Sunday, January 8 of 2017

Daily messages

When souls sleep the sleep of this world, their eyes close to all Truth and their spirits become susceptible to all the influences of illusion and of planetary chaos. Because of this, today My hands are raised up before My children to remove from their eyes the blindfolds that cause them to fall into a deep and permanent sleep.

I come to remove you from the inertia and the indifference that a life of amenities causes you to live, oftentimes without perceiving this.

I come to remove you from the vanity and the pride that make you always desire more in the world of matter, placing the goals of your lives in a material conquest, in pleasure, and in human power.

My children, those of you who live here were attracted to this nation to heal something deeply rooted in the consciousness of the country; to bring from the peoples that are more open to God in a heart-felt manner, the fervor, the devotion and the simplicity that keep you within divine purpose.

And those who were born here in these times have the mission of overcoming the false tendencies to which the enemy calls you, to then reestablish the divine purpose here in this nation, which must become a model of conversion, and not of decadence, for humanity.

The Divine Messengers have come here, beloved children, to warn you that the moment to wake up has come, because all false strongholds will collapse, and the foundations of illusion will be broken by the Power of Divine Justice. If the inner temple is not built and supported by faith, you will fall like all the weak in spirit, and you will have no way of rebuilding your own life in this world.

This country, children, has chosen to live the test that will show it, in the face of God, that without power and without possessions, it is nothing.

Souls are confused and their values are inverted. The search that they have come to live in this world is not that of material conquest; it was not an experience of pleasure and of power, children, that you have come to live here.

If you spend all of your lives struggling against Divine Will for yourselves, only attentive to the illusions of this world, what will you take from here? What experience of unconditional and Christic love have you lived? What have you imitated from the example of Christ? How did you experience the Divine Presence? Did you give anything of yourselves to others? Or did you just conquer for yourselves something that will be buried with your ignorance, in this world?

My children, humanity is not perceiving the urgency of these times, and it is very far from true divine purpose. You are not interested in true love; You are not interested in giving of yourselves to others, but rather just demanding of your brothers and sisters that which brings you outer power and goods. It does not matter to you if your own benefit results in the suffering of many of your brothers and sisters in the world. It does not matter to you that your comfortable life is the result of an age-old imbalance, which enriches a few and impoverishes many of My children, who suffer in matter and in spirit due to those imbalances.

Children, I would like to have you at least reflect on the meaning of your lives; that you at least question yourselves on why and for what you are in this world; on what you are building in it and in yourselves with everything that you live? On what fills your souls each day? And on how you contribute to the evolution of humanity?

I come to invite you to the simple exercise of prayer, not only for yourselves, but for the whole planet. I come to invite you to have a consciousness that encompasses Life, the Kingdoms of Nature and your most distant brothers and sisters, and, you may feel that you are not alone, and that there are many in the world who suffer and need your help. In this way, you may live to bring balance to what you have so far generated as humanity, and you renounce the poor pleasure and constant distraction so that those who suffer may receive relief and hope from God.

I invite you, children, to have a divine purpose in life, and not a material one. Understand that this world is just the beginning, it is a temporary school which defines the evolution of souls. Here you must learn to and to serve, to renounce and to be a conscious part of the Divine Plan.

I look at this country and I find many of My children are distracted. Those who committed themselves to Christ in the beginning have forgotten that it is through renunciation and through sacrifice that God is reached. They have forgotten that it is by giving to one’s fellow beings that one receives from the Father what is needed. They have forgotten that it is through emptying oneself that one learns to love; that it is through accepting differences that it is possible to be transformed.

My children, I am here to remind you that this is the last time for Graces; that this is the time for the awakening of faith, because only in faith will your strength reside.

I humbly ask you to open your eyes, that you pray, that you serve and that you definitely wake up, because the test of this nation is imminent, it is right before you.

Those who know they respond to God do not need to fear, and those who are far from Him simply need to wake up.

I warn you, I show you the path, and I give you My blessings and Graces, so that you may walk. Take your steps.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace