Saturday, December 14 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear Soul,

Whenever you truly regret your sins and raise to Me the request of liberation from them to My Compassionate Heart, I will be able to help you and appease your heart.

Most difficult is when the souls commit faults, lament them, but later commit them again.  In this way, dear soul, the universe turns around them waiting for an opportunity to pour My Codes of salvation. 

But there is a point in the human consciousness where the action that is derived from sin can be stopped.  This is the moment of a greater test and temptation for the hearts, this is the moment in which the souls must vigil to avoid committing unnecessary mistakes.

Dear soul, always keep a spirit of sobriety and of simplicity so that the tests in these times may not be greater than your capacity of loving and of forgiving.  That soul that comes to My Mercy will soon be liberated from the tension that the mistake has caused it, but there must emerge from the consciousness an ultimate regret, capable of changing the destiny of the events.  Otherwise, My soul, you could return to the same point.

The observation of self is a hard school for those who truly want to know themselves, but the prayer of the heart is the lightest path, that which will promise changes in the shortest time. 

If once again you do not pass the test and fall in error, do not be discouraged.  Sometimes this repeats itself so many times so that you may be reminded that it is already the time to live humility.  Allow, dear soul, for My Divine Fire to purify you.  For this, whenever you call Me I will send you My Virtues so that you may transform you little life.

Be brave.  Be holy, the Father shall bless you.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Faithful Confessor