Thursday, August 15 of 2013

Daily messages

The soul that seeks all the time to be in Me and makes an effort will never be detained in the path or in the time that it travels, because My Love always calls for the advance of the soul that dedicates itself to be day by day with Me. In this way it will not be a prey of the enemy and in the roughest moments its spirit will be as strong as Mine.

For this the soul must dedicate significant space for My Merciful Heart because the door of redemption is first opened by those who exercise the merciful prayer and in this way My Source will wash it and nourish it with new codes.

In spite of the circumstances and of the current time, perceive how much you separate yourselves from Me only for the more external things. Before this can occur, take the infinite path that you have constructed towards My Sacred Heart and let yourselves be renewed By My Purifying Fire.

The souls that do not dedicate time to Me are the most fragile souls in the world because in spite of the challenge and of their commitments, including that of service, they will be vulnerable to the wiles that the enemy with cunning articulates.  It is necessary in this time to not forget Me and to nourish oneself with forces of light through the daily prayer, because the cycle of the souls is being defined again in this era and this spiritual definition will determinate the total number of flocks that will be prepared in consciousness to receive Me when I return.

Be attentive to the daily union with Me because I only need that you think of Me, and My Grace and My Mercy will be able to be amongst you in this time. Pray for the souls that unfortunately distance themselves from Me. Assume that your consecration to My Sacred Heart is perpetual, is renovating, is redeeming. Advance without fears because who is in Me is in God.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Voice with attention!

Christ Jesus