Monday, August 31 of 2015

Daily messages

Be grateful and become worthy of listening to the words of God through His Messengers.

In the simplicity of the heart, thank for not being submersed in the common humanity that ignores the existence of God.

While you are today before My Heart, there are many others that should be by your side, and however, ignore their own commitment to God and to His Plan.

While humanity purifies itself by suffering and by chaos, you purify yourselves by consciousness.

While the world loses itself in the technologies and in the supposed material progress, your spirits try to grow and progress in the fulfillment of a Superior Plan.

The Eyes of God are fixed on the small portion of humanity that will still have a chance to manifest His Purpose, but, for this, you must assume your own transformation with maturity and not with regret.

No longer cry nor ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you have made.  Recognize the Grace that you have received to take news steps and do not miss the opportunity of growing.

The Voice of God always pronounces Itself to lead you to evolution.   Listen with attention to the corrections of life and follow through the path pointed out by the Creator and not through your own paths.

The cure for all ills is in never losing the faith of heart and, with this unbreakable faith, taking the steps towards transformation, without lamenting it, just with profound gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to live the Will of God and to let oneself be shaped by it.  Never lose sight of it.

If you take with seriousness and maturity the goals proposed by the Lord and walk determined to them, all that happens around will accommodate itself, because the Ray of the Will of God will come in aid.

That each one take for oneself all the words that have been said to this day and walk without fear of losing oneself.

For the sake of the spiritual growth of humanity and for the awakening of all beings, I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of the Supreme God