuting service, but My hands will support them.

I thank you for answering to My call for peace.

Who takes you to the heart of Rwanda,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come to repeat to you the message that was not listened to in Rwanda:

Repent, you are still in time to do it, before it is too late!  Offer to the Eternal the opportunity and the moment of your sincere repentance.

Day and night, from the top of the mountains and ridges of Africa, I listen to the request for help and relief of those who have to been mutilated.  Offer your repentance to the Eternal and Supreme for all those who do not seek My Unfathomable Mercy and who, in this bloody hour, only seek to generate fear and sorrow in the world.

Since the last day in which I was with you, I promised you to return in the moment of the greatest tribulation.  Today, I tell you, as I told the whole Rwanda: Repent and do not only apologize!  This will no longer suffice to the law of God!  Seek to understand and to know where the whole humanity is failing.

But today I do not come to be your judge, but your beloved intercessor that cries and sees blood streaming like water among the streets of this world.  There will only be one solution for all that occurs: that you clamor all the time for My Infinite Mercy.  Thus, My friends, you will be deserving, as many others, of receiving in this time, the last table of salvation and pity.

While My Sacred Heart collects the weeping of the innocent and of all the faithful Christians, I ask you to remove from your lives everything that is considered as normal and that, from today on, you begin to penetrate more and more into the Mystery of My Heart Flagellated by the world.

I encourage you to walk amid darkness and to not feel any fear for what will come because if I Am Your Master, the one who walks before your lives, why would you stop trusting Me?

Accept My convocation.  The result of all the serious faults that are committed and that once again deeply offend Your God, is already being observed in the universe.  For this, feel blessed for listening to My call, it must echo into the deepest of your hearts.  

And I repeat to you: Repent!

It is urgent and indispensable that everyone opens the doors and the paths to this important humanitarian and spiritual mission to Africa, for Peace in this suffering region of the world.

Today I leave you the only thing that I can legate and deliver to you, which is My Merciful Love, the one that is not being well availed by My good souls.  Heal My Heart, in this way I will always be able to comfort you until the last days of your lives.

Under the Supreme Mercy of God, may the innocent be raised to Heaven!

Thank you for listening again to My Sacred Call!

Christ Jesus, the Flagellated Heart of Love  


Today, in a divine and omnipresent way, My Chaste Heart descends to the world to gather the prayers offered by your hearts to the Celestial Father; thus, in a special way, I am present in the two Marian Centers, so that humanity may understand the emergency of being able to serve in these times.

Today, My most chaste Essence gathers all the lost essences of Africa and of the world, elevating them to the reparative Celestial Kingdom, so that the angels of the Lord may rebuild them and re-integrate them into the cycle of their original evolution.

Today, My Sacred Heart of divine lilies opens like a flower for you, so that you may hold the original purity that God granted everyone.

My companions and children of Christ, have faith, and the certainty that your holy service and effort will come to touch the heart of the whole universe, so that in this way, the Graces of Heaven can be poured out.

The Most Pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary has sent Me to remind you, on this sacred day, that you are to only seek the awakening of the original purity that will allow you to be transformed and redeemed.

As a faithful carpenter of God, allow Me to take your lives so that the new instrument, free from malice and hate, may be able to emerge and become a celestial gift for God.

My Chaste Heart promises immediate assistance for those who always remember to open the doors of their hearts so that God may labor. In this planetary hour, in which essences are distanced from their real purpose and mission, I come so that you also remember to pray for those who do not pray to God, nor do they remember the spring of divine existence.

After the last mission of charity carried out in Brazil, where My Chaste Heart granted a time of peace and Mercy for all the forgotten and displaced, for all of Africa, through all the servers of the Plan, I am preparing to gestate its great cycle of redemption, forgiveness and peace. So that this may be possible, I come to ask all My companions on the path and the Humanitarian Fraternity to dedicate three prayers a day to My Chaste Heart, so that I may intercede with God and grant the sacred mission in Rwanda and Angola.

I have come to the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to ask all the missionaries to raise their inner offering to God the Father in order to help and to collaborate in Africa, in the coming year of 2015, in honor of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

If the offering of all the servers is sincere and firm, I promise to descend in glory in Africa and free what is still not free from the spirits of My children.

For this special meeting, I am grateful for the collaboration of all who, in charity and for the good, made the mission in Brazil possible.

From the Most Chaste Heart of God, I bless you.

Your faithful Instructor, Saint Joseph,

Father of Love and Unity


Dear children,

As Mother and Queen of this world I appeal to all of My children of the United States and of the whole world to help so that My plans of Salvation, of Grace and of Conversion foreseen for the month of October may be able to be fulfilled.

For this I primarily need your prayers, so that in the second place, by the gift that God has given Me, I may be able to pour My Graces upon this nation.

My Immaculate Spirit wishes by means of your offer, to appear and give a message of peace and of hope for all of My children of North America.

My beloveds, My Plan of Peace for these times is important and immediate.  By means of you, those who answer to My call, I have been assisted to fulfill the designs of God for humanity and the world in these three last years.  This has allowed me to prevent the consequences of the universal laws in many hearts and, because of your help, many sinning and lost souls have been saved.

As I have never done before, I pray for you so that, being My Apostles of the New Time, you may continue working by means of the heart and of immediate donation. 

My Heart reunites you in the New Sky that I open for the world, where all encounter the Mercy of My Son and His Peace in order to be able to survive in these times.

The United States is the first nation within My Co-redeeming Project that must soon be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

For this today, your lit candles represent to Me your yes to the Plan of Salvation and of pilgrimage.  A plan that My Son has asked Me to fulfill with you in the Americas and the world.

Africa must be present in your prayers.  This continent needs to receive the Grace that has been waiting for such a long time.  For this I need to return with My Son to the heart of Africa in order to conclude the task that once we, the Sacred Hearts, began in Rwanda. 

In order to understand better what I ask you, I invite you My dear children, to accompany and to help, as Marian soldiers, the mission entrusted to the visionaries in North America.  In this way you will allow God to fulfill His Humble Will by means of His Faithful Servant.

For all that you have done together with Me, I thank you!

Peace for all.

Mary, Queen of the Americas  


Dear children,

From Heaven, I bring you the Most Holy Body of My Son, so that you may always remember to adore it in all moments of life.

As your Mother and Mother of the World, today I announce to you a main call to  immediate prayer for the good and innocent souls who unjustly work in the slavery of the refugee camps and in the gold mines, which are mostly found within the African continent.

Therefore, today I stand before you as the Mother and Lady of the Divine Word, the same Aspect that I manifested in Rwanda to prevent a great social and material catastrophe. In spite of my announcements, the majority of My poor souls did not listen to me and now, again, I come to you, My dear children, so that you may also become conscious of the changes that will come.

Today, I deeply wish that you, who respond to My call, can respond with your prayers, under the intercession of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for all souls that are found in these camps of suffering and in the mines of pain and indignation.

I want to help, through My blessed Mercy, those who suffer day and night in sickness. The world suffers for the actions that are unjustly committed among brothers and sisters of the same race, created by the God of Love.

My Son, through My prayers, has allowed Me to arrive in consciousness and omnipresence to the underworlds of suffering, which are a reality and exist on the whole surface of the Earth.

I want to banish the injustice which many experience without an exit and without relief. I want to pour out My relief and My hope through your sincere and true offerings.

I find within many of your hearts the potential to serve and love in this time of chaos.

My Consciousness promises deep and spiritual liberations through the means of your mediating prayer, thus I can intercede and assist as Mother of all Christians and non-Christians, for all those in need of the Mercy of God in this time.

My children, the group of souls, who live in the refugee camps and work in the gold mines scattered across various locations of Africa and the world, are the miserable result of the condition that evil sowed in humanity.

I am the Light of Heaven, that comes in honor of God, to untie the knots that oppress the path of souls and of holiness.

I come to establish the Love of God and inner serenity in all those who suffer unjustly.

If humanity does not change this very serious attitude of slavery and death in time, many will suffer the price of what others have done and, as a consequence, in large regions, the world could lose peace.

So that this may not happen, I come to ask you urgently for the devotion to My Immaculate Heart, thus you will prevent the world from losing peace and the Grace of God.

I will not tire of working for you. My Immaculate Spirit is unwavering and powerful. It has the maternal power of transforming the untransformable, of raising from the ground what has fallen and is lost, of loving what no one could ever love.

I love your beings, beyond the miseries that make you succumb to the world of today. My angels fully serve God the Father to help the guardian angels of many of My children, who remain imprisoned by the ties of temptation and desire.

I once again come to tread, with My feet, upon the impure head of evil and to resurrect in spirit the souls who, in this life, die losing the Love and Mercy of God.

So that I may help Africa and thus fulfill My Designs of salvation, I wish that, on this 13th of August 2014, hearts willing to serve me, may venerate the Sacred Face of the Lady of Kibeho, the Mother of the Divine Word. In this way, I can intercede through the state of Grace which many experience.

I thank you for paying attention to this important call!

The planetary need is deeper every day in this world and in humanity.

Who loves you, blesses and heals you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Kibeho

Monthly Messages

Today Our Divine Mother approached to us as the Queen of Peace.

Before She arrived something important happened.  Many cherubim angels formed a circle of light and began to descend over the house of the group of prayer.  At the same time that the angels created this circle of light they danced in the air in a reverent and joyful way with a happiness that was quite distinctive.

The angels transmitted this love that they have for the Virgin Mary, which is something pure and true. They poured these codes over us and prepared the path through which Our Lady arrived.

When the Virgin appeared above a tree full of flowers that is found outside the house of those who pray She told us that the tree and its flowers delighted Her, placing Her feet firmly upon it.  In this way a point of light manifested itself for this part of the city of São Paulo.

During the Apparition Our Lady saw the evil that surrounded the city and how this evil influenced the people.  But She did not challenge anyone.  She was present there, serene and humble with this smile that characterizes Her, that which is a smile of peace, of serenity and of love.  This energy was radiated by Her gaze; Her light expanded in this part of the city and this evil was dissipated, leaving everything more serene.  Later on She asked us to write Her message. 


Dear children of Mine:

My Immaculate Heart continues Its walk among the sacred dwellings of all the groups of prayer, those that in some way answer to My maternal call, sometimes without understanding it.

I give thanks to all for persevering in the path of faith to My call and mainly for answerng in an immediate way to the special requests of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, Friday – the day of the sorrowful mysteries – I ask you My dear ones, to pray every day for My plans of peace to prevail and to be accomplished in the present life of all My children.  It is so important to obey My call my Father has allowed Me, to reach all the homes of My praying beings.  In this way you will understand how great is the need so that some events may be avoided in the great cities of the world, which will be possible by means of your honest inner collaboration.

The Lord reveals to you today, through My Heart, that this group has always been moved spiritually by means of obedience to the Greater Hierarchy.  May this gift, to which you have answered without perceiving it for 25 years, be the new impulse that will allow you to walk with a spirit of confidence before all the changes that I have made.

So that you My beloveds, can be in the near future seated at the right of My Son, in His Kingdom of Peace, first you must truly open your hearts to the call of Heaven because in this way you will answer to the Will of God.

That your consciousnesses, which have already received so many special Graces, do not become involved in matters of the material life, but that your hearts be mediators of peace between Heaven and Earth.

Now that the events are changing and humanity is faced with the end of times, that which it neither understands nor knows, I ask you, My dears, that you pray, that you pray for all the souls to obey in faith as you have obeyed so that everything you have learned through divine instruction will not be lost.

The time and moment to exercise what has been learned has come, if you do so you will be living testimonies before the humanity that each day is getting more ill.

As the Mother who always protects and prays for you, I invite you on this evening of celestial blessings to the path of reflection, so that soon you may receive the love of God in all things, in the good and in the sad.  The universe waits to see you mature, more available to guide new flocks that are lost and do not have the grace of instruction.

For this, on this day I come to ask all those who pray to pray for My plans, especially for those that I intend to accomplish in the end of this year in Rwanda and Angola.  In this way with your help as it has always been, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

I thank you for answering to My call!

I bless and guide you,

Your Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace


Today, My Heart listens to the supplications of the innocent and the poor.

Today, My spiritual Soul embraces those who have suffered the most from chaos and destruction. 

Today I announce Myself to your hearts as the Lady of Akita, to remind you that My Immaculate Heart belongs to the entire world and today, especially, to all of Asia.

Dear children, I remind you that once, not so long ago, the Lord sent me in pilgrimage to Japan to transmit an important call to conversion, prayer and peace.

Today, in a time of great emergencies for all, My Son Jesus has asked Me to tell you the truth as the good Mother of all, although the truth may be painful as it was for Me in the Mount Calvary.

I want to help you, assist you, prevent you and advise you that, in this cycle, it will be necessary to transform yourselves so that the world may also transform itself and become consecrated once again to the original Project of God.

Beloved children, you have seen that your planet suffers with each new movement and that these catastrophes take away the precious and innocent lives of many souls.

This is why today I ask you, My dear ones, that you open your eyes to the call of the Light that comes from Heaven. While you, without perceiving it, share My Kingdom of Peace, on the other side of the world souls die and disappear from the surface of the Earth.

God desires to spread the absolute devotion to My Immaculate Heart, and in Akita, Japan, I have transmitted an important call to transform the actions of the consciousnesses, just as since 1981 My Voice made Itself be heard in all of Africa through the Apparitions of Rwanda.

Now, I am among you. Would it be for some reason? What is it that your Most High Father wants to say to to you through My Holy Presence, in South America as well as Medjugorje?

As it has always been, humanity matures after everything has happened, but now, I ask you that, out of love, you awaken in time for the Truth that Heaven wants to reveal to you; it will be this Sacred Truth that will prepare you for the return of My Son to the Earth.

Dearest children of Mine, today I also invite you to love the sacrifice you make for the reparation of the offenses committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today, I call on you to make a little more effort, although it may seem to you that the forces of the inner will disappear.

Little ones, the world is coming to a culminating moment, because after My Apparitions, here in South America and in Medjugorje, the times on Earth will change and humanity will have to prepare for the Universal Judgement.

Now, on the eve of my special arrival to the Marian Center of Aurora, on this 13th day, the Lady of Heaven prays for the innocent and condemned souls, saying:

Prayer for the innocent souls

Prayer to be recited on Mondays and
Thursdays to help in the relief of the worldwide situation.
Most High Lord of Mercy,
contemplate within Your Powerful Heart,
the need for peace and for redemption
in all souls that live upon the Earth.
Oh, Savior of Mine!,
God of Love and of Truth,
Separate my children from the eternal punishment
and elevate, with My Offer, the lost hearts.
Oh, Wise Father of Light!,
find in each essence the Light that comes from you
and accept the offerings of love
that we deposit on Your Sacred Altar,
because together with My Son Jesus Christ,
the King of kings and Lord of absolute Love,
we promise, now and always,
to consecrate Your loving humanity.
Listen now, Lord, to Your faithful Messenger.
Observe with Your paternal Gaze,
the flight of the Bird of the Holy Spirit;
because the rays of Pity and of Compassion,
that flow out from Your Most Holy Heart,
will redeem all of the Earth
so that, together with Your Angels and Archangels
We may glorify You for all eternity.

I thank you for always responding to My sacred call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Akita


A Celestial Salutation of Jesus Christ to all of Argentina on the occasion of the third marathon of Divine Mercy.

Dear companions of Mine:

Praised be Your Father in the Heights!

Today I want to salute especially from My Most Sacred Heart all the souls of Argentina, mainly this whole ecumenical group that was disposed from the beginning to carry out My requests of Mercy.

Now that Heaven chose a Christian patriot of your Nation, Pope Francis, Argentina will now have the divine opportunity to remedy her faults through the portal of prayer to My Divine Mercy.

I want to dedicate the days of My celestial Presence in Argentina to all the beloved children of this nation. For this special reason I invite you to unite yourselves with My Unfathomable and Powerful fountain of Mercy during these next two days, the 5th and 6th of October; in this way all the Argentinean provinces and cultures will be able to receive the same fruit of love that I will deposit in your little hearts.

My friends, I talk directly to those that are the simplest and are neither literate, nor theologians nor philosophers of spirituality, because the science of My Merciful Love is, in truth, not yet known.

For this, in this time of changes and of opportunities for the awakening of Consciousness, I ask of you that you be good peacemakers and praying beings; unite yourselves with this spiritual and ecumenical flock that will wait, in the next night of vigil, for the coming of the Humble Shepherd and Fisherman of hearts.

Now, I will return to the world, first in the Spirit of Love, of Mercy and of Humility; because I want to demonstrate to the world, as I did with My Little and Holy visionary Segatashya of Kibeho, in Rwanda, that in truth My christic Love is for all of humanity.

I will now leave from the sanctuaries that are closed to the thirsty souls, so that in truth My Spirit be in all the hearts of the Earth, because in them I shall find Myself comforted, free, and united with My disciples.

Dear souls of Argentina: I thank you for your sincere effort of praying for the fulfillment of My plan for this Nation and the entire world.

This Third Marathon will represent the favored union of your lives with the Holy Spirit of God, since He will help so that My Son, Pope Francis, may realize the mission that the Heaven is entrusting him with, which is to unite hearts and religions prior to the glorious return of Christ.

Under the Powerful Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you Argentina for opening the door of your heart!

Your King, Christ Jesus

Who are we?

Association Mary
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