Dear children,

As Lady of the Nativity of Jesus, today I invite you to build an inner manger within yourselves during this time, through prayer, so that your souls, united with that of Christ, may be able to be reborn and renewed in the attributes of the Sacred Family, so that this Universal Sacred Family may today be a reality upon this planet.

For this, My children, today many prepare for the coming of the Child King by building mangers, to remember that important event of the Birth of Jesus as a doorway to freedom from human slavery and the redemption of the errors of humankind upon the surface of the Earth.

Today, in a particular way, your Divine Mother contemplates the creativity in the preparation of the mangers, and this is very important, because a greater number of souls lovingly preparing their mangers will allow the Sacred Spirit of the Holy Family of Nazareth to be present in the nuclei of the families.

For the special vigil of Christmas Eve, on December 24, 2019, I invite all My children to this year send photos of their mangers so that they may be presented as an inner offering of commitment in the protection of the love of families.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


New Earth Community: Rose of Redemption

Behold your Heavenly Mother, who carries in Her humble hands the Rose of Redemption, the most precious flower amongst all flowers, the gift that becomes possible in the souls most in need of healing and forgiveness.

Behold the Rose of Redemption, formed by the beauty, love and service of all selfless souls.

Behold the Rose of Redemption, the one that I contemplate, protect and care for the most so that, intact and pure, it may last throughout time and even longer.

Behold, in my hands and in offering, the Rose of Redemption, integrated by the light of each little soul that has reencountered the path towards God and is now in the Arms of your Eternal Father.

Behold, amongst you, the marvelous Rose of Redemption that has expressed the virtues of each being, a Rose that has kept within itself the memory of an experience of love between brothers and sisters, which has become inexhaustible.

Behold, beloved children, the Rose of Redemption, that is offered today at the Feet of the Creator as a testimony that it is possible to live conversion, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Behold now, before your Heavenly Mother, the Rose of Redemption, that holds the aromas of brotherhood, perseverance and the constant battle to achieve the love of the heart and express it in all that exists.

Behold the Rose of Redemption, a Rose that has given new roses and has made many lives beautiful, making them worthy in this humanity and upon this planet.

Behold My favored Rose of Redemption, a Rose that has witnessed your love for Christ and for your Heavenly Mother, a Rose that has persisted before many dry storms and extreme conditions.

Behold the Rose of Redemption, a Rose that has become an example for other roses that are appearing on the path of devotion, unconditional surrender and service.

Behold the Rose of redemption that has gathered the synthesis of all created Kingdoms and that protects the continuity and existence of each one of them.

Behold, My children, the Rose of Redemption, a Rose that has converted sadness into joy, error into forgiveness, bitterness into bliss and faults into profound redemption.

Behold, My children, before My altar, the living Rose of Redemption, a rose formed by the light of your hearts, by the devotion of your spirits, by the constancy in your daily work.

This is the Rose that I present today before the Celestial Father as the greatest fruit, of the impossible that becomes possible, of the unrescuable that become rescuable.

This is the Rose of healing love, love that unites and strengthens, love that comprehends the incomprehensible, love that vivifies that which is losing life.

Behold, children, the Rose of Redemption, the most precious Rose of your Celestial Mother, a Rose that will leave the example that everything is possible, beyond everything. 

Behold the Rose of the liberation from the past and of reunion with the essence of life, of the union with the Kingdoms of Nature and with the Creator, this is the Rose that has made it possible to achieve, in this place and in this Community, a sincere path towards peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Old Law of Purification

Since the first day in which My Mother Mary presented Me in the Temple of the Lord, the High Priest recognized before his eyes and before the eyes of the wisest that they were before the Virginal Purity of God.

As an act of humility, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph carried as an offer to the Temple the symbol of two doves, which mysteriously represented the Holy Spirit during the circumcision of Jesus.

From that day on, the Law of Purification became the Law of Consecration for all beings.  Christ, as the Child King, brought a deep change for the life of all consciousnesses.  He was the Messiah who announced the liberation from the sin of the people and, consequently, of humanity, through the power of the Love of God.

Therefore, today, do not fear to be before the present law of purification because whoever aspires to the Life of the Infinite will be able to achieve the consecration of their heart to God.  No one reaches the Father without having first gone through the purification of body, mind, and spirit.

The Child King, from His consecration in the Temple of Jerusalem, brought the opportunity to reverse the sins and aspects of life through compassion.  Do not see yourselves as so impure, see your beings in the cycle of the fiery purification of earthly life.

The Merciful Jesus is the Spring that will wash you and at the same time show you all that must be purified by the brave soul who dares to live it.

You are in a time of a deep redemption of capital sins.  Therefore, confirm your faith in the Lord God Almighty so that Christ may receive the permission to liberate you and help you during the great purification.

Offer your miseries to the Universe.  Today, I invite you to enter the temple of purification so that more souls may soon be consecrated to the precious Plan of the Creator.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for purifying yourselves through My Redeeming Love!

Christ Jesus

Who are we?

Association Mary
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