Saturday, July 16 of 2016

Daily Messages

The Soul: A Beauty of God's Creation

Dear children,

Each time a soul, aware of its mission and of its path in Christ, celebrates a new birthday, on this day a bridge of unity between the spirit and the soul of this being is established.

The soul that celebrates its birthday on Earth has the Grace of receiving an impulse of expansion in consciousness so that the personality may take a greater step in its transformation.

My adversary, with his astuteness and intelligence, has erased this important event from the human consciousness, in which the soul receives the Grace of being able to emit an impulse to the whole being and of expressing the potential of its beauty. Thus, My enemy created parties and entertainment on birthdays of each soul so that this would be able to happen.

The millions of consciousnesses that exist and that experience these festivities do not allow for a new spiritual impulse to descend in response to the movement that everyone's soul carries forward.

This impulse that is generated internally by the soul itself during the time that elapses between one birthday and the next can bring to each being, if the consciousness receives the Grace, the following spiritual benefits:

First, the soul receives the opportunity to reposition the state of its incarnation and, as a result, this has repercussions in the material life.

Second, the soul can conceive states of expansion of consciousness with each new birthday.

Third, the soul can decide upon a surrender and a deepening of its spiritual path within the Plan of God and thus define itself.

Fourth, the soul can prepare to receive new revelations from its consciousness and become aware of its origin.

Fifth, the soul can balance the states of its universal debts and receive spiritual impulses of Mercy.

Sixth, the soul perceives in the whole of its being the purpose that placed it upon the spiritual path, which it has come to fulfill.

Seventh, on its birthday the soul has the Grace of being before God and of contemplating Him in His beauty, thus receiving an important impulse that will lead it into living ever-greater degrees of love and surrender.

If each soul became aware of this and, above all, waited for this sacred moment, the Divinity would recognize the true honesty of each being.

When the soul celebrates its birthday, it spiritually receives the divine impulse of being able to mature and grow in awareness.

For God, the soul is one of the principal beauties of Creation, because from it comes the experiences of living love and the school of forgiveness. All souls are emanations of this Divine Love, and the soul lives its maturity in different stages, depending on the steps of the human consciousness.

Because of this, the soul has a priceless value, and it is this divine treasure, conceived by each soul, that is sought after constantly by My adversary until it generates the decay of souls.

But as Mother of all souls, I establish My legacy of love in each one of them, in all the hearts that follow My steps, and I instantly fight so that all souls may attain inner enlightenment and become transfigured in Christ.

Today I pour out My Love upon My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, who represents that living example of conversion for all the young souls that incarnate at this time to fulfill their mission.

I pour out My Light upon My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, and I strengthen her for the new times, in union with My sanctified husband Saint Joseph.

Take care, My children, of the beauty of your souls!

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In union with the day of this soul,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace