On this special and spiritual day, the three Sacred Hearts again unite and come together out of love and for the redemption of this humanity and planet; and each of the Sacred Hearts emit and send a special impulse for all human consciousnesses.

This is the new cycle of the Sacred Hearts, a cycle that will bring the last instruction and warnings for humanity so that, after so many years of work and of service with us, the apostles of Christ may finally be available, prepared and conscious to move forward with the sustenance and immediate support of the Islands of Salvation, which will receive the consciousnesses that will also awaken to the path of the Spirit, as well as those souls that will be rescued from various situations and causes.

Thus, this is the cycle in which the message of the Sacred Hearts is to be lived in daily practice, so that the spiritual attributes and keys that the messages of the Hierarchy hold may be activated and be at the service of the great planetary need.

This is the time to perceive that humanity is approaching its last and most acute stage of purification, and all that will be done, experienced or practiced will contribute to alleviating the Kingdoms of Nature and the most lost souls.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While the universal doors open again today, to help humanity and the planet, My Heart brings you a great spiritual and extraordinary grace, so that your inner beings trustingly, in unity and faith, may be given the impulse to move forward with all that the Hierarchy proposes for the Islands of Salvation, such as are the Light-Communities and Light-Nuclei.

This is the time to be aware and wise, so that in a near future the bases for salvation may be prepared, where the Hierarchy will be able to carry out its last operations and where the souls, most unknown to all of you, may find a spiritual space of love and service, where the results of the effort of each one of My companions will be seen.

Today, you, who are in the presence of the Universal King and the Governor of the Cosmos, have taken a step in degrees of love, and it will be this sacred step of adherence and fraternity that, through Grace, will allow you to assume an important task together with Your Master and Lord, a mission that will watch over the spiritual consciousness of Brazil and all its beloved people.

Let your hearts rejoice! for today you have witnessed for yourselves that it is possible to donate yourself more for a Greater Love that comes directly from the Universe, for each one of you and your brothers and sisters of the planet.

I thank you for having responded to My sacred convocation!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



The last months are drawing closer, in which your Master will give the last instructions and guidance to humanity.

A moment in which souls will have the opportunity to drink of the spring of the last impulses, which will strengthen them for the coming events, which are already coming.

Thus, this is the moment for carrying out an inner synthesis of remembering, reviewing and memorizing the impulses and instructions that were given for the spiritual preparation of the consciousnesses that were self-summoned to carry forward the preparatory path of the glorious return of Christ.

And so, your Master will need to have His house prepared, not only the inner house, but also the external house so that, with all the tools that are necessary, the Islands of Salvation can be supported upon the surface and thus be able to receive the consciousnesses and souls that, in the end of times, will participate in the moment of the re-encounter with Christ.

All that can be done and built in the Islands of Salvation will contribute to the next coming of the Hierarchy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The End of Some Experiences

As I have told you once, companions, My time among you is ending and when this time comes, everything will be unleashed.

Today, I want to announce to you that not only the time and the cycle of the end of the daily impulses is coming, but also coming is the end of many Christic experiences that some of Mine, the closest ones, have lived in these last six years and that, for various reasons, have lost the spiritual experience with Me and only remained with the remembrance of what they once lived with Me.

With this, I want to explain to you and clearly warn you that the choice, made by some who were with Me, upon My path, and that no longer are, has led them to lose the great Christic experience of their entire life, as they were prisoners of illusion and of a supposed invulnerability to harassment.

In truth, they let themselves be defeated, they yielded and lost inner forces, because they let themselves be taken by their weaknesses.

This is the time of the end of experiences, and souls that become without the Christic experience lose the state of Grace that, due to  Mercy and Pity, they had once received.

In truth, the seriousness of some extreme choices of some souls is not in the action, but rather in the absolute loss of common sense and reality, and the spiritual meaning of life.

For this reason, and when these situations happen, the Spiritual Hierarchy can no longer intervene or rescue, because those most miserable souls that received everything from the Universe, and ridiculed and offended the spiritual treasures of the Hierarchy, begin to be within the planetary chaos and the common denominator of the inert suffering of humanity.

It is to absolutely lose the possibility of being in communion with their own spirit, because the spirit of this being that disconnects from the Christic path loses the experience, which is outraged and stolen by My adversary, in the art of his astuteness and deception.

Do you understand, companions?

To be with the Spiritual Hierarchy and live in the environment where the Hierarchy is, as for example, the Light-Communities are, does not mean to do, fulfill or carry out one’s own will.

It is obeying for love and, in the strict and loving obedience, to be able to deepen into the trust, in the Guidance that comes from the Heights and, in this way, keep walking in transformation.

I want all of you to understand that to be with the Hierarchy is not to be with a friend, a family member or a coordinator of a task.

It is to correspond and respond to a command that comes from the spiritual plane, which is what later reflects in the mental plane and finally in the material plane.

In all this movement of integration with the Hierarchy, there are no choices or tastes, opinions or personal ideas.

It is to join a superior divine and cosmic stream, which has once contacted them, and thus it is to fulfill a Supreme Will.

In clear words: to be and follow the Hierarchy is to be nothing.

This avoids entering the chaos of these times, in the unnecessary loss of profound spiritual experiences, which, once stolen by the adversary, remain deactivated from the nucleus of the essence.

May the process of personal purification not be the center of your attention. May the center of attention be the giving of self and the love for what is divine and cosmic, because in this way you will not lose the last impulses that are descending from the Universe, and will thus be the example of transformation and of true redemption.

The Spiritual Hierarchy unfolds within a hostile field of permanent battle, where the war of all against all has begun.

But you should apply the intelligence of the third ray and not let yourselves be dragged by your own processes or traumas, but rather you should feel impelled and ascended by the last Words of the Universal Hierarchy.

The three days of darkness will come and the islands of Salvation must be ready and prepared for the massive movement that it will have to attend to, as an unprecedented humanitarian emergency that, overnight, will present itself to be attended and alleviated.

All the preparation and training that you experience will help you to live up to the events.

On one hand, the Hierarchy invites everyone to keep collaborating in the manifestation and the order of life in the Communities.

But also, the Spiritual Hierarchy invites the consciousness that, at this moment, do not measure up to the needs of the Plan, to be able to relocate to other places outside the Communities, so that certain processes of purification do not keep blocking the concretion of a purpose that, I have told you, is divine.

The Hierarchy feels in Its Heart the effort and love for all, but there is no longer time, and you must choose your true transformation or your departure.

The Plan has run important risks and, at this moment, the unity of the Divine Hierarchy and the assistance of some servers of the surface sustains the accomplishment of a goal that has been undervalued.

It is time for everyone to be sincere with the Hierarchy; to no longer deceive yourselves and to not give Them so much work, just as the rest of humanity does.

We are navigating into the sea, in the only ship of the Brotherhood, which is living the storm and the shipwreck so that the greatest number of indifferent consciousnesses can be saved, no mattter what. 

Today I come with Words of pain and silence to tell you all this, because it is a responsibility and maturity of everyone, to give the best to God, for all that God has given you and keeps giving to you after these last twelve years of apparitions.

As you know, the cycle will end, and this does not mean that everything ends, and that after this you will nourish upon unsafe or non-spiritual sources to be able to feel your lacks supplied.

It means to assume this planet with maturity, the redemption of all the human race and, in selfless service, prepare the bases for the return of Christ.

There are times when the need for change and purification of consciousnesse will place you before a universe of responsibilities.

Many of those who are not present today still believe they have left inmortal, and believe they are free from the Law, because they did not accept being helped, corrected and straightened, like the poor tree that was twisted.

Now there is no time to retrogress, it is time to advance, to give this testimony that I have asked you for so much, and whose meaning many have not understood.

The Hearts of your Lord and of your Heavenly Mother often feels alone, abandoned by the selfishness, by the offenses and trifles that are frequently committed, losing consciousness, sense, discernment.

Enough with all this!

Because it is time to grow and not to complain. It is time to thank every day for what many do not have, but to truly thank.

When you have read many times all that which I have told you, you will truly demonstrate some change to Me. While this does not happen, everything will continue at the same point.

In Rwanda, we warned about the genocide, and no one believed in it. Today we warn about the urgency for many changes, so that afterwards your repentance may not be too late.

These are moments to mature. But also to make room or to set oneself aside, to not block what others, with so much effort, do want to concretize, according to what the Hierarchy asks.

The moment has come for listening clearly and for not becoming closed, because if you become closed to Instruction, you will become an easy prey to My enemy.

May the fire of My Words give you an impulse and place you upon another step of the Plan, so that the real humanitarian emergencies, which are many, can be attended.

I thank you for having the bravery and love to listen to the truth!

Who blesses you and waits for your true change,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the superior silence that permeates the Earth, in this moment we contemplate, as Spiritual Hierarchy, the inner decisions that have been made and we wait, just as all of you, for the result of these decisions.

But what is most important at this moment, My children, is that you do not forget what is kept within the inner world of each one of you. As I have told you, it is the essence of God that will protect you and support you in this time, in spite of what may happen or emerge.

In this time, hold on to the favorite union with the spiritual Hierarchy and thus your steps, consciousnesses and lives will be guided by means of the Greater Purpose.

We are together, near the Earth, within this Solar System. On this day I am not alone, but rather accompanied by many Hierarchies that contemplate, with love, dedication and prayer, this planetary moment, especially this moment of South America.

The time of the planetary transition has arrived, but of a more acute and complex transition; for this reason there is the importance of being in union with the Hierarchy so that not only you can endure it, but also so that you can help your brothers and sisters to endure these difficult times.

The Armageddon is part of a difficult test for humanity, just as the Apocalypse. But I tell you, My children, that this Armageddon and this Apocalypse can be lighter and more short-lived for all, depending on how each consciousness acts and behaves in this time.

The more united you are to God and to His spiritual and universal Hierarchies, the more short-lived and lighter this Armageddon and Apocalypse will be.

We all know that the majority of humanity is completely hypnotized and delluded by many things, and that this situation distances them and separates them from God, day by day.

But, as in other ancient times, the Father will benefit from the small groups of consciousnesses that carry forward His Plan of Love and Redemption, until His Beloved Son can return to Earth.

I need you to understand, My children, that these times are not normal times, these are times that are different from other times and other cycles that different civilizations and different races in humanity have experienced.

This is the time to cross the threshold towards redemption, and to be able to live within yourselves this process of redemption so that humanity and the Earth may have an opportunity.

Today, I am here, My children, accompanying each one of you in the silence and quietude of My Heart. I radiate toward you and give you My Graces so that you can have more strength and  keep moving forward.

You must not be surprised by everything that you will see, although inexplicable and unexpected situations may happen.

The Hierarchy knows that humanity is not conscious of what it has generated and of what it has produced throughout the times in order to today arrive to this moment of a planetary turning point; therefore I tell you again about the importance of being united to God and of placing your consciousness in the Heights, no matter what happens, so that none of My Children, or at least most of them, may not become pulled and dragged by the planetary transition, and by the events that will come and unfold upon the surface of the Earth.

Your only faith must be in the Heights, in the nonmaterial and in the cosmic; in this way, the currents of the universe will come to help you and will lead you to understand all events, beyond the situations that may emerge.

You will be able to accompany the hard times, with more maturity and determination,  and you will know how to help your neighbor.

There is a part that corresponds to humanity; we cannot fulfill this part, nor can we intervene. This is the cycle in which each human being becomes responsible for their actions and their attitudes before the planetary moment, before the transition of humanity.

But now, My Children, it is important to maintain a strong faith and confidence in the Father, because the help from the universe will never lack for you. For some reason and motive, we are here to accompany you, to sustain and guide you.

If your consciousnesses and mainly your minds are positioned in the Heights, you will allow the Mirrors of the universe to reflect to the Earth their attributes, their powerful currents and their codes, so that humanity may be more protected and balanced, although very complex situations may be happening at this moment.

We know that the great populations of the nations will move from their place, seeking hope and an opportunity in other regions of the Earth, as it has already been happening. Therefore, it is also important to maintain your heart open in order to perceive all necessities and all realities, in order to welcome and receive those who are most in need and do not have anything; and who are the result of those who command them, of those who govern them and who lead them to live great and desperate sufferings.

With all these events and other events of the planet that you, up to the present day, do not know, and of which you are not conscious, it is the time for humanity to assume its responsibilities and make a true and clear decision. Upon this decision and this attitude will depend if the universal help can keep descending to you and to the world.

And that regions of the world may remain protected, in spite of the purification and of the transition of the planet, so that  a new humanity can be re-born and re-emerge.

The Plan of the Hierarchy will depend on the attitude of the men and women of the Earth; the Plan will be fulfilled and this will be the the objective of the Universal Hierarchies, although it may be in small groups.

The main cell, which is the family, must remain protected, because in the times of today it is much interfered with and very influenced. Just as in other times and in other civilizations, the family was protected and supported in spite of its tests and sufferings, in such crucial moment as this, the family must remain united to God and to His Divine Consciousness; in this way, nothing external nor internal will disturb it.

My Children, the Human Genetic Project wants to be defeated, and it is high time you perceived and realized this. But your consciousnesses and mainly your hearts must not be submerged in this occurrence but rather in the effort, in the diligence, in the dedication, in the surrender and the fulfillment of this project, day by day, by means of your  acts and your works of charity and prayer to the universe.

Remember that, on this planet and in its innermost worlds, sacred locations are kept that could regenerate and recondition the surface of the Earth; but it just so happens that the moment has not yet arrived. It is important that humanity goes through this transition and, depending on its attitude and on its actions, this transition will be lighter or stronger.

The facts, the events and the consequences that happen are exclusively the responsibility of the human being, of this race that is upon the Surface of the Earth.

Everything was given, everything was donated with love and dedication so that a civilization could emerge in the degrees of love and in the evolution of consciousness.

But duality has not been defeated, duality must still be transmuted, liberated and redeemed so that the balance and harmony may be within the beings and all can be in contact with God and thus fulfill His Plan, His aspirations and His promises.

The moment will come when My Son will return; He will return in a surprising and unexpected way. He will be seen in many places of the world, He will be recognized, although many will also reject Him, because He will come with an unknown aspect, never before revealed to humanity.

But the moment will come after His apparitions, after His Presence, and when He again approaches the human consciousness, this is when He will show who He truly is, just as He ascended to the Heavens and attained His greater degree of evolution of consciousness and of love.

It will be the moment in which the forces of chaos and the adversary will be defeated, and the government of this planet will again be granted to the Universal King, as it was granted when He was born on this Earth and among you, to bring you the good news of redemption and the opportunity to again find the path toward the Light.

We, all the Hierarchies, are contemplating the good events, facts and happenings that humanity experience through the consciousnesses, the souls that offered to live and express Christic Love.

Everyone who has lived this experience throughout the times, the generations, are being contemplated and at this moment helping the human consciousness in the inner planes to know how to make a good decision, and that this decision may have beneficial repercussions throughout the rest of the planet.

Now the moment has come to withdraw into the Heart of God and to seek, above all events, the essence of Peace.

Today I send this special message to the world to be Heard and remembered by all, knowing that the Universe also experiences a transition and that, each day more, we are reaching a culminating moment, when everything will be defined, when everything will become more clear, when uncertain realities will end and, at last, the Kingdom of God will be able to be established.

But for this, many situations must end, My children. The planet must cleanse what weighs on it and all that which hurts in it, all that it has received from humanity of the surface throughout time.

Everything will be reconfigured, re-established and re-ordered so that there may exist a new opportunity and the Plan can return to its origin, to its beginning, to its essence. Therefore, the movements will be strong, will be determining and unexpected.

For this, throughout the last times, we have prepared you, instruction has been your key to live these times of Armageddon, and to be united to the Plan of God and to His divine consciousness by means of the word of the Hierarchy.

In an extraordinary way, I send these words to the world and especially to those who sustain the Islands of Salvation so that the codes, attributes, gifts and virtues may remain present upon the surface of the Earth; and so that those who suffer, who undergo pain and who do not have anything may know someday that Love, the Love of God did not dissolve from the heart of humanity and from some places of the Earth. That Love can rebuild everything, Love can renew everything, that the Love of God can liberate you and save you.

I leave you the Light of My spirit and of My soul so that you may be led and, above all, peace and unity may be established.

In the name of the non-material Source of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; in the name of the Governments and Councils that guide and lead this and other Universes; in the name of the Confraternity and of the Celestial Brotherhood that has accompanied this race for a long time; in the name of the Voice of the Father that resounds and has repercussions as an echo through His Messengers; I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And together let us pray so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled, so that His divine Purpose may be established. Pray with Me, My children:

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand  in us
and  the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.
(Repeated three times)

I elevate these prayers, My children, to Heaven, so that the Father may hear them and in response make descend His infinite and incommensurate Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

A Tribute to the Teacher of Love

My children,

It has been a year today since the soul of My son, José Trigueirinho, rose up to Heaven to continue his trajectory in precious schools of service and of expansion of consciousness.

After his departure, many events came forward, not only in the field of service, of instruction and of prayer, which Figueira itself was able to express, but also a great need for humanitarian help on worldwide and international levels appeared.

In this way, the Sacred Tree of Figueira, which was cared for, pruned and protected by My son, José Trigueirinho, during the last thirty years, launched new seeds of instruction and of service, which up to recent times continues to sprout and provide infinite opportunities to all those who may want to avail themselves of this Grace of living an absolute giving of self.

After thirty years, when the fertile soil of each heart and disciple was lovingly cared for by My son, José Trigueirinho, the time has come for the virtues and the talents to emerge, to be at the service of the Plan of God in order to alleviate all pain by means of love.

This is the time in which all the disciples of José Trigueirinho must take their places within the Plan and commit to the Heights, to support the Islands of Salvation that, with such love, My son José Trigueirinho protected and safeguarded with his humble consciousness.

This is the time for all members of the Light-Network, as good, dedicated and  tender servers, to take up the care, the safeguarding and the maintenance of the Light-Communities, and to be more present and active, knowing that the Communities and the Light-Nuclei will be sacred spaces for the receiving and welcoming of humanitarian situations. 

Now is the time to put into practice all of the legacy received and heard during the last thirty years. It is the time to bring continuity to the Work, that which the spiritual Hierarchy sowed through the Community of Figueira.

In this way, My children, you will make it possible for the Hierarchy, upon the surface of the Communities and in the Light-Nuclei, to have spaces lovingly consecrated and donated so that the Hierarchy can continue instructing and guiding souls, so that it may continue to sow seeds of light within hearts that are awakening to the great summoning.

Let us thank the Eternal Father for having sent a humble and serving Instructor to the world, who safeguarded and protected each of His children and disciples.

I thank you for having responded to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part XII

Within the Light-Communities, especially in the island of salvation of Aurora, within its three areas, three specific bases of rescue should be set up in which residents, the consecrated and collaborators will go through a formation in first-aid and, in some cases, a technical deepening in nursing.

In the three areas, three houses or rooms should be built where there would be a consulting room, a clinic and all the equipment that a lifeguard should have available in the time of the rescue; this includes rescue ropes, a boat, special flashlights, safety belts, fire-fighting elements, tools for saving lives within water, etc. All of this equipment must be correctly ordered, as well as the three consulting rooms that will be built for use as emergency bases in the face of any situation.

These three rooms must have shifts which will be relieved each week by the residents, the consecrated and especially by the nursing technicians that will be trained. For this reason, members of the Figueira Community that specialize in the area of rescue, surveillance and nursing must have periodic rhythms within the Community of Aurora to be able to form and accompany the building of the three emergency bases or modules.

This preventative measure will assist everyone to become more prepared for taking care of any necessity. Within these modules, there must be medicines, nursing materials and emergency implements that are kept up to date monthly so that they comply with the norms of hygiene, safety, and quality.

Nothing must be done precariously or poorly; these bases will also serve as a support for the local and regional community, especially in the unpopulated areas where assistance is more scarce. I declare this as a necessity to construct the bases, as a priority, and it will move forward with the support of all members of the Light-Network.

Uruguay needs to improve its emergencies infrastructure and Aurora will be in this proposal. For this reason, the means will be sought for the residents, the consecrated and the collaborators to learn how to swim and protect themselves from possible fires, and to be knowledgeable about earthquakes, tsunamis, and unexpected large floods.

You know that the planet and the nations will be purified by the elements of nature and, for that, you must be properly trained and updated.

The doors of the Community of Aurora will be open to receive doctors and technicians in emergencies and this formation must be academically supported by the corresponding entities.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part II


The fundamental manifestation of Aurora on the surface is based on love among siblings, on an honest and true love that is built within the fraternity of Christ so that, following this, the Principles of the Celestial Father, those principles which inspire the Project of God, may be present within humanity.

In order to make all of this possible, in this new year, it is necessary to contemplate the needs of Aurora which are being carried out, stage by stage, with the collaboration of the stewards of the Work. This will allow the Center of Aurora itself to receive the celestial treasures on the inner planes; sacred tools that will make it possible to accelerate the process of the redemption of humanity.

For this very important reason, Aurora needs the collaboration of everyone to make the manifestation of its Sacred Center possible, as well as that of group life, which must have the necessary structures so that a New Humanity may be able to count on this Island of Salvation.

When I told you yesterday that Aurora has not yet completed its manifestation, it was to have you understand that the Spiritual Hierarchy still has plans and projects here, which must be materialized within the life on Earth so that the physical spaces which Aurora has may also be contemplated for the realization of the Purpose and the Plan of the Hierarchy.

The Kingdom of Aurora is not just a space for the inner knowledge of beings.

The Kingdom of Aurora must be a completely manifested space so that the task of Aurora may take place on the surface.

The time has come to be able to embrace the Project of the Hierarchy so that, on Earth and for these end times, universal life may be a reality experienced and felt by each serving heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

May My Heart of Peace be the guide that leads you to Christ

My Children,

I come in a time of chaos, ignorance and indifference toward God, toward His Plan and His Truth, to open the eyes of a generation that is getting lost in the wounds and memories of the past.

I come to reveal to you a Divine Purpose, which forever erases from your consciousnesses the obstacles that separate you from God.

And this same Purpose reveals to you, not only what the Heart of the Father offers you, but mainly, children, it brings you closer to the Truth of the Heart of God; Truth which has been hidden throughout human evolution, and now must be revealed.

I come as the Mother of the World, as your Universal Mother, so you may understand that not only eternity after this life is full of mysteries, but life itself holds secrets that have not yet been revealed, holds truths that are beginning to emerge at this time, as a last opportunity for souls to awaken.

My Heart offers you nothing more than awakening to the path of prayer, surrender, service and sacrifice.

But it is this very path that will open, in your lives, the doors to the new, and will finally bring the meaning which your souls expected to know about the existence of life on Earth.

You can already feel and perceive your own ignorance, not only before the Universe and Creation, but also before yourselves.

And what I come to do in these times, My children, is to open your eyes through the power of prayer, so that, transformed under the spirit of humility, you can enter into the truth that dwells within you, a universe as vast and as broad as the one you see in a starry night in the sky of the Earth.

As the immensity of the sky, as the infinity of the stars, so it is within each of My children, because He who created you, in His image and likeness, is infinite and unknown.

The likeness to God is not limited to the appearance of humankind. The likeness with God is kept in a deep mystery that dwells in your hearts, and that keeps in itself the true reason for which God created this humanity.

Each being of this Earth, My children, is a renewing potential of the Divine Consciousness.

From your most profound and sincere experiences of love, the Creator derives His renewal, the re-creation of His Divine Creation.

I know that this is a mystery, almost incomprehensible for the creatures of the Earth, but this is due to the great blindness, and ignorance of humanity.

To enter into the celestial Mysteries, you must have a humble and simple heart, and your Heavenly Mother grants you this heart through prayer that transforms you inside and out, that transforms your lives and, therefore, life on Earth.

I come as your Divine Mother to lead you, by the hand, to a higher Purpose.

I want, My children, that in this last time of awakening, you may not only know Christ, but you may be in Christ, what God has thought for your lives and for this world.

You are still in time to transform this planet into a sacred planet, to build and inhabit the islands of salvation, which will serve as the beginning of the new when the time comes.

But this, beloved children, begins in the small and in the true. It begins with the Rosary in your hands and the Heart in God; it begins with sincere service and the true interest that your brothers and sisters also receive the best; it begins by listening to the Words of God through His Messengers, and by following and living these Words, because when you least expect, they will be alive and consolidated in your inner world.

And it is there that all eyes that look at you will find an example, and all hearts that feel you will feel God, because you will be called His instruments, His companions.

Today I reveal to you a path, and I extend My Hands to you, so that you may allow Me to lead you to the new; to the eternal and unfathomable Heart of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call, and following My steps as Mother and Pilgrim.

The souls that are awakening are in jubilation and the planet feels relief in its heart.

All this is due to the effort of each one of My children.

I bless you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


As in scrolls of light, God's Designs descend to the world and are delivered to the hands of men, through His Messengers.

The Creator Father told them: "Go and fulfill My Plan, without understanding, without analyzing, without resisting, go and fulfill My Plan with love, with courage, with the gratitude that is born of the spirit and manifests itself in human works and actions.”

The Creator, children, invites you, at this time, to manifest a truly fraternal Work renewed by His Spirit, where the sacred can dwell and all souls find their space, their place, unique and irreplaceable.

Contemplate the Will of God for this world, as well as for each being and you will understand that I come in this time to teach you to love and to transform this world of chaos and war.

Beloved children, with the portals open to Heaven, I come to invite you to allow this Celestial Kingdom, still hidden to the human heart today, to manifest itself on Earth.

I come to call you not only to prayer and to the awakening of a superior life that for many is still invisible; I come so that you to may learn to manifest on Earth what you seek in the highest of Heavens, and so that you thus no longer spend your lives seeking something that you will never reach, but so that you may be builders of what humanity is seeking to find, and so that you, children, may be the hands that are extended before the souls so that they may see and feel that what they have so much been looking for is palpable for them.

I come to invite you to be the ones who concretize My Plans, manifesting the superior life, and so that it may not only be spiritual but also palpable and be part of your humanity, and compose the spirit of what man manifests in matter.

In a world of wars, in a world of abysses inside and outside of beings, I come to call you to be the new, and to always be willing to be others, accompanying the flow of transformation of the Universe so that in all stages of the planet souls may find in you what they need.

I ask you, My children, to observe the celestial Designs, to understand how the Will of God moves because I won’t always be here to dictate the way to you, and for that moment your hearts should be one with the Divine Will and Wisdom, because you love it, respect and revere it, because you live and know it and experience it every day.

The time has come for the islands of salvation to fulfill their role. The world is agonizing and the life of the spirit must no longer be selective, everyone must be able to find their place and the door open to discover their way of serving God.

This cycle is a cycle of last opportunities for many spirits. Understand that your evolution and that of many of your brothers and sisters are defined at this time, in this cycle of the planet. That's why, everything that you can do for others to find God is little.

My children are lost in this world and I come to find them. For that, I must make of those, who already hear Me, My Feet that walk in the world, My Arms that guard the souls, My Hands that extend to help, My Eyes that find the lost, My Heart that welcomes those who feel abandoned and forgotten by God, and by the world.

Therefore, children, today accept ,more than the life of prayer, the life that leads you to be instruments of God in the world, and be part of My Heart and an extension of My Presence.

May this Work be the embassy of My Peace on Earth, and all of you proclaimers of My Presence.

I love and thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With My great Celestial Consciousness, from the thirteenth dimension of the spiritual plane, every day at three o'clock in the afternoon, I fully descend for a period in order to establish the divine codes of My Glorification in the deep consciousness of awakened humanity.

Despite the fact that at this time humanity is submerged in an appalling material battle, your Master and Lord, from the thirteenth dimension of the One Divine Consciousness, descends in splendor and in light to pour out unalterable states of peace in certain places of the world, which will allow the planet to still be kept on its axis and in balance.

I come every day from that higher dimension, without restriction and without obstacles, to prepare those of Mine for the great and awaited moment in which the Son of the Father will return among the clouds, to bring the captivity of humanity to an end.

While what is most serious is still to take place, from the thirteenth dimension of the Divine Consciousness, your Master brings all the luminous and ascendant impulses to the inner universes of beings that you will need to be able to faithfully represent Me in humanity, in this time.

For this, in a short while, I will introduce those of Mine to the true Aspect of your Master and Lord. And when that Aspect is revealed to the whole world at the most critical moment of the Earth, none will be able reject it or deny it. On the contrary, the higher revelation will be so strong and intense that there will be no believer or atheist able to resist.

Thus, Your Master and Lord activates important events in this area of the planet’s hemisphere, preparing this part of the race as a witness to the coming of Christ to the Earth.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who paternally blesses you,

Your Redeemer, Christ Jesus


By means of the Light-Communities and the Marian Centers, that must be founded within this next cycle, in the height of the Andes of Ecuador and of Colombia, your Master and Lord will create, from the plane of the spirit, the first refuges and spaces of material protection for the most acute time of the Armageddon.

For this reason, the foundation of the new Communities, which at first will be nuclei of love and of light, must count on the unconditional support of all the members of the Work; because just like the future Community in Mount Shasta, the Spiritual Hierarchy will have a manifested space where it will be able to deposit and keep the Sacred Treasures of the Universe.

As everything is still to be manifested, from the spiritual plane to the material plane, the first step for those responsible for such work and its sustenance will be their internal and permanent union with the Hierarchy so that, beginning with this union, all spiritual principles of the Communities may be visible and conscious within the souls that will be part of this important task.

While your Master fervently expects the concretion of these next Communities, never forget that everything sustained and fulfilled for the Communities is out of love for the Divine Hierarchy, so that this humanity may count on spiritual resources that may help it to take its steps toward redemption.

Therefore, everything you do and everything you offer to the Light-Communities, from the smallest to the greatest, will be for the permanence of the Hierarchy present there, in each human heart, as in each space.

In this time, within the Communities, that is, within the islands of salvation of the end of times, there will only live consciousnesses that, with reverence and obedience, follow the definitive steps of the Hierarchy; otherwise it would be impossible to project a New Humanity, a new consciousness.

I wish for you to remember, in the coming times, that your Master and Lord patiently waits, with fervor in His Heart, for the concretion of the next points of light and love in Ecuador and in Colombia, lands appreciated by God since the beginning.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The House of the Child King

Dear children,

It is with joy, bliss and rejoicing that your Celestial Mother arrives today at the Marian Center of the Child King to consecrate the House of Prayer that will be especially dedicated in honor, healing and reparation of all the children of the world.

It is for this reason that this Marian Center was consecrated to the Child Jesus since the beginning, so that all the children who arrive here may enter into communion with the Heights and thus heal their deepest wounds.

I still feel that this Marian Center, which today conceives in its main core the new House of Prayer, represents for the universe an Island of Salvation and a new Ark of the Divine Covenant between souls and God.

The House of Prayer of the Child King can undertake the task for which it was created at this time; a task that will be to pray and to offer to God each encounter, just as each monthly liturgy of the Marian Center, for the salvation of the little and most helpless ones throughout the world.

I will use each liturgy of this new House of Prayer to prevent the exploitation, the trafficking and the selling of the little ones so that, through it, I can save their essences, which are now lost, as well as rescue, with My own hands, all the children and youth who are being taken along the same path.

The manifestation of this new House of Prayer, at the Marian Center of the Child King, will try to justify before the Eternal Father the faults, outrages and omissions that a great part of the adult humanity commits against the little ones of the world.

That is why today I come to ask that this Marian Center and, especially the new House of Prayer, dedicates a special liturgy daily for the salvation, protection and repair of the children of the world, as well as a monthly meeting at the same Marian Center, where the little ones can, through prayer, art and music, offer to God their little hearts as a reparation for the great imbalance caused in this world.

If these requests are fulfilled, as the recent manifestation of the House of Prayer was, I promise, as the Mother of all, to remove from the hands of the adversary and their oppressors on Earth all the children who are victims of exploitation and abuse. I promise to disarm and expose everything that is hidden and unfair regarding this. I promise to take care and help, one by one, the souls of the most helpless children.

I have been waiting for so long for this new House of Prayer, that in the meeting that we will have in these next days, your Mother and Queen of the children of the world will arrive accompanied by the Child King so that He, in His infinite Glory, blesses you, and may this mission, which from today on you will undertake, be always filled with many Graces.

But, if in this House of Prayer you bring Me the children most in need of help and if they are baptized at the feet of the holy image of Mary, I promise to withdraw them from the profound and unfair pain that affects them. I also promise, in the name of the Child King, to return the joy of living and the spiritual feeling of their lives.

It is the mission of all collaborators and volunteers of the state of Rio de Janeiro to take on this task that I entrust you with today for the salvation and the rescue of the children of the world.

Lastly, I wish for, inside the House of Prayer, a mural with faces of the children of the world, of all peoples and all races, so that whoever enters this House may feel called to pray for the little ones.

May your hearts rejoice on this day because the Mother of God will be among you offering each prayer, each song and each gesture of love to God for the salvation of the children.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The next Pilgrimage for Peace on the European continent will be considered the new seedbed of the light, because through the great field of inner instruction, souls with a higher degree of resistance will find the portal where they may cross over towards a new level of consciousness.

Thus, this next pilgrimage will be the sower of new seeds of instruction in the field of the European consciousness, in order that souls not only awaken to the reencounter with God, but also feel themselves motivated to be a part of the Islands of Salvation that are being raised within the European continent, and in this way, all of the European consciousness may take a step towards a life of service, leaving behind the superficiality of things.

I want My children who will collaborate in the manifestation of this next pilgrimage to know that they will have the possibility of amply contributing in the process of the Plan of Salvation of My Son.

The foundations of the Campaign for Peace on the European continent will motivate consciousnesses to awaken to the collaboration with and to the materialization of this divine Purpose for Europe.

This is the reason for which said pilgrimage will begin in Portugal, so that all the impulses that will be received may favor and help the greatest number of consciousnesses that, in these times, will be returning to the paths that they had in the past left behind, paths which lead to the Heavenly Brotherhood.

I thank you for materializing My plans of Peace in the world.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Sacred House of Mary, Madre Paulista, city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

On this day, God has more Mercy for the world on seeing that a great number of His servers strive and struggle tirelessly to fulfill the Plan of Love.

And so, My children, your Heavenly Mother receives permission to reach those places in the Work, where greater and more urgent help is needed.

The offering of each collaborator of the Plan builds and rebuilds what has already begun. It is in this way that the adherence of consciousnesses collaborates in the manifestation of that precious Plan of Salvation, of which many form part of.

So that this Plan of Salvation to be fulfilled in these times, the collaborators of the Plan must spiritually work twice as hard as they have worked, so as to not fall neither into the dimension of hypnotism nor into blindness.

Thus, children, your contribution at each stage of this Plan of Love allows the reinforcement of the protective barriers that separate souls from the abysses of perdition and constant illusion.

The path of the oldest collaborators of the Plan will be to place themselves on the step which  corresponds to each one, and above all, to unite, no matter what happens, so that this Work, which is of all My serving children, may be accomplished.

Remain attentive, available and in constant giving.  In this way, children, you will maintain the doors open to My divine intercession, and the Islands of Salvation will always be protected by the Celestial Universe and by all its angels.

It is time to extend your arms further into service and not to lower them, for the Lord needs you to be able to have an awareness and love for the true spiritual reality of these times.

Lastly, My children, remember that these Islands of Salvation are your homes of light, they are seedbeds for new lost souls to awaken.

Thus, if you live each stage of the Work with profound surrender and self-giving, I assure you that you will be far from human indifference, and above all, from illusion.

The Work must be accomplished until My Son returns, and you have been called for that great and challenging mission.

I thank you for responding to My call, to the call of the Lord.

Who blesses you, under the Light of the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With a ray of Light of My Heart I penetrate the Earth with Grace, and moving the Mirrors of the Cosmos towards the planet, souls receive and capture the impulses of the Universe.

The great power plants of the Cosmos retransmit its codes to humanity and the spirits united with the Father receive the gifts that, as from today, will be a part of their evolution.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos emanate infinite impulses and all beings of goodwill find an inner meaning to their lives. And in this way, a deep communion is established between souls that awaken and God.

Everything renews itself. To the point where those who used to be far from the Christic path resume their commitment of yore, and in this way, the Glorious Face of Christ is drawn over the light of the Mirrors, and new sublime codes are introduced in the matrix essence of creatures.

Those souls feel the impulse; those souls feel the call. Nothing is lost.

Hearts manage to quench their age-old thirst and after so many centuries and after so many experiences, the future race, formed by Mirror beings, awaken their main mission.

What is that main mission?

That of radiating the Love from the Source to a planet in darkness.

Each soul receives from the Universe what it needs, and each heart is nourished by new and unknown Laws.

What before seemed impossible to a human consciousness, the acquired spiritual impulse makes redeemable, and their soul places itself on the step that corresponds to it within the Plan.

Everything is transformed and the doors to Cosmic Knowledge are opened so that creatures may rediscover their essences and their original purity.

But the hour indicates that the most conscious beings, the tireless servants, must be attentive to the movement of the Mirrors, for the time has come for illuminating the consciousness and having these impulses be as if they were the last.

Drink of the knowledge and believe that it is this Divine Water that will quench the thirst for knowing who you are in truth and what you have come to fulfill.

It is in this way that the Laws resurrect old collaborators of the Evolutionary Plan, so that the sick planet may be healed by the virtues and the tools that each sun will offer to the Universal Father.

We are in the end times and the sacred Instruction of the Universe will make each soul and each being more conscious and helpful.

A stage closed in the last months and a new one has already begun.

Do not miss the opportunity of unveiling inner mysteries and of bringing them to the surface of your consciousness so that they serve as a cooperation with the Plan.

The material and inner time is precious. You have never crossed such a definite threshold before. You have never known the Portal towards the Real Time of the Universe before this. Because the time has come to penetrate into it through the flow of love of the heart.

Because in this way, no matter what happens, or how much the Earth trembles, you will be in profound brotherhood and the fruit given by the Fig Tree*, as a sacred tree, will serve as aid and as support for those who will have a spiritual hunger for evolutionary matters.

Be attentive, each step you take will mark a fulfillment of new stages. It is time to abandon the individuality of consciousness and to embrace forever the fraternal group life.

Remember, children, the words of Jesus: “Love one another as I have loved you”.

May this be your firm premise and may the Laws of Spiritual Unity among beings be fulfilled, so that indifference, omission, and abandonment may be extirpated from the unconscious of this humanity.

In this way, you will be able to be in communion and service with all the human and planetary needs which will emerge overnight.

I wish, children, that each stage that you live be well taken advantage of and that nobody else, consecrated or non-consecrated, closes the door to the cosmic assistance that is arriving.

So rediscover your true civilization and be part of this Divine Project that must be carried out through the faithful and conscious collaboration of everyone.

May the Islands of Salvation appear after having been built by the hands of all.

May My Children be true caretakers of these Islands, and be guardians of the Grand Portal through which Christ will appear for this world.

Pour your miseries into My Heart, for I will transform them and they will be, in a short while, roses in My Garden of Light.

Believe in the true and the pure which exists within you, and in this way, the Earth will be repopulated by new principles of love and of unity.

Do not cease to capture what the Mirrors are emanating; they indicate to humanity that an end cycle is being lived.

Forward, My warriors of Peace!

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you with the Light of all the Cosmos,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Child King, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I Am the Always Immaculate Virgin

On this day, dear children, when all the Heavens proclaim My purest and most divine Immaculate Consciousness, I would like the coming of your Heavenly Mother to be proclaimed in the Heaven of this Marian Center of the Child King.

I want each of My children present here to be able to awaken their immaculate spirit within themselves, held in the deep essence of each being.

Because of this, on this day your Mother, the Immaculate Conception, comes to this Marian Center to finish founding and erecting the spiritual bases that will make of this place one of the first islands of planetary rescue for the Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human and Devic Kingdoms.

Throughout these recent years, during which this Center was being built, you, dear children, experienced and learned unconditional service and love.

In this cycle, when the human consciousness will need to be guided in its experience of redemption and purification, I lovingly invite you to enter into a mature practice of the Law of Hierarchy so that each step taken here may be permeated by the purest Love of God and of His whole Celestial Consciousnesses.

I need, children, that from now on your hearts prepare to experience a new cycle, a cycle of conscious and inner instruction that will begin with the impulses that the entire Spiritual Hierarchy will give to this planet.

Having already formed the bases of fraternity, of service and of love, you will be able, as in other times, to together take this step for the common good and for a Greater Purpose.

Today I leave you the remembrance of My Immaculate Conception so that on this February 11th, from the Marian Center of Lourdes, there may again arise the innocence that this humanity and this planet so need in order to experience their awakening and redemption.

I am happy to return to the manger of the New Earth to see the little Child Jesus in each one of you. I am grateful because you have received Me with love and devotion.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with the Triune Flame,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While My feet walk in Venezuela, I ask you for more inner prayer, that your power of prayer be concentrated in the proclamation and in the spiritual request so that this situation may calm down.

Especially to the Venezuelans, I ask that you be peacemakers of Christ in this moment; this will be your test and your exam before the Father and in the face of so much inequality.

I am making a request for piety, My children; do not try to confront or to oppose all that My adversary generates; the essence of everything that he causes is to tempt souls so that they may miss their chance of evolving.

This is why the time has come to prepare the islands of salvation, so that the immigrants and the castaways may find a place where they can begin their life again.

It will be the mission of the children of Mary to activate this network of prayer for Venezuela, offering all possible efforts to your Heavenly Mother; above all, My children from Brazil have this task so that this nation that is so dear to Me not be colonized by chaos, which is experienced in many nations.

Now we are entering the hard tests for the nations in these times. With hope and love, raise up your prayers, despite all that happens; thus I, as the Mother of all, will be able to be closer to receive you and guide you toward the Purpose of Light.

I love you and want you not to get involved with evil and with all that it does; evil has its end, because it does not know or understand love; on the contrary, Light wins because Light is in the Eternal Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Pray for the Americas,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Through My presence and the presence of the group that peregrinates with your Heavenly Mother, I am deactivating spiritually what could make half of this city completely disappear, that in its majority is indifferent to the call of God and does not welcome Him.

It is so that your Heavenly Mother and Her missionaries in sacrifice offer themselves to be in the State of São Paulo during the month of October so that the consciousnesses who are here will realize that it is time to leave the point they have reached, time to not remain in their comfort.

Therefore, My children, the Heaven and all that forms the Celestial Universe has its gaze detained in the events that take place in this city of São Paulo; also the Universe observes if the servers of the Most Holy Mother are understanding the importance of keeping alive the house offered for the adoration of the Lord.

It is no longer a time, My beloved ones, to justify yourselves before the urgent need of responding to a call, as well as to the warning, that your most beloved Heavenly Mother makes.

For this reason, a state of permanent transmutation has been installed and some of My missionaries participate and collaborate in this juncture that intends, until the end of October, to leave a seed of greater consciousness.

Therefore all the people from São Paulo, as well as all My children from Brazil and from the world, should have as a goal to collaborate with your Heavenly Mother, for an extraordinary balance and harmony to be installed in the city of São Paulo and for it to be deserving of a greater time of peace.

Your Heavenly Mother invites you to collaborate with the mission to Central America and Mexico in the name of all those who could do it and do not do it.

I want from you a constant operative attitude and not static one. I wish that, as in previous times, the people from São Paulo can come out and help in the maintenance that your house – the beloved Nucleus and island of salvation – performs in the Divine Plan.

I thank you for welcoming each one of My words.

Who waits for you to be more awaken,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of My Heart is near

Dear children,

Do not fear nor despair because the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near and the hell of the Earth will be sealed.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the great powers will tremble; the ground beneath your feet will be removed and there will be no stone left on top of another.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will oppose it, the Kingdom of God is approaching and all souls will see it in the Second Coming of the Redeemer.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the false kingdoms of the world will perish because once again the Love of My Son will triumph, which is the Love of the Living God.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and I will reignite the fallen stars, and make them so similar to My Love that no one will believe it.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the Crown of Light of My head will shine in the abysses to remove from illusion those who sleep and are deceived by humanity.

The triumph of My Love is near and the beasts will tremble at that moment because their great and anticipated defeat will be near and the fallen angels will be rehabilitated.

Have faith and trust because the triumph of My Plan is near and I will prevent, above all, one nation from opposing another nation.

The triumph of My Divine Heart is near, first within those who were self-summoned to this mission of peace in the world.

My children, see the great triumph of My Heart already realized, for the conversion of your lives and souls, at the moment when each one of you must ask God for forgiveness.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the forces of evil will lose the battle after I have protected, in My desert, each of My children. There, the armies and celestial powers will descend to the planet to allow the power of the Love of My Immaculate Heart  to triumph in the great abyss of the Earth.

My Grace sustains you and calms you so far; the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain without being taken into account because everyone will be warned before the end of time that will come.

Dear children, despite everything, know that the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain unprotected if in simple humility you ask me to do so. There I will be, to embrace and protect you from all adversity under My Mantle.

Now, beloved children, while everything is about to happen, I lovingly ask you to allow My maternal Plan of Love to triumph in each Marian Center, just like in each Light-Community, which I so lovingly protect.

Make service, charity and good triumph in every Light-Community. Make the Islands of Salvation triumph, which will be shelters for a great part of humanity. Open your hearts to what I tell you today.

Triumph and unite every day through love. My time amongst you is now ending and, from Heaven, I want to see the fruits of this planetary Work. The Communities are your internal and external shelters, they are the space where your bodies can rest protected when chaos settles in humanity.

Value the divine heritage which the universe has given you because shortly you will understand what I am telling you today.

Dear children, the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will also be given by your surrender and self-giving to all the Communities, which are the foundations of the Marian Centers.

Dear children, with your hearts wide open after having received so many gifts and instructions, at least say to your Heavenly Mother: Yes, Divine Mother, I will respond to this Work and, until the end, I will do whatever is necessary so that the Heavenly Plan of Your Immaculate Heart may triumph!

Dear children, I will be grateful that on all the holy days of the Lord, you live and work with this affirmation so that more souls may receive, through your service, that which they are most awaiting. 

The triumph of My Heart will be given to all humanity by their inner response to My Plan.

May Medjugorje not stop shining within your hearts, just like every Marian Center which I have consecrated for the salvation of humanity.

I thank you for understanding Me and for living My call!

Who loves you and elevates you to the Kingdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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