Thursday, June 25 of 2020

Apparition of the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In Love and Mercy, I meet you here today, just as I have met with the rest of My children in Medjugorje, a time in which your Heavenly Mother, with Her children, celebrate not only the anniversary of the apparitions, which I have been carrying out for over thirty-six years, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the rest of the world.

This evening I celebrate the devotion and affection of My children, the love that the children of God have for the Queen of Peace.

Today I come from Medjugorje and I unite the two hemispheres of the planet under the Principles of Love and Wisdom.

Just like I took a message of peace to the world in Medjugorje, in this place I was able to bring a message of consciousness to the world, something that the majority of My children, and especially the Church of Christ, will delay in recognizing.

But that is not My main concern, My children. My concern, My children, is your salvation and redemption, that you live the Christianity that My Son taught you through His Love and His infinite Mercy.

In all My apparitions throughout the world, over the course of time, I have brought the same message to humanity, at different times, moments and circumstances, that humanity needed regarding the Call of God, the Word of God, a warning to be able to change and transform.

The time and the moment are approaching, My children, in which the Queen of Peace will withdraw, as the Rose of Peace will also withdraw.

My Presence must be in your memories and in your hearts, everything that I have taught you throughout the years. In a way similar to Saint Paul and Saint Peter, you must experience this time. Nothing and nobody will be able to take away that which I have given you here, because what I have left and will leave here is a profound spiritual and non-material treasure, which souls can avail themselves of in the end of these times, to learn to go through the most acute moment of humanity.

This evening, I thank you, for the trust of those who believe in Me and, especially, the love that you express to the Kingdom of God for all that you have received. This is immense, this is what brings Me here tonight: the response of those who trust and of those who love, beyond their miseries and imperfections, because the true Church of My Son is within your hearts rather than in the foundations.

The true bases of the spirituality of My Son are the true testimonies of your conversions and redemption, of your daily prayer and service to humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature. This is the path towards the new humanity, it is not the path towards a new age.

The human mind could never understand the Mystery of God. How long will My children who do not understand this defy it?

I came to Medjugorje and to this place to bring the maternal Grace of My Heart and this is what should be perpetuated within your hearts and souls, this will be the greatest testimony of love for your lives, for God and for His entire Plan of Love within humanity.

I come to bring a call, as I have brought a call to each part of the world where I have appeared throughout the course of time.

And, on this evening, from each place where I have appeared and where I have established a sanctuary of love and prayer, I can gather together the love and devotion of My children. This is what I place today, at the Feet of the Creator, of those who persist in their transformation, of those who live in communion with My Son, of those who incessantly practice the word of prayer. These are the bases of your faith and of your reconciliation with the Eternal Father.

Now, My children, with this consciousness that I bring you today, through very simple but profound words, you will be able to feel and perceive how the Mother of God is here and in Medjugorje, congregating the consciousness of all the peoples and races, because My message is for all of humanity, and not just for one religion.

Here I bring you, My children, the opportunity to love, through reverence for the Word of God, which I have brought you throughout times, and mainly, throughout these last years.

Today My Immaculate Heart not only gathers together the pleas of the children of God, but also gathers the love of the children of God. It is this love, that you can have and experience for the Father and for My beloved Son, that will heal and regenerate the Earth, and that will put an end to what humanity is experiencing and going through today.

While religions and peoples do not deepen into their love and really experience it with their fellow beings, humanity will not be renewed. This is the important message that I bring to you today, because you must remember it and, above all, practice it, at this time.

Children, as Queen of Peace, I am here to help you, to lead you and to guide you toward My Son. I bring you the same message and the same revelation that My Son gave you more than two thousand years ago. In the name of My Son, I tell you once more: love one another as My Son loved you and as He continues to eternally love you.

I only ask this of you, because you will need it. It will be for your own good.

And now I dedicate My message to My children of Africa, to My dear and little children of the holy and humble Santa Isabel House, in Angola.

Just as I visited My cousin more than two thousand years ago, although I will stop coming to this place as from August 8, I will visit you, in a special and miraculous way, and will have the joy of definitely consecrating you as My children. That will be the great and last special pilgrimage.

Continue praying, loving, serving and pleading for the world. God, in spite of what He sees of humanity, is pleased by the voice of your pleas, because He, the All-Mighty and Merciful, can only live and dwell in simple and humble hearts. God does not dwell in institutions, God is present in the smallest ones, and He is far from those who call themselves powerful.

Today, My children, one of the passages of the Bible is once again fulfilled. God reveals His mysteries to the humble and small, and defeats the powerful and the arrogant.

The Love of God is within the smallest, like in My children of Africa. A Love that needs to be healed, redeemed and cured by the kind and merciful Hand of the Redeemer.

I will go to Africa when the time and moment allows for it, but there is not much time left. Live in My time and you will not feel the wait very much, rather, the time will go by fast, and just as today I am here with My children, I will meet with you in the Love, the Grace and the Mercy.

I would like to dedicate this moment to My beloved Africa, which has been waiting for over five hundred years, for relief from its slavery and persecution.

With all the glory and power that My Son has given Me, I will make a special pilgrimage to Angola so that together we may celebrate the day of the great union between Heaven and Earth, between God and Africa.

My last Words are already echoing in the hearts that know how to recognize them. These last Words that the Sacred Hearts announce to the world are the most saving and redemptive Words that souls need in order to prepare for the important moment of the Return of My Son.

Drink from the fount of the Words of the Sacred Hearts. Every day relive Our Messages. We have left you all that you need for the time that will come, the definitive time that the world is already experiencing, and that many do not want to recognize.

Enter into your heart and feel that which we have left for you. The Heavens are closing a cycle before it was expected, but My Love will not leave you; each time you pray with Me, I will be there. My Grace will be your fortitude when I am no longer here.

The month of July and the month of August are the last and great moments for humanity, of the intercession of the Sacred Hearts for all souls. Do not miss out on these last two months because the time of synthesis in your lives has come, a spiritual and inner synthesis.

It is necessary that you see and remember all that has happened in these last twelve years so that you may be able to understand what will happen afterwards, in the way God needs it.

Receive into your hands a flower of Light. The white flower of Light is the first sign I leave you, so that you may prepare for the end of time. Carry this flower of Light, which is the mirror of My Love, into your hearts and be blessed by My motherhood, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Before I leave, I want to carry within My Heart a song that is important to Me, which is part of that spiritual synthesis that you have to make, united to My Heart.

This song reveals a story, but also an inspiration, a true testimony, humble and simple, that I taught you in Aurora.

I will have the Grace tonight, among you and with you, to listen to "Revelations of Aurora."

I thank you.