Friday, February 3 of 2012

Daily messages

In prayer you will not only find the strength of the heart, but will wake up to the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. Dear children: today I come to invite you to the awakening of the Holy Ghost in each one of your hearts. To live in this Spirit of Peace, the same one that visited Me and the Apostles. You little children, should allow that prayer said with the heart, can make this magnificence of God descend. This way dear children, you will be impregnated by the Spirit of Peace, while your hearts pray with Me.

Dear children: the moment has already arrived for the entire humanity to be reconciled with God through the unity of the heart with the Holy Ghost. Beloved children: what yesterday seemed to be a mystery, I want that today be a reality for the world, through the sincere path of prayer. This way, many souls that are sleeping can be polished and shaped by the power of this wise Holy Ghost of God.

The Lord invites you to the conversion of the heart and of life, before His loving law passes over the world. Live day by day in God Compassionate and Loving, so that your hearts may be invaded by His Divine and Interior Light. A safe path to get to the presence of the Spirit of Peace, is to go through the path of Christ. The Master of Love calls you, so that by surrendering your hearts, you can be blessed by His universal presence.

Dear children: many of the so called “divine mysteries” will come close towards humanity, as one last Grace that will come from the Heavens. The path towards redemption is open for each one of the hearts in the world. Get as far as the Fountain that satiates thirst and in vigilance let us pray for the peace in the world.

Thank you for responding to My call.

I Contemplate you from the Immaculate Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Eternal Light for the World!