Monday, May 9 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear child,

Trust in everything you have accomplished through service to God and hold on to that Purpose. Look with attention at the treasures the Father has given you, and contemplate them in union and gratitude.

Rise up from where you have always fallen and look for the light of My Heart. Today come into in My arms and remain, just as Jesus remained, so that I might bring you to sleep in the peace of My lap. Have patience in learning to tolerate what the heart of humankind does not wish to transform.

Feel the caress of My hands of light, those which erase the memory of suffering and of the tests that My children of today experience. Remain motionless in My arms and surrender with confidence to what I hope to do in your life.

Ask for forgiveness, and in true repentance, feel how the Love of the infinite reopens the doors for you. It no longer matters how many times you have fallen to the ground of the human condition; now what matters is that you look towards Heaven and say: ¨Help me, Lord”, and help will be given you.

God loves you from the moment in which He thought of creating you, and He also loves beyond the miseries of humankind, because what will triumph in this mortal life is the soul, which will become eternal, pure, and free of all error.

The path of transformation is painful when the soul walks towards detachment from its acts, habits, and customs. When the terrestrial life passes through the spiritual storm, aid, assistance, and Grace will reach the heart that repents and asks for intercession. How do you think those who were more holy freed themselves of themselves forever?

The school of love in this world is for the brave and for those determined to know the Love of God, cost what it may. Because of that, to reach the beginning of true love requires knowing oneself as one really is, and to work every day to surmount to the sanctity of the spirit.

My Heart is the offertory for sacrifice and tests. Through My Heart everything is healed, is redeemed, and is elevated to the Celestial Kingdom.

My Heart, which gives of Itself all the time, understands and loves all souls; those who struggle to transform into a spiritual model of conversion for the world will know My Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who motivates you to sanctity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace