Saturday, July 16 of 2022

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My children,

I am here again to be with you and, through you, with all of Africa, with all peoples and ethnicities, all cultures and beliefs.

Because I Am the Universal Mother, the Mother Who welcomes all within Her Heart, without distinction. The Mother with a heart open to receive the supplications of Her children, to calm the suffering, to relieve hearts, so that through Me and My offering you may again find the path of Peace.

Today, I want you to enter, through My Heart, this magnificent universe of Peace that, in these times, is unknown to most of My children, due to the conflicts and wars, due to the divisions in families and peoples, due to the constant struggle for survival.

This is why I invite you to be in My Heart so that, through My Heart, you may be in the Heart of My Son, Who again sends His Faithful Servant and Mother of all of Africa to be with Her children, with those most in need of spiritual consolation, with those who have always cried out for divine intervention.

Behold, I Am your Mother. Enter My Heart, enter the Eternal Temple of God, which offered itself to the Father to conceive the Messiah, your Savior and Redeemer today; the One Who carried the Cross for you and Who today keeps carrying it for the whole world, due to indifference, omission, war and the conflicts of the world.

Enter My Heart so that you may be liberated from chaos.

Behold your Celestial Mother and your Eternal Servant, the one Who will lead you to God so that you may be guided to His Celestial Kingdom, where there is neither evil nor adversity, where you will find the spiritual happiness you so much seek and expect.

Today, in a special way, I am here with you, My children, due to the emergencies of the planet and also the emergencies of the Kingdoms of Nature, which, in spite of their expression and agitation in these times, humanity does not want to listen to or to acknowledge the seriousness of these times.

Remember that the planet where you live is not only a planet, it is a state of spiritual and evolutive consciousness that is being very transgressed and wounded through the hands of humankind and of those who extract its riches to generate poverty and misery in humanity, because only very few become enriched, and the majority become more and more impoverished.

But I do not invite you to be in indignation, I call you to live compassion so that you may learn to live in Christ and someday you may be merciful, just as He is with each one of you.

Today, I come with this call for humanity. Humanity does not pay attention to the imbalance of the planet, it pretends to be deaf in the face of war and the conflicts of the world. The prayers are still insufficient to deter the chaos in humanity.

For this reason, together with My Son, since years ago, we have planned this meeting with you, here in Angola, because, although it does not seem so, in what seems to be the void of your hearts, there is an inexhaustible spiritual wealth that God placed in each one of you so that, in these definitive times, you might learn to serve Him, adore Him and recognize Him, just as you are serving, adoring and recognizing Him at this moment.

Therefore, My children, I invite you to live in the spirit of perseverance and faith, even in those moments when all seems dark and gloomy.

Prostrate before the Eucharist of My Son, recognize His Presence in the Tabernacles of the Earth and your lives will always be liberated. Because in each Tabernacle of the Earth, I have many Angels of Heaven present, who adore the Eucharistic Body of My Son with one purpose, peace and balance in humanity.

And although in these times everything is triggered throughout the world, because everyone lives the time of Armageddon, I invite you to go through this Apocalypse with intelligence, with a spirit of service and pure prayer.

Because the prayerful word will not only keep you united to the Creative Source, but it will also keep you protected from all evil, from the harassment that My enemy wants to make to all souls of the world, especially those that have decided to live Christianity.

For this reason, maintain a spirit of faith ignited and never allow yourselves to give up.

Like today, may your arms rise to the Heavens to receive the Graces of God, these Graces that I am bringing again to each one of you today so that, next July 25, your Heavenly Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the important support of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, may complete this sacred task in Angola and Africa so that the fruits of the redemption and conversion of hearts may awaken in all those who need them, so that they may be elevated in consciousness, united in love and brotherhood.

My children, I invite you to move forward, in spite of these difficult and traumatic times, in spite of all that which the systems of the world do in villages and nations.

Place yourselves in another spiritual dimension and thus you will not be embraced by chaos.

Always raise your heads and look at the sky and, at each new day, aspire to again meet Jesus, aspire to His Return, which is near, closer than it seems. Because when He returns to the world, He will not only bring in His Spirit the Spiritual Government and once again renew all things, but He will also put an end to the chaos of this world, to misery, suffering and disease.

Hearts will no longer be poor, they will be filled with the wealth of God, a spiritual and inexhaustible wealth that will prepare you all for the New Earth, for the emergence of the New Humanity.

For this reason, My children, apostles of Christ, feel that you are partakers of this planetary transition, because this humanity in transition, which serves and prays to God, is preparing the bases for the emergence of the New Humanity.

Therefore,  everything you offer and do for God, at this moment, in a constant and persevering way, will grant the Graces of the Father to the world and to the whole human race, and those Graces will build the new consciousness within humanity.

Together with you, I work for this to happen, I pray for this to happen, I supplicate to the Father for this to happen, because My Heart and the Heart of My Son are tired of the suffering of souls. Therefore, I bring you My hope and also My eternal joy, I bring you the bliss of My Spirit and the ascension of My Soul.

Just as the Archangel Gabriel gave it to My Heart during the Annunciation, today, as the Mother of the World and Lady of all of Africa, I come to announce to you the arrival of the New Time and the fulfillment of the Word of God within the hearts that have said yes.

Before I leave, I want those who will be consecrated as My children, Children of Mary, to come closer. You may approach My Altar so that you may be blessed and then anointed by the priests, to consummate this moment of consecration to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart.

Come here, My beloved children.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And for this consecration, our Holy Mother of Heaven has asked you to repeat the song, “Mary, work a miracle.”

Through these souls that I consecrate today, I form a new Rosary of Light group so that it may be a mirror of My Heart on Earth, so that it may reflect the attributes of Heaven, which not only Africa needs but also the whole world.

This is why I consecrate you as My children, children of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart; and I give thanks, as the Mother of the Universe and the Earth, for the opening of your hearts, at this moment, which brings the healing and cure that you need.

I renew you in faith and I consecrate you in God’s Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My blessings for Sister Lucía de Jesús, daughter and spouse of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

Peace, for this suffering world.

Peace, for all hearts that agonize.

Peace, for those who do not have Peace.

Peace, so that the New Humanity may emerge.


I thank you for having responded to My call.

And once again I bless you, under the luminous Sign of the Cross, the Cross of the Redeemer: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.