Friday, June 15 of 2018

Weekly messages

Enter and dive into the deepest abysm of the Mercy of Your Lord.

Let yourself be flooded by an unfathomable mystery that is beyond Grace, and often beyond Divine Justice.

Allow your being to discover the Infinite Love of God that is hidden in the depths of His Mercy, and bathed in this healing balm, restore in you and in the world the most painful wounds, and the apparently indelible marks of human consciousness.

Where it is most needed, there is the abyss of the Mercy of Christ, as an inexhaustible Source and a divine answer to all the clamor emitted with the heart.

Come and give your "yes" in the name of humanity, so that this Source may surge and overflow upon the world to heal it and restore it in its most intimate spirit.

Pray and cry out in the name of humanity, asking the Father for His luminous abyss of Mercy to be revealed to the world so that humankind may know not only the God of Justice, but also the God of Mercy.

Discover that every sin can be healed and every debt is justified by the Blood and by the Water that, poured out from the Body of Christ, made the Source of infinite Mercy for the world be born.

Before true repentance and surrender proclaimed with the heart, all souls can become worthy to drink from the Source of Divine Mercy.

Therefore, child, go, and, at the Feet of God, pray for an opportunity and repent from the heart.

If your sins seem small to you or if you are not aware of your debts to God, cry out anyway; ask the Father to replace the dark abyss of your miseries with the deep and luminous abysm of Divine Mercy and never tire of crying out, not only for your salvation, but for the salvation of the whole world.

Mercy is the answer to souls who have lost hope and, if they are ignorant before this Grace, cry out yourself for them so that they receive an opportunity to raise their eyes to God and realize that He has always been there with His Arms open, flowing from His Chest an eternal stream of Mercy, which many cannot see.

Allow your heart to know the Divine Source of Mercy and let your soul awaken the devotion, the love and the faith that make it a bearer of this Mercy for the world.

Love to know Divine Mercy; love to be an intercessor between God and the lost souls that do not know and do not seek His Mercy.

Just think that while you try, while so many souls are lost, the Source of Mercy overflows in the world like a river that passes before someone who is thirsty and cannot see. And you, child, can be the finger that points to the waters and, through your sincere prayers, in the levels of the spirit, obtain merits so that those who are most in need may reach Mercy.

Understand this mystery and, before a world full of sins and perdition, love to be a bearer of Divine Mercy and, even if it is in solitude with God or in your most silent actions, cry out for Mercy and be Mercy for the world.

The Divine Messengers arrive to Poland not only to heal the deep wounds of a suffering nation, but above all, to renew the commitment of humanity with Divine Mercy and to teach souls to be instruments of Divine Mercy for the world.

Embrace with the heart this Mission that God gives you and wherever you are, be a bearer of the Mercy of Christ.

Your Father and Friend,

 The Most Chaste Saint Joseph