Thursday, January 10 of 2019

Daily messages

The Heart of God is fulfilled within the praying souls that, with their simplicity, strive to fulfill His Plan.

The Heart of God is renewed in hope, through the hearts that cry out for the world and that, despite their imperfections and difficulties, aspire to live love and brotherhood.

The Heart of God opens the Source of Mercy for the Earth, in times of Justice, when it finds sincerity in the inner worlds and truth within the clamor of beings.

The power of prayer and of the effort to live a fraternal evolutionary life is still unknown by humanity. But today, I tell you, children, that it is because of these simple things that the world continues to exist, and that the project of life on Earth continues to be a hope for the evolution and growth, for all universal life.

Therefore, when you have no strength to pray or when you are unstimulated to do good and love your brothers as they are, remember the Father who is in the center of the universe, as well as in the center of your hearts, waiting for a response from your beings, however small.

Remember that every effort, however small and imperfect, pleases the Heart of God and renews It. As much as you cannot be and do what you wanted and thought, at least try, every day, because it is the effort that makes you worthy of a new opportunity. 

It is the effort which makes the Mercy continue to be poured upon the world. It is the effort that transforms the life on Earth. Here your efforts help to rescue the souls that are in the most lost and forgotten places of this world.

I know that it is difficult to trust in the invisible, but that is the mystery of the faith for which you are called to live in this time. Experience, within yourself, the certainty that God observes and accompanies you and that whatever you do, in the name of a new life and of a new Earth, renews the hope for all of Creation.

In the Cosmos, far beyond the Earth, there exists entire civilizations,  as many as the infinite stars that you see in the sky at night, waiting for Love to be renewed in the hearts.

Love, children, is not born alone; it emerges from the effort, it sprouts from the sacrifice, it lives through the heart that is willing to have faith and live under the principle of faith every day.

With this I renew you and I thank you for persevering, responding to the call of God.

The day will come when you will see, upon the Tree of Life, the fruits of the Christic Love which today germinates in your hearts.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph