Friday, November 18 of 2022

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the world remembers the simplicity it has lost, conflicts will dissolve and peace will return to the inner worlds of many beings.

When the world recovers the simplicity it has lost, there will be no reason for showing off or for wars, because the Paradise of God will be able to reign, that Sacred Project that was thought of by the Father from the beginning, a Project that is part of the Sacred Creation.

When the world recovers the simplicity it has lost, there will no longer be a reason or place for false power, impunity, conquest and the show that many consciousnesses seek in these times. Because God, called the Eternal Father, is Simplicity itself, and, being Simple, not only is He Humble, but He also expresses His Love and His Greatness through that which is poor in spirit and essence.

Simplicity was the attribute that filled the Sacred Family. Without simplicity, Mary could not have said ‘yes.’ Without simplicity, Saint Joseph could not have responded to the Call of God, to be the spiritual father of the Messiah, of That One who was born in the humble Manger of Bethlehem.

Without simplicity itself, which the Father granted to me as a Grace, I could not have been the very Christ, That One who took the risk of drinking of the chalice, Who suffered for you in silence at each step of the Cross, but in deep simplicity so that the world could have a new opportunity of Redemption and Mercy, and then reach these times.

But in these critical times, some regions of the world, that is, many human beings, suffer depression due to a of lack of simplicity because they do not allow their souls to express themselves not only in simplicity, but also in humility and in the poverty of spirit.

Therefore, I come today to tell you this, because you may have heard it many times, but it is something so essential in these times although the majority of the Children of God sometimes exchange simplicity for the showing off of material life, and many of them, in these times, do not understand why they go through certain difficult tests or experiences.

Therefore, be like God Himself, through the example of your Most Holy Mother and Her Most Holy Son, and live in simplicity so that the world may recover the principles of its Original Project, that Project that is still to be fulfilled and carried out. All of you and your brothers and sisters throughout the world are called to be postulants for this path of fulfilling the Project of God on the surface of the Earth.

This was the first thing I wanted to tell you, because all must place their gaze upon the essence of this Message, because while souls do not live in simplicity, they will not be able to understand many Mysteries of God.

He needs to see you simple so that He may see you pure of heart, pure of intention, free from errors and sin. Thus, you will be ready to learn how to love in daily life, at each step that you are called to take in these definitive times.

I Am also here today, in Rome, in Spirit and Divinity, in essence and simplicity, to make My Church, extended throughout the Earth, remember that its purpose is simplicity, so that they may be in the same Consciousness as the Eternal Father, so that in this way they may better help the world, the poorest among the poor, those who have nothing and are simple.

But all those who represent Me in the Church, priests, those of religious profession, believers, devotees and all those who follow the Steps of Christ, must be the very Mirror of God’s simplicity so that all may be ready for what will come at the end of times and thus may help people in a better way, especially those who have always showed off material life and left spiritual life behind, not only forgetting God, but also their inner worlds. Because all the people who are present on the surface of the Earth will need to recover their inner simplicity so that they may have the Grace of recovering humility.

Thus, I come here today as the Messenger of God’s Simplicity and, through this simple place that you have offered to Me today, My Christic Consciousness has been able to help Eastern Europe, beyond the borders of Ukraine, being able to close uncertain doors, being able to recover hearts that have suffered war and terror, being able to bring everyone even more toward My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy through the powerful Source of Mercy that I once opened in Poland.

In this way, companions, I place all of you before God, before His Great Spirit of Simplicity and Love. Because He patiently waits in these times so that souls may still understand His Will and thus live it as it is written.

Today, I come to place all under My Mantle, because the world needs it, and if the world needs it, it is because souls need it. Thus, I come to contemplate all needs, all intentions of good hearts, of those who try to live My Spirit of Peace, day by day.

Thus, embrace with joy the Sacred Spirit of God’s Simplicity, because in it you will find the answer you so much seek, to become strengthened in these times and to learn to strengthen your brothers and sisters of the path, all those who are around you.

I come to tell you this, because I know that you can live it, but you must not forget it. The world has its eyes on other spaces. Souls have their eyes on other places.

The Eternal Father still waits to return to the heart of His Children, to dwell and express His Light.

This is why, once again, and through all your prayers, you will be able to silently help those souls that do not have God because they do not wait for Him, because they do not love Him, because they do not adore Him. However, the Eternal Father does wait for His Children, He loves His Children and expects them to recognize Him as a Father of Love and Mercy, Pity and Compassion.

In this way, through this day and this meeting, My Sacred Heart again opens the doors of Grace, Mercy and Light, upon the whole Northern Hemisphere, to give continuity to My Work of Mercy and Redemption in those places that need My Presence and, above all, need My God.

Therefore, this stage is very important. It is very important that all may support, accompany and help it, because important and demanding tasks will come, and, as more than two-thousand years ago, these important and sacred tasks, requested by Christ Himself, were carried out by very few.

In this way, I train you and prepare you to assume with Me the planetary cross so that you may surpass Me in love, surrender, solidarity and cooperation with the Plan of Love, that Divine Plan that I hope will be fulfilled in many souls.

Therefore, once again, I come to anoint you with My Spirit, just as I promised My apostles, and today I promise to you, fulfilling it through My Word and My Presence.

My Heart still suffers for what it sees outside, but also that which it sees within My Church. For this reason, I invite you to pray for the reparation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for all those who are My apostles and My companions throughout the whole world. And some of them, instead of taking steps toward Me, take steps toward their own will, many times because they do not live inner simplicity.

Thus, today, through My Spiritual Anointment, receive, all of you, this Gift of God’s Simplicity, so that you may always remember that it is where God lies. He is not in material powers or in spiritual show. He is not in opulence or in wealth. God is present, once again, in the hearts of the simple and the humble, in all those who mirror His Presence with simplicity and love.

I thank you for being here with Me today, this is very significant to Me because it speaks of many inner opportunities, not only for those present, but also for other souls that also need it. For this reason, I thank you for being here, accompanying Me, following Me, seeking Me and adoring Me as your Master and Lord, the Redeemer.

And now, from the Marian Center of Figueira, in the name of Jesus Christ, let us celebrate the Spiritual Communion to begin this new stage of untiring service, of permanent sacrifice, of spontaneous donation, not only for the Work of My Mercy in the Northern Hemisphere and in the whole world, but also through the Humanitarian Missions in Angola, Poland and in other places of the world, which My Merciful Love and My Consoling Spirit must reach through the hands and hearts that give of themselves with one aim: the triumph of My Love in all of humanity.

Once again, I thank you for your prompt response to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.