When the Creator thought of the human Project, He contemplated from the start upon the possibility of His making of Himself a creature among His creatures.

The human beings were created among so many other beings and civilizations of the Universe, to express something that none of them had expressed.

They were created to unite dimensions, to express the love that overcomes the limits of all existence, and this allows beings to unite with God. They were created to express the essential likeness with the Father of all life.

The human purpose is great, and for this reason, My children, it is not attained in a simple way, although everything can occur with the awakening of consciousness and the firm decision of loving without conditions and surrendering everything for this purpose of entering the divine mysteries within one’s own heart, like in the infinite Cosmos.

Living the human potential seems to be something impossible, because most beings have not opened to truly experience the Love of God, which they are capable of finding and feeling within themselves.

I have taught you to pray, so that in this way you might cross the doors of your own heart and, little by little, you might discover the possibility of uniting with God, to feel Him and experience Him.

When a being truly lives the Love of God, My children, even for an instant, this is enough to lead them to understand that any sacrifice, effort or renunciation, of things of the world and of human illusions, is small to attain the Eternity within this Divine Love.

God, knowing that His children were lost in their evolution and that they increasingly moved away from their purpose and truth, and in order not to allow humanity to again go astray, as had happened so many times, your Creator Father decided He would Himself come to the world and show them the way.

So immense and merciful was the impulse of God for humanity, an impulse never before given to any creature, neither in Heaven nor upon Earth, that the whole existence placed its eyes, heart and hope in this world.

Dear children,

Celebrating the anniversary of My Apparitions in Brazil this month, today I invite you to prepare your hearts for My annual visit in the Hill of the Apparitions because this visit will be different from the others. You My children, for this final cycle, must say yes to the Creator so that His works of peace can go on acting through His Faithful Servant, the Queen of Peace.

My children, for this special reason this month I call you to renew your praying groups through the growth of your faith in the heart and through the weekly exercise of prayer.

Dear children, I want each group to meditate about the surrender to My Immaculate Heart. I invite you to think about what has happened in each group in the past year as My Heart has visited you monthly.

As Mother of the Lord I call you to strengthen yourselves as praying groups through a sincere vow of praying for peace and inviting more souls to pray with you.

Dear children of Mine you must renew yourselves through the Holy Spirit. At each new meeting of prayer among the souls I invite you to feel and to ask for the presence of this inexhaustible Spirit of love and wisdom.

My little ones, when I talk of renovation in the groups of prayer, I talk of each of the prayers being converted into a live flame of the Holy Spirit.

My children,

May your helping groups of prayer imitate the dining room of Mary of Nazareth with the apostles. In this way the heart of your group will be My Immaculate Heart.

Open the doors to your homes for the coming of new praying souls.

Dear children, with humility I tell you that the great ray of light that My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Christ poured over all Rio de Janeiro, you were able to see it manifested in a great rainbow. This is the sign of Mercy in response to all My children who pray, the ones who pray to God.

In prayer you will not only find the strength of the heart, but will wake up to the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. Dear children: today I come to invite you to the awakening of the Holy Ghost in each one of your hearts. To live in this Spirit of Peace, the same one that visited Me and the Apostles. You little children, should allow that prayer said with the heart, can make this magnificence of God descend. This way dear children, you will be impregnated by the Spirit of Peace, while your hearts pray with Me.

Dear children: the moment has already arrived for the entire humanity to be reconciled with God through the unity of the heart with the Holy Ghost. Beloved children: what yesterday seemed to be a mystery, I want that today be a reality for the world, through the sincere path of prayer. This way, many souls that are sleeping can be polished and shaped by the power of this wise Holy Ghost of God.

The Lord invites you to the conversion of the heart and of life, before His loving law passes over the world. Live day by day in God Compassionate and Loving, so that your hearts may be invaded by His Divine and Interior Light. A safe path to get to the presence of the Spirit of Peace, is to go through the path of Christ. The Master of Love calls you, so that by surrendering your hearts, you can be blessed by His universal presence.

Dear children: many of the so called “divine mysteries” will come close towards humanity, as one last Grace that will come from the Heavens. The path towards redemption is open for each one of the hearts in the world. Get as far as the Fountain that satiates thirst and in vigilance let us pray for the peace in the world.

Thank you for responding to My call.

I Contemplate you from the Immaculate Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Eternal Light for the World!

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.