About the message:

During the ceremony of consecration of the Missionaries at the Marian Center of Figueira, there was a statue of Saint Joseph upon the altar, and at a certain point it began to shine very intensely. We watched that movement to understand what was happening, and when the Priests were approaching the altar to consecrate the Eucharist, many portals started to open above them in a rapid and intense way. At that moment, luminous as a sun, Saint Joseph appeared.

Behind Him there was a road to Africa, and He was surrounded by children, and He was also carrying an African child in His arms. He said He came so that we may understand the importance of the humanitarian missions for the Hierarchy.

With Him, He brought a Grace for each missionary being consecrated, something spiritual and inner, and He transmitted a special message. It was the first time that Saint Joseph appeared since the end of the cycle of His Apparitions, on last August 18th.

He told us:


I come in silence, by the Will of God and His Divine Love. I come because, for Me, as important as it is to welcome and serve the souls of Africa, so it is to welcome those who are being consecrated to the Plan of God and to the first mission of rescuing love in the hearts of beings, in the consciousness of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

I come to bless you, not because all the blessings you have already received were not enough, but because you must understand how important the mission that you are carrying out, and will continue to carry out in the four corners of the world, is for God.

The Creator accompanies your steps, just as I accompany you; albeit through inspiring your spirits, albeit it through observing your paths, I will always accompany you.

Today the Heavens open, as do your hearts, because in each offering that humanity makes, new merits are generated for the salvation and redemption of humanity.

Today I do not come only with a blessing; I come opening a path for your spirits so that you may come to My beloved Africa. I am there. In omnipresence and love, I indicate the direction to you where there is the greatest need. Come with Me to meet the transformation of your lives.

The humanitarian missions, children, as well is the different meetings of prayer that are carried out in the world, are the pillars of redemption for these times, they are the instruments which the Creator avails Himself of to keep His hope in the redemption and the transformation of humanity alive. This is why I am here.

I come with a Grace. I come with a door to a new step. I come as a confirmation for your souls and your lives. I come as your Father and Friend to tell you that I wait for you in silence, that Africa waits for you, and more than this, that the Africa that is within each being, waits for you, so that you may serve your fellow being as if it were your last chance to serve.

I am glad with your steps, just as God is glad, and renews His Love through your consecration.

Today and always, you have the Love of My Chaste Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


First Message

The Sacred Gardener of Space comes today, showing His Aspect of Transfiguration, to announce to the world the time of the great changes.

The hour is approaching, this moment is drawing near. For this reason, I come today to the Earth through the portal of the great Sun that rules this Local Universe and this system of life.

I come to bring you the Laws of Transfiguration, those Laws that were applied during the Transfiguration of the Divine Son on Mount Tabor.

You will need these principles in order to be able to live the changes and everything that the new time will announce.

As you are in a moment of transition, these principles come to your aid because they will make of your consciousnesses beings in greater contact with the Divinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This is part of a divine intervention, of a possibility and an opportunity that the flow of My Mercy brings to the souls of this world.

And although everything is precipitating in all spaces of the Earth, you must still trust in Me, because I will give you the sustenance that you need to be able to go through these times of tribulation and of great definitions.

I bring you the opportunity of uplifting your consciousness, and, in this upliftment, attaining the purpose that each one of you has come to fulfill in this humanity and within this planet.

The time is approaching to announce My true Aspect, that Aspect that I once showed to some of My Apostles and that, in truth, until the current days, is only a mystery. But the door to the great revelation is opening little by little. Time is forging this moment and also the planetary need.

The awakening of consciousnesses will be fundamental, through this impulse that I Myself will give from the Universe to the Earth.

The transfiguration of your consciousnesses will allow you to simplify your lives, order your movements and be in attunement with on High, which is the most important thing for these times.

Perhaps you will feel that what I tell you today is something abstract, but it will be something close to your lives and consciousnesses, because, by My being closer to humanity, souls will be able to capture My impulses and manifest them on Earth through experiences of love and service to humanity.

The change of consciousness will not be a formula nor a practice; it will take place through the degrees of love and the constancy in their experience.

Thus, I will be able to reflect onto the surface of the Earth the New Christs, those who will have to govern with Me in love and in humility, based on the simplicity of life.

Many, little by little, are approaching this path, but still more efforts will be necessary  to be able to balance the maladjustments of humanity and of the planet, of everything that is violent which is carried out by the human being of these times and of all the transgressions that are committed, day by day, to life and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

The awakening of these Christs of the new time will begin within you, by means of the intervention of the Law of Transfiguration and of all its principles that will try to transform the human consciousness, leading it to a state of a new consciousness, which will begin with the living of the message of the Hierarchy and of all of its attributes.

The portal towards this opportunity is opening to all, but someone will have to cross it. Or at least some will have to cross it.

When this moment draws close, it will be a definitive moment, not only for these consciousnesses that will take this step for many more, but also for the planet, that will be on its greatest apex of definition and transition.

In truth, it does not matter who takes this step, but rather that this step be taken for all, just as I once took it for each one of you.

You must keep in mind that this is the moment that was so expected by all the inner beings; the moment of being able, in truth, to do what they have come to do and what they have come to fulfill, beyond the circumstances and the tests, the confrontations or the challenges.

The Lord of the Universe comes with His Law of Transfiguration so as to be able to change it all and so that, definitely, the Plan may be fulfilled, at least in some beings.

For this reason the Universe articulates itself for a great movement and unites for a great task, to carry out  a mission on the planet and in humanity, which will go beyond any human situation or any event.

This event will not be announced, it will just take place, and many will be able to benefit from it, because it will be a help that will come from the Divine and from the Source, in order to reinforce the commitments of the apostles of Christ and of the last apostles of the last days.

Today, the Gardener of the Universal Space again waters the Sacred Tree with His Water of Life so that its roots may penetrate the earth even more and its tree crown of light may be strengthened with the fruits of knowledge and Instruction.

Because, once more, the Sacred Tree will bear its fruits so that all may be able to avail themselves and, spiritually, be nourished by its impulses and gifts.

Those who have eaten from the Tree and its fruits and did not know how to benefit from it, will feel pity in their hearts for not having been humble, for not having humiliated themselves, for not having recognized their ignorance and for not truly having asked for help.

But those who were left behind, I will route them, just as I route the sheep that are not ready to take the steps that I demand in this time.

Because everything has a meaning, beyond the material and the spiritual. Everything is part of a Purpose and of a plan of manifestation for this humanity.

May this Ray of Transfiguration give you the impulse to the change of daily life so that the spirit of each one of you can enter into your consciousnesses and carry out its task and its mission for these times, leaving behind the instability and the disharmony, living the eternal present and the operative mission with the Hierarchy of Light.

Thus, the portals of the Universe will remain open and, in spite of the confrontations, the universal help will not lack. Because everything that happens has a meaning, is part of a school and a learning experience; this causes the New Christs to awaken to the path of love and service, to the unconditional experience for others.

May this Marathon represent this opportunity of transfiguring your consciousnesses and lives, and of doing it in truth, committing yourselves at each moment of prayer and offering that you will make to the Universe; knowing that all of this will also have a repercussion in Brazil, which needs it so much for the next months. 

And all this moment of prayer will stop unnecessary events and difficult tests for this dear people that is alive in the center of My Heart.

I will thank as from now for the offering of each Brazilian and also of each praying being of the Earth, because this is not only restricted to a country or a people.

Each situation that is lived in each part of the Earth is part of all of humanity, because humanity is only one, it is the same family that has become sick and distanced itself from God for different reasons, and for all of this and for all consciousnesses, will need to come the Ray of Transfiguration and Healing, so promising for these critical times.

Celebrate this Marathon with Me, in joy and bliss.

May the faces of those who live upon this Inner Sanctuary be of joy and not of sadness, because the one who accepts the invitation will be helped and will be transformed.

Embrace, then, My great call and the assistance of the Universe, which will come to Earth and will be within your reach.

I offer you My Experience as a demonstration that it is possible to live the Transfiguration, and that this Transfiguration begins in the small and also in the invisible; from there is built the true inner temple that is offered to God as an act of great surrender.

I wish you a most beautiful Marathon and a joyful day, because the apostles, untiringly, will have to announce the triumph of Christ in each human heart. 

From the great Sun that rules this Milky Way, in union to the center of the Universe and the great Star of the Brotherhood that governs all the worlds, and in union with the Spiritual, Mental and Material Universe, where God is, and is invincible, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Although you are purifying yourself, and the planet is intensely purifying itself, never cease to see the beauty within you.

Although all inner resistance is being removed and the elements of Nature are cleaning the spaces, never cease to see the beauty within you.

Although everything within you is moving and you no longer know how to begin again, and in the world only wars exist, never cease to see the beauty within you.

Because that faith in what is real and found in each being will allow humanity to be something rescuable, and in this way, more doorways of light will open so that lost and distracted souls may receive the intervention of that which is Higher and is Divine.

In these times of great movements may you never cease to see the beauty within you because this will make each moment more sublime and gentle, you will learn from each life experience and you will enrich your spirit with new instructions.

So never cease to see the beauty within you; thus, you will make room for the healing of humanity on deeper levels of consciousness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


"Humanitarian Colombia" is a mission that promotes peace and humanitarian service for those who are most in need. In this instance, for all who are exiled from their nation and take refuge in other countries, in search of a new life, far from the horror and conflicts that these certain nations live.

"Humanitarian Colombia" is one more hand that extends towards the humanity of the Earth, so that, as a bridge of service and fraternity, souls may reencounter the meaning and hope of being part of a new race.

This mission constitutes the synthesis of all the humanitarian missions that were done in the last times.

Given the important service intervention and social aid that Fraternidade performs through its body of original missionaries and of missionaries in training, this new mission will attend to the other part of one of the many social and humanitarian imbalances that exist.

Fraternidade, as a missionary essence of service of unconditional love for the one who suffers, is called by the Consciousness of the Spiritual and Instructing Hierarchy to reunite its humanitarian and spiritual efforts with the aim of relieving human and inner suffering.

The fraternal foundations that Fraternidade has already manifested, attending to the migratory crisis in Roraima, Brazil, opened the doors of consciousness so that the true missionary and selfless spirit could come, this time, to Colombia, so that this network of light, of service and, especially, of love among brothers and sisters, may reach those who wait and cry out for it.

For the new mission "Humanitarian Colombia" the Hierarchy will broaden the action of its planetary work and Fraternidade, which will be united to the UN through UNHCR and UNICEF, will try to rebuild the human and voluntary spirit through works of service and social assistance.

With the presence of the monastic Grace Mercy Order, the missionary life will count on the arm of spiritual assistance of union and contact with the Hierarchy, so that everything that will be removed and worked from the psyche, and the inner world of consciousnesses, may find a path where it can be led and released.

Fraternidade, by assuming the two fronts of planetary work through the mission "Humanitarian Roraima" and now through "Humanitarian Colombia", from the next cycle and in the course of the year 2019, will begin to embrace, with the missionary life and together with the Hierarchy, other humanitarian works in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The formation, actualization and training for emergency cases of the new volunteer missionaries will help in the future of a new consciousness, based on the protection and safety of the fellow being and of the one that suffers the most.

For this initial mission of "Humanitarian Colombia" the Youth Campaign for Peace and some of its members will be summoned to participate and establish the first foundations so as to relieve pain through love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Maternal Exhortation

My beloved and dear children, servers of Christ,

On this day, I descend from Heaven to give you a special petition, which will try to attend the migratory crisis that is happening in My beloved Colombia.

It is for this reason that, in the name of My Son, I come to ask for humanitarian aid on the border between Colombia and Venezuela by means of an extraordinary humanitarian mission, which I call "Humanitarian Colombia."

This mission must arrive as soon as possible with the aim of attending, at the other side of the Andes, to My poor and suffering children of Venezuela, who are going through a social and humanitarian crisis.

In Colombia, the Fraternidade will establish a permanent space, in the same way it did in the beginning in the State of Roraima, in Brazil.

For this special cause that today My Maternal Heart presents to you, I wish the Light-Network and brothers and sisters with medical, dental and psychological specialties to be summoned for this first mission.

Colombia, in a short time, has been converted into a scenario of the end of times and My purpose, as in Roraima, will be to contain the wave of spiritual energies that are starting to infiltrate, more and more, in South America.

I ask, especially, that the Fraternidade, through the ONU, presents itself before the authorities of Colombia to announce that in an honorary manner it will, out of love, provide this humanitarian service.

Thus, with the inner strength that I will give each missionary who self-summons themselves for this "Humanitarian Colombia" mission, you will help your Heavenly Mother to succor and relieve the grave suffering.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Enter into My Heart of Peace so that your steps to God may be safe.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that I lead you to that perfect Will that the Creator emanated by thinking of your little heart.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that there is peace in your little life, and the conflicts, obstacles and difficulties are dissolved.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I teach you to be a peacemaker on Earth.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I transform you into an announcer of the Presence of Christ in this world, a living witness of His Eternal Presence, and of His coming return.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I may teach you, in My silence, many things and may My Love supply you and nourish your spirit, so that you do not seek in the world or outside of yourself, what only God can give you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a sincere prayer, in a true prayer, in a confession between Mother and child, because, as your Universal Heavenly Mother, here I am to listen to you, to understand you, to correct you and to shelter you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a true dialogue with Me, because I love you, My child, and I hope that your heart returns to the safe harbor of My Spirit, where I can sustain you, so that you, in a permanent service and in donation, sustain others, who could not manage and did not know how to reach Me.

Do not forget to enter into My Immaculate Heart of Peace, do not forget to be in Me. In My silence, I have the answer and the encouragement for all of your doubts and difficulties; in My embrace, I have comfort for your spirit and renewal for your soul.

Do not remain in the world hopeless and without peace if you have a Heavenly Mother who has been given to you by God, at the Cross of His Son, at the height of His Love and His Mercy.

My Child, when everything seemed lost to the companions of Christ, who saw Him suffer on the Cross, He gave them an eternal and kind Mother, and in the same way, He does it again, when souls are lost for forgetting that they have a Celestial Mother who will support them whenever they elevate their eyes to the Heavens, and their hearts to God.

I simply wait for you to call Me and pray with Me.

The world, My child, will go through greater difficulties and tests that will seem insurmountable. Thus, learn today to enter into My Heart of Peace; build today the path that leads to My Mantle, and when this world is most in need, you will be a guide for lost souls, for you will know the way to find Me.

With love in My Heart and Grace in My arms, I extend them into the world to speak directly to the heart of each one of My children: enter into My Heart of Peace and find Me there, so that I may tell you what I most want from you in this time, and help you to fulfill your mission.

On this day I bless you, and thank you for listening to My Words and entering without fear into My Heart of Peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Rest your heart in Mine, so that you may always achieve peace.

Rest your life in My Arms, so that I may always comfort you.

There is nothing in your existence that does not make sense.

Everything you experience is part of a design and everything you choose is part of the path of suffering, because you may not be fully choosing the path of God.

Everything you give to God will always be recognized by the Universe and by Creation.

Everything you do for the Plan of God and its fulfillment, no matter how small it may seem, is recognized and honored in the Heavens.

Thus, at this crucial hour of the planet, let Me completely shape your life so that you may learn to live My Will and thus, learn to fulfill it as it is written.

Therefore, in your surrender, let Me renew you and show you the way; that I may change your preferences and tastes for something greater and more evolutionary.

I know it is not easy, but it is not impossible if I am truly your Master rather than another.

I want you to feel My purest truth in these words, without offense or judgments.

I want you to be able to walk by My side, seeking every day to be a little more transparent with yourself, with life, and with everything that surrounds you. In this way, you will be a true apostle of My Mercy and of My Piety, and you will not have a tepid or hard heart.

Believe, beyond yourself, that I can do all things.

Open the door so I may enter and thus transform your life according to My designs.

Dare to lose control of what is material and what is spiritual.

Surrender to your Lord every day.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My Most Holy Mother, in this time, gathers together those who are self-called to serve the Plan of God.

On the other hand, My Mother seeks the redemption of the greatest possible number of consciousnesses, which have not yet taken any step, but which are within the time and in the energy to be able to do so.

Thus, through the Work of redemption of the divine Son, the one who is not able to do so will be given the impulse to take a significant leap in their life.

The time has come to embrace the call and to make it part of yourself, every day. That will help uplift the consciousness of the servers, so that in the end, they may be unconditional collaborators, and demonstrate it to the world as part of the Victory of Christ.

In this time all will be guided so that the new Christs may be born on Earth, who will populate the planet with new teachings and experiences of love.

I thank you for placing my words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master Christ Jesus


Second Message

And the Breath of the Spirit of God will come to the Earth and illumine the souls of this world so that they may attain redemption and peace.

The strength of this Divine Spirit is unknown. It vivifies souls, fills hearts with Its Light and brings wisdom to all minds.

The Breath of the Spirit of God will come to the world at the most culminating moment of humanity, when religions will define their paths and when all peoples of the Earth will live their great and last transition.

The Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will not abandon those who believe in It, because the Spirit of God, which will fill hearts and lives, will expel darkness, will defeat the forces of chaos, because the impetus of Its fortitude is unknown, even more so when It is in the hearts that invoke Its Power and Its Divinity.

Today I come to announce the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God because some hearts already feel It, and in order to fully live It they must enter the path of humility; thus, the Breath of the Spirit of God will not distance itself and will bring much wisdom to your consciousnesses.

This Divine Breath of the Spirit of God is the same that was in Mary, My Mother, and in My companions, the Apostles.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that allowed them to evangelize, convert the pagans and bring hope to hearts.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that built Christianity in the essences, throughout the times and until today.

You, My companions, have internally decided to be filled by the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, and this implies responsibility in your lives, which will never be able to be the same, as your paths will straighten and a new life will come, because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will make you assume responsibilities within the redeeming and spiritual Work of your Lord and Master.

Today I come to give you the blessing because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will come, which will manifest its talents, its virtues and gifts, and these will make of the apostles of Christ true missionaries of peace and service.

It is the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that will prepare the coming of the New Christs and the awakening of the Christic essences, which will know how to enter, in these final times, in deep communion with God, with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be the reason for your joy.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be the transformation of your consciousnesses and the redemption of your beings.

Because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will come with strength and the darkness will fear It because Its Light is powerful and invincible.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that conceived the Consciousness of the Firstborn Son in the Divine Source of Creation, whence I descended to come to the Earth, to incarnate as a man and give testimony of the Word of Life, just as I do today, from My state of Ascension.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God guide you, and do not fear, because the greater the battle, you must know, the greater will be the victory, the celestial victory.

Take refuge, companions, in the Sacred Spirit of God so that you may become invisible before the forces of chaos that subjugate millions of consciousnesses in the world.

Be sparks of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God and the Earth will be repopulated with new graces and mercies, even though humanity does not deserve them.

May the state of communion with the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be a reason for your joy, because thus you will help your Master and Lord to unite souls, unite consciousnesses and all religions under the Sacred Spirit of God.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that created the Universe.

At the beginning of everything, it was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that for the first time emitted the Word, and the Word emitted Vibration, and, from that, sound was born, which gave form and life to all things.

First many more Sources were created so that the new life of all humanities might be welcomed by the Creator Fathers, the so-called Archangels.

In that time, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God brought a new consciousness, in which nothing existed, and the Essence of the Divine Son and of the Holy Spirit, in the Sacred Trinity, conceived the new life in the whole Universe and in all dwellings that would receive the New Humanity.

At that time, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God attracted to this Material Universe a very special Grace, which was the Birth and the emergence of the Essence of the Mother of the World, of the Mother of God and your Mother.

God gave you an infinite and grand Mother, pure and immaculate, who humbled Herself to incarnate on this planet and conceive, in Her sacred Womb, the Son of God, the Firstborn, the only Begotten Son, the Omnipresent.

From these facts that were kept in the whole memory of the Universe, may the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God renew your consciousnesses, erase the past and elevate your spirits to the non-material Source of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God.

Today, My Merciful Heart brings you this Gift, inexplicable for the human mind, for all science, for any being on this planet.

It was this Sacred Spirit of God that decided that you would exist so that someday you might attain high degrees of love by means of the school of your Master and Lord, in the essence of Love-Wisdom.

Humanity is lost, and the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, in the different Faces of the Father, by means of His Sacred Names, will come again to the world to fill the greatest number of souls with His Sacred Presence, with His Infinite Love, with His Unfathomable Mercy.

The Spirit of God is not venerated or recognized.

Recover your filiation with the Father, and humanity will be redeemed.

When the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God comes, many things will already be happening, but do not fear nor become desperate, because who believes in the Spirit of God will be saved and will have knowledge of where to be and what to do.

I would like your prayerful offering tomorrow to be reinforced, your inner offering to be even greater, as it was today, knowing how to respond to My call, knowing how to hear My Heart and communing with My Word.

I Am here because you want Me to be here, otherwise I would not be able to be.

For this reason, I come today with the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God to repopulate the Earth with new codes so that you may know that evil will end, that suffering will be dissipated and that healing will be achieved in the hearts.

As you live your tests, invoke the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God with the same sincerity and love that you have offered to your Master and Lord today, which has permitted to help the whole planet so that it does not suffer many more errors, nor many more transgressions to the very life that God conceived for you.

I invite you, companions, by means of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, to carry out an act of reconciliation with your beings and among your companions of path, as well as with your families so that the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, in these definitive times, may be present at your homes and at each moment, and at each new step.

Seek the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God for those who do not seek It, and I promise you that in a short while you will not recognize yourselves, because you will have been transformed through your sincere offering to My Glorified Heart.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God bless today those who will receive a Sacrament and have their feet washed, erasing the past, the error and the pain lived during the latest years of their lives.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God renew you because it will be this Sacred Spirit that will be able to remain in your hearts when the Sacred Hearts withdraw and no longer come. You will remember this day and you must relive it so that you may not lose the inner strength to concretize the Work of God upon this planet.

While I bless the elements of the altar, may your act of reconciliation and offering to the Creator Father be elevated to the Universe, so that He may also bless you with the strength of His Divine Spirit, which will make you invincible before the forces of evil.


Father of the Universe,
Sacred Creator Heart,
Who made Life emanate from Your Divine Essence,
Who emitted the Breath of Your Spirit to manifest the Creation
and to give life to Your creatures,
those which would praise Your Sacred Name for all Eternity,
sanctify these elements,
sanctify Your children,
heal the wounds, repair the hearts,
so that they may feel the inner strength of Your Spirit,
and so that Your Spirit may be the reason for the renewal of their beings on the spiritual path.

May Your Purpose be fulfilled
and may a New Humanity be gestated in Your creatures.

So be it.

I give the simplest everything I have, because in them is gestated My Trust.

More than two thousand years ago, I left you a testimony, a divine experience that also comes from the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, which manifested itself as one of Its greatest Gifts, through the Sacrament of Communion.

Today I tell you again, companions, just as I told My ones inside a humble house in Jerusalem, where your Lord and Master prepared for His great and last surrender.

Taking the bread in My Hands, I said to the Almighty: “Father, accept the offering of Your Son, for the conversion of the sinners and the redemption of the impious”.

He blessed the bread and at this moment, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God spoke through My Mouth and I said to the Apostles, just as to the spirit of the holy women: “Take and eat all of you of it, because this is My Body, which will be handed over on your behalf for the forgiving of sins.”

Likewise the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God blessed the Chalice and accepted the offering of His only Begotten Son and at this moment the Divine Word expressed to all those present in that time: “Take and drink all of you of it, because this is My Blood, Blood of the new and eternal Covenant which will be poured by Your Lord and by all martyrs for the forgiving of sins and the salvation of the mortals.”

At this moment, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God saved humanity.

May the Lord bless these elements under the powerful Light of the Cross of Emmanuel, in the name of the Father, the Son and of Holy Spirit. Amen.

May those who have not confessed today yet, do it internally, at this moment, before your Master and Lord, who comes to give you the absolution of your sins, the reparation of your hearts with the light of the Source of Eternal Life.

While you listen to the melody, confess to My Sacred Heart and do it for all sinners, especially for those who do not accept the Name of the Lord and create wars on the planet, division between nations and indifference between hearts.

Today, I Am availing Myself of all of your prayers that were pronounced this day so that the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God may also reach those who listen behind this means of communication.

The Reappearance of the Christ is taking place, and just as in the Gethsemane I stepped the bad serpent with My Feet, today I step with My Feet what causes pain, indifference and fear in hearts, and in this way, it will be dissipated.

I rise to Heaven hearing your songs that glorify even more My Sacred Heart so that It may pour Its Rays of Mercy, Grace and Redemption onto all planetary life.

I bless you, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for being with Me today in the humility of the heart, in the simplicity of prayer and in the love of your spirits.

Receive My Peace as a balm for your lives and may this non-material Peace expand wherever you go. Amen.


Remove all anguish and sorrow from your heart, and do not think you will not manage to do so.

Although it may seem unknown, dare to say 'yes' to the Universe in complete trust.

Take your steps toward Christ. Even in the moments of greatest tribulation, let My motherly Hand draw close to you so as to guide you.

Let that which is oldest in you gradually die while in your essence what you really are and what you came to fulfill on this blue planet awakens.

Trust that you will be able to carry on walking. Let the Sacred Flame of My Heart illumine your path and thus you may carry forward the inner purpose that the Father entrusted to you.

Meanwhile, my child, recover your hope from the beginning of your awakening, from the moment in which your heart had the feeling to follow this sacred but unknown path. From there, you must gain courage and inner strength to learn to transcend yourself, to learn to be uplifted and to find the justifiable sense of having to be here.

Now your life is like that moment in which Peter, the Apostle, had to confirm whether or not he was with Jesus, since, in spite of his denial, within the essence of Peter there existed that trust hidden by fear.

Open your heart and go through that threshold of fear that does not exist and say 'yes' to the Sacred Heart. Always say 'yes' even though you do not understand.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted during the trip from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the city of Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Awaken! See your Heavenly Mother in a great planetary mission with the missionaries of peace, those who together with Me prepare themselves to meet the greatest needs of love and service in Turkey.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother, with the missionaries of peace, head toward one of the farthest places in the Middle East to carry out an important, essential rescue of souls, that need to know My Peace.

This way, My children, the missionaries of peace must radiate the spirit of paternity and maternity towards the smallest and most forgotten,

In the upcoming second phase of the humanitarian mission, My missionaries will start to enter the true camp of refugees, the one that is projected in the planetary consciousness of the helpless and those who are marginalized because, in reality, dear children, the total abandonment and exile lives in the spirit of each being.

This next phase will demand that the missionaries of peace face the internal results of human cruelty, something that they will be discovering under My holy guidance as the mission takes place throughout different regions of Turkey.

Istanbul will be the final and hardest phase because My missionaries will see the apex of great human exile.

The service to the children will require spiritual, moral and physical attention to the little ones, those who, through wars or the loss of their families, have lost the joy of living or the purpose of being in this world.

The paternal and maternal love of each missionary is essential, therefore, dear children, I invite all of you to consider this part of the mission as important, because the missionaries must unite themselves to the inner Christ of each little child of Mine, so I will be showing you, My missionary daughters of peace, where lies the need of the greatest maternal love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


My dear children,

Opening the doors of Heaven towards the planet, your Heavenly Mother gathers you today, in the oratory of Her Immaculate Heart, to pray and implore for Peace and Mercy for the whole world.

Dear children, Your Mother of Heaven prepares everyone and, especially the future missionaries of peace, to face the human terrors and the continuous flagellation of hearts, of sibling souls who suffer every day from the result of a great error without end.

Dear children, the humanitarian mission in Hungary and Turkey will be very important. You will see two parallel realities that are on the same level, in the same planetary situation: the lack of peace.

My children, the mission in Africa was an important preparation for this next mission that must be fulfilled in this critical time. Despite its suffering that has still not been healed, Africa experiences, deep inside, a true love that is slowly recovering, through acts of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Middle East has forgotten about God and, despite the beliefs, the Universe would never propose to hurt anyone nor impose any spiritual or religious doctrine. God teaches us, dear children, that everything begins and ends in Love; without Love nothing is possible.

In this time, souls seek happiness in their fellow beings and, although this human love exists, true happiness is found in the Heart of God, which will always impel you to find hope and transcend fears.

Through the conflicts of this time, souls that are subdued by terror lose the memory and the feeling of loving God and their fellow beings. This makes consciousness totally  forget that Divine Love and Compassion exists; which generates hatred, mortality and martyrdom, only for the sake of conquering a Kingdom which belongs to no one, only to Creation.

Dearest children, for this reason, I come to ask you for prayer, rosaries and novenas. If souls and conscious servers do not put forth effort, through offers and small sacrifices, hatred and ambition might embrace the whole of humanity and material life would acquire more importance than the Eternal Father himself.

The concern of the whole universe is that ignorance and false authority prevail, to create a human kingdom of lies and of ambitions.

But in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph within hearts that have always been witnesses of the Presence of the mercy of Christ in the world. It will be this inner testimony, of faith and hope, that My missionaries of peace must take within their hearts. This testimony will be the imperious and loving call that will guide you before the great darkness and human calamity.

But know, My children, that My Grace will be your strength, and when you step on the ground of Turkey and Hungary, it will be your Lord Jesus Christ who will touch the earth with His luminous Graces.

Let us pray, because the war of ambition has still not ended.

May Peace be present within your hearts.

I thank all My children for concretizing this sacred mission!

I bless you, from now on, for this sacred task of Peace and Mercy,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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