Saturday, June 2 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Never lose the delight of living in the Lord and the joy of responding to His Divine Will.   You My children, already know that humanity needs much prayer to be able to relieve from the Heart of the Father all the suffering that it lives.

As the Grace and Reconciliation that have been the two keys that opened new doors for you, today I ask that always you remember all the children that unconscious and without inner guidance, are on their way to the abyss through the temptations of this world epoch.

You, in prayer may help all these beloved children that do not live in God but that tempted, fall without the salvation of the soul.  God wants for this hour to arrive with His Fountain of Mercy and Prodigies, through all the Marian hearts that answer the call for peace and redemption of all creatures of this world.

For this dear children, all prayers that you practice during this time will have repercussions for the time of the so called final judgment.

My call asks you to unite your hearts to the Divine Heart of My Son so that thus the world, through the consecrated hearts, may be saved and redeemed.

Dear children, no soul is far from its own judgment with God.  For this He invites you to live in reconciliation and in prayer, to be able to manifest harmony and peace in you.

Know My children, that My Heart of Mother awaits you in prayer because the prayer from the heart awakens faith that is supported by the Flame of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.