Friday, July 5 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will come as the Light of dawn to awaken the last ones, who are still asleep.

I will come as the Light of dawn to announce the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

I will come as the Light of dawn to dispel the darkness of the world.

I will come as the Light of dawn to open the last portals of redemption, and so that souls may surrender to the Love of God.

I will come as the Light of dawn to finish purifying the planet and give the last opportunity to those who are already condemned, so that, by means of My Mercy, as many hearts as possible may attain the awaited time of conversion.

In the Light of dawn, I will bring the renewal of the planet and of humanity, and I will not leave anyone without receiving what they need, because this is the reason for My Return to the world and, for this reason, we are all working together, for as many souls as possible to receive the Grace of the Light of dawn.

Because I Am the Sun of Grace and My Rays are endless, My Grace is infinite for the one who prostrates before it. In this way, they are blessed and consecrated, because when My Grace touches their life, everything is transformed, even if they continue to live this time of purification.

Therefore, you must trust in the Grace that pours out through My Heart and My Life. It is a Grace that comes to vivify hearts and souls so that they no longer feel lonely, but rather that souls may feel accompanied by My Love, which is the sustenance of all spiritual edification, which is the strength of all trials. Because My Love is the power of renewal, My Love is the Light that dispels the darkness, within and outside of beings.

On this last and third day of prayers and supplications to Divine Mercy, I come to consummate this moment through your souls, sealing a time and sealing a cycle, and preparing your hearts and the hearts of your brothers and sisters for the awaited moment of the month of August, when, within each one of you, you must contemplate and recognize the fruits that have manifested after all that you have been able to sow through your actions and merciful works.

This will also renew the Earth. This will also purify humanity. If there are souls who live in My Mercy, Mercy will be able to reach all, without exception.

Be forerunners of this Work perpetually. Although your Master and Lord begins to close His cycle with you and the world, in your own flesh you will have to live the Instruction, in your own lives you will have to live the Word of the Hierarchy and be consistent with the Grace that you have received throughout the times, even at such a chaotic and difficult moment.

When the Grace of My Heart touches the Earth, when the Rays of My Heart touch the souls, all can be renewed and, from this moment, souls have the Grace of beginning a new cycle.

Feel My Words as if they were already the last ones, receive My vibrations as part of the fire of the Holy Spirit, and feel yourselves anointed by the Lord under the luminous Sign of the Cross. Thus, I hope you can continue to be brave, I hope you can continue to build the Plan on Earth, preparing the spiritual and fiery foundations of the Return of the Lord.

This is why I have brought you here, to the sacred and humble woods of Aljustrel, so that souls may remember that here there is peace, which is  perpetuated in the inner worlds and in souls, so that souls may remember that here there is a portal that contacts them with the angelic universe, where your guardian angels dwell and participate in the Will of the Lord, a Will that must be fulfilled in each one of the souls, Will that must rise through each heart.

In the last three days, I have been with you, and I hope that you will be with Me until the end of the times, just as I promised to you to be present every day until the end of times.

My unfathomable Presence is in the Eucharist and is in the hearts that adore Me and who love Me through the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar and, above all, I Am present in the heart that unites to Me and allows itself to the transformed by Me completely, surrendering their life, entrusting their life into the Hands of God.

Through this holy place, may the purity of Lys emerge, so that more souls in the world may receive it today, and be protected from temptation and perdition.

And just as I told you yesterday, may your souls be a definitive temple for God, where His most secret and unknown treasures may be kept through a life of consecration and sanctity, which you will achieve through daily service and the absolute giving of your hearts. There is no other way to achieve the Aspirations of God.

The Lord of the Universe gathers you, through the Presence of His Son, to encourage you to continue forward in the faith and confidence that all that you live and all that you learn has a reason, unknown to you. The reason that you may learn to love, just as I learned to love in this world and for all of humanity.

May the time of the apostolate be fulfilled and may the apostles of the end times decide to live this mission, because the Love of My Heart, My Love for souls, must reach everyone, everyone.

In the presence of the purity and innocence of the Kingdom of Lys, and of the sacred source of the feminine energy, may you and your brothers and sisters of the world be blessed, so that you may take firm and decided steps towards Me, even crossing the narrow door so that consciousnesses may be elevated through the higher impulse of Love and Wisdom.

Thus, receive My blessing so that your lives may be blessed, your families may be blessed, all of humanity may be blessed and may definitively decide to attain peace, and that so much destruction, pain and suffering in the world may end.

This Civilization of the Earth was created and manifested with a goal that has not yet been fulfilled. Therefore, this is the reason for the Lord to have incarnated among you to show you the way, the sacred path of consecration and so that My Truth may liberate you forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.