Monday, April 13 of 2015

Daily messages


May My Peace reign in the hearts of the world and may they be filled with the Merciful Power that I today bring from the Kingdom of the Heavens.
My children, forever be praised Our Lord Jesus Christ, who renews His Sacrifice from time to time so that His Infinite Mercy may never stop being poured over the world.

On this day, My beloved ones, I invite you to meditate with the heart about what you are willing to suffer out of love and for the sake of the redemption of humanity.

Dear ones, many are never tired of meditating on the Mercy of Christ and rely on it as the hope for their salvation, but very few are the ones who recognize that this Source springs out from the injured Heart of My Holy Son and from His Wounds, which were opened for the final redemption of all the souls.  Few are the ones who accept to share with the Lord His martyrdoms and who offer the little that they suffer for the sake of those who just seek the constantly material comfort.

My beloved ones, on this day of Grace and Mercy for all the souls, I want you to have the Passion My Son imprinted in your consciousnesses, because from it, comes all the Mercy and all the Love that for over two thousand years have been poured over the just and the unjust souls of this world.  In this way, I want you to understand that the path to become merciful in life is found in the complete offer of oneself, independently of the state in which you find yourselves.

My dear children, My eyes contemplate the world and are almost unable to find in it, those who may wish to bear in their heads, the crown of thorns of My Son, in order to thus, relieve Him from this sorrow and to allow His Mercy to keep on being poured over the world.

Today, with the eyes and the heart turned to My beloved Africa, discover in the service the possibility of relieving the sorrow that Christ lives in the hearts of this Earth.

Remember everyday that if the Lord was capable of surrendering life in His Passion for the Salvation of the world, you will also be able to do much more than what you do, and you will be able to give to God the Creator great offers that come from the heart for the salvation of the sinful souls.

My beloved ones, I do not ask you to martyr the body, I only tell you to transcend yourselves everyday, out of love for the others and for all this humanity.  May you renounce everyday to all the comforts of this world, for the sake of the souls who do not know the power of sacrifice.

I say all this to you because, in consciousness, you are all entering into the heart of Africa and finding all the spiritual and physical penury in the history of that continent, and also, My children, the power of transcendence and overcoming that this people lived in order to keep on smiling in a world like this, a world that very few know in depth.

For this, in face of the inner Africa, know how to learn with those hearts.   And on this exchange of experiences that you live in the level of the souls, give to My beloved Africa, the possibility of forgiveness, of forgiving oneself and the others.  Thus, My beloved ones, I will be able to count with you on My Plan of rescue and of redemption.

I want you to know that you are being internally placed before the need of taking a great leap, now that you are in the heart of Africa, because now, My dear ones, out of love for God you will have to assume your own redemption and the redemption of humanity by means of the offering of self and of the transcendence of the old atavisms.

On this day of Mercy, the Lord is attentive to your prayers, and through His Faithful Servant, He announces to you that nothing is impossible, and that by asking with the heart, everything will be granted to the spirit.

Do not weaken before the tests, but just keep on going ahead, in the same way that the spirit of Africa was able to overcome itself in order to be before My Heart today by means of all of you.

I thank you for your sincere prayers and I ask you to never get tired of praying.  The world, humanity and the kingdoms of nature need you in prayer.

I bless you and I leave you My Peace.

Mary, Rose of Peace