An Invocation of the Soul

My Lord, purify my soul and every part of my consciousness so that being transformed by You, I may find the fortress and the healing for life.

Pour, Lord, Your Holy Spirit and illuminate each atom and particle of this consciousness, so that in Your Grace, I may vivify Your Love and Your Peace in me. 

Help me, Lord, to correspond to Your Holy Will and soon, empty me completely to the point that I will not want anything for myself.

Show me, Lord, Your holy Humility and teach me to resign myself before Your universal Majesty, that is present in each one of my fellow beings and companions on the path. 

May Your paternal gaze not cease to observe me, but when I am about to fall in the abyss of my poor ignorance, send me, Lord, Your Holy Angels to help and assist me in all adversity.

Teach me to live in the poverty of Your Spirit, in the Love of Your words, in the Mercy of Your Heart.

Unveil Yourself, Lord, and show me Your merciful Face in each soul on Earth and reveal Yourself in compassion for each brother and sister on the path.

Allow me, Lord, to know Your profound Love and pull out with Your hands the pride of my person. Naked before You of all property, pride and error, make me, Lord, Your instrument of peace on Earth.

Show me the values of Your Sacred Sovereignty of humility and leave me empty so that nothing of my own will dwell in me, but only You, Lord, who gives strength to the weak ones, and surrenders Your Peace to the disturbed ones and who sheds Your Mercy to those who are blind and lost.

Teach me, Lord, the science of Your Divine Love and establish the Gift of Your Grace in this consciousness.

Remove one by one the human aspects that condemn me and make me free and pure like the birds in the sky.

I wish with all my heart not to be lost from Your blessed Path, keep me in Your Arms until Your holy Will sends me out as one of Your disciples.

No longer allow, Lord, my blindness to dazzle me, but may the light and love of Your Holy Spirit resurrect me forever.

Make me the smallest among my brothers and sisters, make me the most donated and sacrificed in the absolute silence.