Thursday, October 22 of 2015

Daily messages

Just as the Law indicates for the holy life, you will purify your being of every stain so that by being free from everything, you achieve the virtue of understanding and of humility.

You will purify your consciousness of every condemnation, desire or ambition so that by being free from every human perversion, your spirit glorifies the Eternal Father with the purity of the angels.

You will purify your mind and your thinking of every control, objection and judgment so that being free from everything, your consciousness acquires the spirit of wisdom that lives and dwells in the Heart of God.

You will purify your being of every deceit or deviation so that being free from everything you receive the eternal blessing, the one which will lead you to find the visible Purpose of the Universe.

You will purify all of your intentions and aspirations so that being free from them and silenced before the Celestial Universe, your soul does not carry the yoke of condemnation, and thus frees itself from all damnation.

You will purify even what is most hidden within you so that being free from everything, you clearly see the goal that the Universe has in place for you and thus you fulfill the part that you have come here to carry out.

You will purify each space of your being so that being free from everything, some day you will be worthy in the Lord and as pure as a flower before the Eyes of God.

The time of purification is already happening, may no one forget that through purification, debts are erased so that the Holy Spirit can labor.

Purify yourself in trust; the Universe will take action to liberate you from the chains of the prison so that the true spirit will emerge again with the Aurora of the morning.

Dear children, count on My intercession; purify yourselves in Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who conducts you toward the school of liberation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace