Tuesday, July 19 of 2022

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Who is in God, fears nothing.
Who is in God, does not retrocede.
Who is in God, lives the Love of God.
This is the force of today.
In God, in God, in God.
(four times)

First of all, I thank the person who offered this place to prepare My arrival today; for having responded to My call without knowing it, and mainly for having offered their heart to the Mother of Heaven and Earth.

This is why first of all I want to give thanks, because we must always thank God for each moment lived and shared, and when these moments are shared with brothers and sisters, they reflect to the surface of the Earth the Unity of God. A unity that, in these times, has been corrupted and dissolved through conflicts and wars, division in families and the inequality of these times.

This is why each time you gather in the name of My Son, you attract toward the planet the Unity of God, which dissolves all evil and all adversity, bringing peace to suffering hearts, to those who need love the most.

Today I am here to announce, with joy and bliss, the renewal of Saint Isabel’s House, the fulfillment of a Plan of the Father, through a sacred community project that may attract, toward these souls and toward many more hearts, the opportunity to recover love and faith, through a healthy and dignified upbringing, through an evolutive experience that may make hearts partakers of the Kingdom of God, through the sacred experience of group life.

This sacred Project, which I present to you today, is something that hovers within the Celestial Universe, and that My Immaculate Heart holds with great care, because I am praying for this sacred project, which will help attend many more needs of Angola and Africa.

Now, so that this project may be carried out in the material plane, it is very important, My children, that all may make the right efforts so that this may happen and, especially, that all may be united to this purpose that I come to rule and command for you and the world. Because this renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House, in another place of Angola, will create different spiritual conditions so that souls may internally attain healing and also peace, and may not be influenced by the interferences of this world, which lead My precious souls to perdition.

For this renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House, I need all My children of the whole world to collaborate and pray.

This response to this call of the Mother of God, which may come from each one of you, will allow the doors of Mercy to open upon Africa; and those who live a miserable life and have nothing may receive the Grace of remaking their lives and consciousnesses, having the opportunity to know that life is different, when it is permeated by the Presence of God and by His Love, through hearts that serve the Father and untiringly work for Christ.

This Project might seem daring to you, but it is not. It is already here, ready to descend from Heaven, under the guidance and support of your Heavenly Mother.

It is my need that the hearts that love Me, adore My Son and join Me in this sacred prayerful task, My children of Saint Isabel’s House and those who are not yet a part of this House and need love and help, may all receive what they truly deserve.

Through the expression and manifestation of this sacred and renewed Saint Isabel’s House, I will be able to give you all that My Heart expects.

Today I am here, with the rosary in My Hands, because I unite My prayers with your prayers, for all that which Africa and Angola need to achieve. My Heart of a Mother no longer wants to live in pain for what it sees of this place, of this nation and other nations of Africa.

The true change that Africa needs will not come from those who claim to be grand or more powerful than God. This help will come from anonymous and selfless hearts that, if I may say, sacrifice, for their fellow beings, so that a spirit of fraternity may triumph, equality may be expressed, justice may be fulfilled and no longer be altered or modified in the ideal of the men and women of Earth, so that the true Law may be fulfilled, the Law of Love, of Truth and Unity, of which all must be partakers, and so that all may not distance or move away from the Law of Love, of Truth and Unity.

For this reason, the expression of this Project will first begin in your hearts. Through your prayers, with the power of your faith and kindness. With the collaboration of all My children of the whole world, this Work will manifest and concretize itself. Believe what I say, this expression of the renewed Saint Isabel’s House, in another place of Angola, will be in accordance with the Law of the Earth and of Heaven.

My Son, who is your Master and Lord, has asked His Mother to assume this project. For this reason, I am here, closing this important spiritual impulse for all of Angola and for all of Africa, because the life of the Light-Communities is possible in these places where it might seem impossible, because for it to be possible, the power of Love and reverence for what is sacred must reign, as well as devotion for the Purpose, so as to be in accordance with the Will of the Father.

Through My Son, it is the Father who wants this project of the renewed Saint Isabel’s House, where many more, from any part of the world, with a spirit of service and pure collaborations, may make spiritual values be born once again in these very innocent hearts, spiritual values that have been buried by the humanity of today. I trust that this will take place somehow.

For this reason, today I tell you this so that you may be aware, so that you may listen attentively and not forget this request. This is why I call all My children of the whole world to position their hands and especially their whole hearts in self-giving.

This renewed work of Saint Isabel’s House will not be able to be built from a distance, but rather with the presence of My servers, of the apostles of Christ, of those who claim they are those apostles; with their presence in this place and, above all, with your prayers.

The renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House is manifested and designed in My Heart today.

I assure you that those who join this project in an abnegated and absolutely selfless way will be guided by the Holy Spirit and the doors of manifestation will open in an inexplicable way to you, because it is the Will of God that there must be an end to suffering and anguish, to the need, to inequality and the lack of charity.

This is a Grace, not only for you, but also for My Immaculate Heart.

In recent years, I silently prayed a lot for this cause, that My Son allowed Me today to announce it to all. I will wait for the response of all My children of the world.

This Work of the Sacred Hearts, and, especially, the Humanitarian Fraternity and the humanitarian missions, this will be the central and fundamental axis so that all may be guided and supported by the Hierarchy to eradicate the evil spirit of opportunism.

Rejoice for what I am telling you. Today, you do not understand it in an absolute way, but the heart that opens does understand, accepts and welcomes it, because it is the Will of God, it is written in the Heart of the Father.

The moment has come for Africa to be reborn. The end of the eternal calvary has come.

Once again, I bless you, My daughter Domingas, and all the young girls present, who are also My daughters, who represent all of Africa. Because Africa is one, it is one heart that, in what seems to be a void, expresses the Whole, which is God Himself, through their devotion and joy, their faith and love for the Purpose.

I come to renew, through My blessing, each one of your hearts and the hearts of your brothers and sisters, of those who suffer, who have to endure and do not have anything.

But as My Son told you, just a few days ago, you have gained Heaven, and I know that you will not understand this today; but keep it in your heart, just as the Mother of God kept the Mysteries of Christ in Her Heart, and just prayed for them.

I also bless those who have approached this place, who are a part of this establishment, because you are also My children and can be in My Arms as many times as you need it so. My Love is for all.

I thank you for responding to My call and for being mirrors just like this lake, mirrors of My Love and My Devotion.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.