Sunday, June 29 of 2014

Monthly messages

Before the moment of the Apparition Mary manifested something important about this region.

When the Virgin was descending from Heaven, twelve doves of fire were also descending which were placed over the house forming a circle.  Each of the twelve doves was radiating a ray of different light, which manifested as rays of different colors and shades.  These rays of colors were coming from the universe and were descending directly over the twelve doves.

At this moment we perceived that it was something spiritual that was happening in our consciousnesses.

Also the Virgin Mary, through this event was gathering in the inner levels the brothers and sisters from the different groups of prayer that today could not be present here.

When Our Lady appeared above us, at first Her arms of light appeared opening themselves toward us, after appeared Her hands and while She was opening them, out came a celestial light from Her palms.  Then after appeared Her silhouette of light and in the end the Virgin Mary appeared so clear, so clear.  That which called our attention the most was the brightness of Her celestial turquoise eyes, very luminous.

She looked at us with attention, in silence, with much love of a Mother.  After the Divine Mother begin to shed Her light upon this house and She expressed joy and happiness at the same time as She was serene; it was a pleasure for Her to be here with us today.

Each time that She transmitted to us this feeling Her clothing became illuminated by a clear and transparent light.  Today She appeared dressed with a white veil - there was visible part of Her brushed hair with a part in the middle.  She had a celestial mantle, a pink tunic and a golden belt.  All of the time She had Her arms extended towards us.  Her face was light pink and Her turquoise eyes were very brilliant.


Dear children of Mine:

I come from Heaven to your encounter with the purpose that you may love much more than you have loved till now.  I come to teach you every day to walk in the faith of the heart, so that through the presence of My Son, you may be My apostles of truth, of charity and of peace.

As your Most Holy Mother, to each one of you I have given a spiritual mission – that which is seen by your Father as an inner and more intimate mission united to My Immaculate Heart.

The Lord desires from this group a fuller devotion because now this will be your gift as a group of souls; the path of your devotion to My Immaculate Heart will be that which will allow you to realize the works that I have forseen through your hearts.

My embrace of Mother and My maternal consolation accompanies you day and night.  I ask that you do not cry anymore but that your tears be of joy, of compassion and of love for all that have thirst for the true love of God.

The Father awaits from your group an ardent devotion, able to remedy the sorrows that many souls feel for the lack of love and prayer.
I teach you My dears, to walk in the truth and in the favored union with My Beloved Son.  He sent Me as a Messenger for your lives in order to remind you of the commitment that you assumed from the beginning with the Eternal Father.

For this today I come to ask of you, as a mission that you, My dears, and with the help of all the groups of prayer of Sao Paulo, raise a chapel on the top of Hill of the Apparitions – if it is possible, for the month of September.   This chapel will be dedicated in honor and thanks to the Glorified Christ ; it will especially spread the faith in the awaited return of Christ.

If you comply with this request, I promise to bless the 25th day of September of 2014, and in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I will open upon it a Fountain of Graces  and of conversion.

Every soul that approaches in pilgrimage to the chapel of the Glorified Christ on top of the Hill will be blessed in the last days of their life through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart, and on the day of the Great Judgment I will answer for them before the questions of My Son.  After many years this Marian work that I carry forward in Minas Gerais, Brazil, will triumph and those who do not believe will believe in My presence.

Whoever prays with devotion in the Sacred Chapel of Glorified Jesus will be heard just as you are heard the chants of the Holy Angels.

I will give thanks for this collaboration; always everything will be for the salvation of the Earth and of the kingdoms of nature.

I thank you from now for answering to My call!

Thanks for welcoming Me into your hearts.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace