Monday, September 9 of 2013

Daily messages

When a soul has a true thirst for Me it recognizes that it has come to the time of change and it will never fear to transform that which falls of its own weight, which is no longer useful for it.

This soul dares to seek the liberation of itself, listening with attention to the voice of its peers because among so many words and sayings may be present the Instructing Voice of the Heart.

If the soul fully decides to traverse the path of sanctity Heaven will provide to it as many tests as necessary so that it may be confirmed.

If the soul seeks consecration through service there will come to its life so much charity to be done and so much love to be donated that it will not have time for itself.

If the soul does not seek any path and decides to walk in the world by itself and without instruction it will quickly lose the sense of life and it will separate the sacred spirit from the dwelling of the heart.

For the souls that are born from the Source and come to this world to live forgiveness and redemption, they must never lack instruction. It would be like getting lost among the material things without having orientation nor discernment.

But the soul that sustains itself through the merciful prayer will always receive the Grace of understanding, of accepting and of comprehending all things. God foresees the path for each one of His Children, for this He will always show His ones what they must learn and that which soon must grow up.

In this school of the Earth there are masters and disciples and both have pending lessons to be learned because the awakening to the absolute and only love has a single path. For this today I tell you to, more than ever, be attentive to the signs of self-correction in your lives because it will be an opportunity for all of the souls to mature in consciousness and to transcend the barriers that are imposed by the egoism of this world.

Through the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy all will be solved as soon as the soul gives a true and humble yes.  In this cycle the times will speak to the world by means of inner and external signs. Be attentive!

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message through the heart!

Christ Jesus