From the Heart of God, My Voice comes to the Earth of Love and Forgiveness, the sidereal school which will be the one to convert this and other Universes into a New Creation, in which the Race of Christs will flourish.

And it will be from here, from this tiny crib called Aurora, that these Christs will be born for the whole Universe.

I know that you do not understand My words, but you will soon see, My children, with the passage of time, how this humanity will give birth to the Christs of the New Time, who will impel in the Universe the changes that will give another direction to the Creation.

Today I descend as the Divine Conception of the Trinity to bring again the healing for humanity and for all of you, faithful and fraternal Children of God. I bring from the Source of Healing of the Creation this attribute that the Father wanted to place in this small place so that from here it could liberate, transmute and heal the world.

However, humanity has not understood the greatness of the Creator, although more than two thousand years ago He was placed, inside of a poor crib in Bethlehem, His own manifestation of Love through His First-Born Son.

Although more than two thousand years have passed, humanity still does not accept that, in His Infinite Humility, the Father places His Grand Will in the most sacrificed, in the poorest, in those who struggle the most every day to live true love and to honor the Truth every day.

For this reason, Aurora prepares itself like the crib of Bethlehem to give birth to the New Christs so that God can again express His Perfect Will in the small and humble.

Today the Aurora of My Heart beams in Love and Grace, placing its children in its cradle of love, of forgiveness, and of healing; today, the Aurora of My Heart offers healing and liberation to the spirits that come to offer their lives to Christ in order to be able to accompany Him in His Return.

Today, from here, I bless My crib of the end of times to all those who come with the heart in their hand and offer it to My Son and also to God so that His Divine Plan may be fulfilled.

Today, from this Aurora of My Heart, I send to all of My children in the world, to all those who are always in offering to My Son, the healing of pain and of errors, so that they can go ahead complying with their part in this Divine Miracle which is preparing the path of return of the Savior, Christ Jesus.

Today the Aurora of My Heart beams in the essences of the merciful, of the meek and the humble, of those who know sacrifice and temperance, of those who live in truth what My Son taught in simplicity.

Today I ask the Father, from My Heart of Celestial Mother, from this House of Love, that temperance, strength, and faith descend upon this place and on these hearts so that in this time, in which the presence of My Son will be in Aurora, this place may be blessed by these attributes that will consolidate the inner walls, which will sustain them during the time to come.

I love you; live in peace, the honor of serving God.

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Mother of Aurora


Before the existence of this Solar System and the group known as the Nine Galaxies, which make up the grouping of a universe of lives, God, as Creator and grand expression of Love-Wisdom, deeply wished that some of His Children, the Creators of the Material Universe, also called Archangels, the great Co-Creators of this life system, would offer each of the Nine Galaxies the opportunity to experience evolution by means of “self-knowledge” and the so-called “degrees of love”.

It was in this way that these great Co-Creator beings carried forward all the universal projects received by them as subtle spiritual impulses of light, and then offered to the created systems, known as “Milky Way”, the opportunity of deepening in “spiritual knowledge” and in the “degrees of love”.

All this happened before the fall of the adversary.

In this time, in all the Universes, the first one thousand years of peace were lived, a period in which the development of life, the inner schools of learnings and, above all, the awakening of the different "degrees of love", granted this Local Universe, in which this Solar System exists, including Earth, the opportunity that on a planet of very high spiritual characteristics, like the Earth, one of the twelve most important Projects of God's Love could be carried forward.

For this reason, the planet Earth went through different cycles. The seas, which used to be acidic, became alkaline so that they later might become containers of mineral and crystalline components, living as a high degree of oxygenation.

The continents, which used to be desert and cold, experienced a biological re-adaptation to later become seedbeds of new species. 

In this way, planet Earth, and all of its atmosphere, converted into a great womb of light, to finally gestate the consciousness of humanity, which was later known as Adam and Eve.

In this first experience of love, the Heavenly Father internally aspired that this Project, so yearned for by His Heart, would allow to correct and recreate Creation so that increasingly higher degrees of love may be lived.

Some time later the Universe began to live the first failures in evolution due to the very intense fall of the disobedient angel.

From there, the whole Universe, a place where peace, good and harmony were lived, became the sudden scenario of the first steps of duality, a current contrary to the principle of the Maximum Will; a duality that would begin to place at stake the freedom that had been granted to all creatures, with the aim that they might learn to love, just as the Heavenly Father loves them.

The planet Earth was one of the last places in which this spiritual current of duality descended to test, through Adam and Eve, the Project of a humanity essentially united to the Kingdom of God.

For various inexplicable temptations, the Project was being altered and changed, as the contrary spiritual currents gradually broke the scenery of the so-called “Eden”.

Why did the Heavenly Father allow this?

In a mysterious sense, Adam would have had the opportunity of taking his first step in the evolution of the degrees of love and of the awakening of consciousness, if he had been unconditionally obedient to God.

As for her, Eve, would have had the possibility of being the promising consciousness that would experience the Feminine Aspect of God by means of the spirit of Motherhood, a state that would concede the pure birth of the following creatures that would come after her.

At that moment, the Earth, as the first human experience, underwent its first and great test, which, had it been victoriously faced by Adam and Eve, as representatives of humanity of that time, would have allowed this race to attain a degree of love similar to that of Jesus.

This is the reason why God Himself, present in the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, that is, in the Son, decided to incarnate on Earth, after so much time, to give Himself to His Children in Love and Wisdom and to teach all about Truth.

It was during the preparatory time for the incarnation of Jesus that the Father extracted, from one of His purest Founts of the Spiritual Universe, one of His most elevated and pure Aspects, which was the spiritual basis for the Divine Conception of whom later would be known on Earth as Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Thus, the Archangels, at the request of God, were the ones who prepared this scenery for the coming of the Messiah, That One Who, having given testimony of love and of life, would demonstrate, in his maximum humility, how duality could be overcome so that every living being on Earth may finally learn to fulfill the Will that brought it to the world and to transit the school of forgiveness and redemption, inner paths that will one day again place the human consciousness where it once had been before making the mistakes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira - "Devotion"

"Devotion" is a song of Figueira that implores for and invokes the cosmic Mercy and a universal grace, permeated by the one and absolute Divine Creator Spirit.

"Devotion" is a call, a request of the innermost and deepest worlds of the soul of one who, in surrender and resignation, offers themselves to the Creator to be transformed, redeemed, and blessed by the Higher Law of Love.

The song "Devotion" presents itself to us as the key to access the Gifts that Christ offers, as is the spiritual Water, one of the millenary nourishments of Creation that sanctifies and quenches the thirst of humankind.

Through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, we find Christ as the principal saving model for humanity and the planet; we find Him in the inner world of each being, as the universal Redeemer and Intercessor between humanity and God.

For this reason, Christ is presented in the song "Devotion" in His true Aspect, something yet not recognized by His Church on Earth, but testified to in the different Gospels, and just like the Transfiguration of Jesus, a mystery yet to be revealed.

In this sense, the song makes an appeal for the life of the surface to be corrected from the deviation that it has lived, time and again, due to ignorance, pride, and human power.

In this way, the song invites the devotee of Christ to drink of the true and pure Fount that the Master offers to all beings, so that each soul may be completely satiated by the Redeeming Love that the Divine Person of Christ, in fusion with His Divinity, offers in this song.

The Water He offers not only purifies and cleanses, but also redeems and uplifts the consciousness in state and in plane in order to find the spiritual meaning of its existence.

Thus, the Master appeals to everyone to love one another as brothers and sisters so that there are no confrontations and struggles between beings and peoples.

In the song "Devotion," it is prophesied, in simple words, the importance that love prevails, in order to dissolve conflicts and, later on, wars.

After thirty years of the creation of these songs and poems of devotion to the Hierarchy, a warning is revealed, especially in this song "Devotion,"  to prevent human catastrophes.

And, in truth, the opposite took place because the human being allowed themselves to be defeated by the power and the arrogance to conquer the world, forgetting the rules of love and allowing themselves to be submerged in error.

Renewing the appeal of this sacred prophecy, expressed in this song, the last Christs will be those who will place human life again on the right pathway, a life that has been perverted, separating itself from the true reason of its existence.

The last Christs will be those who will give their lives for the rest.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Fraternity of Light - Part I 

A congregation of serving souls, willing and surrendered to carry out the Will of Christ. 

They lead a life of selfless service for the planet, for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature. 

They work tirelessly to please God and to relieve His Heart. 

They seek the common good, the social and spiritual good among beings. 

They do not flaunt any prestige and aspire to be able to remain always in the last place. 

They wait ardently for the second coming of their great and only Master. 

Their feet are placed on a single boat. 

Their aspirations and their lives of service are on one path. 

They accept everyone, just as their Master accepts them, for love of humanity. 

They wish peace for all and live it in an unchangeable way. 

They find the meaning of their lives in the Divine Person of the Lord. 

They try, by all means, to multiply Mercy through their good works, their charity and their service. 

They unify their consciousnesses by following the Principles of the Hierarchy. This makes them participants in the communion with Divine Will. 

They accept, beyond everything, the cycles of changes. 

They do not fear their own purification. 

Their fidelity to the Work of God lies in transparency and in the truthfulness of their acts. 

They do not lie, do not manipulate any situation and do not modify forms for their own convenience. 

They assume, beyond everything, the Rules of the Brotherhood and they protect them, first, from themselves. 

They appeal for equality. 

They rejoice for the triumph and for the transformation of their fellow being. 

They take the risk every day in being more consequent with the Plan of God. 

They do not let themselves become influenced, neither by external nor human realities. 

They believe, above all, in the miracles of love and in the wonders of redemption. 

They build the Plan of God based on their own efforts. 

They sustain the current of Grace through their prayers and songs. 

They try, every day, to be a light for the world, relief for those who suffer, healing for those who are wounded. 

They share the planetary and human suffering. They seek to relieve it and repair it through their spirit of unconditionality. 

They feel this Fraternity of Light within themselves. 

They believe in the power of changes, in the construction and in the elevation of ideas, in the deep feeling of Sacred Unity. 

They do not know how to say "no", they have only learned to say "yes" and they vivify it in every moment. 

They are rescued warriors, redeemed mirrors, commanders liberated from ancient oppressions. They are integrated in the name of love and faith.

They only find Light in Christ’s Gaze of Love. 

They are the members of the Light-Network, those who form this Fraternity, those who accept the new cycle, those who no longer let themselves be influenced by the past, those who have overcome the tempest, those who do not change their minds out of convenience, those who aspire to be faithful to Christ, those who are conscious about the reason for their commitment, those who protect the Work from themselves, those who accept transformation, those who truly love the Instruction and those who wait for a better time. 

And those who do the impossible to live what they say, respecting and loving the place, the mission and the path to Christ, which they have chosen. 

This is the new Light-Network, which, based on the old patterns, today lives the necessary patterns, adapted to the needs of the end of times. 

The Light-Network is the Fraternity of Light because it is in communion with the Hierarchy, and all who enter into this Fraternity are determined to follow one path, a single Master; the Christ, so as to fulfill the Plan truly and without oscillations. 

May the Fraternity of Light be the new Light-Network, that launches its networks of love into the world in order to embrace humanity and relieve it from its suffering, and from its agony. 

May the Fraternity of Light be made of the faithful and true commitment of each member of the Light-Network, with the Hierarchy. 

I thank you for responding to My call! 

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 

Monthly Messages

First Message

My Silence speaks about the truth of these times.

My Silence reminds you of the moment of My passage in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the most hard hour of the Agony; a moment in which God revealed the truth to Me and made me know it deeply, so that not only My Heart could be prepared, but also so that My Spirit could be prepared for the times that would come after My Ascension to the Heavens.

We are in the hour of this great truth.

We are before the revelation of this crucial moment that comes to the world in order to show its reality, and thus step out of blindness.

Today, your Master and Lord carries the ingratitude of the world and all offenses that the hearts commit in these times, in their profound ignorance.

It is an inexplicable feeling, it is an inextinguishable sensation, it is a very great pain to bare and, above all, to carry within My Heart.

Thus, I come to ask the world, and those who believe in Me, for the reparative adoration for five minutes, so that the Heart of the Lord may be consoled of the offenses it received and the ingratitude it felt from all those who once were by My side, but that the deceiver of the world separated from Me, for different reasons.

This is not the message I would bring you today, for your knowledge and instruction, but the Savior of humankind must reach the end, the last soul, the last corner of the world, to give help to those who need it the most, especially those who live in their ignorance or in their indifference.

In the reparative adoration of five minutes you will be able to console your Master and Lord of so many feelings and offensive attitudes that the souls of the Earth send to Me, along different paths and through different actions.

Here is the Heart, that still suffers for the world and for those who turn their backs to the Redeemer of the Universe, ceasing to correspond to Him how He needs, how He has thought and how the Celestial Father has proposed.

But let those who continue with Me not fear; repair the sorrowful Heart of the Most Beloved Lord, so that the seven main feelings that offend God may be transmuted and repaired by the merciful power of My Heart and by the adoration that souls offer to Me, for just five minutes.

Thus, you will repair the Heart of the Son and, as a result, you will repair the Heart of the Father.

You will repair the Heart of Christ for the feelings of indifference, for the feelings of ingratitude, for the feeling of denial, for the feeling of cowardice, for the feeling of negligence, for the lack of faith and, especially, for the feeling of lack of love for the Works of God, and to their fulfillment on the Earth.

For these seven feelings, you will adore the Eucharistic Heart of the Lord of the Universe and you will offer reparation, so that the souls do not keep confusing themselves.

And although the flock is agitated and the fierce wolf is stalking, the Shepherd of the Universe will not retrocede. He will not retrocede because He will come to save you, He will come to show you the path and the Light before darkness.

Companions, the time has come for definition.

The cross of this time is very heavy and who in truth is not with Me will not be able to carry it, even if they try to, even if they want to do it.

Whoever is not with Me, is not in love and might not know it.

Thus, implore to God with repentance of the heart, so that humility may be conceded to you, and your hearts may purify before the vengeance that the adversary will emit against the followers of Christ, in the end of these times.

If there is not love, nothing can be solved.

Words will not be enough. Comments and judgements of value will not be enough.

I need you to be My living example on the Earth, even if you never manage to.

You must mirror My Presence so that My Heart may be glorified in the confines of the Earth.

The moment has come to no longer deceive yourselves, and not to allow yourselves to be deceived, because many will come in My name and will affirm that others are the path, and many will believe it.

Thus, submerge in My sorrowful Heart, so that the flame of your love may console and repair it, through the adoration to My Eucharistic Heart.

The signs of the time announce great events, within and without men, within and without women of the Earth.

And there will be nothing and nobody that can detain their definition in this time, a definition that will mark the destiny of the next stage and, I might say, of the whole of your existence, until after the return of your Master and Lord to the world for the second time.

Thus, I do not talk to you of little facts or of insignificant misunderstandings, of poor adhesions or of lack of immediate unity with your brothers and sisters and fellow beings.

You are before the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

You are before a revelation that is being announced since the origins of the Earth, to the present.

Thus, I would like to know, who will drink with Me from the New Chalice that God will deliver to Me?

What will be transmuted in these times will be very different from what was transmuted in the times past, during the Presence of the Son of God on Earth.

I invite you to open the heart, even more, to hear My Words, and for them not to become transitory, neither forgotten; because My time is ending among you.

Those who cannot donate themselves totally to Me will always be in freedom, because God made you free so that you could learn to love just as He loves you, infinitely.

I am delivering the planet in your hands and in trust.

I deliver humanity to this Work; because what will come to happen in the near future will be very great and will demand responsibility and correspondence.

I do not want you to feel fear from all of this, or from all that I have told you.

I bring you the revelation of the same feeling that God placed in My Heart during My passage through the Garden of Gethsemane;  a feeling and revelation that is being fulfilled at this moment, through the responses that My followers give Me, above all, those who give up on Me and let themselves be defeated.

Be intelligent and use the power of My Heart to transform everything.

Be something more than human beings, that live and breathe on this planet, that hear or speak, that feel or think.

Be, in truth, what you have come to be and do not justify yourselves, because in this way you will never change.

My Heart can no longer receive ingratitude, because the world gives it to Me daily.

My Heart only wants to receive your love and your truth.

I come to Austria for you to understand what we are working on together and the importance that this has for God in the Universe, as on Earth.

Are your feelings and restlessness not small before the true reality of humanity, and of its self-destruction?

Grow up and you will understand the Plan; you will live it, just as I live it and you will accomplish much more than I accomplish; because I told you that you would do greater things than I did a long time ago. 

May My Words remain, and not fade away, because My Words, when I am no longer here, will be your remembrance to live redemption.

May the Lord bless you and illuminate you.

May the Lord give you His Temperance and His Meekness.

May you correspond and work in the Lord, so that the fragility of these times may be defeated by means of the strength of the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more