In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Many of My apostles are coming to a moment that I already lived for you, a long time ago.

So that you may understand Me, so that you can feel Me, so that you can internalize each one of My Words, I will tell you a part of My story, a story that was not written in the Bible, not in any sacred book.

This story is similar to what you are living at this moment, not only for the planetary transition, not only for what humanity is going through, but also for what each one of you must give Me, because the time has come for the maturity of My apostles.

When I turned twenty-one years old, thirteen years before the great surrender of your Master and Lord, I made a very important journey to the Far East.

These events were registered in some of the Gospels which were removed so that humanity could not know of them.

But, today, I come to tell you what your Master and Lord lived when He was twenty-one, while, still being very young, He began to prepare to drink from the Chalice which, later on, the Eternal Father would one day offer Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In this journey, I had to learn, as a man, but also as a Consciousness, to assume the overcoming of the human condition, a condition that was dragging the human race to perdition. I speak to you of a long, very long time ago.

That very important journey was retribution that My Heart carried out to those called “Kings of the Desert”, who arrived from very far-away lands to recognize the Birth of the Messiah, in the city of Bethlehem.

Thus, you will understand how the trajectory of your lives is drawn by the Will of God and, when souls do not live the Will of My Father, they only suffer and suffer.

At that time, while I was twenty-one, under the spiritual company of My Celestial Mother and the inner help of the first Essenes who accompanied Me in the inner planes for this Mission, your Master and Lord first arrived in the Arabian countries, and, before the great Imans of that time, the Son of God was not externally recognized, He was recognized internally, just from having passed through that place.

On that occasion, while I was visiting the Arabian peoples, My Father made known to Me the most important task that He Himself carried out throughout times, in the origins of these peoples and of these religions, not only by revealing His Sacred Names, which were pronounced and invoked, but He also made known to Me the Sacred Geometry of His Divine Project for the first peoples that populated this planet.

There, I was able to come to know the mystery of the Wisdom of God, which He sowed and placed in the oldest peoples of the planet.

Having received this instruction, which was preparatory for the moment of My great surrender, your Master and Lord, while He was twenty-one, continued His journey towards India, and, on that occasion, it was to remember and harvest the fruits of this experience that the Father once carried out within My Consciousness, with a different face and other garments.

It was at that moment that your Master and Lord received the revelation of the mystery of God's Compassion, and, before the ancient kings of India, I was able to understand, at the age of twenty-one, why, in this world, and up to the present days, there is suffering, and how the essence of Divine Compassion can not only liberate souls from suffering, but can also absorb them, transforming the whole human conditions and all limitations through the mere fact of loving.

If in India I had not had this experience, I believe I would not have had the strength to drink from the Chalice in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This experience and this mission concluded in Egypt, in the lands of the great patriarch, Moses, one of the successors of the Ark of the Holy Covenant. There, My preparatory experience was completed so that, on returning to the Holy Land in the following years, My Heart might be ready to live what I came to live for you.

In the lands of Moses, in the region of Mount Sinai, the Father made me know, even more, the immensity of His Mercy, the infinity of His Pity for this project of the planet, for human redemption, for all the generations that would come after Me, up to the current times.

In this sacred place of Mount Sinai, your Master and Lord was able to know hermitic life, because, in the absolute desert, that is where we only find God so that He may quench our thirst, so that He may console us, so that He may strengthen and renew us.

In that sacred place of Mount Sinai, I was able to witness, with My inner sight, the sacred treasures of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the universe and all that would happen in the coming times with the future generations, which would have the Grace of awakening to the Cosmic Consciousness and of knowing that life, on this planet, is vaster and more infinite than it seems, that the future generations could know that life does not end here, and that true life is found in the stars, in the suns and in the constellations.

When I returned to the Holy Land, after traveling for three months, My Mother was waiting for Me in Nazareth. There, She had also had the same experience, in her state of contemplation and devotion, accompanying each step of the Son of God, because She knew that this mission that I lived at the age of twenty-one was not only an initiation, but also a preparation for what would later come.

Why do you believe I am telling you all this today?

My aim is not so that you may have more knowledge, but so that you may grow in love, in the mature love that surrenders, the love that renews you, that leads you to risk, more each day, to have greater experiences of love for Me, regardless of what it means or represents.

Many of you, from the spiritual point of view, are now at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, and here, companions, it has nothing to do either with the evolutionary age or with the material age.

Many are now living the twenty-first year of their evolution, and are before the threshold, before the opportunity of taking a great step, a firmer and more secure step, a step toward maturity and toward responsibility.

This maturity and this responsibility will allow you to understand, in this critical time, that you can no longer be put first in everything, but rather that everything else, which is more necessary and urgent than yourselves, must be first in your lives, so that you may assume spiritual and material maturity, so that the Celestial Father may give you greater responsibilities and greater tasks.

Many of you might believe that you are not ready for this. But remember that which I recently told you, that the axis of the planet is being held by a very thin thread of Light, this thread of Light must be strengthened, so that it never breaks, so that more events do not develop in humanity and on the planet.

At this moment, humanity has no justification before God. It is the love and responsibility of My apostles, it is the maturity and consciousness of My companions that will generate true justification before God, so that Mercy may descend and Divine Justice may be deterred.

I know that, through these Words and this Message, I place your inner worlds under ardent pressure. But know that My duty is to tell you the truth and open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, but also to open your hearts so that they do not crystalize, so that they do not harden, so that they never lose their sensitivity in the face of the reality of these times.

As it was two-thousand years ago, this story repeats itself in the present, and, with a few, I will do all that I must do.  This is the time of My apostles, of the mature and available apostles, capable of going beyond themselves, capable of renouncing, beyond themselves, capable of surrendering for Me, even more.

In this last month of the year, and before you enter a new year, you must think and reflect about these things, because you are at the moment of not only being able to remember who you were, but you are also at the moment of knowing for what you came here, and what you must still fulfill, under the guidance of the Will of My Father.

I do not come to ask you to be perfect, I come to ask you to attain perfection through surrender and service, because the one who trusts in Me has nothing to worry about, not even their own miseries.

Because I will liberate those who are truly with Me from their chains and oppressions. I will heal them with My healing Hand, and they will be forever freed from themselves; and their souls will no longer live in a spiritual prison, but, rather, as an eagle of light, their souls will fly to the high peaks of the House of the Father, to be a part of His Divine Dwellings.

This is the Message that I want to leave to all those who are faithful to the prayer of the heart, and, especially to the Meetings of the Marathon of Divine Mercy.

As from the next cycle onward, you, My companions and My friends, will be the ones who must sustain, through merciful prayer, all that will happen on the planet, because, at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, you are at the right moment to take the great step, without Me being present. But, have faith, because from a distance, from My Spiritual Government, I will be praying for you, so that you may someday be Christs.

And now, in this silence, which I invite you to internally live with Me, commune with My Words, so that your hearts may be ready for what will come.

Remember that My Mother is your Mother, and if the Son of the Mother of God surrendered what was most valuable to Him, at the foot of the Cross, where He gave His Mother, to each one of you, do you believe you can manage to do so? Do you believe that you can manage to surrender, as I surrendered?

This is all that I want to tell you today, and I thank you for having the courage, to dare to feel each one of My Words.

Let us pray, phrase by phrase.


Prayer: Christ of the Light.


May this Marathon be the great step of the apostles for the times that will come.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




My Love and respect for Egypt and its people are great, from the depths of My Heart, because it was the Egyptians who welcomed with hospitality and love the Sacred Family when they arrived in the city of Cairo.

In those times, the Sacred Family, after having escaped and exiled themselves in Egypt, was received with glory and love by all the Egyptians they met along the way, even by those who received them at that time to be able to protect the newborn Baby Jesus.

It was a request from the Highest that the Egyptians be the first guardians of Baby Jesus. The royal family of Egypt, knowing about the arrival of the Messiah, decided to help with all that was necessary.

The Sacred Family was the first refugee consciousness upon foreign lands. This was an unforgettable event because, to this day, My children of Egypt remember the passage of the Sacred Family within this place, where the spiritual and divine marks of healing, love and redemption are experienced now, by the Christian devotees of these times.

The exile of the Sacred Family in Egypt was the first step in the expansion of Christianity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Child, at the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, cry out for mercy and discernment, so that your steps may be right, and the path chosen by you always take you to the Heart of God.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, let yourself be flooded by the Humility that comes from the Heart of God.

Your Lord is already beginning to take the first steps towards the Earth and it will not be the gold of the world that will make you shine before the Eyes of God, for Him to find you. It will be the pearl revealed in your heart, when you clean and purify the mud of your miseries, that, for God will be the sign and the seal so that He may find the redeemed-on Earth.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, do not let the shame and fear of seeing yourself humiliated be greater than the Grace of achieving humility. Let yourself be stripped away of the things of the world and let them only belong to its vanities.

The day will come in which God will seek to receive from you the multiplication of the treasures given to you, but if you have not known them, how will you come to multiply them?

God did not give you the riches of the Earth, but rather the virtues hidden in the heart, sometimes even covered over by skills and good appearances, but those are really not what your Creator expects from you.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, search in your heart for the greater virtue of giving up, the treasure of faith, the richness of charity, the joy of surrender. Heaven and Earth will pass, but what God placed inside of you will multiply.

Give yourself up, as God gave Himself up, becoming a child in the arms of the Most Holy Mary,

Give yourself up, as the Creator did, escaping death and going to Egypt, in profound surrender in the hands of His Holy Children, made His Parents there.

Give yourself up, in the silence of God, denied on the Earth He had chosen to sanctify, walking towards distant peoples who would know how to listen to Him.

Give yourself up, as does God Who know how to forgive, who throws casts upon the ground the stones of the sins of men and does not throw but Forgiveness and Mercy at them.

Give yourself up, as did Christ Who – being perfect – sat at the table of sinners, and inviting them as they were, forgave them and redeemed their sins.

Give yourself up and transform the loneliness, the sacrifice and the pain of the cross into a real and perfect love, that crosses and transforms the Universes.

Give yourself up, as God gave Himself up to death, but also giving Himself up to the mystery of faith, that gives life back and resurrects with the One Who died for you, Who lives today to teach you to return to life.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, child, give yourself up and do not judge any longer, do not criticize, do not defame, do not pretend and do not sin any longer.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Los Cocos, Cordoba, to the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today, I take you all to the moment of the exile of the Sacred Family to Egypt, a moment in which the incarnated Divine Son brought to humanity of that time the faith in the one and only God. 

Through the exile of the Sacred Family to Egypt, the human consciousness learned to recognize the presence of the sacred Will of the Creator through Christ, which must be irrefutable and broadly accepted by all human beings. In this way, the human consciousness will be free of constant errors and full of the Will of God.

That was how the Divine Son, with His Presence in Egypt, brought to that time the dissolution of atheism and through christic energy, the establishment of an inner and sacramental union with the Almighty.

The presence of the Sacred Family in Egypt marked a before and an after for that ancient people, accustomed to a superficial and pagan form of belief.

The Divine Son in Egypt, even being silently small, brought to the world the possibility of understanding and living the spiritual vision in an evolutionary sense rather than that of appropriation, such as the Egyptians conceived the stars of the universe to be.

The Presence of the little Child Jesus brought order to the system of beliefs and also to the universal cosmic vision; because He, in that time, manifested the correct alignment with Laws and with Rays.

Jesus opened the source of renewal upon the planet, so that consciousnesses could be healed and given relief from their suffering.

He gathered together all the consciousnesses of various paths and placed them in the Hands of the Eternal Father, so that they could have the opportunity of feeling the Love of God and thus recover their affiliation with Creation.

The presence of the Sacred Family generated the spiritual rebirth of the origins of this Project, so that the human race of those times could recover the principles of this school of love and of forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Seventh Day of the novena

When the Angel warned Me that I should leave with the Holy Virgin and the Boy to Egypt, because people would try to kill Him in Bethlehem, in My Chaste Heart I saw everything that would come to happen. I took the Boy in my arms and placed My Holy Spouse on the mule. There We understood that Our life would be an eternal battle until the Boy could fulfill His Mission.

The Most Holy Mary was also able to see what would happen with the children in Bethlehem, She could hear the screams and tears of their mothers and could feel the pain of God in Her Pure Heart. We had to leave without looking back, trusting in the fact that we were leaving so many children for the salvation of One Child who, someday, would return their lives to them. In Our Hearts, we strengthened the faith in God and during the whole journey, we prayed for His little children and We knew that He was listening to Us.

Sometimes, children, God asks you to walk without looking back, to apparently leave alone people whom you love, who need your care, but you should know that your spiritual steps provide greater support than your presence. Physically you can protect a body and, spiritually you can save a soul, an essence, the whole evolution of a being.

For this reason, if one day God calls you to walk without looking back, do not fear to take these steps, because they will, someday, be the motive for the salvation of those who stayed behind you. For you not to fear, and to strengthen your own faith, pray to God in My Name:

just as You called Saint Joseph,
and He responded to Your Call,
call upon us and teach us not to look back;
lead us and strengthen our faith in You;
guide us so that we may know
that life in this world fades away,
but the merits of the spirit endure forever.

Children, during this transition, trust in the fact that taking spiritual steps is what matters the most because even if the world trembles and life fades away, it will be the merits generated in the purity of your hearts that will allow life to be recovered and the Earth to be rebuilt with principles of Love and Unity.

I saw the world tremble, I saw war consume the hearts of humankind. I left Mine behind to support the Boy and, one day I also left the Boy, by the Will of God, and it was from Heaven, with My Invisible Eyes placed upon the Earth, that I saw souls recover life and Love be stronger than war.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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