Dear children,

Today your Heavenly Mother emits profound thanksgiving and love to all those who made possible this new edition of the Festival in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.

This loving thanksgiving also reaches all groups of young souls that make up the Board of this Festival who, throughout time, have made great and true efforts to keep concretizing this aspiration of your Divine Mother.

I thank you for the sincere and balanced ecumenism attained through fraternization with other spiritual movements that in some way seek a connection and contact with God.

In this way, I have been able to witness the growth and maturity of the youth, to assume this task and mission throughout the different cities of the world, knowing what this means, not only on a material level but also on a spiritual level.

In this way, the adults must keep supporting and helping the younger ones so that they can direct and conduct their potentials, talents and virtues along the correct path.

Throughout the latest Festivals, your Heavenly Mother has been able to work in the awakening of the youth, so that all may be protected and not confounded by all that the world offers them today.

Therefore, dear children, the Festival must keep reaching not only its spiritual but also its material scope, until it represents one of the most important events of consciousness, love and respect for humanity, so that the culture of discard and indifference for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the most marginalized beings may be uprooted from human consciousness.

All that was offered today by the Festival of Santa Fe will prepare you for the next stage.

May today all good beings, beyond their beliefs, religion or culture, be blessed, because in essence, all are children of the same Father and Creator.

I thank all the youth for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When God thought of creating the humanity of the Surface, He thought of a Project, of a perfect Plan, which could emerge during the development of the entire life of the human being.

This Plan is still valid, in spite of the errors and the events lived by the human being itself.

It is a Plan broadly based upon the real experience of love and forgiveness.

The Plan predicts that all human beings will be forgiven, as after many experiences, the human being needs self-forgiveness, within the field of its consciousness, so that it can feel free from the errors committed and free from all guilt.

But this guiding thread that unites and fulfills the life of the human being is the Divine Consciousness of Christ, which even incarnated in this humanity to bring a message that should be applied within daily life. This message deepened through the surrender of Jesus Christ.

This Plan must still be expressed and fulfilled in all of humanity and, although this may seem unattainable in this cycle, the Spiritual Hierarchy gives an impulse and concretizes this Plan of Love through the groups of souls and of consciousnesses that have the commitment of manifesting this Universal Plan, in some way.

Today we are before an example of one of the Plans of God, an example that will be represented by the special Meeting of Music of today, which will mirror one of the most emblematic cultures and roots of ancient times: the African culture, which, being a part of the Project of God, also lived its clashes and decadent periods, and today, under the spirit of established fraternity and brotherhood, it will attain this inner experience with the love and forgiveness that all creatures need.

For this reason, the Meeting of Music that will be offered today will open the celestial doors so that beloved Africa may recover the original attributes and values which had once constituted it as an emblematic and sacred race.

In the loving and faithful surrender of each singer and instrumentalist, the Spiritual Hierarchy will bring toward the Earth all the principles that My children from Africa experienced.

This will benefit the soul of each child of Mine from Africa, who lives the result of traumatic and painful experiences, produced by the trafficking of persons and by the selling of their people for a profit that is outside of all laws and context.

This Meeting of Music of today will grant to Africa the reintegration of its spiritual consciousness, the matrix that once formed the origin of this race, which had the mission of being the bridge between the Material Universe and the Spiritual Universe.

By means of the offering that will be made today, the Divine Universes will intercede through the spontaneous exercise of joy and the loving offer of the Choir of Angolans. The Divinity, for the first time, has found a way to grant the ancient spiritual freedom and the healing of wounded hearts.

All this is possible through the offering of the Meeting of Music of today.

May all feel as a part of Africa, and may all recover the roots that the Celestial Father once created so that, in the values of equality and unity, all of His children might be happy.

From the deepest core of Love and of Divine Existence, I thank the choir of My children of Angola, for having ecumenically responded to this call from the Creation.

I wish you all a most beautiful musical gala, so that healing may reach all of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, in the Love of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


After four years, I return from Heaven to this city of Cali so that its devout people, faithful to My maternal Heart, may join their Heavenly Mother to pray and implore for Colombia and for the planet.

I return to Cali with the intention of making you more aware of the delicate situation of humanity and so that, from now on, in the formation of new groups of the Rosaries of Light, you may definitely undertake prayer in your families, so that the main cell of God may be protected and safeguarded from all influences and superfluous information of these times.

My children of Cali, I return to loving meet you, to again pour out My Graces into your hearts, so that a sacred alliance and a mature commitment may be established between you and I.

As Mother and Lady of Chiquinquirá, as patroness and protector of your people, I pray for the cultural values of your race to remain alive in your lives, and for these inner values to be the ones that will protect your people and your country.

As the Mother of humanity, I return to My dear Colombia to place beneath My Mantle the Kingdoms of Nature and all biodiversity that Colombia has held since the ancient times.

I come to ask you to defend and protect the great natural reserves and the animals that this beautiful country has, which are the natural and spiritual basis for the development of its culture.

May this care and support to the lower Kingdoms be something conscious in all Colombians so that you do not allow the entrance of industries that only exploit and chemically contaminate the wellsprings and all the sacred soil.

This is the time when all of humanity will see incredible situations fall by their own weight. Therefore, you, My children of Colombia, must assume prayer with seriousness, so that nothing may surprise you.

I return to your dear homeland to give you this message, so that this message may be part of each one of you, knowing that the time will come when your Heavenly Mother will withdraw.

For this reason, I now call all My children to act according to the emergency and to the spiritual needs of these times.

This responsible and conscious attitude of each child of Mine will avoid unexpected events and it will be that which cuts the chain of evil, that all the human race experiences.

Colombia is a land of spiritual treasures. Colombia is a land that can experience peace and that must dissolve conflicts so that the country can be reborn in Christ and in Christ, it may achieve the consecration to the Divine Plan.

It is time to re-kindle the Christic commitment of each Colombian heart. Thus, the most blessed and sacred relics will be in your hands so that you may also learn to protect and take care of South America as part of the Divine Project of the New Humanity.

I thank you for listening to Me and for responding to My call!

Today I bless My dear Colombia, from North to South and from East to West, so that the powerful Cross of My Son may protect it.

Who loves you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Now that Colombia has been faced with the opportunity to find the principles and the values of its culture again, souls will be able to receive the dignity and the freedom of feeling a part of this legacy, which brought Colombia the spirit of the immaculate and of the sacred.

Through the Pilgrimage for Peace, Colombia will be gradually placed before the spiritual treasures that the people of Guatavita knew in the past, and they will have the Grace of essentially recovering all that was taken from it and erased from ancestral memory.

Colombia is a great original people that, like other peoples, entered into the rebellion and the conquest that was carried out during the discovery of America. For this reason, Europe owes much to South America, just as it owes much to Africa.

Everything that happened must be balanced, and the European descendants of the conquistadores will be the ones to settle the consequences generated over the course of time.

Colombia will be able to rise when it remembers the values of faith and trust that it experienced in the past; which will allow its people to have the chance of recovering their original roots.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I return to Colombia with the intention that your spiritual and cultural values may be recognized, not only by the people that dwell here, but also by all those who once, or over the course of the history of humanity, learned about the sacred, which is to be found here.

I do not come back to cause you to re-live a historic past; I come to re-ignite the cultural and spiritual values that made Colombia a special place within the spiritual purpose, because these values are what will allow the dignity and the authenticity of this people to emerge, who like many others were a slave of the conquest of the white man.

Colombia is this Eden of the sacred and of the reverent for humanity, and all that was once experienced of the sacred here, in this current time, will help the rest of the peoples, beyond the Andes, to remind them of the importance of keeping their roots fertile and alive so that nothing nor nobody may cause the pure and the sacred to be lost, which the original peoples lived as a foundation of experience for the New Humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come back here to Colombia as the Solar Son and, at My Feet, I show you, in the inner planes, the sacred city of Guatavita, that legendary city that once was expressed upon the surface and brought to the Andes a sacred knowledge that has still not been revealed to the humanity of today.

But many of you participated in this.

This is why I am returning to Colombia, to gather you in My name and so that you define your paths for one Hierarchy, for one Law, for one group.

This group of souls is congregted by My Love, like many groups of souls that I have in the world, which in this time come to Me, to serve Me and to express My redeeming Work, before this sacred city that shines like gold and copper. I have you inwardly revere this legacy, to which you have belonged in other times, in other experiences, and now the veils over your consciousness fall so that you can see the truth and the primary reason for being here, in this place, present in this country, and united like brothers and sisters.

This is what is most important, that I need in this time, so that Colombia can finally express its task. There is still much to do and there is still much to carry forward. You are the preamble of something very important, but remember unity and the Law of Hierarchy. If this is not accomplished among you, nothing will manifest.

I know that it is not easy for many consciousnesses to obey what I ask of you and to strictly carry out what the Hierarchy says. But, companions, My brothers and sisters, there is no longer time, there is no time left. And this is the reality of it.

The impulses of the inner Hierarchy come to change hearts, to awaken them, to purify and transform them. This is why today I bring My Solar Consciousness and, as a Mirror Being, I reflect upon the sacred city of Guatavita all the principles and attributes of God, which this sacred city, indigenous and internal, also achieved in other times.

The values of the culture of Colombia are very important for God, as are the values of the Aztec culture and of the Mayan culture. These are the values that today's humanity will need in order to experience the transition of the times and the Armageddon; to not forget the principles, the attributes and the commandments of the Father, which are basic Laws for its evolution and its awakening; so that it may go deeper in degrees of love and in degrees of solidarity.

This will build among you, and in many more that will come, the true brotherhood of the surface, this sacred third Order that must be expressed in South America so as to be able to bear and contain the end of times, the time of purification, the time of tribulation.

Among you, there must not exist lies, deceit nor appearances. It is something that I taught My apostles in the past and it is something that I have been teaching all of you for many years.

I do not come to see your imperfections nor miseries, because My Mercy grants you the transformation and liberation for your lives.

All I ask of you, companions, is for loyalty, transparency and crystalline unity. This will allow for My Work to expand in Colombia and for many more emergencies to be attended to by the Hierarchy.

But meanwhile, and in spite of all that you receive, of all the impulses that were given since the inner Hierarchy expressed itself in this place of Guatavita, there is still much to purify.

But I, as a Solar Mirror, give you My hand so that you may hold it tightly, so that you may trust, so that you may repent and reconcile.

This will allow to dissolve, in Colombia, many streams of chaos and of adversity that still surround this country and this beloved people, to which I come to give My Mercy and My forgiveness today, so that it may be reborn and re-emerge through the impulse that the Holy Spirit brings as Solar Essence.

Return to your origins, regain the roots of your culture, and preserve from yourselves all that is sacred, blessed and sublime; everything that comes from the Hierarchy, be it Its knowledge, be it Its word, or be it Its love or Its presence.

If you, My companions, are here today, congregated by My Presence, and not other people, it is for some spiritual reason that you still do not know.

Never break the rules because the Father and, above all, His Son, see everything.

Elevate your hearts in a spirit of repentance and someday you will receive the sacred flame of redemption, which are the Christic Codes, the merits achieved by your Master and Lord when He was on Earth.

And, in this way, you will become My memorable apostles, the apostles of the end of times, those who will protect the legacy of the Hierarchy, not only on the surface, but also in the inner worlds, and who will be able to reflect and represent the Brotherhood, wherever or whenever.

For this, I need you to be firm, available and open to change, not only in consciousness, but also in heart, in personality and in ego.

This will allow the legacy that is held in the sacred city of Guatavita to always be protected and radiate its principles toward humanity, which so needs it in this time. Because not only will you receive transformation and renewal, but also other peoples in other parts of the world, who continue to lose the values and the principles of their culture, those which they have received and experienced throughout time, and those which My adversary set about dissolving, dividing and erasing from the memory of the men and the women of the Earth.

That is why South America is at stake, not only in a political, social or economic way; South America is at stake in a spiritual way, and it is on this level where the real and serious situations present themselves and where the Hierarchy must face and attend to them in this time.

You must not only be suns on the surface of the Earth, as was the sacred city of Guatavita, but you must also be mirrors of love, of solidarity, of brotherhood, of good, of transparency. It is now time for there to no longer be any trace of evil, any trace of adversity or contrariness within you.

You are now depositaries of the Christic Love of My Heart, and you must protect it and support it so that it can grow and expand into the world, because many, many souls are missing the opportunity, not only of evolving, but also of awakening, of carrying out their true task and mission in this time.

This people of Colombia has had the grace of being blessed by the Hierarchy and it is in the small groups of souls where the Plan is carried out, to then give a chance and graces to all the rest of the souls of the world.

So that you can do all that I ask of you, companions, you must trust in My Presence, in My Word, in My support and, especially, in My Love that is immeasurable and unconditional for souls.

Let all that no longer belongs to you be withdrawn. Empty yourselves, empty yourselves in this moment and offer your lives, your souls and your hearts to God, through the Solar Presence of the Son of God, and elevate your aspirations to the Heights, the aspirations for redemption, for reconciliation, for unity and for peace, so that those attributes may descend upon you and upon your brothers and sisters, and a solid, firm and crystalline brotherhood may be built, which lives for the Plan of God and its fulfillment in this cycle.

I bring you this golden city of Guatavita, the sacred city of Guatavita, so that you can be reborn and rediscover your origins within; the main reason that brought you up to here, which is not personal nor individual; which is group-oriented, which is among souls, to serve God and to fulfill His aspirations, not only for Colombia but also for the rest of South America.

Remember that you have the assistance and support of the sacred Sites, where you will be able to place your consciousnesses, souls and beings so that they may be worked on and healed, and still continue to experience the process of redemption.

Be these sparks of redemption of My Heart, because the world needs it, so that someday it may realize that it was mistaken and that it has deviated completely from the truth.

Colombia is still to awaken; it must awaken more deeply than it has awakened. But for this to be possible, the transformation and the change must first begin within you, My companions, who represent Me before God in this spiritual task for Colombia, and for all the souls that are to be found here.

It is in this way that the spiritual and material slavery will end in this country and souls will be able to become aware of the importance of turning toward God in order to be able to hear Him and deeply feel Him again.

Offer this next Marathon of Divine Mercy as an opportunity for returning to your origins, to your beginnings and to your original culture; and may you benefit from the company of all the inner beings that collaborate in brotherhood and love for the Hierarchy at this moment.

Let Colombia be reborn to the principles of its culture, of its solidarity and of its love for the Celestial Father.

For this reason, companions, to all of you and to all your brothers and sisters that are listening, I give you a blessing so that this task, through the Meeting of the Prayer of Mercy, may be blessed and filled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And I ask you to trust in the coming of these gifts, that will not only transform and give impulse to your spirits and consciousnesses, but also to your material life that, day after day, must be a mirror of the Brotherhood upon the surface.

As the Sun of the Universe, of the center of this Galaxy, that shines upon this sacred city of Guatavita, which today reflects its principles and its origins towards the souls that have belonged to it, just as to all the souls that have belonged to the original peoples of the Andes, I give you Peace and a blessing, wishing you a beautiful and glorious task in this crucial time in which souls must be reborn to love and to forgiveness.

With the rays of the Central Sun that come from the emanation of the Heart of God, and in union with the Great Universal Confraternity, let Colombia be elevated, let hearts be firm to experience their redemption in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Argentina is a land full of tradition and culture. It is a people that come from important indigenous roots that originate, from Tierra del Fuego to La Quiaca, to innumerable ways of relating to and communicating with God.

Thus, Argentina is one of the peoples that maintains its culture, beyond time and tendencies. In the hearts of Argentines is the memory of the Confraternity and of the Brotherhood.

Because of being a nation with a first ray temperament, Argentina has had to learn to moderate its reactions through love so that in its consciousness and in its culture may be maintained the striving effort through daily work and a particular devotion born of that strength and love that the nation holds for the Divinity.

Over time, the traditions of Argentina deviated. One of the reasons why your Lord will return to Argentina will be to reintegrate, in the consciousness of that people, the values that made it a nation strengthened in their work and devoted in their way of uniting with God.

Through the meetings that will happen in the month of August, each one of the Argentines will be presented with the opportunity of being in God and, beyond everything, of celebrating with a special victory, the return of Divine Love to their consciousnesses. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 


How long will the seas and oceans purify the contamination of humanity?

How long will the human being stay submerged in illusion and remain completely blind to all of its senses?

How long will nature endure aggressions from the humanity of the surface of the Earth?

How long will humanity deny and reject the Will of God?

Has anyone ever asked oneself about that?

Where should we begin to work if everything is dark?

How to better help the world if the humanity of today is blind from their fantasies and desires?

How to act without giving up?

There is something that solves all these events, which is called love and human fraternity.

Without love, no change will be real. No reality will transform. No spirit will repent.

Without human fraternity amongst nations and peoples, there will never be equality. Never will Divine Justice encompass the Earth. Never will anyone perceive that the neighbor comes first and before oneself.

Without love nor human fraternity, world illusion will corrode the Earth and its inhabitants even more.

Therefore, it is time to love the imperfect so as to someday sanctify the consciousness, nature and spaces.

Love and human fraternity are necessary to dissolve the errors of the past, to mend the wounds and to bring healing to the consciousness of humanity that has been corrupted.

Love and human fraternity will bring the consciousness, to nations, to cultures and to peoples, that the whole world has lost the values of social, environmental and spiritual dignity.

Love will transform the impossible, and human fraternity will awaken the spirit of mutual help and of cooperation, beyond the religious and social dimension.

Humanity needs to recover its dignity before the Universe because it lost it completely, due to its errors and actions.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


A special gala night

Dear sweet singers of My Heart,

Today is a special gala night because the Almighty and all of His angels will be attentive to the offerings that will be made during this musical encounter.

For this reason, My children, I come today not only to encourage you to keep singing and composing for the healing and upliftment of all of humanity, but also, in this special gala night, I invite you, through your hearts and most sincere devotion, that the spark of Christic Light may awaken and spring from all of you; an energy of Superior Love that urgently needs to be radiated to the world and, in consequence, to all of humanity.

May your souls, through your sacred offering for today's encounter, be ignited by the singing and upliftment so that all of the inner Christs on the planet may be able to reign and honor a process of change and transformation, in all of the human consciousness.

Beloved children, know that today's gala will also reach the spirit and consciousness of the families which, in these times, need immense spiritual aid, as they are the focus of division and wars among nations and peoples.

Before the advent of the Rebirth of Christ, My children, may all the families, beyond their condition, culture, people or religion, be able to receive today, through the musical encounter, the aid from the celestial spheres, which will descend to conceive peace and inner unity, so longed for by those who suffer the most.

I hope, dear children, that today your hearts and voices may flourish and show the essence of Christic Love, of that Love that is capable of giving everything for love, regardless of consequences or results.

In this gala night, may the Love of God be reborn, a Love that will be the preamble for the upcoming return of Christ to humanity.

I thank all of the choralists, instrument players and collaborators who, in this year, made the awakening of healing and spiritual upliftment of humanity possible. 

United to the Celestial Father, kindred in Christic Love, we make vows for the Plan of God to be fulfilled in humanity next year.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Mexican Rose...

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Rose that emanates fragrances of peace and of confraternity.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Lady of the Peoples Who appeared on the heights of Mount Tepeyac.

Behold the Mexican Rose, Who brought the message of union and of respect among the simple and the conquerors.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Woman from two races with the features of a sacred and ancient culture.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Mother of the Sun and of all the Universe, the Lady Who, lit up like the Sun, envelops all luminaries and stars.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Virgin Who mandated Her Church to draw the Kingdom of God to all races.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Mirror of Justice and the untiring and incomparable Servant at the service of Her children of humanity.

Behold the Mexican Rose, Who is Advocate and Mother, the mediator and intercessor for impossible cases.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Guadalupan, the Lady Who descended to Tepeyac to announce a time of peace and of reconciliation among peoples and cultures.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Virgin Who reveals cosmic vision, the Lady Who brings the life and the existence of the Universe by means of Her Mantle of Light.

Behold the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Mother Who defends the humble peoples, the Servant of the slaves and the condemned, the Mother Who frees those, who became prisoners in spirit, from their chains. 

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Lady Who brings the splendor of Heaven reflected in the apron of Juan Diego as a universal message, an impulse that awakens an interest in the revelation of the divine mystery throughout the times.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Lady Who is beyond any philosophy and science, the Mother Who expresses love for all of Her children, beyond their race, culture, or condition.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Mother Who today is honored and loved by all of the Mexican people and the world, by all the children of the Earth that recognize Her filiation with the Heights.

Behold the Mexican Rose, the Mother Who shines like a Sun of love in each devoted heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May peace reign today in all hearts and among all peoples.

May, through your prayers, love and respect for all nations and cultures be gestated in the human consciousness.

Joyfully express gratitude for the diversity of this planet, which makes it unique in the Universe for the ample possibility that beings have to learn how to love.

United with Our Lady of Guadalupe, may your hearts learn to give due importance to all peoples and may you love and cherish the pure expression of each one of them.

Each people, as well as each culture, has a higher purpose to manifest. Today, children, pray for this purpose so that nations may recover their purity and find the perfect principle of Divine Will for themselves.

Pray so that each nation may express their best in this world. Cease to judge cultures and religions but rather pray that they all find the Will of God and that this Will leads beings into expressing, experiencing and being the Love of God, constantly renewed in His creatures.

Today is a day to be thankful for the existence of peoples, cultures, and nations.

Today is a day to cry out to the Father so that, in His Heart of Love, He may unite all the paths that lead to Him.

Today is a day to place the heart within the Sacred Heart of Our Lady of Guadalupe and learn with Her to establish peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May the voices elevate today in a single intention and for the same purpose.

By means of the meeting of music, may cultures and peoples, nations and continents unite.

May everyone feel in their heart the Love of the Mother of God, so that the souls awaken to their purpose.

Today, may the Temple of Compassion elevate within each one and, through the voices and instruments, may the incandescent flame of the devotion for the Plan of God be lit in the inner worlds.

Today, may you unite hands as brothers and sisters, so that the world equality may be established, for the Source of Love to nourish the beings with hope and joy.

May everything that will be given today by My singing children, reach to the Feet of the Almighty as an offering, so that, as the most sincere donation, the souls of the world receive inner healing and elevation of the consciousness.

May the music of today close the doors to human suffering.

May the melodies that will resound today in the singing hearts, establish the peace that millions of human beings need in order to move forward.

May each piece that will be lovingly presented, through the effort of each of My children, attract to the nations the Wisdom of God, so that noble decisions be made, which will benefit all peoples. 

In this gala night, may each singer be clothed with their best inner energy, so that everything which will be offered may shine beyond the inner universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

May those who cause war surrender their weapons so that the essential purity of each soul may not be harmed.

May those who persecute redeem themselves so that, in this way, all may be repaired.

May no other nation rise against nation.

May religion or belief systems no longer be a reason for conflict.

May those who govern reconsider, so that peace may be established and no more weapons of destruction may be activated in any other nation.

I ask those who do not listen to pay attention to what I tell them because a Muslim must be a good Muslim, a Christian must be a good Christian, a Hindu must be a good Hindu.

Therefore, let everything be repaired so that the essence of each culture and of each people not be assaulted.

Let each nation express its beauty and its homeland, but without weapons or explosives.

I wish each soul knew the value that exists in the essence of each being and that only through essences will they be able to be as one and respect one another.

May Divine Mercy renew the times so that Christ may triumph again, as He triumphed on the Cross.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Second Message 

May the Voice of the Lord of Egypt be heard today, because there is a people crying for liberation, piety and redemption; there is a people crying for justice, mercy and peace. And it is not for lack of divine help nor of supreme help; this is part of what humanity generates among peoples and nations, among races and cultures.

From the Sahara Desert, the Voice of the Lord of Egypt be heard, Who today presents His Throne of Wisdom and Power to bring Justice to the world, the Justice that will balance the planet and humanity.

That is why you should pray as you are doing, every day.

The Voice of the Lord of Egypt comes to bring Justice to the world, for the requests of its people and its culture; for the pleas of the simple and of the humble.

May differences no longer exist between races and religions, between beliefs and doctrines.

The Voice of the Lord of Egypt comes to unify everything, from the beginning to the end; it comes to reveal to you that in essence you are all one. And from that unity, you all come from God; from the same Father who has created you; from the same Universe that has manifested you, from the same Love that has expressed you in an infinity of forms and manifestations.

All are one in essence, and in this unity there is the Love that transcends borders, cultures and peoples.

The Voice of the Lord of Egypt comes to reveal to you a time of great planetary purification; a time that no other race has lived in another era or in another century.

I come as the Lord of Egypt to speak to you in the name of Love, and also to show you that I am in everything, not only in Christianity.

I Am part of God and from God I come.

I Am part of His Divine Emanation and of His Purpose for this and other Universes.

This is the Voice that speaks to you, the Voice of the Lord of Egypt, the One Who was with you before and the One Who is with you now to give continuity to the Purpose of God.

May no people, culture, race or nation forget that each being first is an essence, before being matter; that they are part of an original Source and of a principle that must be fulfilled in you so that it can be fulfilled in the world.

Those who believe that they are powerful and make wars, will not win.

Those who are oppressed and suffer the consequences are the ones who will triumph.

Because Love will always be able to do everything. Love will renew everything and beliefs or religions will not be important, but rather the essence that will unite peoples and nations, where there will be no distinction of culture, race or color.

I come to show to My Church that I am also in those who would not believe in Christ. Because they do not really believe because they do not know Me, they have not felt Me and they have not lived Me, as you once lived and knew Me.

Expand this Love that I bring to the world, so that the world can have an opportunity and reconsider.

Therefore, from the Sahara Desert My Voice is proclaimed so that Christians, Arabs and Muslims listen to Me as the only God, as the emanation of the Firstborn Son, as the One Who has renewed all times in the past, through the Cross.

A moment will come when everyone will find themselves on the same path, and together, as peoples, cultures, religions and nations, they must cross the last portal, because there will be no other; there will be no portals to choose or door to cross, but one, which is the door of My Heart. There everyone will understand one another and will have clarity in the end times that I have always been the same, from the Alpha to the Omega, and that My Divine and Omnipotent Presence has been in everyone; although in the majority it has been hidden, even in order to awaken.

If I come as the Lord of Egypt, it is for you to know that My Christic Love is in others, and not only in so few or in those who believe they can retain Me by proclaiming My Name.

I Am the Son of the Living God, but also God is in Me, as in My brothers and sisters.

God, Abba or Allah is in everyone, as it is written in all the Sacred Books.

Because a day will come when the knowledge written in the Sacred Books will be one, when humanity receives the revelation that only one God was always in all creation, as in all times; going through all generations, all cultures and all peoples. And they will know that He has tried to express and show Himself in all places, as in all the corners of this planet.

And so, knowing this revelation, they will understand their filiation with the Father and they will join the Source. In that moment it will no longer be necessary to make wars or create conflicts, for material goods or for spiritual dogmas. At that moment I will already be present in the world and within humanity.

But, as in the past, the Living God in the Beloved Son will show Himself to small groups before showing Himself completely to the world and everything that will have happened through religions and this Work will be understood.

Those who did not accept it, will recognize it. Those who have stepped aside, will be ashamed for having abandoned Me. Those who persisted and will persist to the end, will enjoy My Spirit, something that will be unknown.

It will be the last impulse revealed by your Master and Lord to His disciples, in all those who have faith in My Name and in My Word.

And everything that will have been difficult, hard and sacrificed for those that are Mine will be understood and will have a meaning.

The anguishes lived; the sorrows that oppressed; the bitterness felt by the hearts that have separated themselves will be understood; because it is part of a purpose and a history that I am writing in this world and, mainly, in your hearts.

When everyone has conscience of what My Work has done through souls, many will regret too late; but those who are with Me will rejoice because they had full confidence in My Message and in My impulse of Light.

That is why I settle My Work in the most difficult places, so that it may be fulfilled and, at least, peace may be sown in the spirit of each place.

Therefore, everything you offer to your Lord for this Work will be invaluable in the eyes of the men of the world.

Because at this time it is written: The Lord of Egypt, the Lord of the East, will take away the power from those who believe they have it, and will give His treasures to those who have suffered for injustice and inequality; and the Promised Land, which dwells in the Heart of Christ, will be revealed to those who with effort have followed His steps, towards the path of Light and of unity.

And at that hour I will unite everything, cultures, peoples, beliefs, religions and races; and everybody will listen to the Master and Lord in one language, in His original language, which reverberates in the Universe and echoes in the deepest spaces of the Cosmos, like a mantric melody that, in an impulse of vibration and light, renews everything that it touches and transforms everything that is impossible.

The Voice of the Son of Man, the Voice of the Lord of Egypt, will be like a thunder that will illuminate the cusps of the Churches of the Earth, without preference of place or people. 

Because at the least thought moment the Lord of Egypt will show Himself and in His Heart, as in His Divine and Trine Face, He will bring the synthesis of all His experience lived on Earth as in Heaven, so that a New Humanity may begin.

In the meantime, listen to the Voice of the Lord of Egypt that tells you: do not tire of working for God, because God always will give His Treasures to those who live His Word truly and without prejudice.

Therefore, may love abound in these times so that millions of wounds may be closed in hearts that suffer for different reasons and motives.

When they understand the essence of the Purpose of God many will be surprised by what they will know, because they will know something they have never known; because something that they never saw will be revealed, and it will be clear to all; there will be no doubt, interpretation or mirage. Because when the Lord of Egypt returns to the world with His true Face, everything will be consummated.

May each prayer be valued. May each bead offered be contemplated. May every prayer offered be placed at the Foot of the Creator, for those who turned away from Me without understanding everything; because the only thing that I want for all of My companions is that they always see the truth and in truth live to someday be free of themselves.

I thank those who persist; those who are sincere and transparent; those who are not afraid to accept their mistakes and ask forgiveness to their brothers and to God.

I thank those who accept without understanding, because someday they will understand everything and, without realizing it, they will be transformed into what I have so much desired with ardor in My living and patient Heart.

May everybody learn from this moment and benefit this opportunity so as not to lose the Grace of awakening and renewing times, just as the Father expects from His creatures.

May the Gift of Wisdom be in the open hearts.

May the Gift of Wisdom illuminate the closed hearts.

May the Gift of Wisdom reconcile those who have moved away.

May the Gift of Wisdom restore the unity between the souls and God.

May the Gift of Wisdom impulse you to live the Purpose and the transformation of times; because who aspires to the Gift of Wisdom will know My Face.

I encourage you to continue materializing My Work.

I encourage you to continue fulfilling My requests; because I tell you again, companions, that everything will be clear at the end of these times.

Remember that My Kingdom is for everyone.



The union between beliefs

A time will come to the planet in which all religions will have to unite in the spirit of Christic peace and love.

This prophesied union will allow souls who have walked different spiritual paths to find the Highest Source, the great Spring of the Heart of Christ.

At that time, Jesus will be recognized by all as the Redeemer not only of the Christians but also as the Liberator of the whole world through the impulses of Love that He is giving the world in these times.

This hour is approaching for the planetary consciousness.

When this prophecy of the union between beliefs can be realized among all peoples and not only among Christians, nations will oppose one another, and different human philosophies will try to tear down what others, with love, try to construct for the common good of all souls.

These types of judgments and slanders emerge as a source of human impulses that will only lead to the weakening of the union between consciousnesses and peoples.

In the most critical and acute moment of the planet, the faith of the consciousnesses will be put to the test; not because God will determine it, but because of the destructive action that the voices of the philosophers of the world carry out against everything that is considered the Work of Peace and Light.

But finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world and outside the Church.

Before the eyes of those who govern the religions, I will open the great door of redemption, and all will recognize that, behind every Work of Light, Christ was present.

In this time, they will try to silence the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers, just as they tried in other times; but, at the end of everything, many will belatedly realize the just and true cause.

In this cycle, everything will be allowed, both the great errors and the great victories. It will be like this so that souls, in their freedom, can choose before the Final Judgment which path they will take, whether the path of error of the unjust or the path of peace and fraternity.

In this definitive hour, your heavenly Mother carries out Her Co-Redemptive Work outside the Church, so that in this way, the shepherds of My Son can contemplate the planetary need with Mercy and not with deep and petty indifference.

The Mother of God comes to gather what the Church could not achieve, the mission of contemplating with love the spiritual and moral need of souls, regardless of the belief which they experience at this time.

This is how your Heavenly Mother comes, in this cycle, to teach you what She taught the apostles in the past, uniting nation with nation, culture with culture, and language with language, in order to establish the principle of the sacred people of God, for which Moses worked for a long time.

Therefore, I ask all of you, regardless of your belief or your spiritual doctrine, to listen to the Mother of God, the Ambassador of Peace, who tells you to no longer waste time; do not use it to argue or slander whether or not it is true that I am working outside the Church, or whether or not your brothers and sisters are wearing  certain outfits, or are lying. This is not true, you are not seeing the truth nor feeling it with your heart.

Do not forget that you are all children of God and that the most important thing is to lead souls towards love and prayer, and not towards slander and value judgments.

Those who claim to live the truth are blind. Repent and ask for forgiveness. Open the heart and not the mind, because truly I tell you, My children, that you are trying to dissolve My Work of Peace with your evil actions.

Live peace and do not feel disturbed. Embrace the Call of God, just as He determined, and do not try to deny it only because this Call is alive and luminous outside the Church.

Thank the universe because there are souls who offer themselves to suffer for you.

Change your attitude and do it out of love, do not lose time in vain words. Do your job and thus the religions will unite through love and not through force.

Christianity is an inner state and not a formal state, it is the possibility of believing and feeling Christ within the heart.

Listen for the last time to My call.

I thank you for responding to My requests!

Who loves you and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the choirs of the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity:

Dear children,

May your voices never tire of proclaiming the truth of the Infinity of God.

May that constant quest for the upliftment of consciousness be each day more firm and sacred.

May the building of the bridges of light between Heaven and Earth become visible to all humanity.

Children, do not be afraid of proclaiming the truth of the Cosmos and of all Creation; the world must know that it has not been able to see the celestial reality for having been asleep for a long time.

Because of this, with your voices raised on High, lift up the offering of today to Heaven so that those who resist believing in this supreme truth may open their hearts through the music and thus find peace.

Through the last meetings of music, the planetary consciousness has been much helped. May this offering of attracting the Sublime Universes always be your objective, so that in this way, all the angels may help you transmute the mental consciousness of the planet, and that of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Dear children, through the offering of today may all hearts grasp the message and the convocation of the Universe; may this inner call that your voices emit to all souls reverberate beyond your group, and may it touch the lost hearts and all the religions, so that at last all unite in a single brotherhood of love and unity.

The times are urgent; for this reason, the meeting of music must be considered as a unique monthly opportunity where all the choirs that I have summoned to help with this task on the 23rd of each month will be able, with the voice of the heart, to plead for the Plan of God on Earth, so that it may be accomplished beyond every religion or every belief.

My message for this day is that no one forget, and that all be aware that this meeting of music is a request of the Celestial Hierarchy to help to balance and to order what happens today in the world and in all of humanity.

This monthly meeting is an invitation for everyone to come into contact with the elevated music and with the universal peace that it produces, for example, through instruments.

May each heart, as well as each society or culture, also be able to express in this important meeting of music, the goal of which is to unifying hearts and bring fellowship to consciousnesses in the name of love and the common good.

Dear children, I leave you this invitation, that that every 23rd many souls be united with the divine impulse that this meeting of music brings to all.

For all the efforts that are made so that this is possible,

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sings with the voice of the heart with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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