Sunday, December 8 of 2013

Daily messages

What are you waiting for, soul of Mine, to surrender yourself to My Gifts?

Allow the Perpetual Love that springs from My Heart to flood you until the point in which you feel an ardent devotion for My Being.

Walk by My side, confident that you are taking the steps towards God.  Forget all that oppresses your heart and elevate your consciousness towards My Inner Kingdom.

The one who seeks the Heavens is the soul that unites itself to the Source of Love.  If you have already married Me, permit now Your Faithful Husband to shelter you and to guide you through the path of the purpose.  Remain during the night between My arms and feel the complete security that you will be always well in spite of the circumstances.

Seek Me all the time, feel yourself observed, soul of Mine, by the sweet Eyes of Your beloved and faithful Lord.  Accept that it is already time to begin a new cycle, a cycle that will be radiated by My celestial graces.

Approach yourself to Me, have fear no longer to tell Me how many times you have fallen by My side.  Look with attention, Your Companion is extending His hand to raise you up.  Pour your tears of light upon My chest, feel the supreme heat of My Compassion, let the past be flooded with healing and forgiveness.

See the Great Star in the firmament of the night, it is indicating to you the brightness of My Divine Mercy.

O Soul of Mine!  That has stopped being tempted by the world to become like a flower in My Eternal Garden.

For this I will always thank you for having abandoned yourself to the loving passion of My arms because you have already entered into the trust of My Heart.   Soul spouse, live the joy of the great encounter and go ahead so that you may be able to achieve My Eternity.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for abandoning yourself in trust to My Heart!

Christ Jesus