Friday, August 24 of 2018

Daily messages

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to have the presence of God in its life.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to carry within itself the Creator of all things.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to always have, in spite of its miseries, the possibility of Divine Mercy.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to be what it is, created by God, and carry within itself the Purpose of the Father for its life, even though it is unknown.

Human life is an unfathomable grace for your souls and your spirits, a unique opportunity for the redemption of all Creation, an opportunity for the renewal of Divine Consciousness Itself.

But the human heart, unknown to itself, becomes entangled everyday in distractions, deceits and in everything that it is not and that it believes to be.

If the human heart lifted its eyes up above sometimes, not to cry out for itself but to find God, life on earth would be different because God's own conscious presence would make it different.

If the human heart was lifted up to the Father in gratitude for His Creation and, for an instant, recognized the unfathomable Grace that He grants with life, what human beings manifest in life would be different.

If the human heart, for an instant, meditated upon Truth and sought the Truth about the Plan of God, about life, about this planet and all the others, its expression as a being would be different.

The things of God are simple and are accessible to all beings, for all, in His Creation, were born from the same Source; multiplied parts of a same God, with the same possibilities of living Love, but with different possibilities of ending this path, so that their evolution would be diverse and rich.

The difference among human beings is only apparent and superficial; that is why I speak to you of the human heart, which is what unites you and makes you part of the one only Plan and the one only Life. For all, the Purpose is the same and Its Origin is first and unique.

That is why, as a human heart, today acknowledge the unfathomable Grace of your own existence and raising yourselves up beyond superficialities, thank God for life and for what you are so that the Truth may be expressed within and outside each one of you.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph