In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the world remembers the simplicity it has lost, conflicts will dissolve and peace will return to the inner worlds of many beings.

When the world recovers the simplicity it has lost, there will be no reason for showing off or for wars, because the Paradise of God will be able to reign, that Sacred Project that was thought of by the Father from the beginning, a Project that is part of the Sacred Creation.

When the world recovers the simplicity it has lost, there will no longer be a reason or place for false power, impunity, conquest and the show that many consciousnesses seek in these times. Because God, called the Eternal Father, is Simplicity itself, and, being Simple, not only is He Humble, but He also expresses His Love and His Greatness through that which is poor in spirit and essence.

Simplicity was the attribute that filled the Sacred Family. Without simplicity, Mary could not have said ‘yes.’ Without simplicity, Saint Joseph could not have responded to the Call of God, to be the spiritual father of the Messiah, of That One who was born in the humble Manger of Bethlehem.

Without simplicity itself, which the Father granted to me as a Grace, I could not have been the very Christ, That One who took the risk of drinking of the chalice, Who suffered for you in silence at each step of the Cross, but in deep simplicity so that the world could have a new opportunity of Redemption and Mercy, and then reach these times.

But in these critical times, some regions of the world, that is, many human beings, suffer depression due to a of lack of simplicity because they do not allow their souls to express themselves not only in simplicity, but also in humility and in the poverty of spirit.

Therefore, I come today to tell you this, because you may have heard it many times, but it is something so essential in these times although the majority of the Children of God sometimes exchange simplicity for the showing off of material life, and many of them, in these times, do not understand why they go through certain difficult tests or experiences.

Therefore, be like God Himself, through the example of your Most Holy Mother and Her Most Holy Son, and live in simplicity so that the world may recover the principles of its Original Project, that Project that is still to be fulfilled and carried out. All of you and your brothers and sisters throughout the world are called to be postulants for this path of fulfilling the Project of God on the surface of the Earth.

This was the first thing I wanted to tell you, because all must place their gaze upon the essence of this Message, because while souls do not live in simplicity, they will not be able to understand many Mysteries of God.

He needs to see you simple so that He may see you pure of heart, pure of intention, free from errors and sin. Thus, you will be ready to learn how to love in daily life, at each step that you are called to take in these definitive times.

I Am also here today, in Rome, in Spirit and Divinity, in essence and simplicity, to make My Church, extended throughout the Earth, remember that its purpose is simplicity, so that they may be in the same Consciousness as the Eternal Father, so that in this way they may better help the world, the poorest among the poor, those who have nothing and are simple.

But all those who represent Me in the Church, priests, those of religious profession, believers, devotees and all those who follow the Steps of Christ, must be the very Mirror of God’s simplicity so that all may be ready for what will come at the end of times and thus may help people in a better way, especially those who have always showed off material life and left spiritual life behind, not only forgetting God, but also their inner worlds. Because all the people who are present on the surface of the Earth will need to recover their inner simplicity so that they may have the Grace of recovering humility.

Thus, I come here today as the Messenger of God’s Simplicity and, through this simple place that you have offered to Me today, My Christic Consciousness has been able to help Eastern Europe, beyond the borders of Ukraine, being able to close uncertain doors, being able to recover hearts that have suffered war and terror, being able to bring everyone even more toward My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy through the powerful Source of Mercy that I once opened in Poland.

In this way, companions, I place all of you before God, before His Great Spirit of Simplicity and Love. Because He patiently waits in these times so that souls may still understand His Will and thus live it as it is written.

Today, I come to place all under My Mantle, because the world needs it, and if the world needs it, it is because souls need it. Thus, I come to contemplate all needs, all intentions of good hearts, of those who try to live My Spirit of Peace, day by day.

Thus, embrace with joy the Sacred Spirit of God’s Simplicity, because in it you will find the answer you so much seek, to become strengthened in these times and to learn to strengthen your brothers and sisters of the path, all those who are around you.

I come to tell you this, because I know that you can live it, but you must not forget it. The world has its eyes on other spaces. Souls have their eyes on other places.

The Eternal Father still waits to return to the heart of His Children, to dwell and express His Light.

This is why, once again, and through all your prayers, you will be able to silently help those souls that do not have God because they do not wait for Him, because they do not love Him, because they do not adore Him. However, the Eternal Father does wait for His Children, He loves His Children and expects them to recognize Him as a Father of Love and Mercy, Pity and Compassion.

In this way, through this day and this meeting, My Sacred Heart again opens the doors of Grace, Mercy and Light, upon the whole Northern Hemisphere, to give continuity to My Work of Mercy and Redemption in those places that need My Presence and, above all, need My God.

Therefore, this stage is very important. It is very important that all may support, accompany and help it, because important and demanding tasks will come, and, as more than two-thousand years ago, these important and sacred tasks, requested by Christ Himself, were carried out by very few.

In this way, I train you and prepare you to assume with Me the planetary cross so that you may surpass Me in love, surrender, solidarity and cooperation with the Plan of Love, that Divine Plan that I hope will be fulfilled in many souls.

Therefore, once again, I come to anoint you with My Spirit, just as I promised My apostles, and today I promise to you, fulfilling it through My Word and My Presence.

My Heart still suffers for what it sees outside, but also that which it sees within My Church. For this reason, I invite you to pray for the reparation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for all those who are My apostles and My companions throughout the whole world. And some of them, instead of taking steps toward Me, take steps toward their own will, many times because they do not live inner simplicity.

Thus, today, through My Spiritual Anointment, receive, all of you, this Gift of God’s Simplicity, so that you may always remember that it is where God lies. He is not in material powers or in spiritual show. He is not in opulence or in wealth. God is present, once again, in the hearts of the simple and the humble, in all those who mirror His Presence with simplicity and love.

I thank you for being here with Me today, this is very significant to Me because it speaks of many inner opportunities, not only for those present, but also for other souls that also need it. For this reason, I thank you for being here, accompanying Me, following Me, seeking Me and adoring Me as your Master and Lord, the Redeemer.

And now, from the Marian Center of Figueira, in the name of Jesus Christ, let us celebrate the Spiritual Communion to begin this new stage of untiring service, of permanent sacrifice, of spontaneous donation, not only for the Work of My Mercy in the Northern Hemisphere and in the whole world, but also through the Humanitarian Missions in Angola, Poland and in other places of the world, which My Merciful Love and My Consoling Spirit must reach through the hands and hearts that give of themselves with one aim: the triumph of My Love in all of humanity.

Once again, I thank you for your prompt response to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear children, may the Peace of My Son be within you.

When the Divinity recovers the spiritual spaces that up until now had been subjected by the enemy, and especially when the Plan of God recovers innocent souls, that had once been subjected to suffering, hopelessness and material perdition, this means and represents a visible victory of the Redeeming Love of Christ over all darkness, it means that His servers of the final times, that is, His apostles, will surrender in the face of any condition so as to give their lives and their service for those who suffer and are most vulnerable.

Inevitably, the triumph and conquest of these spaces, through Love, represent a challenge in the face of those conditions of adversity and chaos. This is why the servers of Christ offer to be instruments of the Lord regardless of the consequences and without measuring the possible risks.

This is not an expression of fantasy or an act of fanaticism, rather it is an action moved and conferred by the Holy Spirit which, in its inalterable aspect and through committed servers, can bestow Graces, miracles and solutions that had once seemed impossible.

I speak of this in the example of the Angola Mission which today in its first stage reaches the end of a cycle,  and from today onward reaches a new stage, which is entirely free from spiritual, moral and inner knots. A new stage that promises more rapid and efficient concretions for a region of the planet such as Africa, conditioned and buried by the lack of social and political transparency, and interfered with by the interminable vice of corruption.

This is where My Son is entering, through His Spiritual Consciousness, because it is in these spaces, seemingly lost and lacking a material solution, where all will start from scratch, where the poorest souls among the poor will see light, love and faith be reborn in their marginalized lives.

For this reason, all spiritual movement has a material repercussion that is a part of those anonymous sacrifices that may be offered to Christ for the triumph of His Love and His Mercy in Humanity.

This is why I am deeply grateful for all that which in such a short time was built in Africa, because it is something indelible that will remain in the Heart of God, and nothing will ever be able to dissolve it, because it was an action of Love that healed the pain.

I thank you for this humanitarian mission and for having responded to the call of My Son!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Who is in God, fears nothing.
Who is in God, does not retrocede.
Who is in God, lives the Love of God.
This is the force of today.
In God, in God, in God.
(four times)

First of all, I thank the person who offered this place to prepare My arrival today; for having responded to My call without knowing it, and mainly for having offered their heart to the Mother of Heaven and Earth.

This is why first of all I want to give thanks, because we must always thank God for each moment lived and shared, and when these moments are shared with brothers and sisters, they reflect to the surface of the Earth the Unity of God. A unity that, in these times, has been corrupted and dissolved through conflicts and wars, division in families and the inequality of these times.

This is why each time you gather in the name of My Son, you attract toward the planet the Unity of God, which dissolves all evil and all adversity, bringing peace to suffering hearts, to those who need love the most.

Today I am here to announce, with joy and bliss, the renewal of Saint Isabel’s House, the fulfillment of a Plan of the Father, through a sacred community project that may attract, toward these souls and toward many more hearts, the opportunity to recover love and faith, through a healthy and dignified upbringing, through an evolutive experience that may make hearts partakers of the Kingdom of God, through the sacred experience of group life.

This sacred Project, which I present to you today, is something that hovers within the Celestial Universe, and that My Immaculate Heart holds with great care, because I am praying for this sacred project, which will help attend many more needs of Angola and Africa.

Now, so that this project may be carried out in the material plane, it is very important, My children, that all may make the right efforts so that this may happen and, especially, that all may be united to this purpose that I come to rule and command for you and the world. Because this renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House, in another place of Angola, will create different spiritual conditions so that souls may internally attain healing and also peace, and may not be influenced by the interferences of this world, which lead My precious souls to perdition.

For this renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House, I need all My children of the whole world to collaborate and pray.

This response to this call of the Mother of God, which may come from each one of you, will allow the doors of Mercy to open upon Africa; and those who live a miserable life and have nothing may receive the Grace of remaking their lives and consciousnesses, having the opportunity to know that life is different, when it is permeated by the Presence of God and by His Love, through hearts that serve the Father and untiringly work for Christ.

This Project might seem daring to you, but it is not. It is already here, ready to descend from Heaven, under the guidance and support of your Heavenly Mother.

It is my need that the hearts that love Me, adore My Son and join Me in this sacred prayerful task, My children of Saint Isabel’s House and those who are not yet a part of this House and need love and help, may all receive what they truly deserve.

Through the expression and manifestation of this sacred and renewed Saint Isabel’s House, I will be able to give you all that My Heart expects.

Today I am here, with the rosary in My Hands, because I unite My prayers with your prayers, for all that which Africa and Angola need to achieve. My Heart of a Mother no longer wants to live in pain for what it sees of this place, of this nation and other nations of Africa.

The true change that Africa needs will not come from those who claim to be grand or more powerful than God. This help will come from anonymous and selfless hearts that, if I may say, sacrifice, for their fellow beings, so that a spirit of fraternity may triumph, equality may be expressed, justice may be fulfilled and no longer be altered or modified in the ideal of the men and women of Earth, so that the true Law may be fulfilled, the Law of Love, of Truth and Unity, of which all must be partakers, and so that all may not distance or move away from the Law of Love, of Truth and Unity.

For this reason, the expression of this Project will first begin in your hearts. Through your prayers, with the power of your faith and kindness. With the collaboration of all My children of the whole world, this Work will manifest and concretize itself. Believe what I say, this expression of the renewed Saint Isabel’s House, in another place of Angola, will be in accordance with the Law of the Earth and of Heaven.

My Son, who is your Master and Lord, has asked His Mother to assume this project. For this reason, I am here, closing this important spiritual impulse for all of Angola and for all of Africa, because the life of the Light-Communities is possible in these places where it might seem impossible, because for it to be possible, the power of Love and reverence for what is sacred must reign, as well as devotion for the Purpose, so as to be in accordance with the Will of the Father.

Through My Son, it is the Father who wants this project of the renewed Saint Isabel’s House, where many more, from any part of the world, with a spirit of service and pure collaborations, may make spiritual values be born once again in these very innocent hearts, spiritual values that have been buried by the humanity of today. I trust that this will take place somehow.

For this reason, today I tell you this so that you may be aware, so that you may listen attentively and not forget this request. This is why I call all My children of the whole world to position their hands and especially their whole hearts in self-giving.

This renewed work of Saint Isabel’s House will not be able to be built from a distance, but rather with the presence of My servers, of the apostles of Christ, of those who claim they are those apostles; with their presence in this place and, above all, with your prayers.

The renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House is manifested and designed in My Heart today.

I assure you that those who join this project in an abnegated and absolutely selfless way will be guided by the Holy Spirit and the doors of manifestation will open in an inexplicable way to you, because it is the Will of God that there must be an end to suffering and anguish, to the need, to inequality and the lack of charity.

This is a Grace, not only for you, but also for My Immaculate Heart.

In recent years, I silently prayed a lot for this cause, that My Son allowed Me today to announce it to all. I will wait for the response of all My children of the world.

This Work of the Sacred Hearts, and, especially, the Humanitarian Fraternity and the humanitarian missions, this will be the central and fundamental axis so that all may be guided and supported by the Hierarchy to eradicate the evil spirit of opportunism.

Rejoice for what I am telling you. Today, you do not understand it in an absolute way, but the heart that opens does understand, accepts and welcomes it, because it is the Will of God, it is written in the Heart of the Father.

The moment has come for Africa to be reborn. The end of the eternal calvary has come.

Once again, I bless you, My daughter Domingas, and all the young girls present, who are also My daughters, who represent all of Africa. Because Africa is one, it is one heart that, in what seems to be a void, expresses the Whole, which is God Himself, through their devotion and joy, their faith and love for the Purpose.

I come to renew, through My blessing, each one of your hearts and the hearts of your brothers and sisters, of those who suffer, who have to endure and do not have anything.

But as My Son told you, just a few days ago, you have gained Heaven, and I know that you will not understand this today; but keep it in your heart, just as the Mother of God kept the Mysteries of Christ in Her Heart, and just prayed for them.

I also bless those who have approached this place, who are a part of this establishment, because you are also My children and can be in My Arms as many times as you need it so. My Love is for all.

I thank you for responding to My call and for being mirrors just like this lake, mirrors of My Love and My Devotion.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My children,

I am here again to be with you and, through you, with all of Africa, with all peoples and ethnicities, all cultures and beliefs.

Because I Am the Universal Mother, the Mother Who welcomes all within Her Heart, without distinction. The Mother with a heart open to receive the supplications of Her children, to calm the suffering, to relieve hearts, so that through Me and My offering you may again find the path of Peace.

Today, I want you to enter, through My Heart, this magnificent universe of Peace that, in these times, is unknown to most of My children, due to the conflicts and wars, due to the divisions in families and peoples, due to the constant struggle for survival.

This is why I invite you to be in My Heart so that, through My Heart, you may be in the Heart of My Son, Who again sends His Faithful Servant and Mother of all of Africa to be with Her children, with those most in need of spiritual consolation, with those who have always cried out for divine intervention.

Behold, I Am your Mother. Enter My Heart, enter the Eternal Temple of God, which offered itself to the Father to conceive the Messiah, your Savior and Redeemer today; the One Who carried the Cross for you and Who today keeps carrying it for the whole world, due to indifference, omission, war and the conflicts of the world.

Enter My Heart so that you may be liberated from chaos.

Behold your Celestial Mother and your Eternal Servant, the one Who will lead you to God so that you may be guided to His Celestial Kingdom, where there is neither evil nor adversity, where you will find the spiritual happiness you so much seek and expect.

Today, in a special way, I am here with you, My children, due to the emergencies of the planet and also the emergencies of the Kingdoms of Nature, which, in spite of their expression and agitation in these times, humanity does not want to listen to or to acknowledge the seriousness of these times.

Remember that the planet where you live is not only a planet, it is a state of spiritual and evolutive consciousness that is being very transgressed and wounded through the hands of humankind and of those who extract its riches to generate poverty and misery in humanity, because only very few become enriched, and the majority become more and more impoverished.

But I do not invite you to be in indignation, I call you to live compassion so that you may learn to live in Christ and someday you may be merciful, just as He is with each one of you.

Today, I come with this call for humanity. Humanity does not pay attention to the imbalance of the planet, it pretends to be deaf in the face of war and the conflicts of the world. The prayers are still insufficient to deter the chaos in humanity.

For this reason, together with My Son, since years ago, we have planned this meeting with you, here in Angola, because, although it does not seem so, in what seems to be the void of your hearts, there is an inexhaustible spiritual wealth that God placed in each one of you so that, in these definitive times, you might learn to serve Him, adore Him and recognize Him, just as you are serving, adoring and recognizing Him at this moment.

Therefore, My children, I invite you to live in the spirit of perseverance and faith, even in those moments when all seems dark and gloomy.

Prostrate before the Eucharist of My Son, recognize His Presence in the Tabernacles of the Earth and your lives will always be liberated. Because in each Tabernacle of the Earth, I have many Angels of Heaven present, who adore the Eucharistic Body of My Son with one purpose, peace and balance in humanity.

And although in these times everything is triggered throughout the world, because everyone lives the time of Armageddon, I invite you to go through this Apocalypse with intelligence, with a spirit of service and pure prayer.

Because the prayerful word will not only keep you united to the Creative Source, but it will also keep you protected from all evil, from the harassment that My enemy wants to make to all souls of the world, especially those that have decided to live Christianity.

For this reason, maintain a spirit of faith ignited and never allow yourselves to give up.

Like today, may your arms rise to the Heavens to receive the Graces of God, these Graces that I am bringing again to each one of you today so that, next July 25, your Heavenly Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the important support of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, may complete this sacred task in Angola and Africa so that the fruits of the redemption and conversion of hearts may awaken in all those who need them, so that they may be elevated in consciousness, united in love and brotherhood.

My children, I invite you to move forward, in spite of these difficult and traumatic times, in spite of all that which the systems of the world do in villages and nations.

Place yourselves in another spiritual dimension and thus you will not be embraced by chaos.

Always raise your heads and look at the sky and, at each new day, aspire to again meet Jesus, aspire to His Return, which is near, closer than it seems. Because when He returns to the world, He will not only bring in His Spirit the Spiritual Government and once again renew all things, but He will also put an end to the chaos of this world, to misery, suffering and disease.

Hearts will no longer be poor, they will be filled with the wealth of God, a spiritual and inexhaustible wealth that will prepare you all for the New Earth, for the emergence of the New Humanity.

For this reason, My children, apostles of Christ, feel that you are partakers of this planetary transition, because this humanity in transition, which serves and prays to God, is preparing the bases for the emergence of the New Humanity.

Therefore,  everything you offer and do for God, at this moment, in a constant and persevering way, will grant the Graces of the Father to the world and to the whole human race, and those Graces will build the new consciousness within humanity.

Together with you, I work for this to happen, I pray for this to happen, I supplicate to the Father for this to happen, because My Heart and the Heart of My Son are tired of the suffering of souls. Therefore, I bring you My hope and also My eternal joy, I bring you the bliss of My Spirit and the ascension of My Soul.

Just as the Archangel Gabriel gave it to My Heart during the Annunciation, today, as the Mother of the World and Lady of all of Africa, I come to announce to you the arrival of the New Time and the fulfillment of the Word of God within the hearts that have said yes.

Before I leave, I want those who will be consecrated as My children, Children of Mary, to come closer. You may approach My Altar so that you may be blessed and then anointed by the priests, to consummate this moment of consecration to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart.

Come here, My beloved children.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And for this consecration, our Holy Mother of Heaven has asked you to repeat the song, “Mary, work a miracle.”

Through these souls that I consecrate today, I form a new Rosary of Light group so that it may be a mirror of My Heart on Earth, so that it may reflect the attributes of Heaven, which not only Africa needs but also the whole world.

This is why I consecrate you as My children, children of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart; and I give thanks, as the Mother of the Universe and the Earth, for the opening of your hearts, at this moment, which brings the healing and cure that you need.

I renew you in faith and I consecrate you in God’s Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My blessings for Sister Lucía de Jesús, daughter and spouse of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

Peace, for this suffering world.

Peace, for all hearts that agonize.

Peace, for those who do not have Peace.

Peace, so that the New Humanity may emerge.


I thank you for having responded to My call.

And once again I bless you, under the luminous Sign of the Cross, the Cross of the Redeemer: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear Children,

With joy and bliss, I come from Heaven, once again. This time for this awaited meeting between My Heart and yours.

Your Heavenly Mother is now here, with all of Angola and all of Africa.

Today, I come as the Mother of Africa. I come for a continent stigmatized throughout the times. I come for a race that is discriminated against and exploited.

I am here and I Am your Mother. Come to My Arms so that, once again, I may console you and embrace you in My Arms of a Mother.

Today I come full of Grace, Love and Mercy.

These Graces, promised to My children of Saint Isabel's House and to all of Africa, today I pour them out upon your hearts so that the heavy chains of indifference,  impunity and mistreatment may be broken by the precise blow of the powerful sword of Saint Michael the Archangel.

My children, have faith and believe. The end of captivity is near because My Son will return and He in His Glory will first return for you, for all of My dear and beloved Africa.

Throughout the days to come, I will keep coming, just as I once arrived at Kibeho, to tell the world that Africa is in My Maternal Heart.

I thank you for having responded to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of all of Africa


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will now listen to the Hail Mary, sung by Piedad.


Thank you, My daughter, for having sung to me with such sweetness and devotion, because it is this sweetness and devotion, which emergee from the depths of My Maternity, that I want to share with all My children.

Because, just as I had Jesus in My arms, today I want to have each one of you upon My lap, because I am the Mother of the Christic Essence, the Essence of the Christs of the new time, the Apostles of the last times, all those who must allow, in this crucial moment of the planet, the Inner Christ to be able to be reborn.

This is an annual commitment of all. Whenever the Lord’s Nativity is approaching, celestial and cosmic circumstances approach the planet, those similar to that special conjuncture of the Star of Bethlehem.

What really took place in that time, when the Star of Bethlehem, not only on this planet, but also throughout the whole universe, was announcing and waiting for the arrival of the Messiah? as Its presence was protecting this great event?

Today, after two thousand years, your hearts are once again before the same event, but now they are before an inner and spiritual event in which I come to accompany and help, so that you may experience it, because My Son has all His Aspirations in His Hands, waiting for the most favorable moment to fulfill these Aspirations of God, which are His promises, and so that these promises can be fulfilled in each one of My children.

This is why I tell you again that, as a Mother, as the Servant and the Guardian of hearts of the whole world, I know that this humanity has not lived any other time like this one, a painful time, a time of great indifference, and, I might say, of great cruelty.

But in this special conjuncture of the Lord’s Nativity and at the doors of the re-birth of Christ in each being, I ask you, beloved children, to place your gaze in the Heights, because, from Above, from the Only Source, from the Celestial Father and from all His angels, the help the world needs will come. Because you, as a race, as a civilization present upon the surface of the Earth, are at a similar moment to the moment of humanity more than two thousand years ago.

Why does such a similar conjuncture happen again in this definitive cycle?

Because it is necessary for you to renew your inner vows, beloved children, at each new Nativity of the Lord that you celebrate and contemplate with your hearts.

Might it be possible that My Beloved Son needs you to renew your inner vows so that the Inner Christ may be reborn at each cycle?

I can confirm to you, My Son needs you to renew your vows yearly, because this is the way for your consciousnesses to understand the meaning of God’s Plan.

I know that, in a point of the human consciousness, God’s Plan is not understood, but if at each new Nativity of the Lord, before the opportunity to renew your inner vows each year, if you love this mystery with fervor and devotion, as you are loving at this moment, how much more could you understand and feel God’s Plan, so that it might cease to be something abstract and unattainable for all?

However, My beloveds, keep something in mind, which is very important for you to understand: if you are again at a similar moment to what My Son Jesus experienced more than two thousand years ago, it is because you are before the opportunity to witness, within you, not only the Inner Christ, but you are also before the opportunity, before the Sacred Manger of the Family of Nazareth, of being able to understand that God’s Plan is humble and simple, just as the Birth of Christ was humble and simple.

Because it is through this simplicity and humility, through this pure simplicity of the heart, that God may carry out His Work throughout this world and in others.

I invite you to prepare with joy and with enthusiasm, fervor and hope, the Rebirth of Christ in each human heart, because there is no other way out for this humanity in the face of all that it lives and suffers daily.

If souls turn to God, if souls turn to their Inner Christ, so many situations could be avoided and solved.

My enemy still keeps working against God’s Plan, but may the strength and the power of the love that you feel for the Birth of the Little Child of Nazareth be the premise and also the impulse that will lead you to transcend yourselves and thus be able to transcend these times.

Because if God incarnated through His Son, in a Humble Manger, to surrender for the whole world, you, in this analogy of the Rebirth of Christ within the human hearts, how many more risks could you take for the fulfillment of the Will of the Father in the face of the in-compliance of the Plan of God experienced by so many souls?

But today, with sweetness and devotion, I place your Inner Christs upon My lap, and thus I place your souls, I place your lives and even all your inner situations in My arms, because I know that, in these times, just as many learn to be reborn in Christ, day by day, many of My children also learn to carry their own cross, which is the cross of the debts of the world.

But My Love, sweetness and devotion, in the name of My Son, come to renew all things, and as many consciousnesses as possible that open up their hearts to welcome the Nativity of the Lord.

I deeply thank you, once again, for the “Novena for the Reconsecration of Families to the Sacred Family of Nazareth”, because you have allowed Our Three Sacred Hearts: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, the Three together at the same time, to be able to intervene in the sensitive situation of many families of the whole world, that are not only separated due to this pandemic, but also separated by the harassment of My enemy.

For the nucleus of families being reconsecrated today, before the Aspirations and Plan of God, may it be a moment of joy, of jubilation, for being able to rebuild the Project of God in this humanity, in spite of all that may keep happening.

If families imitate Our Sacred Family of Nazareth, how many situations could be solved throughout the world!

If families experience prayer, the Sacraments, Adoration and service to God as a means of reparation, of relief for suffering and of healing for this humanity, and if this multiplied within all families throughout the world, what would be the effect of this great movement?

Because, in truth, My beloveds, an inner attitude is what I invite you to live in these times, which is the same inner and spiritual attitude that the Heart of your Heavenly Mother and the Heart of Saint Joseph lived in that time, the days that preceded the Birth of Christ, following the Call of God in obedience.

This is what families must always remember: follow in obedience and in prayer the Call of God. Thus, you will be protected, all the members of the family will be protected from the influences of these times, from the interferences of these times and from the trends of these times, because the Project of God in each family of the world is still important, it is not undervalued.

The Project of the family cell has been transgressed and interfered with, and this is what must be repaired by each family member. It is the inner commitment of each family member for the gifts, aspirations and even the inner treasures of the Celestial Father to be safeguarded in the cell of each family of this world.

Today, in a special way, the Virgin of Nazareth contemplates and welcomes upon Her Bosom, within the Most Pure Womb of the Mother of God, all refugee families that are displaced and discarded by their brothers and sisters of this world because, despite the differences or the beliefs that this humanity may live, do not forget that, before the Father, not only are you all His children, but also all of you are brothers and sisters in one and the same Project, and in one and the same Aspiration. 

And this has not changed. For this reason, I invite you to see through My eyes what My Heart feels and sees of all refugee families and of the urgent need to seek a lasting, real solution for all the situations of the families throughout the world, not only refugee families, but also families divided by disagreements and disunity.  

May the Sacred Love that was expressed in the grotto of Bethlehem’s be present today in all homes that listen to this Message; because My aspiration is that you may not only be good people, but that you may be worthy children of God.

In the silence of My Heart, I try to repair the inner worlds, all those who have needs that must be attended to by Heaven, by the Sacred Hearts.

This is why I tell all of you, at the doors of the possibility for Christ to be reborn in every human heart, My children, to come out strengthened from this world trial, to be firm and decided to follow the Footsteps of Christ, thus preparing His near Return.

Just as I contemplate, at this moment, all the families of the world, as the Lady of Kibeho, I still keep contemplating, with ardor in My Heart, the aspiration of going to Angola.

For this reason, you must keep this Aspiration of Mine in mind, and through your prayers and offerings, protect My aspiration of descending in the Angolan lands so that My Grace may descend upon all of Africa, because I am the Lady of the Word, I am the Lady of the Word, of the Word of God.

And just as I have upon My lap all the souls throughout the world that accept My call, I also have upon My lap today all My children of the House of Saint Isabel, in Luanda, who, despite adversity, the tempest or even the harassments, have always been and keep on being brave, because, even without perceiving that the love and faith of these hearts move mountains, they move events that are not seen nor perceived by most.

I hope this faith, this love and this devotion, which they have for My Immaculate Heart, keep building this inner bridge that will someday allow for the Mother of God to reach Africa, because this is My Word, not only to bless them, not only to console them, but also for them to be in My arms, just as the little Child Jesus was in My arms.

I tell My children of Angola, of the House of Saint Isabel, that just as I visited My cousin two thousand years ago, I will also visit them when the moment indicates it to be so. Just pray and do not cease to pray, because a Point of Light has been strengthened in Angola, in spite of the circumstances, not only of this country, but also for the whole African continent.

My cousin Saint Elizabeth is the guardian of your house, the House of Saint Isabe lin Luanda, and it is Saint Elizabeth who also protects you; because She was a great pioneer of the first Christian communities, even while Christ was still preaching in the Holy Land.

She knows that the House of the Children of Saint Isabel in Luanda is a precious and delicate cell of the Project of God, of the Project of My Son's Redemption because this is how God makes all things new.

I will keep praying during these days for all the Inner Christs to awaken, and, thus awaken the apostles of My Son, who must carry forward the preparatory Plan for His Return, in the four corners of the Earth.

In honor to the effort of the little children, adolescents and youth of the House of Saint Isabel, in Luanda, I wish to listen to the song of the Virgin of Kibeho so that all of humanity may remember that the Mother of God once appeared to save and rescue all Her children, and to tell the world that the Brown Virgin is the Mother of Africa and of all who live there, in the hope of remaking their lives, once and for all.

I bless you and pray for the rebirth of Christ in each being, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: 

We listen to the song of the Virgin of Kibeho.

Apparition of the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In Love and Mercy, I meet you here today, just as I have met with the rest of My children in Medjugorje, a time in which your Heavenly Mother, with Her children, celebrate not only the anniversary of the apparitions, which I have been carrying out for over thirty-six years, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the rest of the world.

This evening I celebrate the devotion and affection of My children, the love that the children of God have for the Queen of Peace.

Today I come from Medjugorje and I unite the two hemispheres of the planet under the Principles of Love and Wisdom.

Just like I took a message of peace to the world in Medjugorje, in this place I was able to bring a message of consciousness to the world, something that the majority of My children, and especially the Church of Christ, will delay in recognizing.

But that is not My main concern, My children. My concern, My children, is your salvation and redemption, that you live the Christianity that My Son taught you through His Love and His infinite Mercy.

In all My apparitions throughout the world, over the course of time, I have brought the same message to humanity, at different times, moments and circumstances, that humanity needed regarding the Call of God, the Word of God, a warning to be able to change and transform.

The time and the moment are approaching, My children, in which the Queen of Peace will withdraw, as the Rose of Peace will also withdraw.

My Presence must be in your memories and in your hearts, everything that I have taught you throughout the years. In a way similar to Saint Paul and Saint Peter, you must experience this time. Nothing and nobody will be able to take away that which I have given you here, because what I have left and will leave here is a profound spiritual and non-material treasure, which souls can avail themselves of in the end of these times, to learn to go through the most acute moment of humanity.

This evening, I thank you, for the trust of those who believe in Me and, especially, the love that you express to the Kingdom of God for all that you have received. This is immense, this is what brings Me here tonight: the response of those who trust and of those who love, beyond their miseries and imperfections, because the true Church of My Son is within your hearts rather than in the foundations.

The true bases of the spirituality of My Son are the true testimonies of your conversions and redemption, of your daily prayer and service to humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature. This is the path towards the new humanity, it is not the path towards a new age.

The human mind could never understand the Mystery of God. How long will My children who do not understand this defy it?

I came to Medjugorje and to this place to bring the maternal Grace of My Heart and this is what should be perpetuated within your hearts and souls, this will be the greatest testimony of love for your lives, for God and for His entire Plan of Love within humanity.

I come to bring a call, as I have brought a call to each part of the world where I have appeared throughout the course of time.

And, on this evening, from each place where I have appeared and where I have established a sanctuary of love and prayer, I can gather together the love and devotion of My children. This is what I place today, at the Feet of the Creator, of those who persist in their transformation, of those who live in communion with My Son, of those who incessantly practice the word of prayer. These are the bases of your faith and of your reconciliation with the Eternal Father.

Now, My children, with this consciousness that I bring you today, through very simple but profound words, you will be able to feel and perceive how the Mother of God is here and in Medjugorje, congregating the consciousness of all the peoples and races, because My message is for all of humanity, and not just for one religion.

Here I bring you, My children, the opportunity to love, through reverence for the Word of God, which I have brought you throughout times, and mainly, throughout these last years.

Today My Immaculate Heart not only gathers together the pleas of the children of God, but also gathers the love of the children of God. It is this love, that you can have and experience for the Father and for My beloved Son, that will heal and regenerate the Earth, and that will put an end to what humanity is experiencing and going through today.

While religions and peoples do not deepen into their love and really experience it with their fellow beings, humanity will not be renewed. This is the important message that I bring to you today, because you must remember it and, above all, practice it, at this time.

Children, as Queen of Peace, I am here to help you, to lead you and to guide you toward My Son. I bring you the same message and the same revelation that My Son gave you more than two thousand years ago. In the name of My Son, I tell you once more: love one another as My Son loved you and as He continues to eternally love you.

I only ask this of you, because you will need it. It will be for your own good.

And now I dedicate My message to My children of Africa, to My dear and little children of the holy and humble Santa Isabel House, in Angola.

Just as I visited My cousin more than two thousand years ago, although I will stop coming to this place as from August 8, I will visit you, in a special and miraculous way, and will have the joy of definitely consecrating you as My children. That will be the great and last special pilgrimage.

Continue praying, loving, serving and pleading for the world. God, in spite of what He sees of humanity, is pleased by the voice of your pleas, because He, the All-Mighty and Merciful, can only live and dwell in simple and humble hearts. God does not dwell in institutions, God is present in the smallest ones, and He is far from those who call themselves powerful.

Today, My children, one of the passages of the Bible is once again fulfilled. God reveals His mysteries to the humble and small, and defeats the powerful and the arrogant.

The Love of God is within the smallest, like in My children of Africa. A Love that needs to be healed, redeemed and cured by the kind and merciful Hand of the Redeemer.

I will go to Africa when the time and moment allows for it, but there is not much time left. Live in My time and you will not feel the wait very much, rather, the time will go by fast, and just as today I am here with My children, I will meet with you in the Love, the Grace and the Mercy.

I would like to dedicate this moment to My beloved Africa, which has been waiting for over five hundred years, for relief from its slavery and persecution.

With all the glory and power that My Son has given Me, I will make a special pilgrimage to Angola so that together we may celebrate the day of the great union between Heaven and Earth, between God and Africa.

My last Words are already echoing in the hearts that know how to recognize them. These last Words that the Sacred Hearts announce to the world are the most saving and redemptive Words that souls need in order to prepare for the important moment of the Return of My Son.

Drink from the fount of the Words of the Sacred Hearts. Every day relive Our Messages. We have left you all that you need for the time that will come, the definitive time that the world is already experiencing, and that many do not want to recognize.

Enter into your heart and feel that which we have left for you. The Heavens are closing a cycle before it was expected, but My Love will not leave you; each time you pray with Me, I will be there. My Grace will be your fortitude when I am no longer here.

The month of July and the month of August are the last and great moments for humanity, of the intercession of the Sacred Hearts for all souls. Do not miss out on these last two months because the time of synthesis in your lives has come, a spiritual and inner synthesis.

It is necessary that you see and remember all that has happened in these last twelve years so that you may be able to understand what will happen afterwards, in the way God needs it.

Receive into your hands a flower of Light. The white flower of Light is the first sign I leave you, so that you may prepare for the end of time. Carry this flower of Light, which is the mirror of My Love, into your hearts and be blessed by My motherhood, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Before I leave, I want to carry within My Heart a song that is important to Me, which is part of that spiritual synthesis that you have to make, united to My Heart.

This song reveals a story, but also an inspiration, a true testimony, humble and simple, that I taught you in Aurora.

I will have the Grace tonight, among you and with you, to listen to "Revelations of Aurora."

I thank you.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come here as the Lady of Kibeho. Feel the freshness of that continent, the love that is given to Me by the most suffering hearts of Africa.

After almost a year of work in My beloved Africa, the Lady of Kibeho closes a cycle in order to begin a new one, in the coming months, for today I ardently desire My children to know that I have not left Africa. My Heart is Africa, the Heart of the Mother of the Seven Sorrows.

But today, My children, I want you to know that I am present there and that, just like in Kibeho, I count the days and the months in the calm of this planetary moment in order to be able to go there, just as I went to Rwanda.

My children of Angola are already consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, as are all those who pray and all the pilgrims who have placed their faith in the Rosaries of Light.

Each bead placed by your hands over My image has, for your Heavenly Mother and, above all for God, meant a great liberation on the inner planes of the African continent. And although I know that many souls still suffer in that place and only those souls know what suffering and pain really are, today the Seven Swords of the agony of humanity are being withdrawn from the Lady of the Seven Sorrows, the Lady of the Word, so that She may receive in Her Heart the spheres of light, turned into shining and luminous roses in the prayerful hearts of Africa.

I want you to know, My children, that My Plan for going to Africa is still in place. And in some way I will get there and we will celebrate that important meeting, that important meeting in which South America and Africa will unite, with one heart and one consciousness, to be able to sublimate the sin of humankind and the suffering that still exist in that place.

The entryway that I have chosen for returning is Angola, because it is there where I need you to be, not only serving and praying as you have done in these recent times, but so that more consciousnesses of the world may understand what is happening there and what sub-human life means.

I bring, My children, the possibility and the opportunity that, through the merits achieved by My Son, Africa may again be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, and that which they did not hear from the Lady of the Word in Rwanda, which was a maternal warning in this final cycle, may be heard in the words of the Mother of God, so that the results of the change and redemption may be accomplished.

So that all this may be possible, My children, I come to ask the world to focus its prayer on that purpose and its loving collaboration, so that the Sacred Hearts may touch African soil once again.

Today, at My right and My left, My children, are the innocent souls of the genocide of Rwanda. And I want, I desire and I ask that, at this moment, in the name of all of humanity, because of what that meant and represented for God, that you silently offer a penitence for the reparation of Our Lady of Kibeho.

I listen to you inwardly.

While you make this offering to Me, My children, I can continue to penetrate the darkest places of the world, where suffering continues to occur and hearts cannot free themselves.

At this moment and at this hour, in which your Heavenly Mother comes from Heaven as the Lady of the Word, Our Lady of Kibeho, as the Mother of all Africa, is when I open My Immaculate Heart even further to the whole world and all souls, to receive the offering of reparation and forgiveness.

Because even though you did not have a direct responsibility for the events, humanity is one, and will always be one in the Eyes of God. This will make you grow in consciousness and in maturity so that the assaults and indifference are not repeated.

Africa learned this lesson in life, but Africa is still waiting for the coming of the Messengers of God, one last time, as a preparation for the Return of Christ.

Today I am not only here with you, but also at this moment I am in Africa pouring out the Love of God and the Grace of reconciliation and healing upon those peoples.

My silence works even more deeply in souls in need. Do not forget that I Am also the Mother of the Silence, and in light of the events of the world in these crucial times for humanity, I return here so that My children may not feel alone or defenseless, so that you may know that I am here in the same way that I was with My Son at the foot of the Cross, up to the last second of His life, up to the last second in which He expired, the last and great surrender for the whole human race up to today's times.

This is a great mystery, the mystery of the Love of the Son of God. With this Love, He sends Me to the world to announce His petition and the ardent desire of the Mother of God to return to Africa, once again, just as I went to Kibeho to bring awareness and discernment to My children, to once again save as many souls as possible, the majority of which were not possible to save.

And that is one of my principal sorrows for Africa because it is not the peoples that agitate each other or confront one another; it is those who are above those peoples, who provoke evil in the world and despair in many hearts.

But even though that happens, My children, the faith of the most innocent, humble and simple will never be lost, because that faith will not only be a strength for My children of Africa, but will also be the bridge down that I will use to come from Heaven to meet with each of your souls.

The task done through this Work in Angola was a first step, but will not be the last. Many more steps must be taken and many more will be called to take up alleviating the suffering, the healing of the immorality, the hope of those who suffer in My beloved continent of Africa, because only love can heal the pain.

Today I celebrate everything that happened in Angola through this Work, because the true inner results are placed at the feet of the Creator by the Lady of Kibeho. And that offering, that profound offering, was accepted by your Celestial Father, the merits of the effort, the service, the healing, the love, the renunciation, the fraternity, the generosity, the detachment and, mainly, the transmutation.

For this reason, I return here today so that the world may know and be aware of how, with so little, much can be done in the world; because the real tools that you need, My children, are inner, and when properly used, Divine Providence miraculously comes forward. This is how the Sacred Family experienced it, and today you experience it with Me.

Thus, you must be thankful each day that you wake up, each day that you rest on a clean and comfortable bed, each time the water from the springs of the Earth wash your bodies, each time that before you there is food to nurture your cells; and mainly, My children, you must be thankful for the Love of the Divine Messengers, in this place and in all the hearts that have been graced, blessed and filled by Our Apparitions.

I wish the same to happen in Africa and to begin in Angola. There is much to be done in that place, many doors to open in other parts of Africa that cry out for My Presence and for the Presence of My Son. That will be possible through you, My children, knowing that in this time you are called to live service for humanity, for the planet, for the relief of suffering.

What I ask of you is so simple, that I will tell you again.

In the same way that Africa waits for My coming someday, Asia also waits for My coming, as does Oceania. The pilgrimage is still pending, it still waits to be realized upon the ending of this pandemic. I pray every day for that ending: for the healing of those who suffer the pandemic and for it to come to an end.

At this moment and in this hour, My children, it will depend on your conscious response for some change to finally occur in all of humanity, and for it not to return to the normal way of being of the times of illusion, rather that you may enter, as in other times, the cycle of becoming aware and of fraternity.

I thank you now for your penitence. It was also taken in by My Immaculate Heart, as well as that of all the hearts that, at this moment, in various parts of the world, hear My call.

Today I want to carry My Peace to Africa. At this moment, distances do not exist, neither in time nor space, because I am there with My dear children who truly suffer the world situation.

At this moment, Our Divine lady is showing a rosary made of roses, and She says to us:

These are the fruits, the prayer, the pleadings and the love of My children of Africa. This is the Rosary that I will carry to God today so that He may receive it. I will place it in His Hands so that Our Celestial Father, with great joy, will place it on His Body as a spiritual symbol of the healing of the suffering, of the love above all evil.

This evening, My children, I also welcome the consecration of the families of the world to My Immaculate Heart, through the response given to My requests. Today I am with each one of those hearts that attended to My call.

Lastly, I want to tell you that, just as the pilgrimage to Africa in the coming times is important, also important to Me is the more daring of all pilgrimages, to Asia and Oceania, in which today I include the Philippines. 

If you give me what is most simple and true, I too will give you the most simple and true that I have, which is My Presence and My Heart.

Today, the Lady of Kibeho radiates Her Light and Her Grace upon Africa, consummating this important task carried out in the last months in Angola and in all of Africa, not only on the material plane, but also on the spiritual plane.

And so it is that we offer the Father the lessons and experiences lived during these recent times in Angola.

We aspire and affirm, at this moment, My children, a continuation of that sacred task, so that, through love, you may heal all pain.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady rises with the rosary in Her hands. And in that rising and assumption of Mary, we will listen at this moment to what She requested, the song "Lady of Kibeho", as a final offering of our hearts for our brothers and sisters in Africa.


When God thought of creating the humanity of the Surface, He thought of a Project, of a perfect Plan, which could emerge during the development of the entire life of the human being.

This Plan is still valid, in spite of the errors and the events lived by the human being itself.

It is a Plan broadly based upon the real experience of love and forgiveness.

The Plan predicts that all human beings will be forgiven, as after many experiences, the human being needs self-forgiveness, within the field of its consciousness, so that it can feel free from the errors committed and free from all guilt.

But this guiding thread that unites and fulfills the life of the human being is the Divine Consciousness of Christ, which even incarnated in this humanity to bring a message that should be applied within daily life. This message deepened through the surrender of Jesus Christ.

This Plan must still be expressed and fulfilled in all of humanity and, although this may seem unattainable in this cycle, the Spiritual Hierarchy gives an impulse and concretizes this Plan of Love through the groups of souls and of consciousnesses that have the commitment of manifesting this Universal Plan, in some way.

Today we are before an example of one of the Plans of God, an example that will be represented by the special Meeting of Music of today, which will mirror one of the most emblematic cultures and roots of ancient times: the African culture, which, being a part of the Project of God, also lived its clashes and decadent periods, and today, under the spirit of established fraternity and brotherhood, it will attain this inner experience with the love and forgiveness that all creatures need.

For this reason, the Meeting of Music that will be offered today will open the celestial doors so that beloved Africa may recover the original attributes and values which had once constituted it as an emblematic and sacred race.

In the loving and faithful surrender of each singer and instrumentalist, the Spiritual Hierarchy will bring toward the Earth all the principles that My children from Africa experienced.

This will benefit the soul of each child of Mine from Africa, who lives the result of traumatic and painful experiences, produced by the trafficking of persons and by the selling of their people for a profit that is outside of all laws and context.

This Meeting of Music of today will grant to Africa the reintegration of its spiritual consciousness, the matrix that once formed the origin of this race, which had the mission of being the bridge between the Material Universe and the Spiritual Universe.

By means of the offering that will be made today, the Divine Universes will intercede through the spontaneous exercise of joy and the loving offer of the Choir of Angolans. The Divinity, for the first time, has found a way to grant the ancient spiritual freedom and the healing of wounded hearts.

All this is possible through the offering of the Meeting of Music of today.

May all feel as a part of Africa, and may all recover the roots that the Celestial Father once created so that, in the values of equality and unity, all of His children might be happy.

From the deepest core of Love and of Divine Existence, I thank the choir of My children of Angola, for having ecumenically responded to this call from the Creation.

I wish you all a most beautiful musical gala, so that healing may reach all of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, in the Love of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To My beloved Africa

Dear children,

Today we will dedicate this work of prayer for the innocent and poorest souls of Africa so that, after each one of them has gone through the learning of misery, of suffering and of pain, it may receive the grace of being before the celestial glory.

Now, with My first and initial monastery of consecrated nuns in Angola, the entire Work is called by the Mother of God to collaborate in some way toward this mission of charity and of service that has just begun.

Just as My beloved Son asked Mother Teresa of Calcutta to serve and be among the poorest of the poor, today I, as the Lady of the Poor and of the Holy Innocent, ask each child of Mine who listens to Me, to be in Africa with the poorest among the poorest, especially with the most innocent, with My little children, with the orphan children and those abandoned by their own families.

I wish that the entire Work, just as all those who are awakening through it, may have in their prayers My beloved Africa so that the celestial goods that will convert into help and humanitarian service can descend from Heaven to be offered in Africa.

With all of this request, My children, the ardent wish of your Heavenly Mother is to bring love to those who do not have it and relief to those who suffer.

This is the time when injustice and inequality afflict the most innocent and poor, those who have nothing. But also, My children, this is the time of miracles, miracles that your own lives can accomplish through your donation, your support and your service to My little children of Africa.

This Work, blessed by the Celestial Father, has the mission of bringing love in order to heal the pain of the world, not only with an expression of tenderness for the one who has never received it, but also through a gesture of service and love to those poorest among the poor.

Africa was and is a continent outraged and exploited by the great nations, but in a short time this will end and those who took everything, and left poverty and misery for the most innocent, will have accounts to settle with Me and with My Son on the day appointed for the Universal Judgment; because, as My Son has said, there will be no stone upon stone in those who built their power on the surface of the Earth. Everyone will live its moment of evaluation and of judgment.

Dear children, I also ask you to include in your prayers the Kingdoms of Nature of Africa, so that, although they are extinguished and commercialized, the group consciousness of each Kingdom may receive today love and forgiveness from the prayer beings.

Africa is the beginning of a greater Work that will place each one of the servers before the opportunity of taking the great step toward  the forgetting of self, without conditions, in service and in love for others.

Remember that Africa waits for love, help and redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Messages

My Soul and Heart are now in Angola. I am ready to take the Love of God to the innocent souls, souls poor in spirit.

My Divinity is now in Angola, as is the maternal Grace of My Heart, because My wish as a Mother is to be with My children of Africa, it is to be able to gather up within Me the love, the purity and the devotion of this people for the Mother of God.

They are My beloved and favorite children, whom I love very much and for whom I pray, every day, for their lives, in this way, keeping them under My divine protection.

Angola was the nation chosen by your Heavenly Mother to be able to open the doors to humanitarian service and religious service.

Angola is a people that is a witness to conflicts and heir of a suffering that it should have never experienced. But the end of this captivity will come and My children of Angola, as well as those of all Africa, will be able to be participants in My maternal Love.

Thus, on this special day, the consecrated life, through the Order founded by My Son, will enter the African continent to carry the love and the healing of the Sacred Hearts, with the hope that someday the Pilgrimage for Peace may visit this beloved people so that My children of Africa may feel embraced by the Mother of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, at least for once, I would like you to step out of yourselves, your small miseries and see the great miseries of humanity with Me.

Therefore I make you apostles of the word, in truth, in fidelity and in service, and even if often you do not reach these attributes, I know that you try to experience them every day.

For this reason, by approaching your lives to these attributes, you will be part of the stream of My Mercy as servers in all corners of the Earth.

Today I have come with all the hope and Mercy in My Heart to make a special request to the missionaries who in a few months will experience the humanitarian mission in Lebanon.

My request is that as My servers you may not only expand Mercy in that place, but also for the first time, this Mercy may piously reach the African continent, especially Luanda, Angola.

I would like the suffering and extreme pain that is experienced there and reflected on the faces of My poor lambs, to be relieved.

Truly, I come to ask the group of missionaries that after visiting Lebanon, they go to Angola to carry all love and Mercy possible to the suffering and marginalized hearts.

I consider this day special for Me, because the Father of the unfathomable Mercy granted this very important Grace to my flocks from Angola.

I wish that through service, pity, love, healing and Mercy you may reach everyone, because it is through you that I will be able to bring relief and light to the forgotten souls.

I thank you for considering my appeal!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 


Today, Africa beats in My Merciful Heart. And I do this for all who have offended it, those who mistreated it, those who colonized it, and who opened uncertain doors for the perdition of souls.

But today I do not come to speak to you of the abysses, but rather of the infinite purity that exists in each child of Mine in Africa, that through the ages I have venerated and contemplated with love.

For this reason, the hour and the moment have come for your King to return to Africa, to close the last doors and have the Heavens and the Universes descend and put an end to human suffering.

My Blood was also shed for them, to generate salvation and freedom in their souls from all the abysses of the Earth. It is to this end that today I bring the Holy Grail in My Hands, to give you My divine Blood, so that you may commune of it and put an end to suffering, hopelessness, affliction, and human pain.

I come today to pour out My Blood over Africa. In this way, I pour out My Blood over Portugal and Europe, to put an end to human discord, to the exploitation of these times, to the indignation that the children and young people of Africa feel on being mistreated throughout time and the years.

Today, I come to open My Arms and to stretch out My Hands for a sorrowful and suffering continent. I come to offer My Sacred Heart as a universal atonement for all the causes that have taken place on the African continent throughout the last decades.

I come to give the Light of My Spirit and of My Divinity. My Heart rejoices today on having received a humble basket of intentions and entreaties on My Altar. In this way, I want My littlest children of Africa to have the total certainty and assurance that their King is pouring His divine and infinite Mercy over them.

Thus, when I arrive in Africa the next time, I will again consecrate it to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; because, companions, we must give thanks to this great Maternal and Universal Consciousness, which has generated the means and the spiritual conditions so that My Sacred Heart also finally triumphs in Africa.

I come to place the balm of My Healing in each African heart; to seal the evils, the sorrows, and the sufferings generated by the hearts of Europe towards that so wounded continent.

I come to ask of all Europe, that they pray every day on their knees, an Our Father for the re-consecration of Africa to My Sacred Heart. In that way, dear companions, you who are from here, from Europe, and all the souls of the whole world that are aware of the adversity that the African continent lives, generated by other nations and peoples, may open the doors with their prayers and hearts, so that My Celestial Victory may descend over that continent and over all nations.

Today I come to offer this Chalice, this Sacred Grail, for the innocent, for the victims of exploitation, martyrdom, and annihilation.

Today My spiritual Blood is poured out, the codes of life and of renewal, as a great tributary, as an inexhaustible spring, over all those souls that most need it. Here there is a life story; souls that belong to the Project of God and that are trying in these times of crisis, to live hope.

My wish is that each European spiritually and materially take on each one of these "crianças” (little children). I say "crianças", from the Portuguese, because this mission is especially for the Portuguese; for those who are here and those who are not here. I want to be clear, so that you may understand the importance of fulfilling this request of your Master and Lord of the Universe.

In each one of these intentions, as in each one of these photos, there is a story, a past, which must be redeemed, renewed, and restored by My Sacred Heart, and all the entreaties of those who unite with Me in this mission to generate, at the end of times, a healing, love, and unity in all the souls of Africa; especially for the souls that are in this basket, entreating My Merciful Heart for a divine intercession of the Celestial Father, that today I grant by the authority that He gave Me, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here are one hundred and twenty-eight essences that offered to incarnate in Africa, so that humanity may learn about the suffering of others, about human pain, about torture, exploitation, and indifference.

I desire that all the hearts of the world not forget My beloved Africa and look towards it, because it is still silently suffering.

 The reason for this pilgrimage in Europe is not only for your souls and hearts, which have already received so much, but so that your spirits and your consciousnesses unite with my universal Ministry, and so that you may go two by two, to help those who most need it, as well as the Kingdoms of Nature.

At this sacred moment, when Adonai hears the plea of His beloved Son and the intentions of simple hearts, your Master and Lord will pray for each one of these souls, representing all the souls of Africa and the Middle East.

We will now listen to "Thus spoke the Master."

We place our left hand over the heart, on the chest.

Father, Adonai, Eli, Yahve, You Who has generated life, give it again to Your creatures, so they may vivify You and feel You in the very depths of their spirits.

Eli, listen to the Voice of Your Son, who pleads for His beloved Africa. Dispel the sufferings. Erase the anguish from hearts. Bring alight in the littlest ones the hope of continuing to live You until the end of their days.

May Your angels descend, Eli. Eli is Your Holy Name, Your Holy Name for all of Africa, for Your beloved people, marked by the wounds and imprints of persecution.

Today I return to that people, Eli. Today I return to the origin, where everything began on this planet; to the place where Your first civilization of love, of service, and of surrender was launched, when You poured out Your divine Codes upon them.

May souls recover the trust of being able to live. May all be healed, so that no cell and no body feel the suffering, nor feel the pain, nor lose the faith of believing in You.

Just as you asked Moses to take care of Your People, today I hear Your Voice, Eli, beloved Father; I take care of Your flocks, so that the seeds of life, of regeneration, may be sown in the souls that have been subjected to human punishment, to exploitation, in these times.

May Your Source of Love and of Light descend upon them. May all recover the joy of being able to feel You and may they live in the fullness of Your mighty Spirit, Adonai. 

Adonai Manu, Father, listen to the voice of Your People.

Adonai, Elah, may Your Will be fulfilled.

Eli, Eli, Eli, may all be consummated, so that humanity, which is suffering, may achieve peace. Amen.

These intentions and these photos will return to those they belong to. I will take them to Angola, to deliver them to each one of them, and thus to give them My deepest embrace of love.

So be it.

And now, in honor of the Most Blessed Mother of Heaven, your Advocate, Intercessor of souls, and Mediator of all hearts, in thanksgiving, gratitude, reverence, and devotion, and for the consecration of these elements, which will become the Body and the Blood of Christ, today I will ask you to call and invoke Our Lady of Kibeho.

And thus, I take you toward My Peace, because in the Peace of God, everything is done. In Peace, you can live eternal life, renewal and faith in all hearts that believe in My Sacred Heart.

May the good and love reign. May humanity live the Project of God. May the Kingdoms of Nature be healed and may all essences of this world achieve redemption, so that when I return in Glory, we may all experience the joy of Paradise. Amen.

I thank all those who will carry Africa in their heart, so that My Designs may be fulfilled; and My Mercy, which is the Mercy of your God, may expand throughout the whole world.

So may it be, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let us continue singing, because today, your beloved Son, will carry the pleas of all those who have invoked for Africa to His beloved Servant, Mother, and Lady of Heaven,.

I thank you. Amen.


Today, in a divine and omnipresent way, My Chaste Heart descends to the world to gather the prayers offered by your hearts to the Celestial Father; thus, in a special way, I am present in the two Marian Centers, so that humanity may understand the emergency of being able to serve in these times.

Today, My most chaste Essence gathers all the lost essences of Africa and of the world, elevating them to the reparative Celestial Kingdom, so that the angels of the Lord may rebuild them and re-integrate them into the cycle of their original evolution.

Today, My Sacred Heart of divine lilies opens like a flower for you, so that you may hold the original purity that God granted everyone.

My companions and children of Christ, have faith, and the certainty that your holy service and effort will come to touch the heart of the whole universe, so that in this way, the Graces of Heaven can be poured out.

The Most Pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary has sent Me to remind you, on this sacred day, that you are to only seek the awakening of the original purity that will allow you to be transformed and redeemed.

As a faithful carpenter of God, allow Me to take your lives so that the new instrument, free from malice and hate, may be able to emerge and become a celestial gift for God.

My Chaste Heart promises immediate assistance for those who always remember to open the doors of their hearts so that God may labor. In this planetary hour, in which essences are distanced from their real purpose and mission, I come so that you also remember to pray for those who do not pray to God, nor do they remember the spring of divine existence.

After the last mission of charity carried out in Brazil, where My Chaste Heart granted a time of peace and Mercy for all the forgotten and displaced, for all of Africa, through all the servers of the Plan, I am preparing to gestate its great cycle of redemption, forgiveness and peace. So that this may be possible, I come to ask all My companions on the path and the Humanitarian Fraternity to dedicate three prayers a day to My Chaste Heart, so that I may intercede with God and grant the sacred mission in Rwanda and Angola.

I have come to the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to ask all the missionaries to raise their inner offering to God the Father in order to help and to collaborate in Africa, in the coming year of 2015, in honor of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

If the offering of all the servers is sincere and firm, I promise to descend in glory in Africa and free what is still not free from the spirits of My children.

For this special meeting, I am grateful for the collaboration of all who, in charity and for the good, made the mission in Brazil possible.

From the Most Chaste Heart of God, I bless you.

Your faithful Instructor, Saint Joseph,

Father of Love and Unity

Monthly Messages

Today Our Divine Mother approached to us as the Queen of Peace.

Before She arrived something important happened.  Many cherubim angels formed a circle of light and began to descend over the house of the group of prayer.  At the same time that the angels created this circle of light they danced in the air in a reverent and joyful way with a happiness that was quite distinctive.

The angels transmitted this love that they have for the Virgin Mary, which is something pure and true. They poured these codes over us and prepared the path through which Our Lady arrived.

When the Virgin appeared above a tree full of flowers that is found outside the house of those who pray She told us that the tree and its flowers delighted Her, placing Her feet firmly upon it.  In this way a point of light manifested itself for this part of the city of São Paulo.

During the Apparition Our Lady saw the evil that surrounded the city and how this evil influenced the people.  But She did not challenge anyone.  She was present there, serene and humble with this smile that characterizes Her, that which is a smile of peace, of serenity and of love.  This energy was radiated by Her gaze; Her light expanded in this part of the city and this evil was dissipated, leaving everything more serene.  Later on She asked us to write Her message. 


Dear children of Mine:

My Immaculate Heart continues Its walk among the sacred dwellings of all the groups of prayer, those that in some way answer to My maternal call, sometimes without understanding it.

I give thanks to all for persevering in the path of faith to My call and mainly for answerng in an immediate way to the special requests of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, Friday – the day of the sorrowful mysteries – I ask you My dear ones, to pray every day for My plans of peace to prevail and to be accomplished in the present life of all My children.  It is so important to obey My call my Father has allowed Me, to reach all the homes of My praying beings.  In this way you will understand how great is the need so that some events may be avoided in the great cities of the world, which will be possible by means of your honest inner collaboration.

The Lord reveals to you today, through My Heart, that this group has always been moved spiritually by means of obedience to the Greater Hierarchy.  May this gift, to which you have answered without perceiving it for 25 years, be the new impulse that will allow you to walk with a spirit of confidence before all the changes that I have made.

So that you My beloveds, can be in the near future seated at the right of My Son, in His Kingdom of Peace, first you must truly open your hearts to the call of Heaven because in this way you will answer to the Will of God.

That your consciousnesses, which have already received so many special Graces, do not become involved in matters of the material life, but that your hearts be mediators of peace between Heaven and Earth.

Now that the events are changing and humanity is faced with the end of times, that which it neither understands nor knows, I ask you, My dears, that you pray, that you pray for all the souls to obey in faith as you have obeyed so that everything you have learned through divine instruction will not be lost.

The time and moment to exercise what has been learned has come, if you do so you will be living testimonies before the humanity that each day is getting more ill.

As the Mother who always protects and prays for you, I invite you on this evening of celestial blessings to the path of reflection, so that soon you may receive the love of God in all things, in the good and in the sad.  The universe waits to see you mature, more available to guide new flocks that are lost and do not have the grace of instruction.

For this, on this day I come to ask all those who pray to pray for My plans, especially for those that I intend to accomplish in the end of this year in Rwanda and Angola.  In this way with your help as it has always been, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

I thank you for answering to My call!

I bless and guide you,

Your Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more