Sunday, August 30 of 2015

Daily messages

In the essence of human beings are found all the potentials to be developed in the awakening of love and fraternity.  The essence is the tabernacle of one of the greatest mysteries of the Universal Creation because there, is what God created of the most perfect, to be developed and manifested in favor of the evolution of all creatures, much beyond this world.

This treasure that inhabits inside of each one of you is silent and humble and it will never show itself if you do not leave in search for it.

All you need in order to express with perfection what you truly are is found inside each one of you.  What happens is that you are always very busy in showing to the world something you are not and that you place all your effort in not moving, not even a little, from this position, in order to not lose the appearances that you have already achieved, the respect you have gained and the example you have became in their lives.

Each time you try to appear to be something in order to delight others, more you distance yourselves from what you are in essence, because the more you achieve good appearances, the more you lose interest to seek what you must be and that is found in the opposite of what the human being learned to manifest.

Do not be afraid of not being recognized, because the less recognition and more anonymity, the more freedom you will have to distance yourselves from the old humanity and dive into your own inner world, seeking for the essential truths of the existence of humanity.

The human beings are entangled in their own traps and travel leagues away, seeking a truth that lies in their own interior, only for the fear of finding themselves alone with their own selves.

Dear companions, God allowed Me to bring to the world great truths with simple words and lead you to humility without hurting your hearts.  You just need to penetrate deeply into the love that I deposit in each phrase and let yourselves be permeated in the discovery of the inner world that I am revealing to you.

With love and patience, take each impulse and try to live something different each day, even if you never come to realize the results of your own transformation.

I love you and leave you My blessing, My peace and My serenity, so that you may progress in the discovery of your own inner truth.

Saint Joseph, Father and Instructor of all souls that walk towards the Heart of Christ