Tuesday, December 8 of 2015

Daily messages

Seeking the Truth must be the only existent aspiration in the heart of those who walk to God.

Look for a moment within your interior and feel the presence of the Creator in yourselves, calling you to recognize the true reason of the life manifested in the world.

Take a deep breath and feel the principle of unity in the air that fills in your body. Be for the planet as the air which gives you life, and in perfect unity with you, nurture each space of your being, balance it and take it to perfection.

Be for the planet as the air you breathe in the field. Allow that, in your presence, the consciousness of this Earth takes a deep breath, alleviated to find something pure and clean.

You are a bridge between Heaven and Earth; that is why you exist as a human, to generate balance and to attract the unity with God.

Be as the fresh breeze in a very warm and sunny day. With your prayers and with your unity with God, you bring not only life to Earth, but also encouragement, relief and peace.

Go to a field and, in silence, close your eyes and feel nature, breathe deeply the air that surrounds you, let your soul be joyful when listening to the praise of a bird. Feel relieved from the pressure of life on Earth: see how, before Nature, your soul finds meaning for the existence in the world. You must be like this for the planet. That in your prayers it may find relief; that in your unity with your neighbor it may find hope; that in your communion with the Kingdoms it may find peace. That in your consciousness of the existence of a higher spirit that shelters you, giving life to your planet, this spirit may find the reason for its existence and the faith in the achievement of its mission.

Perceive with the heart that this world has a spirit, a spirit that suffers with the wars and that animates itself in fraternity. A spirit that is wounded by the depredation and restored by the brotherhood among the Kingdoms.

Feel yourselves as part of this consciousness. You can be an ill cell, that generates a cancer in the world, or you can be a miraculous cell, which converts others and brings, thus, healing for the planetary body.

Become conscious of Life. Be part of a Whole and dissolve such beloved individuality of the human consciousness. Be one with your neighbor, with the Kingdoms, with God. Bring the Celestial Kingdom as a living principle in your interior.

Cast away what is old and be yourselves the fruitful principle of the new world, of the new redeemed Earth.

May peace and hope be a reality in the human heart and may they impel humanity to the renovation of life and of spirit.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph