Friday, October 4 of 2013

Daily messages

A Celestial Salutation of Jesus Christ to all of Argentina on the occasion of the third marathon of Divine Mercy.

Dear companions of Mine:

Praised be Your Father in the Heights!

Today I want to salute especially from My Most Sacred Heart all the souls of Argentina, mainly this whole ecumenical group that was disposed from the beginning to carry out My requests of Mercy.

Now that Heaven chose a Christian patriot of your Nation, Pope Francis, Argentina will now have the divine opportunity to remedy her faults through the portal of prayer to My Divine Mercy.

I want to dedicate the days of My celestial Presence in Argentina to all the beloved children of this nation. For this special reason I invite you to unite yourselves with My Unfathomable and Powerful fountain of Mercy during these next two days, the 5th and 6th of October; in this way all the Argentinean provinces and cultures will be able to receive the same fruit of love that I will deposit in your little hearts.

My friends, I talk directly to those that are the simplest and are neither literate, nor theologians nor philosophers of spirituality, because the science of My Merciful Love is, in truth, not yet known.

For this, in this time of changes and of opportunities for the awakening of Consciousness, I ask of you that you be good peacemakers and praying beings; unite yourselves with this spiritual and ecumenical flock that will wait, in the next night of vigil, for the coming of the Humble Shepherd and Fisherman of hearts.

Now, I will return to the world, first in the Spirit of Love, of Mercy and of Humility; because I want to demonstrate to the world, as I did with My Little and Holy visionary Segatashya of Kibeho, in Rwanda, that in truth My christic Love is for all of humanity.

I will now leave from the sanctuaries that are closed to the thirsty souls, so that in truth My Spirit be in all the hearts of the Earth, because in them I shall find Myself comforted, free, and united with My disciples.

Dear souls of Argentina: I thank you for your sincere effort of praying for the fulfillment of My plan for this Nation and the entire world.

This Third Marathon will represent the favored union of your lives with the Holy Spirit of God, since He will help so that My Son, Pope Francis, may realize the mission that the Heaven is entrusting him with, which is to unite hearts and religions prior to the glorious return of Christ.

Under the Powerful Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you Argentina for opening the door of your heart!

Your King, Christ Jesus