Friday, June 1 of 2012

Daily messages

The one path of salvation: Jesus. The true and strong hope in everything: Christ. The firmness before the trials and the challenges that My children may live: Jesus Christ.

He is the Primordial Sheppard for your hearts. Christ is the lodestar that is announcing itself to the world for the second time.

For this, dear children, today I invite you to pray so that the lodestar of Christ, which is His Sacred Heart, may be among you as it was once among the apostles. Now not only your lives may be consecrated to the purpose of Christ for this time on Earth, but also each of you may in trust, be a faithful friend of Jesus.

I want, My children, that you may learn to love through the example of humility that Christ expressed when He lived in the world and shared His prodigies and teachings of love with Me, His Mother. As on the Cross, until the last moment, He contemplated the misery of humanity through His Infinite and Divine Mercy.

Dear children, I want to make you learn that through the daily act of prayer and aspiration to stay always in Jesus, this will help you transcend the human limits that in many children prevent taking the steps to the Eternal God.

You are still in the last time of Grace, for this I call you so that through sincere prayer you intercede for all the children who are far from God and even more, for all those who do not want to listen to this Servant of God who comes again to the world to give you forgiveness, salvation and aid at the end of this time.

For this, dear children through daily prayer your little consciousnesses prepare themselves for the new times, where faith and love in My Son will be the keys for the great salvation.

It is time, little children, for all to run to the Fountain of the Mercy of Jesus and that your hearts place themselves under the eternal rays of reparation and of forgiveness. For this, as Mother of Graces, I illuminate your path so that you walk through the right path towards the Savior.

I count on all your prayers. I bring you all in My Maternal Heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace for all My little ones.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.