Friday, August 16 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear flocks,

I rejoice in heart and soul when I see before My Presence those who are encouraged through Me to sustain the fire of ardent transformation.

In this way My Heart truly congregates those who are willing to follow the path of Christification, a path full of challenges and of constant tests for everyday life.

For this I deposit My Beatitudes in the simple, humble and obedient hearts, I deposit My light in those who need in this time to achieve the path of sanctification and of eternal peace. In this way, I permit that My Kingship be established upon the souls that are most abandoned to the world instead of abandoning themselves with trust to My Merciful Heart.

In this time I leave for the souls the greatness of all My Being, the constant Grace that will heal the wounds and open new doors for those who only say yes to Me. But remember that My Servers will suffer for their peers in this cycle, they will suffer and they will give testimony of life for those who have turned their faces away from Me to see the things of the world.

For this I need the effort and the surrender of all of the souls that may encourage themselves, for this humanity, to live the sacrifices that many saints have offered for the world to continue on this universal orbit.

I am here in silence letting you enter My Mercy. I Am with you always.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for repairing in prayer My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus