That on this day, on the eve of the day of My Divine Spiritual and Cosmic Conception, your hearts prepare themselves internally so that, together with Me, we change the year, as well as the cycle, and in this way, that which should finally descend from the Source of the Divine Purpose can do so through your unconditional "yes."

For this, My children, it will be necessary that your souls aspire to find their inner purpose so that, in this period and under these conditions of the end of times, it too can be renewed.

I invite you to not look back to the past anymore, nor towards the future.

I invite you and call you to live the present, so that the pain, anguish, and suffering that some event may have caused and generated can be dissolved from your consciousnesses.

This new year, that is about to begin, will be the year of emptiness of self and of what is unconditional for those who are the most miserable of spirit and of mind.

May your lives be able to enter this year renewed of self, so that Christ may govern  in souls a little longer.

A good beginning of the year to all My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

I am She Whose authority does not come from this Earth, but simply from the Heart of God.

I am the Lady of all times, She Who leads creatures from the beginning to the end, not only in their lives in this world, but in all of their evolution, from origin to origin.

I am the Lady of the Universe and also the Celestial Mother, a living part of the Divine Consciousness, Who comes to Earth in these times to allow you to wake up.

Today I brought you to the desert so that you could enter the desert of your hearts and there, find the essence of the Brotherhood.

This new cycle, My children, will mark a definitive stage, in which hearts must unite with the Cosmos and discover the universal mysteries, like those mysteries that are held within the planet.

Today I brought you to the desert because this is the refuge where I take My children when they most need it.

It is in the inner desert where consciousnesses can experience the synthesis for these times, can assimilate the lessons of the past and build the new foundations for the future.

It is in the desert, in apparent solitude, where it seems as if nothing exists, that your hearts unite with the Brotherhood, with Heaven and with the Earth, with the true time that exists beyond the illusions of this world.

It is by finding the void within you that you will turn to God if you are open to that.

Today the Universe stops and places its eyes on the Earth, on the four corners of this world, in the invisible of the planet.

Those who came from the beginning to serve in this human Project are today in prayer, because the time has come, My children, for humanity to grow and find its true origin in the Universe as well as in the Heart of God.

Today the Portals of the Cosmos open to the Earth, and the invisible worlds are shown to the human heart.

Heaven dresses up to celebrate, in spiritual rejoicing, to impel creatures to find the purpose of their evolution in the fulfillment of this Plan.

Today your Celestial Mother, in the desert, ignites all the Mirrors of Heaven as well as of Earth, ignites the Mirrors of the hearts of Her children, to thus build the path, the bridge that connects the whole expression of Life.

My Heart comes to the world to open a new cycle, in which I want to see My children living in fellowship among themselves and with the Universe.

I want to see the Mirrors of your hearts radiating the new life that emerges from within you and is reflected in the human consciousness.

I bring you to the desert so that you may find the truth about yourselves and live based on that truth, rather than on the illusions of the world.

Let My Greater Mirror be reflected in your hearts.

Children, let what is purest in you be able to emerge and that in this meeting with the Universe, you not look at your errors, do not think about the deviations you experienced so long ago, but rather that you find again that universal Reservoir, that purest vibration that, like a sweet sound, I heard echo in My Immaculate Heart at the moment when your essences were created.

Enter the desert of your inner world, where you will be able to demystify the human condition so as to reach the void and there, find the All from which you apparently came so long ago.

Today I call you to an inner maturity, to an awakening and union with My Immaculate Heart, so that in Me you may find the essence of life.

Today, in this desert, a mystery is being revealed: the real life that exists on Earth and hides in the simplest, purest, most humble places.

It is within this planet, invisible to human eyes, that the Will of God expresses. It is where silent nature and the communion between all the Kingdoms exists, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the humility of those that no longer look to be known by humanity, who serve this planet in silence, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the unconditional surrender of consciousness that could be evolving throughout the dimensions, but that meanwhile, continue on Earth to guide and lead humanity, even though many do not know it; that is where the Will of God expresses.

It is in the perseverance of those who do not look at human wretchedness, but rather the potential for love that exists in the essences, that the Will of God expresses.

Today, children, contemplate within yourselves all of the Beings of Light who came to the Earth since the beginning, all the Centers of Love that hide within the planet, with the hope that human eyes may one day see them.

In the sacrifice of those Centers of Love, in their humility and in their silence, find the true meaning of your lives, and when everything seems difficult to you, remember that there are those who serve untiringly and surrender their evolution so that humanity may take a small step in this world.

Today, the Mirror of My Heart reflects the sacrifice of the Cosmos in you, those that responded to the call of God, beyond the dimensions, so that in this new cycle, you feel inspired to experience this same sacrifice out of love for others, to forget yourselves and in humility, experience renunciation, surrender, in the depths of your being.

Feel inspired by the desert, so that in this state, you experience the times that will come.

The fortitude of the Centers of Love is held in silence, and it is there where the fortitude of My children must be found.

Be like this desert, silent yet full of the Power of God; humble and empty, yet holding within itself the Greatest treasure of this planet.

In these ten years, My children, when I have been at your side, let your consciousness walk on.

On this anniversary, may you commit yourselves to continue with Me, reflecting My humility within yourselves, loving this planet as I love you and serving humanity as I serve you.

I am the untiring Servant of God and I call on you to be untiring together with Me.

On this day of celebration, on this day of glory, I invite you to build a path of hope for the new time, where reflected in you, My children, souls see My Sacred Presence.

Let the Heart of God find a hope in human evolution through your steps.

Let the whole Universe feel the pain of the sacrifice experienced since the Origin be worth it for the triumph of the human Project and, as a result, the triumph of universal Life, the unity of every creature with the Heart of God.

With these words, I give you an impulse and I bless you.

I thank you infinitely for responding to My call and I hope, children, that not just ten more years go by, but rather that all eternity may come and that you will be at My side.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Carmel, transmitted in the city of Ávila, Castilla and León, Spain to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the birthday of Sister Lucía de Jesús

I am the Guiding Star

As the sun rises at dawn, so does the Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel.

I come, on this day, bringing within My arms My small and beloved Son, who also gives you heavenly blessing and encourages you to follow Him in faith and love.

I am the Guiding Star and souls can take their steps through My Light.

I am the Guiding Star and through me the hearts of the world can find the way out.

May the souls see, in these times of tribulation, the Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel so that humanity may be encouraged to experience its moment of redemption and forgiveness.

Today I extend My Guiding Star beyond Spain and radiate, at this time, the heavenly codes of redemption, so that hearts may find Christ on their paths and experience Him within as the only truth.

I am the Guiding Star and I raise the planetary consciousness so that humanity may also be raised.

The Guiding Star of your Lady at this time returns brighter so that humanity can finally awaken.

This Star is not physical nor visible, it is the spiritual and inner Star of your Lady of Carmel that manifests itself in order to generate a greater conversion within the souls of humanity, those who do not repent nor surrender to the Lord.

The Guiding Star of your Lady can communicate the universes and unite the dimensions of the consciousness.

It can dissolve abysses and guide the fallen souls towards eternal Light.

The Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel can penetrate within the unconsciousnesses of human beings and change future events.

This holy Guiding Star can help dissolve the past to improve the conditions of the present and open the doors for a better, spiritual and inner future.

The Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel builds newness and solidifies unity among consciousnesses.

She can renew the present and, at the same time, liberate the past.

She attracts towards humanity the principle of healing and manifests forgiveness within Her essence as a path toward reconciliation.

The Guiding Star gives back to the world the meaning of its existence and makes it conscious of the steps that need to be taken, in Christ, in the future.

She gathers the self-summoned and makes them conscious of their real mission.

The Guiding Star of our Lady of Carmel birghtens the path of those who navigate in the sea of love and guides those who are submerged in the ocean of the Mercy of God.

Throughout the ages, I have shown you My Guiding Star in different forms, a star that I infuse and propagate, multiplying it as light within the hearts of My children.

Today, I bless the path of My child Lucía de Jesús, who has risked to live this service for humanity with her Heavenly Mother. May the age that she has turned today represent maturity for new stages of her mission.

May the Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel guide the paths of the seekers of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Soul: A Beauty of God's Creation

Dear children,

Each time a soul, aware of its mission and of its path in Christ, celebrates a new birthday, on this day a bridge of unity between the spirit and the soul of this being is established.

The soul that celebrates its birthday on Earth has the Grace of receiving an impulse of expansion in consciousness so that the personality may take a greater step in its transformation.

My adversary, with his astuteness and intelligence, has erased this important event from the human consciousness, in which the soul receives the Grace of being able to emit an impulse to the whole being and of expressing the potential of its beauty. Thus, My enemy created parties and entertainment on birthdays of each soul so that this would be able to happen.

The millions of consciousnesses that exist and that experience these festivities do not allow for a new spiritual impulse to descend in response to the movement that everyone's soul carries forward.

This impulse that is generated internally by the soul itself during the time that elapses between one birthday and the next can bring to each being, if the consciousness receives the Grace, the following spiritual benefits:

First, the soul receives the opportunity to reposition the state of its incarnation and, as a result, this has repercussions in the material life.

Second, the soul can conceive states of expansion of consciousness with each new birthday.

Third, the soul can decide upon a surrender and a deepening of its spiritual path within the Plan of God and thus define itself.

Fourth, the soul can prepare to receive new revelations from its consciousness and become aware of its origin.

Fifth, the soul can balance the states of its universal debts and receive spiritual impulses of Mercy.

Sixth, the soul perceives in the whole of its being the purpose that placed it upon the spiritual path, which it has come to fulfill.

Seventh, on its birthday the soul has the Grace of being before God and of contemplating Him in His beauty, thus receiving an important impulse that will lead it into living ever-greater degrees of love and surrender.

If each soul became aware of this and, above all, waited for this sacred moment, the Divinity would recognize the true honesty of each being.

When the soul celebrates its birthday, it spiritually receives the divine impulse of being able to mature and grow in awareness.

For God, the soul is one of the principal beauties of Creation, because from it comes the experiences of living love and the school of forgiveness. All souls are emanations of this Divine Love, and the soul lives its maturity in different stages, depending on the steps of the human consciousness.

Because of this, the soul has a priceless value, and it is this divine treasure, conceived by each soul, that is sought after constantly by My adversary until it generates the decay of souls.

But as Mother of all souls, I establish My legacy of love in each one of them, in all the hearts that follow My steps, and I instantly fight so that all souls may attain inner enlightenment and become transfigured in Christ.

Today I pour out My Love upon My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, who represents that living example of conversion for all the young souls that incarnate at this time to fulfill their mission.

I pour out My Light upon My daughter, Lucía de Jesús, and I strengthen her for the new times, in union with My sanctified husband Saint Joseph.

Take care, My children, of the beauty of your souls!

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In union with the day of this soul,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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