Monday, April 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Hail Land of God, hail!

I come to remove from your entrails the evil that subdues My children.

Hail Land of God, hail!

I come to liberate perdition and suffering from your heart.

Hail Land of God, hail!

The Redeemer pours out His last drops of Mercy so that your spirit may be prepared for the purification.

Hail Land of God, hail!

In My hands I bring the relief for your children that are Mine because you are part of Me.

Hail Land of God, hail!

With My feet I go through your spaces rescuing the souls that, deceived, suffer in the hells that the enemy has built where there used to be other destinies.

At this time of redemption and liberation, of rescue and fight for the supremacy of Light, millions of souls wait in despair that My soldiers open the doors through prayer of the heart so that an opportunity of liberation may reach them.

I traverse, together with My missionary children, the sick Africa and, by means of each word and of each service that they offer, I unite Heaven with Earth and through a safe door the souls and the essences are liberated so that they may be able to follow their path of evolution.

The consciousness of each African child that is touched by the Grace that I pour by means of My missionaries is led out of the hells and the purgatories of this world towards where they will find the path that God has allowed Me to offer to some creatures of this humanity.

For this, I ask you, children of Mine, who do not suffer what My children of Africa suffer, may you pray with all the heart so that by means of each prayer I may be able to rescue one more soul, one more essence.

When the Father hears each one of your prayers done with the heart, He allows Me to pour one more Grace over more children of Mine who for so long have suffered without any possibility of relief.

During the three next weeks in which My missionaries will walk along with Me through these lands of sorrow and without peace, I beg you that we may keep each time more united with one another so that with the most pure love that emanates from the Sacred Hearts we may be able to elevate the African consciousness to the Celestial Kingdom and thus liberate this planet from this debt that humanity has with the Universe before the Great Divine Justice arrives.

Be attentive, children, to what I say to you.  Be aware of the time in which you live in, of which you must make good use in order to collaborate through prayer and through charity with this Plan of Rescue that the Most Sacred Hearts of Joseph and of Mary carry forward along with the Redeemer, Christ Jesus.

Today I infinitely thank all of the Children of Mary, those who make an effort to accompany Me in My flight of light throughout the Earth.

Do not forget that I always count on you.

I love you and I protect you under My mantle of love and light.

I thank you for being with Me today.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace