Wednesday, October 19 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children of the city of São Paulo and of the world,

Today your Heavenly Mother, in the presence of Christ and of Saint Joseph, comes to renew Her call to the adoration of the Most Holy and Eucharistic Body of My Son, as a spiritual task for each one of you in the sustaining of the planet, and especially this city, where souls must definitively have this mission as a priority in the end of times.

My dear children, your Heavenly Mother still remains in vigil, waiting above all for those souls who have committed to collaborating in Her work in this time, and thus to be able to concretize the spiritual mission to Central America and Mexico.

Also, children, I have come on this day with the aspiration that you assume this call, not only to sustain this city of São Paulo, but also to consecrate yourselves as spiritual collaborators in the Plan that the Celestial Father is foreseeing for this time.

I would like to tell you, My beloved children, that in this hour it is necessary to cross the threshold of human inertia, of material and spiritual convenience. I wish a permanent impulse of living this call may be born in your hearts, and that in spite of it being unknown, you are able to follow it with the freedom of your souls.

Today I re-open the doors of this house of adoration with the purpose of the whole mystery of the Universe also being able to be lived through the portal of the adorers of the Most Holy and Favorite Eucharistic Body of Christ. In Him you will always find the liberation from self and from all the forces of material life.

From the portal of the adorers, you will find the strength of faith, the trust and the love that will always fulfill you.

Children, the cycle has once again changed; feel in your hearts the voice of the Handmaiden of God and of the Servant of God, Saint Joseph.

Believe always in what we tell you. We have chosen you and have called you so that you at last may be the example of the transcendence and of the love that understands all and that can do all things.

I leave you My Peace and the vows that you will in truth fulfill My call, a call for your salvation and for the peace of the planet.

I thank you for responding and for collaborating in the work of the Divine Messengers.

Who loves you above all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace