I know what it means to stop seeing Jesus because, after His Ascension, I still remained on Earth for many more years, awaiting the fulfillment of the eternal Will of the Father.

To stop seeing and feeling Jesus, even being My Son, was an unforgettable experience and feeling of emptiness for the Heavenly Mother. But in spite of that moment, Christ always reminded us that His Love for humanity was eternal,  it would never change, because My Son came from the Father, and from the Father comes the Source of His Love.

A cycle now ends with My Son after many years of instruction and Graces. I understand that, as a Mother, the moment of the end of a stage causes souls to face the possibility of recognizing all that was received, word for word, and as from that point on, each soul has the Grace, in the next cycle, of living everything that it was taught.

Over the course of the ages, all those who were visionaries of the Apparitions of the Virgin or of Jesus experienced and went through this moment of it finalizing so that they could begin another stage.

I know that it is not easy for the visionaries to stop seeing the Son of God or His Heavenly Mother, but everything has a reason, since Our Sacred Hearts ardently wait for souls to apply the message itself in their lives. This will allow the gradual accomplishment of the Plan and the Will of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My children,

Since the beginning of your lives, during the manifestation of your essences in the Universe, the Purpose of God and His perfect Thought have been drawn for each one of you.

Each being of this Earth, and even beyond it, has a unique mission designed by God so that through their fulfillments not only the Plan of their Creator may be fulfilled, but His vast Creation, from cycle to cycle, can be recreated and renewed, based upon new and greater degrees of Love.

Each essence bears within itself a unique gift of the Spirit of God, a virtue that makes it unique in Creation and special for God, with its place kept in His Sacred Heart.

This virtue is like a musical note within a great celestial melody. Without it, the melody would not be complete. This note is in the chord that corresponds to it, with other notes that complement it; this note is in the perfect melody, in the perfect tempo so that, upon sounding its tone, a new door may open to Life.

I say this to you, My children, so that you may understand that nothing ends. Cycles do not mean an end, but a new step of an infinite evolutionary scale, which has been manifesting in your lives since the beginning of your creation, from the beginning of the creation of Life itself.

The evolution of beings is built, step by step, since the creation of their consciousnesses and, although their mission is the same, it deepens and is perfected so that through it something greater may be constructed.

Each consciousness, as it is created, receives a lineage to express and, life after life, on Earth or beyond it, this lineage is fulfilled and manifests more or less intensely, according to the awakening of the consciousness.

The beings that you know as visionaries manifest this lineage since the beginning of their existence, because their mission is to see beyond the dimensions and to communicate the perceived Will of God to all creatures.

There are different expressions of this spiritual lineage, which does not mean that they are better or worse than one another, but just that they are in different degrees of development, according to the Will of God and the mission of each consciousness.

From their universal and cosmic life, to their experience on Earth, a visionary has been deepening not only into their capability to perceive the dimensions, but above all to love them, to love what they perceive, to love what they transmit and to whom they transmit, and to do it each day more deeply and truly.

Each stage of the evolution of a visionary invites them to deepen not only into their perception, but also into their degrees of love and humility. And oftentimes a cycle that closes means a new and deeper cycle begins.

When the Divine Messengers begin a stage of retreat, this not only means, My children, that the visionary must begin to deepen into their mission and enter subtler and more unknown spheres, which are revealed in the solitude of their hearts. It also means that all those who share what is transmitted by God must begin a cycle of deepening and inner synthesis.

A note by itself cannot contain an entire melody within a song. The whole song collects the notes and deepens into its silence so that the note can then intensify during a later moment of this great melody.

In this way, I explain to you that this is a cycle of revelations, which must not only be heard, but also deepened into.

After this cycle, while we begin to retreat, a great silence will come, a moment when Our Voices must echo within each one of you.

This echo must enter into your consciousnesses, into your cells and atoms, echoing, within each one, the experience of superior Laws, the experience and living all that We have said throughout the years. Because it is through the depths of this silence that the fortitude will be built in you, which will make you worthy, not only of sustaining this planet, but also of re-building it from the Sacred Enclaves that, little by little, are revealed to you.

Live each cycle with your spirit filled with gratitude, with the heart ready for an even greater new step. Thus, My children, Our silence will not be a reason for you to weaken, but rather to elevate.

I take this time for you to understand that evolution is an eternal ascension, and that this Law is fulfilled beyond the appearances and the small human understanding.

Live each stage always looking toward the Heights, and there will be the Purpose of God, guiding your lives.

I love you and I am with you at each instant.

My Heart, from the birth of Christ to the Cross, My children, always remained silent, and I nonetheless did not cease to feel and live each instant of the life of Christ. I shared with Him each experience, each learning, each leap into the unknown, each challenge that was overcome, and this is what I am doing today, with each one of you.

Therefore, trust in My word of love and, furthermore, trust in My mysterious and consoling silence, because in it I will sustain your cross.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Messages
Weekly Message received in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

You have finally arrived to one of My spiritual sanctuaries of Light, a place in which I revealed to the world the aspect of the Queen of Peace, more than thirty years ago.

But I am still calling My children to the path of conversion, because conversion is not only converting to God and to My son. Conversion, My children, is to live and carry forward a new life, making notable changes and profound transformations within the consciousness.

This is why I still come to Medjugorje to request from the world that it truly changes. God hopes that this change will also be reflected in daily and spiritual life.

Many of My children have already taken the step, through Medjugorje, but few have reached the realization of the spiritual goal through the inner impulse they received.

For My children, I brought the possibility of opening the consciousness to the truth, and I gave them the path of Peace so that they might find the doorway toward Supreme Truth.

It is a joy to gather together the different visionaries, on the inner planes, under the guardianship of the Mother of God, because it is important that the instruments reflect and mirror what God is asking of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

My Children,

From the Heart of God Gifts and Graces emanate on this day for the liberation of the planet, and your Heavenly Mother comes to decree Her triumph in this place through this liberation and the Peace that emanate from My Immaculate Heart.

The Sacred Immaterial Rays that come from the Heart of the Creator touch Earth today, and Its signs become visible through nature. Nothing will remain as it is, inside and outside of humanity, and its mud will be extirpated and purified.

I come as your Heavenly Mother, as your Universal Mother, to prepare the path for the new dawn of Aurora, which next August will shine again in the hearts of humanity and on the horizon of the Earth.

I come to unite My Heart to the heart of Aurora giveing a sign to the world that its liberation is not only near as it has already begun with My Presence.

The heart of Aurora again gives signs so that the pulsing of its life may once again illuminate the abysses of this world. But, for Aurora to resume its place, My children, it is necessary that humanity know how to conduct the events in union with the Heart of the Hierarchy and that it follows, step by step, the Will emanated by God for the Earth.

The silence of Aurora will gradually give way to its healing word, and the expansion of its light will be visible. But, while this moment is prepared, accompany your Heavenly Mother step by step, because everything has its time and place.

The expansion of the heart of Aurora will take place gradually, so that its light crosses the horizons and reaches the hearts of humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature and the depth of the consciousness of the planet, liberating all kinds of life from the darkness that still dwells in this world .

But this must happen without wounding; its fire must burn, but not wound. Its heart expands and comes alive, respecting the Laws that rule this world, because thus humanity has chosen to learn.

To those who do not understand My Words, because they do not know the Aurora of which I speak, I say to you, just feel its grace in your hearts and let it expand, taking its corresponding place, because this is the Will of God.

My children, your Heavenly Mother, on this day, comes to prepare a very important moment: the expansion and return of Aurora of the dawn, to illuminate the hearts of the world.

Pray with me, pray so that the nations open up to the Will of God; pray so that the Plans of the Creator may be fulfilled on Earth; pray so that, in the depth of a true prayer, your Father Who is in Heaven may find the necessary permission to help this world.

There is still much to happen for God's Plans to concretize and, with Power and Peace, your Celestial Mother comes to unite the Scepter of God to the Scepter that rules the Aurora of My Heart, so that, gradually, it decrees its return and its triumph.

Beloved children, today I also come to give you a special Grace, through the beloved soul that offers itself every day so that My Plan may continue fulfilling itself. Soul that, like Me, united her heart to the heart of Aurora, so that this world might always have an opportunity to be healed.

Know, My children, that, with the simple surrender of a few, My Heart will work miracles on Earth.

With this I tell you not to give up surrendering your lives to God; do not give up taking steps toward union with the Heart of the Father and, in spite of everything that happens on the planet, never lose hope that the healing that comes from the heart of Aurora will extend to the world and touch all life, bringing back to the sacred what was lost and distorted by human misunderstanding and ignorance.

I am your Heavenly Mother, the One who shows you the way to reach Christ and, on Earth, I left you an earthly spiritual mother, so that she would point to the Father together with My Heart and that, united to Me, she might tirelessly work for the rescue of souls.

Unite with this mother soul that I gave you, because today I tell you that, upon her, your Father, Who is in Heaven, has placed His trust.

Therefore, today, do not only pray for Aurora to dawn again; also pray for the awakening of Unity on all this Work of Love, and may the hearts know how to recognize the instruments that the Father placed on their paths to never get lost.

Everything is part of a unique construction; listen to My Voice and unite with Me, and thus, My children, you will not confuse yourselves and you will be able to make triumph the Heart of God trough your lives.

I bless you and ask you to accompany Me, preparing with the heart the final awakening of the Aurora of the dawn.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace and Universal Mother.


Dear children:

I have waited until this day to tell you that My Maternal Heart is already palpitating spiritually in Central America, awaiting more souls to collaborate with the concretization of the designs of your Heavenly Mother.

For this reason My Divine Consciousness is gathering all the powers of Its Grace to pour them out as most potent rays of mercy and redemption upon the nations that I will visit during the month of November.

Your Most Holy Mother thus prepares the field of the human consciousnesses to be able to sow the new and last seeds that will be born in the inner gardens of My Most Beloved Son, those that I come to sow and cultivate in Central America for when the Christ in His Divine Glory returns to be able to find a place within humanity where to re-found His Holy Celestial Church.

My Marian mission with the world and with all souls is preparatory and co-redemptive, it is a mission that after so long shelters all those who are spiritually marginalized and all those that often lost the opportunity to return to the Celestial Father.

Dear children, therefore today I come to announce that the prayers with the brothers and sisters of different nations and the visionaries of the Order will continue for an indefinite time, since the fruits of this task have reached joy and gratitude in My Immaculate Heart.

It is so, dear children, that this task will expand itself to each praying being that every fifteen days, in the world, wants to unite with Me to this network of prayer for peace.

Now for Europe, Africa and Asia new consecrated beings will assign their lives to exercise this chain of prayer, so we will constitute a chain of prayer for the planet and for humanity through the Mystery of the Holy Rosary.

I thank all the praying beings for having followed this last cycle of preparation, now a larger door opens itself to shelter everyone.

I thank you for following Me.

Who loves and blesses you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Just as more than two thousand years ago, the prophecies will once again be fulfilled. The Sacred Books will no longer be only sacred, but become alive again before the eyes of the human beings.

My children, when Jesus arrived in the world and manifested, in a human expression, the Words of God and of the prophets, those who were apparently waiting for Him did not want to see Him, because He came to remove from the hands of the human beings the false power over the souls and over the temples; for they should become sacred again, so that the pure of heart and those who really were searching for God could find Him.

The doctors of the law did not want to recognize Him. They preferred to remain with their false power and humiliate the Son of God rather than surrender to Him and to the new Gospel that He was bringing. They did not want to renew their faith with the living Scripture, because it was easier to subject souls to waiting for a Messiah who never arrived.

Humanity at that time, My beloveds, feared to renew its own faith and to complete the Scriptures with what Jesus wrote with His arrival in the world. In spite of everything, My Son tore down the power of the hypocrites and the arrogant with His humility, because the smaller He was before the human beings, the more filled He was with God and His Love.

Children, I tell this because, in spite of so many wars, so many persecutions, so much denial, My Son rewrote the history and left the world a new Gospel, which renewed the Scriptures and brought souls even closer to God. Now, again the time has come to fulfill His prophecies, to renew the Gospel of Christ with life. The time has come to see His return, because those who, two thousand years ago, thought they had accepted His Presence among the human beings are clothed in false power again, taking control over the faith of the souls and hearts for themselves. They know that My Son will come, but they will not proclaim Him and will deny His Spirit, just as they denied His Body and His Blood so many centuries ago.

But this will not prevent Christ from returning to the world and demonstrating an even deeper union and likeness to God. He will come resplendent and will blind the eyes of those who thought they saw the light, but were in darkness.

As the prophet John warned humanity to repent because the Kingdom of God was near, now My Children, I tell you through My visionaries, to repent again, to ask for pardon and to renounce, before the crucified Christ, every false power you think you  have in your hands.

May all souls prepare their homes! May the churches repair their faults and renounce the material and spiritual accumulations that they hold so carefully in their homes.

The Redeemer will come and demand that those who call themselves His apostles live His Gospel. It was not He, children, who put on His garments like the garments of a king.

Christ came among the poor and divested His disciples and apostles of everything and, above all, of themselves. However, the human being once more adorned themselves and filled themselves with gold and stones, in the name of Christ, without understanding why the Messiah came into the world in a manger and not in a palace.

My beloveds, I do not tell you these things to hurt your hearts, but for you to review your lives. May all renew their vows before Christ, because only the simple of heart will recognize Him.

Will you be ready, My children, to divest of everything in the name of the resplendent Christ and see Him rewrite the Sacred Books with teachings that transcend human existence? Or will you hold the gold and the false power tightly in your hands, and  prefer to wait for the temple of this world to be destroyed in order to understand that the Son of God has returned to Earth?

Truly sanctify your lives. One who is pure and transparent before God does not need to fear anything. Therefore, children, do not say that I come to threaten you or to cause you fear. I come to warn those who are deaf and blind in their vanities and believe they serve Christ.

Recover the purity of your hearts. Pray with Me so that I may show you the Truth and the Path. Let Me wash your eyes and show you the Light, preparing you to be once again before My Son, and now, in surrender and with a sincere disposition, to follow Him.

I love you and tell you all of this so that you do not get lost. I wish that even the last living soul would recognize the arrival of My Son. His Spirit is now among you, but many deny Him.

I leave you My Peace, so that with it, you may reflect and renew your commitments to God.

I thank you.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

With joy My maternal and pilgrim Heart returns to Europe to gather in the name of love and peace all My children from the Northern hemisphere.

In this way, in this time what I once told you is fulfilled: “I will send the visionaries on a mission to each continent.” This shows, dear children, that times have changed and that the needs of the planet and of humanity are urgent.

I count on each praying being of this world to help Me to fulfill the plans of peace that are altered by the arts of My enemy. Anyway, beloved children, Your Heavenly Mother strengthens the life of those who consecrated themselves to the Plan, and this fortress, that is forged by sacrifice and love, makes it possible for the plan to be fulfilled by means of all those who respond to Me.

Dear children, in this way I am preparing you for what will come, the time that is approaching is unknown to all, and only prayer and unrestrictive service to God will allow that nothing gets lost within you, but rather that the Attributes of My Son flourish, the gifts that God hopes to see available for the service of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While peace is so needed in the world, today you are in the Kingdom of Peace.  May this peace, which is indispensable, radiate like a sun to the whole Earth so at least those in most need of peace may find comfort.

Dear children, thanks for being accomplishing the requests of prayer that My Immaculate Heart clamored to you yesterday.   In these times of darkness and lies, I invite you to be My ambassadors of prayer and peace wherever you go, thus My Heart, which is full of Grace and Pity, will hope to pour those gifts in the despairing hearts.

The nonbelievers are now facing their own purification.  I ask you, My beloved ones, to live the prayer for the planet and not only for yourselves.

Many of My soldiers will be keepers of the sorrow that many are living.  Many of My visionaries will be receptacles to calm the suffering that drowns the world, and thus they will share with Your Heavenly Mother the sorrow of the whole humanity.

I invite you to become deeply conscious about the decisive times that humanity is crossing and to which it does not give the minimum importance before the lack of peace in the world.

My dear children, the promise is very big, for this, the effort will have to be bigger so that the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in the hearts that must enter in the dwelling of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, remain by My side and vivify this moment, such as My Son lived on the Cross for all of you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you towards the Supreme Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

A soul that prays with the heart is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it intercessor between God and the humans.

A soul that consecrates itself to a life of prayer is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it instrument of God in the world, door of His Mercy for the most needy ones.

A soul that seeks, thirsty and tireless, the Source of the Universal Life is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it precursor of the New Race, seed of the New Humanity which will live peace, forgiveness and redemption.

A soul that seeks redemption and walks towards the Infinite, without losing sight of the return to the Celestial Origin is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it light in the world, guide of the lost ones, safe path, an example to be followed.

A lost soul that extends its arms to Me is, for Me, favorite, because it represents My possibility of helping many more.  I will call it reason of My coming to the world.

A sinful soul that repents of heart and seeks the forgiveness of God is, for Me, favorite, because it indicates to the Universe that this humanity is still rescuable. I will call it Divine Hope in the human heart.

A soul that does not believe in God, that does not seek Him, that does not repent of its sins and carries on causing evil in the world will also be, for Me, favorite, because this soul will impel Me to be tireless and My Heart will not leave this world until the last one of them has been rescued.  I will call it Victory of Christ in the world and in the Universe because someday this Victory will happen.

My beloved, I wish with these words to say to you that all of the souls of this world are favorite before My Heart, each one of them will impel Me to pour over humanity a different Grace of God.

With the same love, perseverance and joy I will seek those who accompany Me and those who deny Me everyday because My maternal eyes know what they represent to God and just see, in each soul, its Divine Origin.

When My Eyes contemplate the world, they find in each being a possibility of the living manifestation of the Love of God, as well as it happened with My beloved Son Jesus because God Himself lives inside of each being, as well as He lives inside of Christ.

On this day I descend upon the world to bless humanity in a special way, I invite you to be My assistants in this blessing.   It is in this way, My beloveds, that I ask you to put inside your eyes, My maternal eyes and inside your hearts, My Immaculate Heart and in this way, see each creature with My Eyes and feel them with My Heart.

Discover the magnitude that is kept in the essence of each being and help Me to awake the purest in each heart.  Help Me to show this humanity that a Living God longs to live in its interior and this is for all, even for the most lost ones.

On this day, My dears, God calls you to contemplate Him in each being and, in this way, create a condition of Unity in order for Him to awake in the human heart and, thus, a New Race, full of God, may be a reality and not only hope.

I love you and I leave today My blessing and My gratitude to My dear Son, who with His effort, makes My coming to the world possible.

Pray, children of Mine, for all of the visionaries consecrated to My Heart so that they may be strengthened and firm in Christ in the times that will come.

May the Grace of God and His Peace be today in your hearts and in the whole world.

I bless you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

As Mother and Queen of this world I appeal to all of My children of the United States and of the whole world to help so that My plans of Salvation, of Grace and of Conversion foreseen for the month of October may be able to be fulfilled.

For this I primarily need your prayers, so that in the second place, by the gift that God has given Me, I may be able to pour My Graces upon this nation.

My Immaculate Spirit wishes by means of your offer, to appear and give a message of peace and of hope for all of My children of North America.

My beloveds, My Plan of Peace for these times is important and immediate.  By means of you, those who answer to My call, I have been assisted to fulfill the designs of God for humanity and the world in these three last years.  This has allowed me to prevent the consequences of the universal laws in many hearts and, because of your help, many sinning and lost souls have been saved.

As I have never done before, I pray for you so that, being My Apostles of the New Time, you may continue working by means of the heart and of immediate donation. 

My Heart reunites you in the New Sky that I open for the world, where all encounter the Mercy of My Son and His Peace in order to be able to survive in these times.

The United States is the first nation within My Co-redeeming Project that must soon be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

For this today, your lit candles represent to Me your yes to the Plan of Salvation and of pilgrimage.  A plan that My Son has asked Me to fulfill with you in the Americas and the world.

Africa must be present in your prayers.  This continent needs to receive the Grace that has been waiting for such a long time.  For this I need to return with My Son to the heart of Africa in order to conclude the task that once we, the Sacred Hearts, began in Rwanda. 

In order to understand better what I ask you, I invite you My dear children, to accompany and to help, as Marian soldiers, the mission entrusted to the visionaries in North America.  In this way you will allow God to fulfill His Humble Will by means of His Faithful Servant.

For all that you have done together with Me, I thank you!

Peace for all.

Mary, Queen of the Americas  

Message for the apparition of the blessed Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

Praise be always Our Lord Jesus Christ.

My beloveds, I thank you for responding with promptness to My call. The trust of My children allows My Heart to reach the most distant souls. Each time that your small beings take one more step in the commitment you have to Me, you allow the Lord to open the path for My Heart to be  among you for a longer time.

Therefore, My children, I ask you day and night to trust My Words, My guidance, that you follow without fear the path indicated by My Heart, because you will soon understand where I am taking you with My steps of Pilgrim.

The trust in My Heart will lead you to a total transformation of the heart, mind and spirit. I lead you to the redemption of life and teach you to be intercessors before God, as I am for the souls.

I am forming in your hearts a fortress of faith, for when My feet can no longer rest upon the Earth and My Word will not be so near to your beings.

Through faith you will always find Me in your hearts, and this same faith will lead you to pray for your brothers and sisters, so that, up to the last moment of your lives you will be fighting for the salvation of the most lost souls.

For My Heart to be able to bring to the Heavens even the last of the souls that are in this world, I will need many intercessors with a flame of devotion ignited in the heart. This is built now, when My feet are still on the Earth, when My Word, through My visionaries can directly reach your hearts and your beings.

Build in this time, in which you live so near to Me, the full trust in My Mother's Heart. Trust My Presence and My Words and do not fear to respond to My call, wherever it takes you.

The Lord observes you and, through the answer of your consciousnesses, I may intervene, more or less, for the world and for the souls. Your love, your prayers and your actions dictate My steps. If you understood the importance of these words you would change the course of your lives and you would have the focus of your hearts on My Immaculate Heart.

I leave this simple reflection so your beings may meditate on the actions of your own lives, on the love you are capable of living and on the word you emit. Observe, from the heart, always from the heart, if you are capable of taking the steps in the transformation of your being, for the salvation of souls, of the Kingdoms and of the world.

My Heart accompanies you with Love and will always be beside your beings.

Thanks for listening to My call to the trust of the heart.

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace


Dear servers:

Take care of My messengers because without mediating messengers it will not be possible to give My message, My instruction, and without instruction the awakening and the salvation will not happen.

Recognize in humility who you have at your side, love the task that God conceded to you, because if you do not love the task dears, the Plan will be incomplete.

These are already My last intercessions before the Universal Judgment, for this take care of the instruments that My Heart chose to give to all My Good News. See this beyond the material life, see

My words from the Spiritual Consciousness.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My lessons in the heart!

Christ Jesus of Nazareth.


Dear children,

We are coming close to the anniversary of My daily messages, when God gave Me the Grace to guide and accompany you.

My children, therefore, through all the instructions that My Heart has given, I invite you to exercise the reading from the heart again, that is, the reading of all of My messages from your heart. I invite you to live My messages, to practice them in a simple and humble way.

Dear children, the beginning of the announcements of My daily words had its origin in Medjugorje, when My Maternal Heart prepared My visionaries so that they would accomplish the task that has been carried out in the name of God throughout this last year of apparitions.

Today I want to invite you, united with My 31 years in Medjugorje, to walk in faith and in conversion, because if you transform your hearts day by day, you will be transforming the abyss of humanity.

Dear children, your conversion, your penance and your fasting will help in the salvation of souls that are living irreparable faults and above all will allow the arrival of Divine Mercy.

When I call you to conversion, to penance and to fasting, I am calling you to give a little more of your beings, without living great privations, but rather giving from your hearts all that can be transformed and redeemed.

I call you to prayer because in this way your hearts will be rising themselves as a bird rises itself towards the top of a mountain.

Dear children, may your feet climb the mountain of grati- tude and devotion so that your hearts may unite to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Medjugorje, one year ago, on the 15th of November, 2011, My voice was announcing the emergence of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. Today it is a very broad Work thanks to the response of My soldiers.

But to all of you, dear children, those who accompany Me month by month in My apparitions, I ask that you help and collaborate so that this co-redeeming work that is united to the Master Jesus may be able to expand itself even more, just as the work of Medjugorje was propagated 31 years ago.

My children, I want to tell you that all the Work that is real- ized in South America with the Blessed Virgin Mary must be supported with a little collaboration from all of My children. I ask you for a true collaboration from the heart, a surrender to God from your inner being, because a work on Earth happens and manifests itself through the workers that work in it, and these workers need the resources to accomplish it.

Thus God takes care of His workers and at the same time, of the Work.

Children, everything is united by the same link and your prayer will help so that My co-redeeming work may continue touching hearts in pain and suffering.

My dear ones, I invite you to accompany Me as the Pilgrim Mother so that Light may reach those that deny the Merciful Love of My Son.

Let us work through prayer so that the Work of God may be accomplished in South America.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more