Dear children,

Commemorating the anniversary of My Apparitions in Brazil this month, today I invite you to prepare your hearts for My annual visit to the Hill of the Apparitions(*), a visit that will be different from the previous ones. In this final cycle, My dear children, you must say “yes” to the Creator so that His Works of Peace may continue acting through His Faithful Server, the Queen of Peace.

My children, for this special reason this month I call you to renew your groups of prayer through the growth of your faith in the heart and through the weekly exercise of prayer.

I want each group to meditate on what it can give to My Immaculate Heart. I invite you to think about what has hap- pened in each group throughout this last year in which My Heart has visited you monthly.

As the Mother of the Lord I call you to strengthen yourselves as a group of prayer through a sincere vow of praying for peace and of summoning of more souls to pray with you.

My dear children, you must renew yourselves through the Holy Spirit. This is why, at each new meeting of prayer among souls, I invite you to feel and to ask for the Presence of this inexhaustible Spirit of Love and Wisdom.

My little ones, when I speak to you of renovation in the groups of prayer, I speak of each one of the praying beings to be converted into a living flame of the Holy Spirit.

My children, may your helpful groups of prayer imitate the Cenacle of Mary of Nazareth with the apostles. In this way the heart of your group will be My Immaculate Heart.

Open the doors to your dwellings for the coming of new praying souls.

Dear children, with humility I tell you that you were able to see the great Ray of Light that My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Christ poured over Rio de Janeiro, manifested in a great rainbow; this was the sign of Mercy in response to all My children who pray, who pray to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My Consciousness is being radiated to the hearts beneath the message, the light and the expression of the Seven Rays.

As in a rainbow created by the infinity of elements, your lives will be able to encounter Me as the immaterial tone of light and color that will fulfill the necessities of your lives. In these shades of colors and light forms your consciousness may be able to enter with trust and with faith. In this way you will be uniting yourselves to the merciful dimensions of My Heart.

See My Sacred Heart as an incandescent flame that emanates the shades of light and of color to the life of all of the beings. When My Seven Rays come in light and in color to your inner beings My Sacerdotal Consciousness prepares the temple where It waits to dwell perpetually.

Search in Nature, as in all of the Creation, the light of My various colors and rays because always there will be some of them that in your hearts will be felt as fulfillment, love and affinity. If My Consciousness from Heaven, as from the Universe, was not present before humanity in light through the various rays, the souls would have difficulty to be able to recognize Me as the Universal Instructor.

For this today I reveal to you the infinite greatness of My Love, that Love which comes from the Living God and that dwells always through the presence of His Firstborn Son.

Therefore, My Companions, get to know now how My Divine and indestructible Love is manifested in this time to the creatures and to the world. Find Me within the shades of the rays and each time that you see a rainbow remember that My Merciful Heart is descending in Grace and in Pity through the colors of the seven rays.

Collect from your beings the fruits that have already matured and do not disturb more your lives for that which still has not been redeemed. Always try to donate to Me that aspect which is tough and impenetrable because I, as Your Beloved King, will always know what to do with it and where to lead it to. 

Only place all your being within the rays so that may descend into your spirits the joy of living in God and of serving God. Under this Christic impulse you will renovate the old Earth and in this way My Seven Sacred Rays will consecrate the essences that are lost.


Just as the signs in the sky announce, clear and beautiful to the eyes that know how to see them, so God arrives on Earth and manifests within and outside of humankind His Splendour and His Grace.

As simple as contemplating a rainbow that emerges on a cold afternoon in the Earth's sky, and makes hearts happy, so should souls contemplate the presence of God within themselves.

The Celestial Universe, beautiful and sublime, is as simple as the things that truly make human hearts and souls happy; but to attain it, it is necessary to seek it with the same love and will with which you seek the signs that are manifested in the sky.

Within you there is a mystery held hidden behind what you think you are. This mystery is the Sublime Universe of God, whose doorway is not in the heights, among the clouds, but in one's own heart.

God makes Himself as accessible to the spirits of humankind as the beauty of a rainbow is to your eyes. But just as you seek the rainbow and find it, so also your spirits must seek that which nourishes, brightens, and fulfills them, which is God within yourselves.

To find God in your own heart, you can let Him be reflected as a mirror within you. When you contemplate a sky full of beauty, when you contemplate a pure expression of Nature, do not remain only in what you see, but open the mirrors of your hearts and let that which is beautiful reveal the beauty and the purity of your spirits, that which you truly are.

Everything that was created by God is beautiful and perfect, and that same divine expression that you find before your eyes you can find within yourselves, when you open yourselves to find the Truth in your inner world.

May everything uplift you.

May everything bring you to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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