Weekly Message received on December 4, 2021, in Fatima, Portugal, transmitted by the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

I ask that, as from today, your lives be roses in the hands of the Mother of God, so that I may be able to place them as an offering of consoling love at the foot of the Thrones of God.

Beloved children, to be a rose in the hands of the Heavenly Mother is to sanctify your lives every day through unconditional service and the prayer that emerges like a flame of love and devotion of the heart.

The roses of life are what I need, at this moment, to justify before the Divine Law all the errors and indifferences committed against the Heart of God.

Thus, through constant determination and true commitment, My beloveds, be roses in the hands of the Mother of God, so the Heavenly Mother may have the happiness of being able to intercede, save and rescue all those who endure and suffer at this moment.

If you are roses in My hands, you will be able to transform your life into a life worthy in the Lord.

When you offer Me roses upon My altars, I accept them, because I know that the flowers offered by My children to the Mother of God do not only have the purpose of honoring Me and of recognizing Me.

With that simple offering of bringing flowers to the Mother of God, I, as Servant and Slave, gather that tenderness of My children to pour out that love I receive over the dark abysses of the Earth. In this way, those condemned souls receive the Grace of freedom. Thus, all souls may be freed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



I give you My Body, for you to be nourished by the Spirit of God.

I give you My Blood, for you to justify your errors, correct them and receive pardon and Mercy.

Within this whole mystery, God surrenders completely to His children for His children to surrender to Him and recognize Him as the Father of Mercy and Kindness.

Through the Body and the Blood of Christ, souls reach every day the atonement that they need to be able to live according to what the Kingdom of God determines.

Therefore, this perfect union with the Body and Blood of Christ will grant not only important spiritual processes of redemption and healing, but will also bring to the world that which it needs in order to sanctify itself and to receive the Divine Attributes necessary for fulfilling the Plan of God.

This is the moment to discover, beyond forms, the meaning of this spiritually profound alliance with the Body and Blood of Christ because, by means of this discovery of that which is primary and fundamental, the human being will enter the true path of the sacred.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


My Divine Mercy is more extensive and deeper than the sea, in it I submerge the souls inside My Light, so that they may be transfigured and redeemed.

I give My Divine Mercy to drink to the souls that agonize and despair.  My Divine Mercy is purer and more crystalline than water, so that they may rely on this life raft.

My Divine Mercy is more limpid, clear and luminous than Heaven, I enter the souls in it so that they may elevate and sanctify themselves as God needs.

My Divine Mercy is more beautiful, lovelier and more precious than the flowers and lilies of the field, because in it souls attain the spiritual joy of serving and living God.

My Divine Mercy is higher, stronger and more robust than all mountains, because in it I place souls on the path of ascension and transcendence, so that by means of My loving confidence, hearts may learn to overcome their own fears and challenges. 

My Divine Mercy is more infinite, broader and more extensive than the stars, because through it I place the souls in the Universe of My Love, so that they may be healed from their mistakes and liberated from their constant trials.

My Divine Mercy can be much more to all of you, It will be enough to invoke it with love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



Dear child,

May your heart pacify so that it may always reach the meekness and the inner light that will allow, in these times, to attract the maximum Grace of God towards this planet.

Therefore, look for this pacifying spirit through the Heart of My Son, because in this way, you will build within your consciousness an unbreakable strength that will also help other souls to encourage themselves to take the same steps that your consciousness is invited to take.

Walk in the direction of the Heart of My Son, there you will also find the Gifts that will make of this humanity a possible sanctified humanity in spirit, in soul, and in body.

In this way, everything will be under the guidance and the company of Jesus, who will safeguard you at each new step.

The pacifying spirit will allow to rise again on this planet and within this humanity the spiritual values that the human race itself is losing at this time; in this way, the path may be opened even more for the christic consciousness to act in the inner worlds of essences that, in this cycle, must awaken to greater expressions of love and unity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Just as more than two thousand years ago, the prophecies will once again be fulfilled. The Sacred Books will no longer be only sacred, but become alive again before the eyes of the human beings.

My children, when Jesus arrived in the world and manifested, in a human expression, the Words of God and of the prophets, those who were apparently waiting for Him did not want to see Him, because He came to remove from the hands of the human beings the false power over the souls and over the temples; for they should become sacred again, so that the pure of heart and those who really were searching for God could find Him.

The doctors of the law did not want to recognize Him. They preferred to remain with their false power and humiliate the Son of God rather than surrender to Him and to the new Gospel that He was bringing. They did not want to renew their faith with the living Scripture, because it was easier to subject souls to waiting for a Messiah who never arrived.

Humanity at that time, My beloveds, feared to renew its own faith and to complete the Scriptures with what Jesus wrote with His arrival in the world. In spite of everything, My Son tore down the power of the hypocrites and the arrogant with His humility, because the smaller He was before the human beings, the more filled He was with God and His Love.

Children, I tell this because, in spite of so many wars, so many persecutions, so much denial, My Son rewrote the history and left the world a new Gospel, which renewed the Scriptures and brought souls even closer to God. Now, again the time has come to fulfill His prophecies, to renew the Gospel of Christ with life. The time has come to see His return, because those who, two thousand years ago, thought they had accepted His Presence among the human beings are clothed in false power again, taking control over the faith of the souls and hearts for themselves. They know that My Son will come, but they will not proclaim Him and will deny His Spirit, just as they denied His Body and His Blood so many centuries ago.

But this will not prevent Christ from returning to the world and demonstrating an even deeper union and likeness to God. He will come resplendent and will blind the eyes of those who thought they saw the light, but were in darkness.

As the prophet John warned humanity to repent because the Kingdom of God was near, now My Children, I tell you through My visionaries, to repent again, to ask for pardon and to renounce, before the crucified Christ, every false power you think you  have in your hands.

May all souls prepare their homes! May the churches repair their faults and renounce the material and spiritual accumulations that they hold so carefully in their homes.

The Redeemer will come and demand that those who call themselves His apostles live His Gospel. It was not He, children, who put on His garments like the garments of a king.

Christ came among the poor and divested His disciples and apostles of everything and, above all, of themselves. However, the human being once more adorned themselves and filled themselves with gold and stones, in the name of Christ, without understanding why the Messiah came into the world in a manger and not in a palace.

My beloveds, I do not tell you these things to hurt your hearts, but for you to review your lives. May all renew their vows before Christ, because only the simple of heart will recognize Him.

Will you be ready, My children, to divest of everything in the name of the resplendent Christ and see Him rewrite the Sacred Books with teachings that transcend human existence? Or will you hold the gold and the false power tightly in your hands, and  prefer to wait for the temple of this world to be destroyed in order to understand that the Son of God has returned to Earth?

Truly sanctify your lives. One who is pure and transparent before God does not need to fear anything. Therefore, children, do not say that I come to threaten you or to cause you fear. I come to warn those who are deaf and blind in their vanities and believe they serve Christ.

Recover the purity of your hearts. Pray with Me so that I may show you the Truth and the Path. Let Me wash your eyes and show you the Light, preparing you to be once again before My Son, and now, in surrender and with a sincere disposition, to follow Him.

I love you and tell you all of this so that you do not get lost. I wish that even the last living soul would recognize the arrival of My Son. His Spirit is now among you, but many deny Him.

I leave you My Peace, so that with it, you may reflect and renew your commitments to God.

I thank you.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

With the Sacred Family gathered around this sacred oratory, God again pours out His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

In order for this to be possible, dear children, today Your Most Holy Mother brings you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph, something that will give an impulse to souls to live the attributes of the Chaste Heart, inner impulses that will come directly from the Holy Servant of God at each moment this sacred rosary is prayed by a soul.

This Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph will remove from human ignorance whomever prays wholeheartedly, invoking devotion for the Holy Worker of God.

Saint Joseph commits Himself to helping the human heart that will pray it, and thus be able to sanctify its life, in the same way that Saint Joseph sanctified His consciousness.

This Rosary will offer everyone the possibility of again drawing to themselves the principles of the Christianity of Saint Joseph and of the Sacred Family, so that these may penetrate the chaotic consciousness of the planet, and reverse all the evils that are generated by humanity itself.

This Rosary will also help awaken the consecration of souls to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. And through this act of union with the Divine Spirit of Saint Joseph, hearts will reach the Celestial Kingdom and will be able to feel it close to the planetary life.

Through His Holy Virtues, Saint Joseph offers Himself to humanity to help it live the sanctification of consciousness, as well as providing the opportunity for families to live the Attributes of God, and for the proper conditions to be generated for the presence of Unity amongst all creatures.

Now I present to you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph:

Union bead
For Your great Humility,
beloved Saint Joseph,
pour upon us Your Holy Virtues.

First decade
For the virtue of Humility,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may all our miseries be transmuted.

Second decade
For the virtue of Obedience,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we promptly obey the Law of the Hierarchy
so as to be in God.

Third decade
For the virtue of Divine Love,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may the void of self emerge from our spirits
so that we may fulfill the Plan of the Creator.

Fourth decade
For the virtue of Poverty,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we be austere in our actions, words and deeds
so that we may be free from human arrogance.

Fifth decade
For the virtue of Service,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we consecrate ourselves to Christ
to serve the redemption of humanity
and for the triumph of the Heart of God.

Have a good exercise of humility for all. 

I invite you for nine days to practice and feel this Rosary in the depths of your hearts, so that Saint Joseph may work in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unites you to the Chaste Heart of the Servant of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Patience in transformation and in your own purification is primary. Remember that you are before a human condition that degenerated throughout the centuries and you are before codes that emerge from your consciousnesses to be transformed, and they even go past life on Earth, for their roots are in the Universe.

Always remember that the One Who came to the world to give you an example was the Son of the Living God and He had to suffer the evils of the Earth and transmute the atavisms of humanity to open the path for you.

The transcendence of the human matter of Jesus started since His gestation until His last breath on the Cross. If the Living God worked in each instant of His life to culminate with His lesson of love, do not expect it to be different for you. How do you want to sanctify your bodies and souls if you are only beginning to understand this path now?

The Son of God was aware of universal life and its mysteries; He knew all the cosmic sciences because He was one with The One Who created them; and even so, in order to free the fear of His last Cell and experience love in full with all the levels of His Consciousness, He had to reach the Cross and forgive everything that He had experienced up to there.

Children, you have a long way to go to reach perfection. Do not be in a hurry, be patient. However, be constant and persistent and do not become comfortable in the fact that transformation will last you a lifetime.

Yes, the absolute transformation will take your whole life, but every day you must achieve a new step, so that at the end of this life you may be worthy of reaching other celestial worlds and dimensions that bring you closer to God.

The transformation will last a lifetime because evolution is eternal and not because you will always be in the same place. Each day, a new understanding and a new step must occur, based on permanent effort. Do not worry whether you take long or short steps, because each day and each cycle will lead you to a different step.

What really matters is that you do not stop and that you be constant.

Open yourselves every day so that the Love of God may transform you and withdraw a little of yourselves from your own consciousness so as to give space to Love and the divine Presence.

Each day, remove an object of your inner dwelling place to make room for the Celestial Dweller that will come one day. At some point, you will have the house empty and clean to receive Him.

Your father and long-standing friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Sanctify your lives adoring the Living God that inhabits all that has been created.

In the essence of the purely interior act of adoring, you will find the true meaning of service and of charity, which is the quest for unity with the existent God in all things.

In a faraway past, the human beings recognized the sacred as something more natural and could feel it as a part of their lives.  Nowadays, teaching you to internally reverence and adore God is like offering you a great challenge.

In Jerusalem, as in all the East, many spent their whole lives seeking the Savior and waiting for the Messiah, believing that they were living and breathing only to find Him.

But when they were before Him, they did not accept Him and denied the Humility of God, that was the most pure symbol of His manifestation among humanity.

Do not run the risk of living the same that humanity from old times lived, that believed that they were seeking God and that they were living for Him and, however, never believed in the veracity of their quest and even less, of their goal.  They received the teaching as something sacred, but only to remain in the theory and organize life socially and ethically, in a way that they could live with a little more peace, in times of so many wars, conflicts and incessant quests for power.

May the Words of the Divine Messengers, that today are sacred to many, not be only beautiful theories, that make you more peaceful in face of the common society in which you live.

Banish from your interior the hidden doubt about the veracity of the teaching and do not allow that the unconscious of humanity make you believe that Christ will never return.  Because if you reflect and seek the depths of unconsciousness, you will find many aspects that deny the existence of God and His Plan, as well as the return of His Son.  These are remnants of a degenerated humanity that, over 2,000 years ago, did not believe in the incarnation of the Messiah.

Open your eyes and purify yourselves, walk truly to the transformation, so that you will not be surprised by yourselves in a near future.

I love you and guide you to the inner transparency so that you may get to know yourselves and banish the old being.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Faithful Guardian of the return of Christ


Dear children,

The path of total consecration to God is what your Heavenly Mother aspires for you all.

According to this aspiration and in these times, many souls will go through the test that will confirm the chosen path, and I will be there to help you to make the right internal decision without feeling guilty, but only the love of God.

Children, the saint of the last days will be present to help you on the culminating time of the transition of the Earth when the red moon defines the awakening of a new cycle, liberating from the sin and from the errors.

For this reason the challenges and the tests will be the tone that will mark the beginning of this new cycle, free from sorrow and from human suffering.  That is why on this day I bring you the divine consciousness of the universal consecration, a mission that will be for many of My children, the ones that will push the heavy boat of this world so that you may definitely navigate in the sea of Grace and Mercy.

Your structures will move and all the dark control will stop governing so that once and for all everyone may be in Jesus, and Jesus may be forever in you.

Children, grant permission so that My Son governs your lives; in that way no other governor or aspect of your own non-purified lives will be able have determination in the spiritual lives of your souls.

For this, be meek and let My Son conquer you little by little so that He, in His Infinite Glory, may have the instruments to developed the last part of the Plan of God.

Look at your sins as instruction and opportunity for transformation and interior change; in that way when My Son has taken over the kingdom of your lives all the receptive souls will be sanctified.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to love the consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, on the occasion of the anniversary of the weekly Messages

Woe to those who do not recognize My coming!, for they will lose the path for having believed in their own fantasies. Thus, day and night, I call you to a sanctification of your lives so that, in truth, someday you may be worthy of receiving My Legacy.

When the day of the great darkness comes, you must not fear. I will be with you until the end of days; I will be with all those who truly recognized My Will in time. I will also be with those who were able to renounce themselves and forget their own preferences so that My Plan could be fulfilled in their fellow beings.

When the time of tribulation comes, many will remember these Words, which will be their support at the critical moments and especially during the days of the Great Final Judgment, in which the angels of God will open the Book of Life of all beings of the Earth; and before the Thrones of God, the Eternal Father will move forward with His Universal Judgment.

Those who communed with Me, in humility and love, will know it in those days, before My Return in the Spirit of Peace, and will be able to recognize that My Presence is real.

Happy are those who have strived to fulfill My Wills, which are the Will of God.

Woe to those who, convinced of their own truth, will follow other footsteps which are not Mine!

Who will give a coin for them?

Who will give their life for those who were unjust?

I wish at all times to speak to you of the beautiful things of Heaven, but now I must tell you about the unjust things of the world.

To those who seek experiences with the Divine, do not deceive yourselves; seek more and more to pray from the heart and without expectations for what will happen in the future.

God gives His great Tools to the most simple, a greater Wisdom to the more pure, and a divine expression of Love to the most empty of self. If you still do not have this in your heart, listen to Me and read the Words I have given you throughout a whole year, and in this way, you will know what it is I want from you rather than what you wish all the time.

In this way, My companions, today in this Message, I summarize the keys of Mercy I have given you for a whole year.

Have you perhaps contemplated My Words with sincerity and without pride?

All the Messages received and transmitted by My Holy Word are the last drops of Mercy I have poured out over the world, on the eve of Divine Justice.

I thank you for persisting.

My Light will also be gathered up from the world, but I will be present in hearts which are simple and true in their intention.

Pray lovingly for those who have been ungrateful to Me.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed and just.

Thanks to the brave for dwelling in My Merciful Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus

Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, province of Cordoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am here to silently ask you to unite with Me and to not separate yourself from Me.

In the mystery of tests, there is the path of the great step to transcendence.

My project for your little life is to transform you into a new instrument, always available for when it may be necessary and opportune to help the souls of the world.

After this life, there will be another one, better than the one you have experienced. For this reason, take the necessary precautions to live My holy Word in this life.

I have come to ask you for something that is beyond your expectations and aspirations. I come to ask for your innermost trust in My Sacred Heart because when souls trust in Me, many human decadences are replaced by My Rays of Mercy and everything is transformed by the gifts of My Light. In this way, souls do not miss the opportunity of again finding the consolation they so lack.

I come to unite you with My father, with the great Universal Emanation of Love and Unity. I only ask you not to miss the path of sanctification.

In order to be able to experience current changes, you must strengthen your faith in Me; this will allow you to erase doubts and concerns.

When a soul strives to seek Me every day, it will be able to know that in its last days My Heart will remember it and it will go to the Kingdom of My Father.

Do not fear to face that which you cannot face; the Lord sends you His supreme Grace through My sacred Presence on this day.

The Lord assembles you in one consciousness of peace so that, in these times, redemption may awaken in everyone.

I give you the assurance that you so greatly seek within yourselves. I give you My sincere and inseparable Love of the Heart.

Under the Grace of God that assembles and heals you, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus



I speak directly to your heart, because I know it will always know how to respond to Me.

I am present in all the Blessed Sacraments of the Earth, waiting for many more to decide to know Me in the silence.

If souls truly surrendered a little more to My Heart, I could solve all the problems you experience; but the enemy always articulates its game to confuse those who are Mine; it just has to touch the open wound for the miseries that many experience to begin to show.

Child, you must know that in the Blessed Sacrament, your consciousness will expand, and you will soon know, through Adoration, how to discern My Infinite Will.

Through Adoration, you will be able to feel the path to be trodden.

You will know how to distinguish when I desire that you do some things but not others, when you must be attentive and silent.

Those who risked becoming immediately consecrated to My Heart and proposed to live the vows that daily reformulate selfless life, all of them will have double the work of controlling, in themselves, the needs and ideas that may emerge in their consciousnesses, because a completely consecrated being waits every day for the sign that comes from the Heights.

Of all of them, I will always expect a little more, to the point of their being prepared to seek Me and find Me in their inner heart. In them I pour out My Celestial Graces. By them and through them, when they truly respond to Me, I can work and make life miracles happen.

Now, let your focus concentrate on the power of Adoration; through it many tempests will dissolve, and you will find the remedy to heal spiritual ills.

I became a Living and Glorified Body so that souls, through the Eucharist, where I am always present, could physically unite with the universe and the spring of My Mercy.

In truth, today I suffer for those who are deceived and lose the strength of sanctification. I long to be able to find apostles trained for this end time. They will be sought like sheep among wolves, but My shepherding is true and will lead them on the path of redemption.

Thus, seek Me through Adoration. You will thus be confirming My Presence throughout the Earth, because in Adoration, a bridge of union is established with the Heavens, and the soul communes with Divine Principles unknown to it, but which are placed in its heart.

When you are alone, restless or weak, find Me in Adoration. My Heart is the Blessed Sacrament for the world, and all must penetrate the dimensions through contemplation. It will be the shield that will free you of all evil. It will be the star that will illuminate the next dark night.

But in truth, the majority of souls are adoring modernities and great electromagnetic discharges hypnotize the lower consciousness. Because of the influence of these involutionary means, Heaven cannot open over the dome of each spirit and a great distance is established between matter and the very divinity of each being.

I am observing how many are deceived; the prophecy of the Apocalypse is unfolding with strength and determination over the planet, but only the wise of heart will perceive these things. In them, I place the power of My Trust, but I know they will always be more tempted than those hypnotized.

Whomever concentrates their heart and their gaze on the Blessed Sacrament will not be lost, they will know how to distinguish the seeming from the real and will have spiritual tools to overcome the time of deception.

It will not be necessary to be surprised by what I tell you; this is only a small sample of the current illusion of humanity. No matter how confused the times seem, I am present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth and the soul that thirsts for Me will just come toward Me. In this way, it will not deviate from the path, will be freed from being tempted by the demons of sensuality and pleasure, which in this cycle will be creating sub-levels of malice and of conquest in good souls.

But whomever observes carefully will be able to know and will be able to feel what is correct and what is incorrect. I have the Divine Authority to dissolve all the cruelties of space. It will be enough that more hearts bow down at My Most Holy Sacrament so that, in profound honoring and Adoration, I may uproot the influences of evil and more souls, which die from such a bitter thirst, may be revived by My Water of Life.

These are no longer remote times; they are times of battle. Heaven and hell play for the reign of the Earth. The more temptation, the more the weakness; the more Adoration, the greater will be the unwavering strength of the spirit.

For the consecrated there is no salt other than Me. I am the only complement to life which will not fail you and will not cause you to suffer. For this reason, in seeking the salt of this world, many orders are weakened and buried in the arid sands of the Earth, without finding a way out.

I aspire that those who listen to Me be intelligent. I tell you these things to avoid new falls in you.

Faith will be the instrument of your Adoration and elevation to My Kingdom. You cannot image how many times I have called at the door of hearts and have only seen the results of long passions that blind and distance those who are Mine from My Eternal Heart.

God, your Father, allowed Me to give you these warnings, because you are now ready so that in the next month, seven years of abnormal and infinite Graces will have been accomplished. I say abnormal because only the Virginal Purity of My Mother made it possible to put out seeds in the deserts without water.

Now that many have blossomed through Divine Love, give of your human love so that, through My Heart, it may be purified and sublimated in the Greater Kingdom.

Pay attention; I am not asking you for the impossible; now, in this era, this would be of no use. I come to reactivate the final Message which I once gave in Rwanda. Aurora, the inner dawn, will be the bridge of redemption of all those who once were deported to Earth by God.

I come to rescue the unrescuable.

I come to give life to that which is already dead.

Woe be to those who will not repent! It will be late for them to recognize My Glorious Countenance at the moment of the Return.

While everything happens, seek the spirit of holiness. In this way, you will please Me all the time and I will be able to rest in your hearts.

In Christic Love, I always bless you.

Do not be discouraged, you will be able to do everything through My Heart of Peace.

The Glorified Christ Jesus


Cling to My Cross and do not tire of sustaining it, My Pure Spirit will give you the strength that you need to be able to follow My Path.

I promise to My valiant soldiers the eternal sacrifice and the donation for others; these are the secure keys to live your sanctification.  My Full Redeeming Love today consecrates you, despite the falls and the mistakes; the Lord gathers you around My Most Holy Heart so that you may feel in your lives the hour of My Return.

I promise to My followers deep trials, unreachable challenges and distant goals, but My Divine Mercy, which is perpetual and glorious, will be the engine of life that will propel you to walk by My side despite it all.

For this cycle I come in search of all of those that have said yes to Me despite what has happened, I come in search of those who have given Me the sacred permission to banish from life the pride that blinds and the vanity that condemns, because behind the imperfections of the beings, is found the Infinite Temple of God.

I come to reconstruct that which in this life you have demolished by your human actions; I come to search the essences that have offered themselves to form part of My Sacred Flock.

In this hour of world transition for humanity and for all the hearts, I come to convert you definitively to My Path.

For this, quench your spiritual thirst in My Gospel and that through My Word you may find the path again.  The times will not be easy for anyone, but I always, when I see you fall or already fallen to the ground, I will lift you and I will take you by My Hand to the House of My Father.

Rethink for your lives the experience of My Life in your lives.  The hour is indicating the accomplishment of the call and the offer that many have made to My Heart.  Do not fear suffering, do not fear loneliness, and only when you open the door of truth for Me, I will be in the silence and in your hearts.

My Mercy is directed as a powerful ray over the Community of the New Earth and for having honored and glorified the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Eternal Father has sent Me to help you through My Trusting Love.

Dear Friends of Mine and My little ones from New Earth: Go ahead!  Continue gestating in your hearts the powerful symbol of the Child King; your works and continuous charities give joy to the Heart of God and they repair all the outrages that the great part of the world commits day by day.

The Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy will always be your shield against all evil, because today, in joy and in honor of your offer to God, Jesus Christ, the King of kings, also consecrates this community of precious souls to the Sacred Heart of Christ, by saying:

It is All for You, Lord

Father, because of My Passion,
souls have resurrected to Your Divine Spirit.
Father, because of My Life,
sick hearts have been healed.
Father, because of My Resurrection,
humanity has been saved.
Father, because of My Good News,
essences have not remained alone.
Father, because of My Word, 
many have again found
the path they had lost.
Father, because of My Sacred Birth,
the children of the world have returned to Your Heart.
Father, because of My Sacrifice,
and for having drunk from Your Precious Chalice,
the wounds of the world have been healed,
evil has been overcome by
the Divine Power of My Love
and the emptiness of many has been
filled by the Faith of My Sacred Heart.
I am Your Shepherd, Lord
and I look after your Flocks.
I am Your greatest expression of Love
and I protect Your Soldiers.
Eternal Father,
Today I consecrate all of Your Children
before the Presence and Glory
of the Celestial Altars
so that Your Infinite Compassion
may be poured out as 
a Source of Peace upon all.

Under the Sacred Glory of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you New Earth for being born in the simple hearts!

Christ Jesus of Mercy.


Dear Soul,

Whenever you truly regret your sins and raise to Me the request of liberation from them to My Compassionate Heart, I will be able to help you and appease your heart.

Most difficult is when the souls commit faults, lament them, but later commit them again.  In this way, dear soul, the universe turns around them waiting for an opportunity to pour My Codes of salvation. 

But there is a point in the human consciousness where the action that is derived from sin can be stopped.  This is the moment of a greater test and temptation for the hearts, this is the moment in which the souls must vigil to avoid committing unnecessary mistakes.

Dear soul, always keep a spirit of sobriety and of simplicity so that the tests in these times may not be greater than your capacity of loving and of forgiving.  That soul that comes to My Mercy will soon be liberated from the tension that the mistake has caused it, but there must emerge from the consciousness an ultimate regret, capable of changing the destiny of the events.  Otherwise, My soul, you could return to the same point.

The observation of self is a hard school for those who truly want to know themselves, but the prayer of the heart is the lightest path, that which will promise changes in the shortest time. 

If once again you do not pass the test and fall in error, do not be discouraged.  Sometimes this repeats itself so many times so that you may be reminded that it is already the time to live humility.  Allow, dear soul, for My Divine Fire to purify you.  For this, whenever you call Me I will send you My Virtues so that you may transform you little life.

Be brave.  Be holy, the Father shall bless you.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Faithful Confessor


When a soul has a true thirst for Me it recognizes that it has come to the time of change and it will never fear to transform that which falls of its own weight, which is no longer useful for it.

This soul dares to seek the liberation of itself, listening with attention to the voice of its peers because among so many words and sayings may be present the Instructing Voice of the Heart.

If the soul fully decides to traverse the path of sanctity Heaven will provide to it as many tests as necessary so that it may be confirmed.

If the soul seeks consecration through service there will come to its life so much charity to be done and so much love to be donated that it will not have time for itself.

If the soul does not seek any path and decides to walk in the world by itself and without instruction it will quickly lose the sense of life and it will separate the sacred spirit from the dwelling of the heart.

For the souls that are born from the Source and come to this world to live forgiveness and redemption, they must never lack instruction. It would be like getting lost among the material things without having orientation nor discernment.

But the soul that sustains itself through the merciful prayer will always receive the Grace of understanding, of accepting and of comprehending all things. God foresees the path for each one of His Children, for this He will always show His ones what they must learn and that which soon must grow up.

In this school of the Earth there are masters and disciples and both have pending lessons to be learned because the awakening to the absolute and only love has a single path. For this today I tell you to, more than ever, be attentive to the signs of self-correction in your lives because it will be an opportunity for all of the souls to mature in consciousness and to transcend the barriers that are imposed by the egoism of this world.

Through the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy all will be solved as soon as the soul gives a true and humble yes.  In this cycle the times will speak to the world by means of inner and external signs. Be attentive!

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message through the heart!

Christ Jesus


Dear flocks,

I rejoice in heart and soul when I see, before My Presence, those who feel motivated, through Me, to sustain the fire of ardent transformation.

In this way My Heart truly congregates those who are willing to follow the path of Christification, a path full of challenges and of constant tests for everyday life.

For this reason, I deposit My Beatitudes in the simple, humble and obedient hearts, I deposit My light in those who need in this time to achieve the path of sanctification and of eternal peace. In this way, I permit that My Kingship be established upon the souls that are most abandoned to the world instead of abandoning themselves with trust to My Merciful Heart.

In this time I leave for the souls the greatness of all My Being, the constant Grace that will heal the wounds and open new doors for those who only say yes to Me. But remember that My Servers will suffer for their peers in this cycle, they will suffer and they will give testimony of life for those who have turned their faces away from Me to see the things of the world.

For this reason, I need the effort and the surrender of all of the souls that may feel motivated, for this humanity, to live the sacrifices that many saints have offered for the world to continue on this universal orbit.

I am here in silence letting you enter My Mercy. I Am with you always.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for repairing in prayer My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus


My dear hearts,

Over this time, I have poured My Graces over you and thus, silently, My Spirit has worked with your beings just like a farmer who has sown the Earth.

Dear companions, in this Hour of Mercy, I ask of you to have a strong faith so that it defeats the atavisms that separate from God the souls of the world.

My Heart thanks you for this meeting of today, because the Marathon of the Divine Mercy was gestated in your little consciousnesses, and today the fruits are already ripe in some of those who are Mine; those who still need to ripen.  I guard them in the Temple of My Heart, waiting for a greater spiritual awakening.

My fountain of salvation was not only poured with victory in America during these two days, but also Europe and the Orient have been seen inside this Redeeming Grace.

I invite you to understand in My Wisdom the power of My Love for you. I will not rest, not even a day, until I may achieve what I want from you. For this I test you in the imposible things, so that you may decide in this last hour where you want to be.

My Heart is inside of you all the time that you permit Me; also it is in the Eucharist, as it is in Confession. Do not fear to see yourselves as you are, because the time of My Grace has arrived to those who only say yes to Me.

What other path will you realize other than Mine?

I find Myself day by day by your side to say to you truly what it is that I want from your lives. To many saints I have asked impossible things; now I ask of My Companions challenges and unreachable surrender.

But in all of this is My Cosmic Science, My Celestial Light; I know truly how you are, and how far you may give to Me. For this I come every day from the universe to bring you My Absolute Trust and My Holiness. The New Christs must appear for the times of chaos.

I give thanks to all the ones who pray in the world, and I hope that this Marathon of the Divine Mercy goes on a pilgrimage throughout the nations of the world, so that more souls are prepared consciously to receive Me in My Second and Glorious Coming.

I am with you. I am here for you. I am in your hearts.

Peace and Good for all.

Under the Glory of the Father, thank you for today being blessed!

Christ Jesus, the Universal King


I Am the definitive healing and liberation for your lives because it is only through Me that you will achieve Mercy and be sanctified.

For this today I tell you once more to not fear because of the veils that fall now from your faces, in the face of what you had believed before. I do not only pour over you My Infinite Graces but I also show you the truth by means of the tests and of the constant challenges of transcendence for your hearts and consciousnesses.

When you manage to discover that which comes from yourselves and that torments you, do not detain yourselves thinking how you will get rid of it. Proceed in an intelligent way and declare through My Merciful Heart that you belong to My Eternal Light and to the perfect unity with My Father. In this way, that which must be burned by My Divine Fire will not disturb you anymore because each time that it may present itself to challenge you, you will have cultivated a peaceful heart and an open heart to the great transformation.

When I tell you all these things it is because I am talking directly with that part of your being that is already old and to which has arrived the moment of dying, so that your blessed spirit may be able to be born. For this be patient because in this earthly life there is still much to overcome and to learn. This will allow you to always have a joyful heart, capable of elevating itself to God and of not feeling guilt.

I invite you to get to know the science of the Divine Mercy, in this way you will be awakened to that which is true. It is necessary to be brave to be with Me. Because of this, very few take the risk to say yes to Me out of love for transformation.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Even though the path to go through may seem to be long and extensive, remember that you are walking for all of those who still do not take the steps towards Me.

Even though the time may seem to not change inside of you and the transformation is slow and painful, remember that you are being purified for those who live in grave faults.

Even though the tiredness, the sadness or the loneliness may seem to be greater than the desert of the Earth, remember that you are transforming and transcending yourself for those who really turned their backs to the love of God.

Even though all seems to not change and that you do not reach light, remember that you are crossing the dark night for all of those who do not live the life of the commandments.

Even though love still does not flourish in your being and you do not find humility, remember that you are consecrating yourself to a greater life for those who practice the false deceiving love that diverts souls through the pathway of illusion.

Even though dying to yourself may be a greater step than what your consciousness permits, remember that you are being sanctified for love to Me and for those who do not sanctify their essences for God, but that are led towards other things.

Even though you see life in ruins and the arid interior may dry the Water of Life and the devoted fire of your heart, remember that you are suffering silently for those who do not pray and who waste precious time in constant temptation.

Even though you still do not see My Light on the horizon, trust absolutely in Me because I Am at your side, guarding your little heart as a true treasure of purity and prayer.

Even though the world does not change, remember that I Am the Love of the Great Love, the Truth of the Great Infinite Truth, the Spirit of the Great Sanctified Spirit.

Seek Me! Call Me! Because I will listen to you. My arms are open to console you and to encourage you each day that you donate yourself a little more because in sacrifice you will find the key for you redemption.

Under the Imperishable Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, now and always. 


Only through the call of the Holy Spirit can the soul advance. In this way it will not fall back and it will be able to recognize that, through each fault committed and not transcended, it will be able heal itself every day a little more.  

On the path of the sanctification of the spirit and of the divinization of matter whatever seems to corrode us must be expelled and whatever encourages the sacred must stay in the consciousness. 

Nothing is separated on the path of transformation. First we must recognize that we are nothing so that afterwards we may be able to form part of the Whole. Path after path travelled one encounters many obstacles and the soul must be the master that may conduct life, sensations, feelings and thoughts.

If the consciousness manages to merge itself with the rhythm of the soul, other realities and possibilities will present themselves at the door of life. Deep changes will happen when the consciousness recognizes that in making mistakes one transcends and in experimenting one consecrates oneself.

I am speaking to you about entering in another law. I speak to you about the absolute consecration of spirit and of matter and this is what will be difficult for those to reach who have offered themselves to this path of Christic life.

But the Heart of the Great Master is the Mediator between the earthly tests and the spirit, the Heart of the Master is the Comforter and the Reconciler between the life and the spirit of each being. 

For this it will be important to consider that in the Holy Spirit new doors will be able to be opened because the gifts of the Father will be transmitted to the heart of the creatures.

It is through the Holy Spirit of God that the transcendence of the impossible turns possible. You must allow that your dwelling place be touched by the unknown Light of the Father, Light of wisdom, everlasting Light that comes from Peace. While you walk in this material life your spirit will find the abysses proper to matter, the ones that you must transcend.

However, we must not close the eyes in order to escape, but we must open them to find the spirit that has its dwelling place in the depths of your soul, that which will save you in the difficult moments. You can count on the infinite compassion of My Heart.

Courage to the Christians, hope to those who have said yes to consecration in the end of times.

Under the Glory and the Forgiveness of God, be blessed.

Thank you for opening yourself to the encounter with the Holy Spirit of God!

Christ Jesus. 


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