May peace reign in the hearts of humankind so that, through this peace, you may come to know how to find the Wisdom and the Love of God, to manage each situation in life.

Children, while the world is in agony and cries out for support and real love, most of humanity loses itself in distractions and indifference, in conflicts and in the constant stimulation of technology and chaos.

May peace always reign in your hearts. Do not allow yourselves to be stimulated and influenced by the individualistic and egotistical speeches of these times, but instead always remember to serve and love unconditionally; remember to look at your neighbor with love and move beyond their errors and miseries so that, in this way, you may mutually help each other to arrive to God.

Before correcting, you must first love, so that your correction does not transform into judgment, but rather it may be an instrument for souls to resume their path to God. When looking at your brothers and sisters, before observing their defects, seek the perfection of God and ask for the Grace of feeling the Love of the Father for His creatures.

In the final test of humanity, when each being will be tested in their love and in their faith, seek always to have the Eyes of Christ within your eyes, and the Heart of the Redeemer in your hearts. Let Him live in you more each day; yield space for the Lord and fervently ask that He may live in your inner dwellings.

Remember that, with your lives, you write the Gospel of the Return of Christ, with your lives you prepare His way, with your lives you light the torch that shows the world where there is Light in the middle of darkness.

For this reason, pray, and do not tire of praying. Serve and do not tire of stepping out of yourselves for a neighbor. Love and be compassionate. With your own lives declare the power of Mercy.

You have My blessing for this. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




We have reached the last month of the alternate year for humanity, a month in which hearts are called to be in Christ and so that the inner Christ may emerge, purify you and renew you for another year, so that you may continue to serve the Most High.

But it is also a month in which inattention and distraction will be the premises for the life of hundreds of people of this humanity.

And to not fall into that trap, idealized by My enemy, you must be attentive, vigilant and with your consciousness elevated toward the Universe, because for the human race a chronological year ends, but for the spiritual Hierarchy a change of cycle occurs again, and this new cycle will be full of challenges because it will be an important duty to be able to concretize many projects.

Thus, I invite you to remember the Hierarchy and all that the Hierarchy will give impulse to in this new stage. Because in the same way that the clock time runs, the cycles also change and the opportunities will only come around once.

December of 2019 is the preamble to the last times with the Hierarchy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


This world, in this time, children, is a sea of retrograde stimuli, it is the stage for a spiritual battle of chaos and evil, between the light of the awakening and the darkness of the unconsciousness.

That battle has its roots in the invisible, in a play of forces that stimulate and distract humanity from its true purpose, so that beings never discover who they are or what they came to do in this world. At the same time, the Creator offers you unique spiritual treasures, which give you the impulse to take a leap in evolution and in awakening, if you only make the effort to bring them to  life.

It is a battle between wisdom and ignorance, between love and indifference, between the Temple of God and the illusory temple of the world. And you, in the middle of all this, must experience your definition and take firm steps on the path that you have chosen to follow.

Think about the Purpose of God and seek to love it. Love the path you are called to live and struggle against yourselves to remain on it because this battle, on its more hidden levels, is also fought inside of you. The degenerative stimuli of life on Earth also dwells within beings.

Throughout human evolution, throughout your experiences, your errors, your misconduct, those forces gained their space within beings, and to purify them takes arduous, patient and persevering work.

Above all, children, strengthen your faith, for the one who has faith and trusts in God raises their hands to the Father and receives His assistance. Above all, seek humility, because it defeats all worldly stimuli and leads beings into surrender, which is the doorway for the Creator to be able to act in your lives.

Do not tire of struggling, of walking, of continuing on.

If you sincerely seek a humble heart, you will not so easily get tired, because humility wins the battles through surrender. Humility wins the battle through a meek heart. The one who is humble defeats pride with their simple presence. Thus, children, cultivate this humility within yourselves.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When nations suffer, they hide their suffering in chaos, in distractions, in modernities and in pleasures, which distance the feelings of pain and of loneliness that spiritually inhabit their consciousness.

When a nation is empty of God in spite of its apparent religiosity, the darkness hides in the appearances and dominates hearts that live in lie, sin and deceit.

The Creator comes to this place, children, to grant an opportunity of Mercy to the souls that have condemned themselves to eternal suffering. He comes to free those who believe they know God from lies, and who meanwhile experience deceiving themselves and others, but not the Creator of all things.

So infinite is the Love of your Celestial Father, that He sends His Light into the abysses of the planet, and where it seems that darkness will reign forever and will submit souls to its illusions, there arrives the Divine Hands, offering forgiveness, redemption and healing.

Those who know how to embrace the path of prayer and repair their faults and sins through service and awakening will generate merits so that many others who remained half-asleep may receive forgiveness and Mercy during the last moment of their lives.

We came here for a nation that is spiritually dying because of the weight of its faults, because of the great emptiness of its spirit. So great is the abyss of its sins that its spirit cannot manage to rise up alone to cry out to God.

Thus, children, I come to call on you to pray, pray for these people, for this nation, and for all the beings in it that are in need of a greater Grace to free themselves from the chains of sin. Cry out for Mercy and for forgiveness, cry out for redemption.

If just a few are capable of opening their heart to God, it will already be enough so that others do not become lost and so that this nation does not cease to exist, but rather is able to recover its filiation with God.

Cry out and ask the Father to send His Spirit and His Light to the world; in this way, all will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


See that the cross of the world is already approaching. It is not in the pain or the challenges that your eyes or your heart should be fixed on. Contemplate the renewal of the Love of God and walk toward this purpose.

Shadows come with their harassment, sowing distractions, discord among brothers and sisters, illusions, vain glories and mundane honors. Perceive the harassment, recognize the darkness, and know how to say no to the temptations.

Remember the Universe and the Plan of God. Remember the purpose of your existence. Remember the greatness and the peace of unity and of fraternity. Make your choices according to what God has sowed in your essence, rather than what the enemy has sowed in your mind.

Clean your mind with the power of prayer and uplift your consciousness, adoring the Lord. Find refuge and protection in the Heart of God. Make of His Spirit your dwelling place and allow Him to also find rest inside of you.

The battle of this time is silent and is waged within your own heart; thus, it is much more difficult to receive the help of your brothers and sisters, and companions. The triumph of this time will occur, above all, through the persistence of your own being in God. Always lift your hands up to the Father and remember to let the Cyreneans help you when you no longer have any strength. It is in this way that, as Christ, you will renew all things.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

On this day, when once again we gather to pray, I ask you, children, to place within your prayers all of the spiritual needs that must be supplied through the light column of prayer.

The planet advances itself, entering thus into new tests while humanity is materially distracted by the novelties of these times.

And few are the armies of light who are aware of the worldly need and respond immediately. With these few, the Spiritual Hierarchy does much, stepping up to cover the greatest amount of emergencies possible.

These are not easy moments for humanity, My children, as you already know, but your response in each new prayer meeting helps many graces to descend towards the Earth, although they are not deserved. And mainly, it helps the souls of people, through the spiritual impulse of Grace, not to continue making hasty decisions that do not make sense. 

This whole situation is reflected in the nations, which are the areas most affected by the chaos that prevents the manifestation of the Plan. But that which is possible, in this time, is that the Plan be fulfilled within each one of My children so that afterwards it may be fulfilled on this planet.

Therefore, continue rowing and do not stop rowing because every inner or outer adversity will be overcome and you will find the true refuge in the Heart of the Celestial Father.

I am grateful for all the groups of prayer, for their dedication to carry out the Plan of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May every being find the key to their balance in prayer. 

In these times, souls are unmotivated to pray because life is so dense and there are so many stimuli of distraction that beings become weak, hearts become debilitated and their inner worlds lose the strength to pray and remain upon the path of prayer.

Today I tell you, children, that when you notice that you are going through this path, stop in your tracks and turn your eyes towards God. Let His word again be Sacred, through a dialogue with the Creator, and pray. Pray as you know how to, doing so with your heart, returning to your deep bond with God. 

Pray for your families and for the families of the whole world. Pray for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the hearts of humankind. Prayer is the most powerful tool in these times. It is what protects you and keeps you in spiritual, mental and emotional balance.

For this reason, children, do not stop praying, do not stop uniting your hearts to the Father, uniting your rosaries to the Rosary of light of your Divine Mother and attracting the attributes of the new life to Earth. 

We are in a time of battle in which constant prayer is your only tool to win. You must persist and sustain yourself through prayer. 

The time will come soon, when you will understand this gift that God gave you, of communication with Him through the praying word.

Up until today, prayer is a mystery to the consciousness, and, little by little, with love, you must go deeper in order to unravel it. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Third day

And now, My child, by means of your prayer, remove, from the Heart of your Master, the bloody thorn of those who slander and deny My Work in these times. 

Ask the Celestial Father for Mercy and offer Him My Pain as an atonement for all those who were with Me before and today turn their backs on Me.

How painful the thorn of betrayal is, which these companions of Mine, who are blind, cause me!

But you, My child, fix your gaze upon the infinite Mercy of God and raise your prayer and your thought to Heaven so that the angels of Justice may stop the execution of the celestial mandate, that they have received, to carry out.

Feel mercy and compassion for those who slander Me and deny My final Work in various ways.

Let the Fount of the Mercy of God be poured out, like rain, over the souls that have truly become blind for having distanced themselves from the Love of God.

Accept, with humility, the rejections and the denials that the Master received on the part of those who before used to say that they would be with Him until the end.

But, in all of this, do not seek justice nor any act of revenge on the betrayers, not even in thought.

Separate yourself from this chain of evil and act intelligently, but above all, with true love, just as I acted during the Passion.

May My Pains, which My Thorned Heart feels, serve as an atonement, as forgiveness, and as consolation, so that the doors to betrayal may be closed and all may remember that the essence of My Work for these times is based on love and unity.

Just follow My example.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Message 

Children, in the silence of My Heart is heard the introspection of God, a moment in which the Universe reflects upon the coming times. 

This is why My announcement is precise and cogent. My Word is clear to bring wisdom to the hearts. 

We have no time to lose, there is much more to mature and grow internally. 

I need you to know that the Universe contemplates this moment, above all, the beginning of this Pilgrimage in which the gathered Hierarchy will establish the new guidelines and the new principles for all those who want to adhere and be ruled by the Hierarchy. 

The Universe will not stop the steps of those who may want to continue to be free, because the Father has given them freedom, has given them the conception of life, has given them the opportunity and the joy of being able to live the Creation. 

The Universe contemplates the steps that the nations and all of their representatives take. This restricts the awakening of the Plan of God in the consciousness of humanity and the responsiveness of all creatures. 

It is time to see duality manifest and how everything is at stake. 

It is time to overcome this duality and to transcend it by means of love, a love that you have never lived, a love that you have never achieved, a love that you have not yet discovered and that you are on the way of being able to live. 

While I am here, I am with this part of humanity that needs much of the Mercy of God to be able to have an opportunity of redemption so that a door may open to the conversion of hearts and the transmutation of many lives. 

The Silence of My Heart represents the Silence of God, Who contemplates the whole Universe and especially this planet, which He created with so much love through the archangels and the angels as well as the great devas that today are banished by humanity through its actions and a great ignorance that corrodes the Kingdoms of Nature. 

But, although all these situations occur, the Kingdoms of Nature do not fail to express themselves and demonstrate what they truly are. 

When all of humanity values the Kingdoms of Nature, it will be able to find in them the regeneration of life and the healing for many illnesses. 

But still, the humankind of the surface has not understood the Creation nor the system of universal life; otherwise the effects would be different and the opportunities for souls would be different. 

In the meantime, the Spiritual Hierarchy tries to seek a solution that can benefit all of humanity, although in this time there are many who are present who offend God and destroy the Divine Plan with their actions, not only within the nations, but also within the societies, within everything that should be harmony and balance for humanity, order and justice, equality, solidarity and cooperation. 

But humanity has not incarnated these attributes in a just way yet. It believes it lives and understands them, but in its essence it has no foundations, because humanity must still learn to evolve and grow internally in order to be able to express the Divine Will, that goes beyond ideals and forms, constitutions and laws of the Earth.

When the human being decides to live the Will of God, everything will change. 

Who maintains their own will, will not be able to survive. 

I am being just and clear so that there are no misunderstandings. 

It is time to know that the Universe needs awakened consciousnesses that are capable of reflecting the Plan of God on Earth, that are capable of helping to correct everything that humanity has diverted throughout times and generations. 

For this, much effort, surrender and sacrifice will be necessary; something that is not seen in these times, because humanity is distracted and its attention is placed on other things. 

For this reason, love is what will help you to overcome this duality, and when this duality has been overcome within you, you will generate opportunities for other souls that also wait for a next step, for a next opportunity, for an extraordinary grace. 

As Higher Priest, I have come to the South of Brazil to be able to correct the deviations of this part of the country which are reflected in many more souls. 

For this reason, it is time to walk with the consciousness well awakened, letting yourselves be impelled by the ardent vigilance that the Hierarchy can imprint upon you through their impulses and their cosmic currents. 

I come to warn that there is still time to be able to correct the path for millions of souls; that there is time to be able to unite to the Will of God and to vivify it through the plan that corresponds to each one. 

When we are present, as Hierarchies, possibilities for souls and unique opportunities for consciousnesses are constructed; because what would take you years to transform can be simplified and solved in seconds by the presence of Our divine energy that comes directly from the Source to bring the energy of redemption and renewal to souls. 

The deep nucleus of the Truth must awaken in the human being of these times so that they can perceive that there is something which must be changed and it is urgent.

This will help so that the Celestial Brotherhood can act in souls and on the planet; this will allow the most sacred that exists, within this humanity and within the planet, to remain alive and resplendent, as it has been from the beginning of times. 

For this reason we have chosen to come to the South of Brazil, because here exists the roots of many perverted situations of the human consciousness, which only through love, and in love, will be redeemed and transformed by means of a true and sincere plea to the Kingdom of God. 

This will transform everything within the beings that have been perverted; this will also change the destiny of this nation. 

We have come to the South of Brazil to awaken the consciousness of wisdom and a profound reflection in the heart of each human being so that they may feel, in the most intimate, what the Universe is asking from them, and towards where the Universe is indicating for them to go forward. 

In the meantime, the Silence of My Heart proclaims a wait.

My Heart is waiting for a change and a response on the part of human beings; of a response that is constructive and evolutionary, of a response that is elevated and that has discernment. 

After so many impulses that the Father has given you, through so many generations and at all times, it is time to recover the treasure of the sacred that exists here so that the New Eden can manifest again as consciousness and purpose. 

This is all that I wanted to say to you today, as a first instance. 

The Divine Fire of transformation is touching all consciousnesses and no one will be able to oppose it, because it will reveal what in truth each being is, for the good and the glory of the Father. 

I encourage you to offer this Marathon as a path of spiritual reconstruction, not only of the consciousness of the youth, but of the other part of humanity that, despite being more adult, is very immature. 

That in the impulse of renewal, change may be concretized, and that in this change, life may be reconsecrated to the Greater Will. 

I thank you for opening the doors of your hearts to listen because My Words must not just pass, they must remain in the consciousness, because you will need them someday. 

I bless you with the Light of My Spirit and of the whole Universe. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Although you are purifying yourself, and the planet is intensely purifying itself, never cease to see the beauty within you.

Although all inner resistance is being removed and the elements of Nature are cleaning the spaces, never cease to see the beauty within you.

Although everything within you is moving and you no longer know how to begin again, and in the world only wars exist, never cease to see the beauty within you.

Because that faith in what is real and found in each being will allow humanity to be something rescuable, and in this way, more doorways of light will open so that lost and distracted souls may receive the intervention of that which is Higher and is Divine.

In these times of great movements may you never cease to see the beauty within you because this will make each moment more sublime and gentle, you will learn from each life experience and you will enrich your spirit with new instructions.

So never cease to see the beauty within you; thus, you will make room for the healing of humanity on deeper levels of consciousness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Finally somebody places their gaze on this, on My Church and chapel of the people.

Finally somebody comes to visit me in the Sanctuary so that I can pour My Graces, the Graces of a meek Heart, that cannot do it without having a place and a space to pour My Love.

But today I have found this place in the heart of Mine who, in spite of everything, comes to Me and visits Me.

I am present and attentive in all the Sanctuaries on Earth, there I can attend to their supplications.

My Heart is sorry when the souls forget Me and leave Me aside, because then I cannot do anything, I cannot give anything while the souls are distracted with the world and do not visit the Blessed Sacrament.

I encourage you to remind your brothers and sisters of this and, in spite of how empty the Churches are, to call and invite your friends to visit the Silent Blessed Sacrament at the altar.

Thus, I will give you all the treasures that I have and I will be able to pour the Fountain of My Mercy on those who most need it, and also on those who search for it in their heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ

Monthly Messages

My Rosary of Light extends to the world

My Children,

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and calls you to the true prayer of the heart so that, more than celebrating with Me another anniversary of My Apparitions in Fatima, your hearts may know how to intercede with Me for this world full of pain and anguish.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and to each human heart, calling everyone to pray and repair the Heart of God, wounded by the wars and conflicts, wounded by the outrages committed to the Kingdoms of Nature, wounded by not being able to pour over His children the source of Love and Grace that comes from His Sacred Heart.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world calling you to pray a little more for this planet, so that the prophecies I announced in Fatima one day are not fulfilled, are not manifested before your eyes.

The world still runs the risk of seeing My Words fulfilled, because they have not been attentive to the warnings I made and to the requests that I made so that  a greater time of mercy could be upon the Earth.

My children, today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and calls you to pray more for the life on the planet, because it is losing itself, it is degenerating and distorting itself by the distance that there is between humanity and God.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world so that you pray for the end of wars and of conflicts, pray for the perdition that youths live so that they may find the path that takes them to the Father and no longer lose themselves in the distractions of this time.

Today, My children, as the Lady of the Holy Rosary, I extend these beads to the world and I call you to pray with Me for a greater time of peace.

Find in prayer the door to unveil the mysteries of this time.

Find in prayer the balm to cure the illnesses of this era.

Find in prayer the secret to live peace and establish peace in the world.

Find in prayer the path that unites you as human consciousness.

Find in prayer the understanding that makes you transcend cultures, races, and religions and discover the Unity that there is between all creatures, because all of them are living parts of only One God.

Today, My children, your Celestial Mother extends Her Rosary of Light to the world, showing you that prayer and union with God is the only safe path in this time of tribulations and of chaos.

Pray to understand the events of the world and pray so that you can be a light for those who are blind. Humanity needs living examples to follow, and My children must be those examples.

Today your Mother and Lady calls you to take another step in the conscious prayer for life on Earth, and thus, My children, you will be able to enter into the Mysteries that I keep for the hearts that awaken.

I would like to reveal to you many mysteries, I would like to give you many Graces, I would like to bring you divine knowledge of which you remain ignorant since the veils covered your faces when you arrived to Earth.

But today, beloved children, before the need of the world, I just extend My Rosary of Light to all of you and call you to pray with Me for peace.

May cultures, races, nations and religions unite; may hearts unite in the likeness of God; May your hands unite with My Rosary of Light and thus peace be established inside and outside of men.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima

Monthly Messages

My children,

Place your eyes and hearts on the Truth of God, because today and from this new cycle on, I come to awaken you from the dream of this world and I come to release you from the captivities of material life.

I will come to remove from inside of you what binds you to this world and I will speak to the heart and also to all the aspects of your consciousness that resist transformation. Because the time has come for you to become others and, in the face of all that you know and all that you have received, you must not continue your lives as if the times were the same as fifteen or twenty years ago.

Children, you should no longer base your surrender and donation on the lack of surrender and on the material crisis that the world lives in this time. This crisis is the annunciation of a time of trials, and the more difficult life is on Earth, the more it costs you to donate materially or spiritually something of yourself, the more you should know, my children, that it is time to do so, because the fact that the world is in crisis means that My Heart as well as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph must reach the souls and the nations that need to awaken.

Do not measure the Plans of God according to human needs; do not think that if the nations are in crisis and the economy is scarce, the Sacred Hearts should no longer be in pilgrimage through the nations. Because these thoughts are seeds of harmful trees that are springing up in your consciousnesses to distract you and make you lose yourselves from the Plan of God.

Do not be afraid or have resistances when you listen to My Words, because I come to touch where humanity does not want to transform, I come to open your eyes to that which you do not want to see.

Yes, the world is in crisis. Yes, people in the nations are in economic difficulties, and they will be even more so, because the foundations of their lives should not be formed by material needs.

It is not to accumulate physical possessions or to take advantage of the planet that you came to the world, My children.

You came to the world to live this exact moment you are transiting today. A moment in which God calls you to transform the human condition, to not be afraid to give away what you do not have, beyond what is leftover to you. And I speak of all levels of donation, not only material but also spiritual.

The crisis of the planet will expand to all sectors of life and you are called to consecrate yourselves more and more to the Plans of God.

You will be seen as crazy and My Words will be criticized, but the Graces that the souls and the planet will receive during their biggest crisis will be priceless, when the Messengers will remain in the world and will strengthen the hearts for their greater trial.

We will still need to come to many nations of this world to embrace and reach those of My children that, in remote places, condemn their own existence, and to heal planetary wounds that otherwise could not be healed.

Because there are not many, My children, of those who have the gift of being aware of what God spiritually accomplishes in the world through His Messengers. And to these few, to whom We give all, We will also ask all, because through their consciousnesses We will transform the human concepts, and through their lives We will give testimony to the world that it is possible to surrender oneself even in times of crisis, of fear and of chaos.

Your hearts must be on the establishment of the Plans of God and, therefore, empty of human concepts and in a world full of fear, you, children, will be like torches that symbolise the dawning of a new life.

And it is on these bases, formed by your hearts, that you will replace the old man, where My Son will come to rebuild the Earth.

Believe and have faith that when I tell you these things, I am preparing in you and on this planet the expected Return of Christ to the world.

I bless you and call you to the deep reflection of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Breathe, o soul, the air of a new life, of a new world, of a new being. Do not stop your feet on the stairs of human difficulties; do not stop your heart in the things of the world.

Breathe, o soul, the air of a new life. At times, contemplate the Infinite and do not forget where your heart truly comes from. Do not let your Father, the Creator, observe the world without finding a single gaze which corresponds with His. Look up to Heaven, look into the Eyes of God and let His Silence dissolve the smallness of your conflicts and of your difficulties.

You were called to a greater mission, as small as you may be, beloved soul. You are a small part of an Infinite Heart and such a Heart needs yours, in order to be complete and full again.

Breathe, little soul, the air of a new life. Do not let your poor mind just be entangled in the things of the Earth, but let it also find the Truths of Heaven.

You do not need much to find God. Close your eyes and contemplate Him within you, in the depths of this essence, which makes you similar to your God and Lord, to the Creator of all things. More than the things of the world, seek the mystery of your own essence and find there the Gaze of God.

The world is already distracted enough; do not be just another soul in the distractions of the Earth. Be a bridge to God, beloved soul, by the simple fact of having faith that He is within you and that it only takes looking within and you will find the Divine and Celestial Gaze of your Most Holy Father.

Do not want to walk long and unending paths, do not imagine fictitious adventures, full of hollow entertainment and human curiosities. The greatest mystery of all existence is held within you and it only takes being alone, looking within and saying: “Here I am, Lord”.

Talk sincerely, then, with your Father and God, or just let your gaze find His Divine Eyes and remain there, sharing the Divine Silence for an instant, because I tell you, My soul: swords, shields and great armor will be forged, arms and bombs will be developed, battles and wars will be waged, fear will be encouraged and Life will be threatened, but this Life which dwells in your essence will never be extinguished.

Unite with the Father within yourself and nothing will bring you down, because, even if your body falls to the ground, your heart will be eternal, as is the One who created you, and it will be lifted up to the highest of Heavens, announcing to Creation the eternity and the triumph of that Love which was born within you just because you are true and unite with the Father in your heart, little soul.

I leave you My blessing and My peace.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Soul: A Beauty of God's Creation

Dear children,

Each time a soul, aware of its mission and of its path in Christ, celebrates a new birthday, on this day a bridge of unity between the spirit and the soul of this being is established.

The soul that celebrates its birthday on Earth has the Grace of receiving an impulse of expansion in consciousness so that the personality may take a greater step in its transformation.

My adversary, with his astuteness and intelligence, has erased this important event from the human consciousness, in which the soul receives the Grace of being able to emit an impulse to the whole being and of expressing the potential of its beauty. Thus, My enemy created parties and entertainment on birthdays of each soul so that this would be able to happen.

The millions of consciousnesses that exist and that experience these festivities do not allow for a new spiritual impulse to descend in response to the movement that everyone's soul carries forward.

This impulse that is generated internally by the soul itself during the time that elapses between one birthday and the next can bring to each being, if the consciousness receives the Grace, the following spiritual benefits:

First, the soul receives the opportunity to reposition the state of its incarnation and, as a result, this has repercussions in the material life.

Second, the soul can conceive states of expansion of consciousness with each new birthday.

Third, the soul can decide upon a surrender and a deepening of its spiritual path within the Plan of God and thus define itself.

Fourth, the soul can prepare to receive new revelations from its consciousness and become aware of its origin.

Fifth, the soul can balance the states of its universal debts and receive spiritual impulses of Mercy.

Sixth, the soul perceives in the whole of its being the purpose that placed it upon the spiritual path, which it has come to fulfill.

Seventh, on its birthday the soul has the Grace of being before God and of contemplating Him in His beauty, thus receiving an important impulse that will lead it into living ever-greater degrees of love and surrender.

If each soul became aware of this and, above all, waited for this sacred moment, the Divinity would recognize the true honesty of each being.

When the soul celebrates its birthday, it spiritually receives the divine impulse of being able to mature and grow in awareness.

For God, the soul is one of the principal beauties of Creation, because from it comes the experiences of living love and the school of forgiveness. All souls are emanations of this Divine Love, and the soul lives its maturity in different stages, depending on the steps of the human consciousness.

Because of this, the soul has a priceless value, and it is this divine treasure, conceived by each soul, that is sought after constantly by My adversary until it generates the decay of souls.

But as Mother of all souls, I establish My legacy of love in each one of them, in all the hearts that follow My steps, and I instantly fight so that all souls may attain inner enlightenment and become transfigured in Christ.

Today I pour out My Love upon My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, who represents that living example of conversion for all the young souls that incarnate at this time to fulfill their mission.

I pour out My Light upon My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, and I strengthen her for the new times, in union with My sanctified husband Saint Joseph.

Take care, My children, of the beauty of your souls!

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In union with the day of this soul,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children, why do you think about the past?

To forget the past is not to be indifferent to what one has lived, or to ignore everything you have experienced as consciousnesses. To forget the past is to assimilate inside the good fruits of the experiences that made you grow as human beings and, from then on, take new steps, uplifting that which was not well in your lives.

When you leave the past to the time that corresponds to it and do not try to perpetuate an action of an experience that no longer exists, you are giving an opportunity of transcendence to this state of consciousness that you call past.

All the positive experiences must serve as a basis for the being to attain new evolutionary steps, but their eyes must not be fixed on their own feet, but rather on the top of this great staircase.

To become stuck in the past, children, is like climbing a great staircase that takes you to the Kingdom of God and detaining your own walking to observe the details of the steps that you have taken or that you keep taking. If, on the contrary, you liberate the past and take your feet off these steps, walking with firm footsteps, you will give opportunity to others, who will come after you, to climb this staircase.

Oftentimes, children, sticking to situations and people of the past because you want to perpetuate you own presence in a conjuncture that no longer suits you, is like being still in the middle of the staircase, willing to make your presence there eternal – believing that, thus, you will help the others – when, in truth, it is by walking and climbing the steps that you can help your neighbors, because you will liberate the path so that they can climb.

Walk, children, and do not look behind. Do not count how many steps you have climbed or with what details they were done. Do not stop on the staircase, do not get distracted from the target that the Creator has for you. Take your steps and leave, for He Who knows all things, the directing of those who could not accompany you. Remember that the greatest service is to evolve. If you evolve as consciousnesses, you will do it as humanity and, if you do it as humanity, you will do it in the name of the whole universe and of the whole of Creation.

Contemplate a greater purpose and no longer get lost in the distractions of a time that has passed.

Your Father and Friend, this One that impels you to the eternal present,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

When souls cannot manage to fulfill the purpose they have come to carry out on this plane, this situation is shared among those who, through effort, are able to comply with the other part of the spiritual Purpose of God. Thus, it is so that the scale is imbalanced, because, in truth, every soul must fulfill what they have come to do.

But, dear children, consciousnesses cannot for very long take on the part that another consciousness has failed to meet, because every being has a capacity to cope with their commitment to the Plan. This reality is a chain in constant imbalance and there are consciousnesses that at this time cope with the tasks of others only for love of the Project of God.

Imagine, My children, how many consciousnesses in the world distracted by the innovation and the cunning of My enemy stop fulfilling the service that in reality they came to give. Thus the planetary consciousness counts on very few and true servers to alleviate the current crisis of humanity. Souls will be surprised when they see all that they have failed to do, sometimes by free will, leading the project of the race to a constant decline.

The Celestial Universe works at this time with consciousnesses that truly have a good heart and no longer yearn for anything for themselves. It is in this way, My children, that the realization of the human project is framed within a template of few possibilities, given the great indifference of the human race.

For this reason, everyone is called to permanent and daily prayer so that in this final stretch, the majority can reach the goal of crossing the portal to salvation before all the Doors of Heaven are closed and the complete purification of humanity begins to take place, because at that point there will be no more time.

Dare to leave the point upon which you have placed yourselves, and take on purification and service to the Plan while serving God with complete love and sacrifice. Remember that the life of ease and comfort in the world will be the first thing to be purified by the presence of the crisis of hunger experienced by many, many souls.

As the Mother of Divine Justice, I am trying to bring you to another state of consciousness where changes that have not been seen so far can occur.

I thank you for understanding Me and for participating!

Who prays for all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, day on which you are praying worldwide and clamoring for the energy of Mercy of Christ for the planet, I want to help you in the path of prayer.

Dears, the weight of the world will become internally, mentally and emotionally heavier and heavier, mostly for those who are trying to walk an evolutionary path.

On the current days of the planet, to be a praying consciousness is like paddling against a great current of inertia, distractions and quest for pleasure and for gratification. That is why, even more in this time of intense inner purification for all, you must be attentive to what I will tell you.

Throughout all the human existence, all the codes that humankind has generated with the quest for power, for pleasure, for gratification, with competition, vanity, wrath, were impregnating the human consciousness as a whole, and they even reached the depth of the cell consciousness of many beings, those who have never lived an experience of seeking the sacred, the evolutionary, the pure.

In different proportions, these energies, called capitals, are inside of all beings of the Earth, because they inside of the human consciousness and, in certain parts of the world, some of these energies completely control the consciousnesses.

Why do I tell you these things? Because - even if it may not seem it – the small and great distractions during the moments of prayer, the thoughts and the recurrent desires against the evolutionary path, all the impulses that you cannot control in yourselves and that are always taking you to the opposite of what you try to build, all of this has its roots in the human consciousness, and these roots are not so easy to extinguish as it seems, but this is not something impossible.

You must start changing your own deepest interests. For instance: during prayer, observe to where your mind conducts you and what is more important for it than the act of praying. With much peace and harmony, seek the roots of those things, in order that you can transform them. Think about the reason for your distractions and, then, think about the Middle East, about Africa, about the children, about the youngsters and the adults that suffer in the whole world. So, ask yourselves: “What is more important to me: the distractions or praying to reverse these situations of the planet?”

And do it so with everything. Talk to yourselves. When you are before a desire that does not lead you to an evolutionary path, ask yourselves: “What is more important to me: this or fulfilling the Will of God?”

Do not fear the answers, because – even if they are not the ones you expect – they might reveal to your consciousness what is in your most profound inner abyss, in order that you can clean and purify what prevents you to fulfill the Plans of God with perfection.

Review, dears, in your own interior, your priorities, your desires and your aspirations.

Ask yourselves while you pray: “Why am I praying?”. And if your mind answers you: “So that the others can see me praying”, so, tell it: “Well, now I will pray for the planet.”

Thus, transform yourselves with peace, with love and with joy, but do not cease to take a small step each day.

My Chaste Heart tells you in a simple and clear way, because I need that you understand Me definitely and take the steps that God expects from all, because there is no longer so much time left.

I love you and I guide you to the transformation of life.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Let My steps guide you towards the level of the Infinite because in this place you will find the Source that will nourish completely your inner being.

Liberate your heart from every fear because My Luminous Heart protects and indicates the next path to traverse.

Remain in My Heart because in this Sacred Temple you will not lose the sense of life or the safe path of the spirit.

Be firm, brave and cheerful so that once you get into My Boat of Love, I may be able to introduce you to the greater universes of peace and unity.

During the hour of My Divine Mercy the humanity, the most lost and separated from My Supreme God, is conducted through a path that leads to redemption and to a prompt conversion.

I will thank you in advance for your prayers for the most in need. In this time there are many souls that have been cunningly distracted and those that have been prevented from encountering Me. Now, by means of the channel of My Infinite Mercy the Lord sends Me for the second time to spiritually resuscitate those who stopped talking to My Father and occupied themselves with the things of the world.

I know that for many of My ones it is difficult to remain in this orbit of the Earth but now I tell you that you have entered the path of constant sacrifice. Know that for God it is precious to know and to see all of His Children helping each other mutually for a greater aim.

Now I find you in My Heart, with merciful prayer as a constant and a true nourishment for your lives. Dears, the time has come of giving all for the whole. In this way My merciful Plans will not suffer limitations through My servers, but it will be fulfilled through the absolute donation of the hearts.

I walk by your side in the serenity of the heart of God.

Go ahead! And with faith continue My Path of transformation because the goal indicates a future of peace and of unity with the Highest.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart of Love!

Christ Jesus, the Protector Guardian of Love


Listen to My Voice, the one which resounds in your inner.

I Am your Master, your Savior and Redeemer who returns for all of you.

As I have promised, thus it will be.

Prepare your hearts, your temples, because I will call for you loudly at the door and all will hear me.

Take care, My children, so that My Call may not find you distracted in the things of the world, a world that agonizes in selfishness because it is far from My Father, the Father of Love.

Listen to My Voice, the one which resounds in your minds, to dissolve every dissociation, every fear.

Listen to My Voice, the one which makes your cells vibrate filling them with the light that comes from the universe, light that is poured over you from My Heart.

Companions of yesterday and of today:

Be attentive because My Voice will arrive like the thunder, My presence like the storm and My Love like the cosmic fire that will burn your past and will bring an end to your purification.

But I will also come like the sweet voice of the nightingale for those that have prepared themselves since always.  I will come like the perfumed breeze of geraniums and honeysuckles for those who are faithful, meek and humble, those who wait for me kneeling before the Eucharist.

I will come soon when you least expect and My Love will enter in your beings like the water penetrates the earth giving to it a new form. With this mud I will mold My New Wineskins and in them I will deposit My Blood so that My Ones may share it across and throughout the world, from north to south and from east to west.

I need to find you ready because once again I will send you two by two.

And you will take My Word impregnated by My Mercy, by My Peace and by My Salvation.

Be attentive, companions, because I am coming.

In you I am.

Christ Jesus.


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